Chief Operating Officer

Warsaw, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, EU, USA, Canada · $5000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

July 2014 – now Schneider-Electric, Kyiv, Ukraine Global Operational Customer Satisfaction & Quality Manager, World Wide P&L Management / Improvement. Reduced operating costs Manage three World Wide zone NAM, Europe, International Manage customer compliance Set comprehensive goals for performance and growth Promote employee engagement and retention initiatives. Manage 15 Leaders and high-performance teams Manage projects and budgets as assigned with perfect ROI Design and implement business strategies, plans and procedures Write and submit reports to the Board in all matters of importance Manage relationships with partners and vendors Monitor KPI and Net Promoter Score Manage Customer Care Center in Field Services Team Achievements Simplify project savings 500 K Euro LSS E2E CCC-FS Project Reduce lead time for Service Execution on 40 % Rebound 2 projects in CIS Increase GM +5 pts Management system development and certification in SE Kazakhstan LSS Project Hourly rate savings 500 K Euro First Place Trophy in nomination DO MORE Dec 2013 – July 2014 Reckitt Benckiser, Kyiv, Ukraine Quality and compliance manager Implementing and certificating of QMS ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and 13485, and GMP standards Monitoring and analyzing of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Analyzing and optimization of business - processes. Risk management with the release of medical devices Managing and coordination of warehouse and production Pushing regulatory change through a department Carrying out investigations into compliance-related issues Identifying conflicts of interest and breaches of confidentiality Coordinating of the project management improvement (OPEX Operational Excellence), implementation and project management in the areas of: 5 S, Six Sigma, Lean, Project Management. Achievements: ISO 9001, 13485, GMP development and certification Creating high-performance team Delivery additional revenue 1 M Euro Reducing operational cost at 10 % Building new factory for Medical Device

English, Team management, Project Management, Communication Skills, Business development, Financial Planning and Strategy, Financial Reporting, Finance

Simplify project savings 500 K Euro LSS E2E CCC-FS Project Reduce lead time for Service Execution on 40 % Rebound 2 project in CIS Increase GM +5 pts Management system development and certification in SE Kazakhstan LSS Project Hourly rate savings 500 K Euro First Place Trophy in nomination DO MORE ISO 9001, 13485, GMP Management system development and certification Creating high-performance team Delivery additional revenue 1 M Euro Reducing operational cost at 10 % Building new factory for Medical Device


Head of Help Desk 

Kyiv · $1000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

- управління 1-ю лінією підтримки користувачів; - контроль вирішення заявок згідно з SLA; - вирішення конфліктних ситуацій та претензій щодо взаємодії з замовниками та підрядними організаціями; - контроль виконання тарифікації ІТ-послуг; - укладання договорів SLA із замовниками; - створення та підтримка у актуальному стані бази знань помилок та стандартних рішень; - проектування та впровадження процесів (згідно з методологією ITSM/ITIL); - проектування та впровадження ITSM-систем.

customer support, Customer service, Support, helpdesk, Service Desk


Менеджер проекта, IT-директор

Kyiv · $800 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Внедрение CRM, Поддержка и администрирование Систем дистанционного обучения, администрирование, Windows Server, MikrotikOS, техническая поддержка, ведение проектов, SCRUM-"но" менеджмент.

Communication, CRM, MikrotikOS, Waterfall, Windows, Microsoft Office, trello, User Experience (UX), Manual Testing (QA), Quality Assurance (QA), Scrum, Kanban, English, project planning, Product management

99.98% доступности системы дистанционного обучения “АНФО” (, довольные внутренние и внешние клиенты Столы для авиасимуляторов Yokebox - менеджмент дистрибуции в Европу. www, Столы для работы и игр Variobox - менеджмент дистрибуции в Европу. www,

Хорошие, стимулирующие условия работы, интересные задачи и продукты, команда профессионалов


Senior Key Account Manager

Kyiv · $1400 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Работа с ключевыми клиентами и удаленной командой продаж, контроль выполнения ими планов продаж, разработка новых продуктов для стимулирования продаж, постановка задач дизайнеру и разработчикам согласно требованиям клиентов для улучшения работы сайта, поиск партнеров для увеличения траффика.

переговоры, Планирование, English, Content marketing, Team management, Market search, Google Analytics, Digital marketing, Marketing Strategy, B2B marketing, Account Management, SMM

Развитие партнерской сети по всем крупным городам Казахстана, достижение удаленными менеджерами по продажам выполнения KPI по планам продаж, внедрение системы отчетов в CRM-систему (продажи, сделки, оплаты), разработка и внедрение новых продуктов

Развитие продукта, развитие партнерской сети, поиск партнеров, работа с партнерами, работа с менеджерами по продажам.


Business Analyst

Kyiv · $2000 · 1.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Kovalskaya (10.2019 – 01.2020) - Business Analyst Sales’Up (05.2019 – 10.2019) - IT Project manager & Business analyst Terrasoft (Bpm’online) (05.2015 – 05.2019) - Product Support Analyst Team Lead (2nd line support Team Lead & Business Analyst at service desk implementation)

Business Analysis, BPMN, SQL, English, CRM, Team management, Support, Manual Testing, Team Leadership

- I've Implemented the Service Desk system at my department as a Business analyst - I'm proud of a team that I hired and trained as a Product Support Analyst Team Lead - I've accomplished the FMCG project which based on CRM system as a Business analyst and as a Project manager



Lviv · $600 · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Experience Sales Manager — “Techno stock” [15.10.16] — [29.06.17] Selling different sorts of electronic devices, strong knowledge of the product, dealing with objections, a job that required working under pressure. Half of that time was fully responsible for the whole store which included: 1C accounting, working directly with clients, administrative responsibilities, delivery of client’s orders through different services all over the country. Analytical assistant — “P.E” [07.01.18] — [15.10.19] Strong knowledge of the subject of research, the ability to apply it to the internal database to improve overall performance and efficiency in general. Communication with outer sources of information via e-mail and live chats. Solve problems connected to the operational department and modulate different possibilities and outcomes of future implementations.

