Support Team Leader

kyiv, Ukraine · $3000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Build 24x7 DevOps (SRE) Support team Cloud Solutions Office 365 Azure AWS Tech Lead Team Lead IT Infrastructure Architect Windows Server 2003-2012 Lync/Skype for Business 2010-2013 Exchange Server 2003-2013, Online Microsoft Intune SharePoint (Server and services) System Center (SCCM VMM) Security Active Directory (ADCS ADDC ADFS ADRMS PKI/CS Group Policy) WSUS Microsoft network services (Web, FTP, SMTP, DNS, DHCP, TCP/IP, NTP) VDI/TS Virtualization (VMware, Hyper-V) Clustering PowerShell VBS Batch scripting ITIL process implementation Audit (Infrastructure, Security, Datacentre)

Active Directory, ADFS, Audit, Azure, Group Policy, Infrastructure development, Infrastructure support, office 365, Team Managment, teamlead, Windows, Lync, Server hardware, SharePoint, VDI/TS, Exchange, Intune, Linux, Project Management

Professional with 15+ years of experience - Build 24x7 DevOps support team, grow from 4 to 20 engineers during a year - multiple successes infrastructure projects in huge organisations - management of 10+ members team - 2nd and 3rd line support with ITIL methology experience

Teamlead Techlead IT Infrastructure Architect Senior Microsoft Engineer

17 May

System Administrator, IT Systems Engineer

kiev · $500 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

IT Project Engineer / Chief System Administrator - construction of IT infrastructure Chief Information Officer - System Integration: Providing IT outsourcing services for enterprises (IT infrastructure construction, server configuration and support, SCS, video surveillance, WiFi, etc.) Head of Service Center - Maintenance and repair of digital, computer, office, printing equipment. Refilling and restoration of cartridges.

Linux, MySQL, Networking, TCP/IP, Python, Zabbix, Ubuntu, DHCP, VirtualBox, Cisco, Information Security, ESXi virtualization, ESXi, Windows, CentOS, DNS, rsync, IPS/IDS, EC2, Active Directory, Windows Server, Asterisk, FreePBX, iptables, Grafana, NAS4Free, MS SQL Server, Postfix

Design, installation and commissioning of SCS; systems of video surveillance, purchase of equipment. Administration and security of LAN and WAN, WiFI network, VPN network, local area network planning. Organization of WiFi coverage on large areas. Replacement of analog automatic telephone exchanges by digital. Installation and administration of servers based Linux & Windows. Organization and administration of file storage. Basic knowledge of the script language Bash, sh. Organization and launch of monitoring systems based on Nagios, Zabix.

See something bigger, bigger projects, search development.

17 May

DevOps engineer

Remote work, Chile · $3000 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Certified AWS Solutions Architect, 4 certifications holder. Private Crypto assets fund 05-2017 - Present Design and implement Cloud Native Application for crypto assets management, with high security demands. Usage: IaaC, CloudFormation, RDS, EC2, Lambda, SAM, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, KMS, ECS, S3, DynamoDB, ElastiCache, ApiGW, CloudFlare, Blockchain, Ethereum, EOS, Bitshares. CI/CD with CodePipeline, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy. Microservices architecture with immutable deployments. Planning disasters recovering with calculated SLA, RTO / RPO. Furniture online retailer 02-2015 - 05-2017 DevOps Engineer. Migrate project from PHP to Django and deploy to hybrid cloud environment. CloudFormation, RDS, S3, CloudFront, CloudWatch, KMS, ELB. Implement well architecture framework principes. Security and cost optimizations. CI/CD with GitLab. Development project for high flexible pricing changes demands. Splitting some parts from monolith to microservices.

AWS, Linux, Ansible, Python, SQL, Nginx, DNS, Docker, Jenkins, TCP/IP, MySQL, Ubuntu, Git, bash, Networking, Highload

17 May


kropivnitskij · $2000 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

Linux, Nginx, Apache, Docker, MySQL, Ansible, Postfix, Dovecot, Jenkins, bash, Python, C/C++

Ansible, Apache, bash, docker, Dovecot, Linux, MySQL, Nginx, Postfix, HAProxy, Jenkins, Python, Elastic Search, Solr, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP

Интересные задачи. Профессиональный рост. Адекватный менеджмент

17 May

SysAdmin Linux Administrator 

cherkassy, kiev, l'vov, har'kov · $1200 · More than 10 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Experience: GitLab, LAN Network, Unifi, EdgeRouter, DHCP, DNS, PPPoE, WAN, Linux, MacOS, Windows, Android, Android SDK, JSON, Java, Java Core, GIT, OOP, CSS3, HTML5, etc.

