HTML5 Game Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $2000 · 2.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

August 2016 till January 2018 EIS LLC Company Front-end web developer March 2018 till March 2019 Room 8 Studio Game developer March 2019 (currently) WhaleApp HTML5 game developer

Flex, HTML5, AJAX, C#, CSS3, DRY, Git, JavaScript, JSON, OOP, PIXIJS, Bootstrap, KISS, SOLID, Unity3D, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch

Projects participated: - AAA casino game (HAXE + C#); - Child educational game with 1m+ downloads (Unity3D + C#); - Mobile strategy game (Unity3D + C#); - Few playable ads and one for a big customer (PureJS + PixiJS). On voluntary basis for museum:

Wish you can offer me interesting projects and challenging tasks and a friendly team with sense of humor ;)


3D artist

Odesa, Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv · $1500 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

3ds max, Maya, Quixel, Substance painter. High-poly modeling, Low-poly modeling, Rigging, Animation, Texturing.

Mudbox, Quixel Suite, texturing, 3ds max, zbrush, substance painter, MAYA

24 June

Unity3D Developer 

Remote work, Ukraine · $2300 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

• Experience with Unity - 8 years. • Experience in development of Unity-based applications for platforms Android, iOS, browsers (WebGL), Windows, social networks, client-server applications. • Experience with both 2D and 3D apps. • Experience with plugins for advertisement and monetization. • Knowledge of C # programming language, Java, php, JavaScript/jQuery. • Experience in socket server programming in C#, Java. • MySQL, PostgreSQL databases. • git, svn, Mercurial. • Experience with Scrum. • Optimization. • English – upper-intermediate

C#, Unity3D, Unity, Unity 3D, Casual Games, Computer games, Game Development, Java, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, SQL, GameDev, Git, Jira, OOP, SVN

Unity3D experience - 8 years

Searching for remote Unity3D development job

24 June

Junior QA Engineer 🔥

Kyiv · $800 · 1.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Writing bug-reports, preparing and executing test cases, use cases, regression testing. Carrying out usability, scalability, performance tests, requirement based and smoke testing. Working with version control system and bug-tracking systems. Basic C#, OOP. Have strong both soft and hard skills. Seeking a growth position of QA engineer. Have a desire to use both proven methods and new technologies to build client satisfaction. Enjoy working in a team or independently.

Adobe Photoshop, Manual Testing (QA), Perforce, Quality Assurance (QA), Git, Jira, Unity3D, testlink

Some experience with testing an online competitive game that was published on Steam.

Expecting good collective nice to work with and share an experience.

23 June

3d artist

Kyiv · $1500 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

3 года game dev - rpg, 3dshooter, портирование настолок - персонажи, окружение, моделинг, текстуринг, ретопология левел дезайн 2 года анимационные студии. - персонажи, окружение, текстурирование 2 года архитектурная визуализация

Maya, substance, Unity3D

low poly\mid poly\high poly characters modeling props modeling hand paint texturing PBR retopology digital sculpt Level design maya, substance painter, zbrush

удаленная работа

23 June

Junior Unity developer

Kyiv · $1000 · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Account Manager в международной хостинговой компании (2012 - 2019) Обязанности: ● Обработка запросов клиентов ● Консультация по услугам компании ● Разработка решений под требования клиента ● Привлечение разных департаментов компании к реализации разработанного решения ● Разработка внутренней документации ● Составление отчетов ● Участие в разработке внутренних программных продуктов компании ● Участие в маркетинге ● Написание текстов самой разной направленности (ru \ en) Достижения: ● Разработан собственный функционал панели управления для задач контроля клиентских оплат Разработчик С# Unity3D в Игровом стартапе (2017 - 2018) Обязанности: ● Создание проекта с нуля ● Обсуждение концепций с владельцем стартапа ● Определение решений и имплементация в проект Достижения: ● Создана pre-alpha версия игровой механики Разработчик С# Unity2D в собственном игровом стартапе Material Alpha (2016 - ….) Достижения: ● Создана демо-версия игровой механики

Unity3D, Unity

Я стремлюсь к большим проектам.

