21 августа

junior c++ developer

Минск · $200 · Intermediate

Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics, the Faculty of Radio engineering and Electronics. Specialty: Radio engineering, programmable electronic equipment. Switched to the 3rd course. 19 y.o. I am hardworking, responsible and hungry for knowledge. I have experience in performing laboratory work and projects "for myself". Key skills: C++, STL, OOP; little experience of using Qt framework. I am ready to perform the TEST TASK. Read literature: - C++ from the Ground Up (Third Edition). Herbert Schildt - C++: The Complete Reference (4th Edition). Herbert Schildt - C++ Primer Plus (Sixth Edition). Stephen Prata - C++ Primer (5th Edition). Stanley B. Lippman

C++, OOP, STL, C, Qt, Visual Studio, SQL, Git, Multithreading

20 августа

Senior Software Engineer

Москва, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Canada, Минск, Прага · $5000 · 4 года опыта · Intermediate

Developing applications using C++ Qt framework. Client-server applications. Decouple legacy codebase for reuse in developing application. Maintain and improve architecture and codebase. Codereview and control coding standard compliance. Mentor team members. Bugfixing, analyze C++ and QML code for potential bugs and perfomance drops. Concurrency using STL threading and mutexes.

C++, OOP, Qt, Design Patterns, Boost, Jira, Agile, Git, STL, C++11, SOLID, SQL, Python, Java, C#, Maven

Integrated MapBox Native engine and exposed features from engine. Reduced memory consumption by 3 times of Qml application by profiling and rewriting some shaders and components. Implemented and decoupled 30% of user feature for application release.

Cohesive team with point on SOLID principles. Well established processes. Main priority on code readability, extensibility and ability to reuse it.

6 августа

Developer C++

Удаленная работа, Россия · $1100 · 1,5 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

July 2017 - September 2017 3 months, Halliburton International GmbH branch in Russia Trainee programmer Participation in a project to create a server part of a web application for working with a Halliburton's software product. Java, Spring Framework, Angular October 2017 - Present LLC "BASPRO" Support and development of algorithms for calculating geological maps. Development of algorithms for probabilistic stock estimation. Participation in the development of the GUI and the extension of the functionality of the desktop application. C ++, STL, Boost, Mfc

C++, STL, Python, Algorithms, Visual Studio, Boost, Git, Windows, SQL, SVN, Web Scrapping, Algorithms and Data structures

Development of an algorithm for constructing structural maps and pressure maps taking into account faults

Small team. Outsourcing. Probation. Work with the opportunity to learn new technologies. Remotely.

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