Git, Bootstrap, Android, Android SDK, CSS3, HTML5, Java Core, JavaScript, OOP, JSON, GitLab, LAN Network, Unifi, EdgeRouter, DHCP, DNS, PPPoE, WAN, Linux, MacOS, Windows, Redmine, wi-Fi, Cisco, Active Directory, Ubiquiti, Nginx/Apache/PHP-FPM, MySQL, AWS, Docker, Python

Профессиональный рост, Интерестные проэкты, приятный колектив.

17 May

Support Egineer, Customer successes 🔥

kyiv, Ukraine · $2000 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Active Directory, Networking, Windows, Linux, Customer Support, HeldDesk

customer support, HeldDesk, Windows, Networking, Active Directory, Linux, AWS, TCP/IP, Docker, Ubuntu, CentOS

Профессиональный рост. Адекватный менеджмент. Сложные задачи.

17 May

Java Developer

odessa, Ukraine · $2000 · 2.5 years of experience · Intermediate

working with OAUTH implementation , fix bugs in the db adapter , junit tests . contributed to different project like ansible and Spark

bash, Linux, MySQL, Java, Perl

пока не рассматриваю перезд за пределы в другие города украины

17 May

DevOps engineer

kyiv, Ukraine · $4500 · More than 10 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Administration Linux: Centos, Ubuntu. Configuration Management :Puppet, Ansible. Monitoring tools: Zabbix, Nagios, OpManager. Mail servers: Postfix, Zimbra, Microsoft Exchange, Kerio Connect, M-Daemon Firewall Systems: CP FW, Cisco, Kerio Control, iptables Cloud services: Amazon EC2, Google Compute Engine Administration Windows technology:IIS Server, Microsoft SQL Server, AD, GPO, SCM, DPM, VMM. Virtualization technologies: KVM, OpenVZ, XEN, Hyper-V Project m-t: Atlassian JIRA, Terrasoft CRM. Backup System: Acronis, Bacula, MS DPM.

Git, Jira, Linux, MySQL, Nginx, Windows, MongoDB, Python

Очікую від роботи класних плюшок, таких як душ, вело парковка, безкоштовні обіди, медична страховка, футбол, настільний теніс, курси англійської мови та класний колектив, і цікаві завдання :)))

17 May

System administrator

berlin · $2000 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

• 2nd line support • Virtualization (VMware, Hyper v, AD) • Installing operating systems (windows xp-10, Linux) and setting up programs • DB (MySQL, MS SQL) • MS office 2007-2016 • Monitoring channels in Zabbix • Setting up Cisco and MikroTik equipments • Block PC repair (1200 stations) • Acceptance of work performed by contractors • A little bit Python • Working in Omnitracker • Setting up IT infrastructure for opening new stores IT Budget preparation • Department management (10 peoples) • Setting up trading equipment ( scales Bizerba and Digi sm300 and sm500, casa PC NCR and Hisense, TSD Motorola and iPOD) • Developmenting websites on php and CMS Wordpress • Making Logo and styles • java script, Node js (express, ejs)

Python, Windows, Networking, MySQL, HTML, Cisco, VirtualBox

17 May

Системный администратор, сетевой инженер

kyiv, Ukraine · $1000 · 5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Отличные знания: Сетевой стэк . Системы мониторинга: Zabbix, Nagios,Cacti. Сервера FreeBSD и Linux(Debian,Ubuntu,CentOS) Опыт и знания: Unix-like OS’es (FreeBSD),Linux(Debian,Ubuntu) Windows Server 2003-2012 Networking and Firewalls (LAN/WAN design, TCP/IP, UDP protocols,ipfw,iptables ) Network services (DHCP, NAT, Proxy, FTP, Samba, DNS (BIND, unbound), OpenLDAP, Radius) VPN ( PPTP,PPoE,OpenVPN) Routing protocols (RIP,OSPF,BGP) Mail servers (Postfix,Sendmail,Dovecot, ) Web servers (Apache, Nginx) Monitoring (Zabbix, Nagios, MRTG,Cacti) Virtualization (VMWare, Hyper-V, KVM (Proxmox)) VoIP( Asterisk, FreePBX) Backup and recovery (bacula) Scripting (Bash , PowerShell,Perl) for automation tasks.

DNS, FreeBSD, Linux, TCP/IP, Windows, Zabbix, Apache

Есть большой опыт работы noc инженером, корпоративным админом. К сожалению нет опыта DevOps и работы с облачными технологиями. В данный момент на поддержке 3 сети провайдеров. Опыт конфигурирования FreeBSD и Linux под сетевые нагрузки. Установка и развертывание систем мониторинга. Немного больше

Адекватный менеджмент. Дружелюбный коллектив. Интересные задачи