UX/UI Designer

Москва, Минск, Киев, Харьков · $1200 · 2 года опыта · Beginner/Elementary

Работа в роли продукт дизайнера, работа в команде, работа с арт-директором, кооперация с разработчиками в процессе создания сайтов. Опыт работы в стартапе (образовательная платформа), создании сервисов связанных с блокчейном и криптовалютами, продумывание функционала сайта связанных с трейдингом и инвестициями. Прототипы и дизайн мобильных приложений. Опыт создания лендингов, интернет магазинов, презентаций, верстка документации. Иногда создавал логотипы, также изменяю/делаю иконки.

User Experience, Figma, User Interface, Adobe Photoshop, Prototyping, Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Wireframes, mobile design, Product Design, UI/UX, WEB DESIGN, Zeplin, Prototype, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, Jira, Adobe After Effects, User experience, Illustration, UI Design, Commercial Design, iOS & Android design, trello, App design, Project Coordination, ux consultacy, Mockup, Concept design, iOS Human Interface Guidelines, Bootstrap, User Flows, User cases, Adobe After Effect, Design System, E-commerce, branding, Brandbooks, UI, Creating user flow, Mobile app design, кликабельные прототипы

Активное участие в очень перспективном стартапе


Python/Django Developer

Удаленная работа, Россия · $1000 · 2,5 года опыта · Intermediate

I worked in Mirsoft LLC for 1 year as a Web Developer where developed krysha.kg, jasa.kg, proplandhub.com websites and REST APIs for mobile applications. After that I worked for 1 year in Chocofamily holding as a Web Developer where developed an e-commerce project using GraphQL and Django, a microservice for resizing and compressing images using Go and Echo Framework and a marketing platform for sending push notifications using Django and DRF. And since 06.11.2019 I have been working for TDS AI LLC as a web developer and work on creating web interfaces for AI based projects and developing and deploying ML models.

Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Docker, REST API, Redis


Sales Manager

Berlin, USA, London, Минск, Киев · $7000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Highly experienced Business development, Sales and Software delivery manager. Previously responsible for the COMPANY growth and business development in US and North America. Also served as Director of Software Delivery for all US based accounts. Account manager for strategic accounts. Bringing 20+ years of IT development and executive management experience in different geographical regions and industries. Skilled at leveraging personal relations, exceptional work ethic to exceed corporate targets for efficiency, customer service, and outstanding quality. Honest, capable, self-organized, focused and dedicated on company success.

Account Management, International sales, Business development, Negotiations, Team Leadership, Team management, Sales Management, Product management

1. 20+ years in the industry (from developer to director of biz dev). 2. Passion, ability to quick learn, see business goals, constant working on myself and awareness in the cutting edge tech/business trends. 3. Multi-cultural, multi-language skills (Fluent English, German, Hebrew). Russian, Polish – native. 4. Great communication skills. 5. SAP – 100% awareness on local ecosystem, key contacts, (Russia, CIS, Partially Germany, Israel) 6. Proven experience of building dedicated development offshore centers from scratch up to 90 people(2005-2009 – TB&W(87 people) with partner, 2013-2017 SAP hybris (47 people) – solely), Sitecore practice (0-15 people in 1 year -solely).

My expectations is a leadership position with a lot of responsibility on my end and freedom for making decisions from the company owners/board of directors. I really do not care if it is small/medium or large organisation. I even ready to build it from scratch.

8 апреля

Junior/middle Python Developer

Удаленная работа, Россия · $600 · 2 года опыта · Pre-Intermediate

No commercial programming experience. Around a 1year of non-commercial experience. Developed Bulletin board as fullstack(kaeda.ru). Developed backend(django rest, django jinja) for web-application. Deployed Bulletin board on ubuntu server(gunicorn, nginx). I’m currently developing a marketplace with Magento 2, I also take two django courses in YouTube and Udemy I am looking for a product or an outsourcer company to improve my programming skills and gain experience working on commercial products as a team.