Support, Customer service, customer support, Good communication skills, Customer care, English, Ability to learn quickly

To work in a friendly and healthy environment, be efficient, supportive and engaged in solving a different kind of problems, improve communication skills in English.


Customer care agent/ representative

Remote work, Bulgaria · $1000 · 1 year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Hi, I hope you're having a great day. My name is Maria and I’m currently working as a freelancer. I worked as a customer service agent (both email and calls) in Zendesk CRM system where I helped customers solve various issues including marketing, logistic, technical, product questions, etc. I would love to be working again in an amazing team. I was born in Ukraine, but I grew up in a bilingual family. I have 10 years official English education so my English is on a native level both verbally and in writing. In addition, my background is in hospitality and tourism with more than 7 years of experience, so I know how to make guests and customers happy in a welcoming, warm and courteous manner. I’m available to work long-term. Will be happy to share my knowledge and expand my experience in a great friendly team of professionals. Warmly, Maria

Support, English, Customer service, Customer care, customer support, Ability to learn quickly, Microsoft Office, Good communication skills, zendesk, Troubleshooting, Communication Skills, Windows, CRM, Team management


Senior Support Manager / Reputation Manager / Support Team Lead /

Kharkiv · $1000 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Last 2,5 years I've been working in the US product development and distribution company (electronics). I started to work as a Customer Support Agent in Support dept. but after the first 5 days of the training I was promoted to the Reputation Management Specialist and after 4 month I headed the Reputation Management sub-division which consisted of 4 great persons. The main responsibilities included all aspects of organization of the work process in the sub-division. Optimization and facilitation of the team's work by means of administrating Zendesk platform (creating triggers, automations etc.). Building and maintaining an information database for RM team newcomers, describe working processes&handovers inside the team; Achieving company targets and KPI’s as set by the President of the company by having own quarter/monthly rocks; Working closely with Marketplace Managers and E-commerce department for achieving common results; Product insert management; Initiation the generation and the purchase of reviews depending on the risks and needs of the company or product; Continuous search and implementation of new ways to achieve the goals of the unit to improve efficiency and effectiveness; My last position was PR & Influencer Manager and my responsibilities were: Driving brand awareness targeted on sales increase; Identifying and building relationships with prominent influencers and thought leaders (on Youtube, Instagram); Brainstorming new, creative approaches to influencer campaigns (Brand collaboration, cross-promotion, outreach templates etc.); Researching the tech platforms used to run campaigns efficiently; Identifying opportunities for greater profits by analyzing the influencers profiles (via various online tools and intuition);

Support, English, Customer service, Ability to learn quickly, Good communication skills, CRM, helpdesk, Communication Skills, Team management, zendesk, Troubleshooting, Customer Support, Customer care, Project Management, client communication, reputation management, Excel, Client Management, public relations, Customer Support Expertise

Developed and successfully implemented: - KPI's system, quality assurance system and performance-based bonus system; - the process of sending handwritten letters to reactivate the reviewer/customer and change the opinion about the company of even the most dissatisfied customers. - the process of identifying a reviewer and finding ways to communicate with him, which reduced the number of unidentified reviewers and allowed to increase the number of upgraded reviews. - wrote the text of a letter to the customer which indirectly (psychologically) prompted to change the review and at the same time did not violate the rules of the marketplace, despite the fact that requests to change the review are strictly prohibited. Thereby increased the number of people who changed their feedback after providing support through the marketplace.

I am looking for the lead position in any department with interesting tasks, career growth opportunities and the opportunity to learn and grow professionally.


Junior Project Manager

Kyiv · $800 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

2.5 years as Customer Support Manager / PM Assistant, Good understanding of IT company structure, SDLC, Waterfall-based and Agile methodologies, Risks, Requirements, UI/UX principles, Basic skills in QA, Estimations, UAT, Quality Control.

Project Management, Agile, Scrum, Jira, English, Kanban, Waterfall, SDLC, Risk management, trello, Communication, Microsoft Office, Requirements analysis, Business Analysis, Slack, Zendesk, Google Docs, Good communication skills, Ability to learn quickly, Customer service, Windows, Customer care, Support, helpdesk, Quality Assurance , customer support, Confluence, Product support

Seeking for opportunities as full-time Junior Project Manager in Kyiv.


Customer Support Engineer

Remote work, Ukraine · $1000 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

01/09/2016–Present Technical Support Engineer Software MacKiev, Kyiv (Ukraine) - L1-L2 support of a desktop application (Windows and Mac) for professional and amateur genealogists - Supporting customers via chats, phone calls, emails and social media; - Helping developers to improve user experience by tracking & reporting problem issues; - Handle and resolve customers' complaints and requests; - Troubleshooting any technical problems customers might have.

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