Sales Manager

Berlin, USA, London, Minsk, Kyiv · $7000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Highly experienced Business development, Sales and Software delivery manager. Previously responsible for the COMPANY growth and business development in US and North America. Also served as Director of Software Delivery for all US based accounts. Account manager for strategic accounts. Bringing 20+ years of IT development and executive management experience in different geographical regions and industries. Skilled at leveraging personal relations, exceptional work ethic to exceed corporate targets for efficiency, customer service, and outstanding quality. Honest, capable, self-organized, focused and dedicated on company success.

Account Management, International sales, Business development, Negotiations, Team Leadership, Team management, Sales Management, Product management

1. 20+ years in the industry (from developer to director of biz dev). 2. Passion, ability to quick learn, see business goals, constant working on myself and awareness in the cutting edge tech/business trends. 3. Multi-cultural, multi-language skills (Fluent English, German, Hebrew). Russian, Polish – native. 4. Great communication skills. 5. SAP – 100% awareness on local ecosystem, key contacts, (Russia, CIS, Partially Germany, Israel) 6. Proven experience of building dedicated development offshore centers from scratch up to 90 people(2005-2009 – TB&W(87 people) with partner, 2013-2017 SAP hybris (47 people) – solely), Sitecore practice (0-15 people in 1 year -solely).

My expectations is a leadership position with a lot of responsibility on my end and freedom for making decisions from the company owners/board of directors. I really do not care if it is small/medium or large organisation. I even ready to build it from scratch.


Complex highly technical backend or low level products programmer

Minsk, USA, Canada, London · $4000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I want to highly technical products in backed, storages, networking, data processing or low level. Most of my experience in C#/F#, but I always looked deeper, so Rust like languages would be fine.

F#, C#

Wrote game networking engine lately. Did generalized machine learning algorithms 10 years ago.

Next keywords may fit - efficiency, honesty, effectiveness, openness, transparency, reasonable, discussion, agile, lean, incremental.


Разработчик DB

Minsk · $300 · Pre-Intermediate

Ищу работу Junior SQL Developer. Готов к обучению. Т.к. имею минимальный опыт в данной области рассмотрю вариант в стажировки для получения необходимого практического опыта.


6 December

Front-end developer

Minsk · $3000 · 2.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I am an experienced JavaScript (TypeScript) developer mainly focusing front-end development. My main technological stack is React, but I also would like to work with other frameworks (Vue, Svelte, Elm, ReasonML to name a few). I work as a front-end developer at a messenger team. We develop a web (React, Mobx) and desktop (Electron) clients for the messenger. My previous experience includes various web projects in React/Redux/Mobx.

JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Redux, Svelte, Vue, HTML5, CSS3, Git, Webpack, Elm, ReasonML

5 December

UX/UI Designer

USA, Canada, EU, Berlin, London, polish · $1000 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

Hello! My name is Wladislaw. I'm a designer with three years of experience in a digital Agency. My main interest are ui/ux and motion design. Thank You!

User Interface, Prototyping, Figma, Wireframes, Adobe Illustrator, WEB DESIGN, UI/UX, Motion design prototyping, Mobile design, motion design, Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effect, 3D rendering, mobile design, User Experience, Adobe Photoshop, Prototype, Product Design, Basics HTML/CSS, Typography Addict, Design apps, 3d animation

4 December

Junior Java Developer

Minsk · $500 · Pre-Intermediate

CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Opencart

HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript

Профессиональный рост. Мне хочется заниматься программированием и разработкой web-приложений потому, что: программирование приносит мне массу удовольствия; каждый день изучаю новые для себя вещи, читаю книги и изучаю мир IT; хочу принимать участие в разработке реальных проектов. I just want to become a really great developer and produce truly outstanding apps.

3 December

Software Developer

Minsk · $1300 · 5 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

MySQL, Linux, HTML, Visual Basic (VB), .NET, DHCP, avest , Debian. Проектирование и создание: - CRM \ERP системы для складского учета : создание и интеграция сайтов компании - Система учета заявок (а также интеграция с Telegram) - Windows приложения - WEB приложения Администрирование серверов: - WEB сервер с сайтами компаний (Linux, PHP, MYSQL) - СУБД - MySQL, MS-SQL - AD Системный администратор в компании(поддержка пользователей)

Visual Basic (VB), .NET, Debian, HTML, Apache, cPanel, DHCP, Linux, MySQL, Proxmox, WHMCS, avest , DirectAdmin, Git, PHP, SQL

Неформальная обстановка. Профессиональный рост. Адекватный менеджмент. Сложные задачи.

2 December

Technical Project Manager, IT Director, CTO

Minsk, Moscow, Berlin, USA, London, Cyprus · $8000 · More than 10 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Expert in development and realization of impeccable data protection solutions for business. My IT experience spans more than 20 years. Implementation of automation systems, software development for financial accounting, business process reengineering by means of ERP systems. Development of mobile applications as well as of encryption, protection and secure data transmission algorithms. I am the developer and the sole proprietor of the messenger source code with the securest data transmission system. I have the skills required to develop software applications at all management levels, as well as experience in design of complex systems, selection of teams and specialists, and writing terms of reference (technical tasks). I am experienced in highly effective analysis of customer requirements and using business process reengineering to develop and implement business systems. I possess experience in both successful company anti-crisis management and management of separate departments and projects. I have a hands-on experience in safe corporate data storage and transmission, as well as in protection of companies’ servers, reorganization of company operation on the DevOpsprinciples. I would not mind changing my residence if needed. I have a one-year-long Schengen visa and a Cyprus multiple-entry visa valid until 2022.

C#, .NET, LINQ, JavaScript, SQL, mvc, HTML, CSS, WPF, C# winforms, Product management, Project Management, MySQL, Python

Work with the company Intel. My IT experience spans more than 20 years. More than two hundred successful projects. Development of business applications for various business areas.

1 December

Java Developer

USA; Belarus, Brest · $100 · Intermediate

• Experience in software development for more than 2 years. Last time as Java developer. • Practical work with Python, Bash and SQL. • Good work in team. Easy to learn. Admirable analytical skills Linkedin: @lee-kei E-mail: Telegram: @lee_kei GitHub: @leekeifuture Stack Overflow: @lee_kei

Java, Spring, Hibernate, SQL, Git, Docker, Apache, Gradle, Maven, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Python, Linux, AWS, Selenium, Nginx, NoSQL, Jenkins, bash, Telegram bots, Django, Flask, JUnit

1) Telegram bot. Timetable and replacements for BGPK students 2) Diploma winner, 3rd place in Hackathon "#BRESTHACK 2018"

29 November

Разработчик PHP

Minsk · $500 · Upper Intermediate

Проходил курсы в it-academy, хочу найти работу в айти сфере , хотя бы учеником для начала , что бы стать хорошим и востребованным специалистом


Выпускным проектом курсов по html и css

Обучение , взаимопомощь , развитие , оплата труда

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