Python, Django, MySQL, HTML, OOP, CSS, REST API, Linux, DRF, Docker, Git, Celery, Nginx

1) Hackathon 3 place project "mentor" 2) Hackathon (Sanaripton) citybot project best according to mentors 3) Best student in web design 4) Best coach of the month bootcamp

Remote work at full-time, ready for relocation, payment without delay

8 апреля

Front-end developer

Удаленная работа, Беларусь · $2500 · 5 лет опыта · Intermediate

I've successfully built web applications different complexity in different domains for the last 5 years. Creative, innovative and a proven team player. I have an experience of providing architecture, design and implementation for small, medium and large systems. I have been working as a teamleader for teams of various size and composition for last few years. I'm investing in code quality much: following SOLID, writing unit-tests, making flexible code structure, writing documentation and much-much more I can get from my experience. I've worked with number of products from the scratch: investigating use-cases, designing several concepts of the future application, making a choice of technologies and finally implementation. I have a base experience about running infrastructure, DevOps, CI/CD. My primary language is TypeScript .

JavaScript, TypeScript, ES7, React / Redux, MobX, Angular 2+, Webpack, REST API, Apollo GraphQL, CSS, HTML, ES6+, Git, Jira

Developing and supporting a biggest gambling sites for UK & RU clients. Developing new features and systems with php, nodejs, react. Designed application architecture on React stack(TypeScript, MobX, hooks) Building a development cycle from scratch. Translation of a large old project from transferring files via ftp without a git to gitlab, CI, docker. Leading a team of two backends and two front-end developers. Mentoring. Communication with the customer and the distribution of tasks between the team. Monitoring tasks and help with them in case of problems. Has participated in the development and support one of the largest facility management platform for an American client. (.NET Core, vanilla js) Was engaged in planning and evaluating the costs of developing projects and features. Developing custom WordPress themes for big companies. Has participated in the development of many large applications on the React and Angular 2+ stack. (Only TypeScript , Redux, Sagas, Reselect, MobX, rxjs, ngrx, webpack. ) Designed Frontend app Architecture. Implemented the requirements of designers and generally coordinated the work of the development team and the design team.

7 апреля

Разработчик Python

Минск · $400 · Advanced/Fluent

Pet-проекта на GitHub - программа на Python генерирующая уникальные карты для настольных игр. Обширный опыт системного администрирования на Linux и Windows Звершенные онлайн курсы Stepik.org “Python: основы и применение”, by Bioinformatics Institute, 2020 “Программирование на Python”, by Bioinformatics Institute, 2019 “Введение в Data Science и машинное обучение”, by Bioinformatics Institute, 2020 Coursera.org “Machine Learning” by Stanford University, 2019

Pandas, Linux, Scikit-Learn, Bash, Python

7 апреля

Complex highly technical backend or low level products programmer

Минск, USA, Canada, London · $4000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

I want to highly technical products in backed, storages, networking, data processing or low level. Most of my experience in C#/F#, but I always looked deeper, so Rust like languages would be fine.

F#, C#

Wrote game networking engine lately. Did generalized machine learning algorithms 10 years ago.

Next keywords may fit - efficiency, honesty, effectiveness, openness, transparency, reasonable, discussion, agile, lean, incremental.

7 апреля

Data Scientist

Киев, Львов, Мінск, EU · $750 · Advanced/Fluent

Coding - Python, SQL, VBA DS - data exploration, analysis and visualization, anomaly detection, A/B testing, Machine Learning algorithms (linear regression, logistic regression, k-NN, CART, SVM, boosting algorithms, NN, k-means, hierarchical clustering, PCA) Tools - numpy, pandas, scipy, matplotlib, seaborn, plotly, scikit-learn, keras Other - Excel, Power BI, BigQuery Experience - 6 years of experience as a financial analyst (business planning, financial modeling in Exсel using VBA, marketing research, investment consulting, etc.) I like to solve complex up-to-date problems and know that my work is significant. I am interested in working with data, because I consider the sphere itself to be interesting and promising, and from my part, I strive for new levels of professional development. Among my positive qualities, I can single out perseverance, ability to study and understand technical information, developed communication skills, interest in new complex and unusual projects.

