17 мая

Product manager

Удаленная работа, Украина · $2000 · 3 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

- 3+ years in a management of software development (web, mobile) - Managed cross functional teams - 10+ developers, designers, analysts, QA - Successfully launched a mobile app from scratch - Powerful strategic and analytic thinking - Strong knowledge in product life cycle management - Tasks decomposition, writing of technical specifications and documentations, design of user interfaces - Communication and negotiation with business stakeholders - Agile/Kanban/Scrum, Waterfall - Prototyping, sketching with Figma, Balsamiq - Product analytics with Amplitude, Google Analytics

Product management, Project Management, Business Analysis, Product Development, Agile, Jira, Scrum, Team management, User Experience, Product research, Product Roadmap, English, Product Backlog management, Communication, Kanban, Google Analytics, Confluence, Business development, Prototype, User Interface

3 мая

RnD Director

Минск · $6000 · 9 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

- Department's strategy development & execution - Business plans creation - Budgets planing & acquisition - General department administration - Full control of the roadmap - Full managing of the apps - Control of the budgets. - Strong marketing skills - Experince on both B2B and B2C markets - Working with tight deadlines, multitasking - Managing of team of 50 employees (Flash, Java, iOS, Android, Design, QA etc) - Managing remote team (Belarus, Ukraine, Montenegro) - Implementation of agile methodology from the scratch - Control of development process from sprint planning till the release - Analyzing user requirements (customer support, users feedback) - Competitors research

Product management, Prototype, Project Management

17 апреля

Middle Product Manager

Москва, Saint Petersburg, Киев, Минск · $2000 · 3 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Hi, I'm Leo, Product Manager. What am I proud of: - Launched 2 startups and sold one of them. - While working as a Product Manager I increased key metrics within 5 months: Net revenue - 11%, Retention rate - 9%, LTV - 10.5%. - While working on my 2nd startup I acquired 154 users (from USA and Russia) for closed MVP testing within 2 weeks and with CAC = 0. It was enough for the first soft launch. - Made 1 B2B sale before MVP ready to test the demand. What am I not proud of but what became lessons for me: - While launching the first startup, I tried to find a problem with the technological solution. It was the first experience that thought me how it should be done. However, we sold this startup at the end. - I got caught in a financial venture one time and lose 10% of my savings. This experience taught me to make financial decisions more cleverly. Will be glad to hear you! :)

Product management, Scrum, Agile, Jira, Team management, User Experience, Product research, Google Analytics, Product Development, English, Product Roadmap, Confluence, A/B testing, Prototype, Kanban, User Interface, Presentation skills, Product Backlog management, Communication, People management, Russian & Ukrainian, Users' and competitors' researching, product owner, UX / UI, Product Market Fit, Customer Relations

- Launched 2 startups and sold one of them. - While working as a Product Manager I increased key metrics within 5 months: Net revenue - 11%, Retention rate - 9%, LTV - 10.5%. - While working on my 2nd startup I acquired 154 users (from USA and Russia) for closed MVP testing within 2 weeks and with CAC = 0. It was enough for the first soft launch. - Made 1 B2B sale before MVP ready to test the demand.

I'm open to any opportunities. Would like to know about company and its product more before give the exact answer :)