23 June

Manual QA Engineer

Krasnodar · $1600 · 2.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

October 2018 - May 2019 Middle Software Developer / Software QC Analyst Participated in team development of the corporate CRM system based on AlphaAuto configuration (waterfall team). As a developer I made new subsystems and performed the preparation of new builds. As a QC specialist I had performed positive testing, white box testing and software implementation. September 2017 - October 2018 Associate Software Developer Developed ERP-related systems with project contour for medium and large business in Agile team. Worked on ERP+PM and DEV2 software, developed the main functional of project contour (PM). Worked at functional regression testing (positive and negative), made new revisions for automated testing system based on 1C and Jenkins. Had been configured and set new builds of UPO, DEV, and ERP+PM for the official 1C portal. Had performed the preparations to the "1C Compatible" sertification, wrote test cases and bug reports using Mantis Bug Tracker. Made special builds of the above software for the needs of customers. January 2017 - July 2017 Localization QA Tester Kerbal Space Program, space flight simulator. Started as a volunteer team member. Worked on localization testing, UI testing and regression testing. Corrected the work of translators. Tested the in-game encyclopedia requiring specific knowledge in the field of rocket science and aviation. Translated descriptions of rocket parts and game loading screens. Interacted with the English-speaking development team. December 2015 - December 2016 Art Director Participated in development of mobile session Survival MMO in an indie game development studio. Formed a general visual style of the game. Led a team of artists and designers. November 2013 - March 2014 Junior QA Engineer Metal War Online project, session MMO game on Unity. Made manual functional testing, compiled test cases, and corrected texts. Took part in finalization of game setting and game scenarios.

Jira, Manual Testing, Quality Assurance, Functional testing, Redmine, Smoke testing, Test planning, Use cases creation, game testing, Mantis, Test Case, Test Design, Black Box testing, blackbox testing, localization testing, AGILE/SCRUM, Agile Methodologies, Analytical Skills, Bug tracking systems, Experience with BugTrackingSystems, Defect/Bug tracking, Issues/tasks prioritization, Linux, Bug Investigation, Bug Reporting, Regression Testing, Agile, Scrum, REST API, cross platform testing, Quality Control, English

Besides my full-time working experience written above, I am a tester of the Hyperskill platform and Yandex Assessor Team member. Also I have developed my own testing-related project called Flawless Games. I know the basic development standards and the software life cycle. Participated in functional regression testing, both positive and negative, and worked with several bug trackers (Atlassian Jira, Redmine, Mantis Bug Tracker). I write good test cases and test scripts in English and Russian. Participation and victories in olympiads: 2011 - KIO-2011, 2nd place, 1st team place 2010 - 2nd International Intellectual Games, 1st and 2nd places. 2009 - KIO-2009, 1st place. 2008 - KIO-2008, 8th place. 2007 - 1st International Olympiad in Cybernetics and Informatics, International Intelligence Club "Gluon", 1st place.

I prefer testing in game development, testing web apps. Russian-speaking or English-speaking team. Agile methodology is the best for me. I want to improve my skills. I like complex and high-tech projects. Considering various work schedules.

23 June

Unity3D Developer / Unreal

Kyiv · $900 · Less than a year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

UNITFactory 1.5 роки навчальних проектів (C/C++, web), реалізація wolfenstein та duke nukem на sdl2 Sensorama Lab - 3 місячні курси "Розробка VR в Unity"

Unity3D, C++, C#, Git, Photoshop, OOP, Unreal Engine, MySQL

тімлідство і розробка навчального проекту, duke nukem(SDL2, C) з нуля тімлідство vr(unity, C#) проекту по сортування сміття

Шукаю молоду компанію, яка займається VR/AR розробкою в Unity/Unreal

22 June

Front-end developer 🔥

Dnipro · $4000 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Angular, React, Webpack, ES6, Typescript, Karma Jasmine unit testing, Unity/C#

Angular.js, CSS, CSS3, Frontend, JavaScript, Scrum, Web Development, C#, Unity3D, React, React / Redux

Relocate to California.

22 June

flash developer

Ternopіl', Lviv · $2500 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Hi. I'm highly skilled animate/flash developer. My specialty is design and animation developing, programming in Adobe Animate (Flash), Action Script (AS3) full proficiency, completely experienced in all technologies what works with Animate (Flash) - XML, AJAX, JSON, HTML, Java Script, PHP, etc. Work experience in Adobe Animate (Flash) over 15 years and 10 years working on UpWork/ODesk. More than 80 projects, 5000 hours of the work had been done on UpWork/ODesk. We can discuss about your project online. Just let me know when we can do it. Thank you for your consideration. Bohdan.

Flash, as3, Animate, Unity 3D

Цікаві проекти, ріст, навчання, досвід.

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