Python, Data Science, numpy, Math, Matplotlib, English, NumPy, Excel, Data Visualisation, Machine Learning, scikit-learn, SQL, Jupyter Notebook, Pandas, Keras, Algorithms, Visualization, pandas, Statistics

- Bachelor degree in Economics - Data Science courses (Coursera, Codecademy, Dev Republik Bootcamp (150 hours)); - Independently developed a small healthcare application using Data Science tools to predict a probability of stroke a user has; - Create currently used financial models in exсel for companies in various industries.

I am looking for interesting and challenging tasks in a company where my knowledge and skills can be used in an efficient way - a great place to start a new career turn.

7 апреля

React, Angular6 - fron-end developer

Удаленная работа, Беларусь · $1200 · 2 года опыта · Pre-Intermediate

1.React+Redux(ReactMaterial) 2.Angular 6 (TypeScript, RxJs, AngularMaterial, ng-bootstrap, Clarity(for Angular), ngx-translate) 3.HTML5, CSS3(SCSS), JavaScript (ES6), Bootstrap, SVG( Snap.svg ), JSON 4.NodeJS,ExpressJS,Pug,EJS

JSON, Bootstrap, Clarity, CSS3, HTML5, ng-bootstrap, ngx-translate, TypeScript, AJAX, AngularMaterial, SVG, Angular 6, SCSS, Snap.svg, rxjs, EJS, ExpressJs, NodeJS, Pug, React, Redux, JavaScript, Git, Node.js, webpack

-небольшой, но четкий опыт комерческой разработки на React-Redux,В одном проекте делал три точки рендера. -создавал кастомные графики в SVG(в том числе Snap.svg - js-библиотека для работы с SVG), -интернационализация с ngx-translate. -настройка фреймворка Angular 6 для отображения градиента в Safari - отдельная моя победа)!

Практика, занятость и как следствие - профессиональный рост. Ведь на реальных проектах всегда возникают вопросы , решение которых требует изучения дополнительных технологий, библиотек. Не верстаю с psd-макетов,работал с zeplin

7 апреля


Удаленная работа, Россия · $1500 · 6 лет опыта · Beginner/Elementary

Работа \ Программирование в Oracle,PL\SQL,MSSQL,TSQL. Опыт работы с БД: Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL. Веб-разработка на PHP\JS\ASP.NET, CMS Bitrix, Joomla. Опыт построения сетки для GUI кроссбраузерной верстки под CSS. А так же опыт верстки под старые бразуеры (в основном IE 7 > ) OS: Linux (not deep knowledge), Windows (deep knowledge) Other: blender, 3dmax, kdenlive,Debian,Centos


Опыт с GLSL > 3.0. Опыт по разработке сборщика мусора для узких мест. Разработка собств. GUI на WINAPI для коммерч.программ без QT, wxWidgets. Эксперементы по разработке одного кроссплатформенного 3D приложения (Linux,Windows,Android) Класс работы с утройством по протоколу МЭК 60870-4 (IEC 104) Класс работы с MSSQL, Floboss S600 (S600+), автоматизация нефт.объекта Ванкорнефть(Роснефть), Баянды(Лукойл) и иные. Modbus TCP библиотека работы с OMNI 3000. OMNI 3000 - алгоритм 2-х часовок на свободных дискретных каналах.

не хочу пользоваться C++11,14,17 и тому подобным г... только простой С\С++ для удовлетворения своих потребностей, кодинг без отладчика и иных радостных плюшек (например mingw и notepad++). Для потоков использую pthread стандарта POSIX. Не люблю std::thread, она не работает в mingw. Хочу арендовать площадь 3x3 с выдуваемым механизмом, и сантехникой для удовлетворения нужд. В офис нет желание переселятся....но можно ... зависит от простора офиса... Разработка высоконагруженного параллельно выполняемого приложения (сервиса, демона) Только удаленная разработка под проект!

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