15 апреля

Product manager

Минск · $2000 · 8 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Последние 3 года из 4 занимаюсь iOS приложениями по модели подписки. Разработка полного цикла: от поиска идеи и до вывода на рынок с дальнейшей оптимизацией метрик и KPI. Работал с кросс-функциональными командами: UA team, UX/UI дизайнер, iOS разработчик, back end разработчик, QA, UX research специалист. Свободно владею английским. Среди интересных проектов я бы выделил вот этот www.briive.com Это комплексное решение, конкурент www.life360.com, включающее и сильный backend, и iOS приложение, и web access, который синхронизирован с приложением. В качестве PdM я им руководил от самого старта и до вывода на рынок. На этапе закупки трафика я перешел в другую команду. Работал в основном с утилитами такого плана и со средним revenue $300K-400K / month: Life.Me (ios, 300K MAU) - live GPS and motion tracker (ios + backend) .
 One Touch - voice translator (ios, 150K MAU) - language translator app.
 Invoice.Me (ios) - invoice builder app.
 NOAA Radar Expert (ios) - global weather maps, hurricane tracker, NOAA notifications. 
 Scanner and Fax HQ (ios) - scanner, e-signature, OCR and fax. 
 Live Wallpapers (ios) - iphone moving backgrounds. 
 Relaxing Sounds (ios) - calming and relaxing sounds. 
 Ringtones (ios) - collection of tones for iphone. Люблю свою работу . Меня заводит процесс наблюдения за ростом приложения. Нравится анализировать метрики, вносить изменения в приложение и наблюдать , как это позитивно влияет на KPIs и прибыль. Сторонник того, чтобы перед тем, как что то добавлять в приложение , подтвердить гипотезу цифрами, как это повлияет на бизнес. Постоянно совершенствую себя в качестве Product Manager через тренинги и семинары. Увлекаюсь психологией (второе высшее образование). Активно ханимаюсь спортом.

Product management, Mobile apps

За 3 года запустил 10+ iOS успешно приложений

Хочу продолжать развиваться в роли PdM в направлении мобильных приложений

11 апреля

Product Owner, Business Process Analyst, Knowledge Manager

Минск · $2000 · 2 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

I have 12 years of work experience, the latest 2 of them in IT. During all this time, I: * developed a whole bunch of drawings and schematics of large electronic & software products; * developed requirements for: an online payment web plugin; a web tool for documentation management; * conducted ca. 150 anthropological interviews and 2 surveys; * analyzed & organized tons of anthropological recordings, developed methods of work with them; * analyzed business problems in 3 organizations; * recorded 3 albums of music, being a participant in bands; :) * conducted a lot of search for existing solutions / products in various market domains (analog & digital electronics, work management software, product lifecycle software etc.); * developed some embedded software and some firmware modules; * developed a framework of technical documentation for software. What work I'd like to try: * business requirements development or product ownership of a socially conscious, serious software product; * analysis and design of business processes and business models in organizations, risk analysis.

Business Analysis, Requirements analysis, Waterfall, Agile, BABOK, UML, English, Proofreading, Business Strategy, Enterprise Architect, Software Architecture, Microservices, Requirements management, Business Process Analysis, HR Analysis, Software Documentation, technical documentation, Problem Solving, Problem Analysis, Diagrams and flowcharts, Axure, Wireframes, HTML/CSS, Impact Mapping, Miro

1) I've created many diagrams for large technical systems. 2) I've developed requirements for a couple of software tools. 3) I've conducted a bunch of special interviews. 4) I've written many analytical texts (blog posts) on a number of topics. 5) I've organized people to rehearse and record music. 6) I've created a couple of documentation frameworks.

It should be a mid-scale or large-scale company creating its own socially responsible products. NOT outsourcing! The business processes at the company should be more or less organized; not total chaos. Alternatively, I could help companies that actually need to organize their processes - by analyzing their problems and proposing solutions.

1 апреля

Product manager

Москва, Киев, Санкт Петербург, Минск, Калининград · $2350 · 8 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Briefly about me: Behind more than 12 years of successful proven experience in the field of operational development and organization of sales, construction and development of new enterprises in responsible markets and territories. 7 years in senior positions in international companies such as Diasoft, IBM, VTB, BNP PARIBAS, VISA International PAYMENT SYSTEM and in the raw materials sector in the CEEMEA region. Experience in finding and implementing optimal business solutions, necessary tools, multiservice services, opening and development of local branches, development and implementation of regional multi-country strategies, project management. Thank you for taking the time to my letter and resume. My contact number is 89680200707. Delos Evgeny

Product management, Project Management, Agile, Team management, English, Marketing, Business development, Communication, Product Management, Big Data, People operations, Product ownership, Product Development, Business Analysis, Sales, Product Roadmap, Product research

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