Business Development Manager, Account Manager, Sales, Operations, Project Manager

Remote work, United States · $3000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

- Business development; - driving new business opportunities; - closing deals; - partner network; - project management. Achieving sales and project goals in time. Building long-term relationships with customers, contractor firma's and resellers. Languages spoken: Fluent English (C1), Russian/Ukrainian(native), German A1, French A1. Valid driving license for Europe , cat."B" Working hours: European office hours, up to 40 h per week. Work should finish before 17.30 CET Business trips possible.

Business development, Sales, Project Management, Account Management, International sales, Networking, International Deals, Capacity of understanding new concepts, Negotiations, Communication Skills, English, Presentation skills, Business Development, sales, marketing, Lead generation and sales qualification, It sales, CRM

increased software product sales by 50% every year in responsible area. Purchased Hardware and Software for new offices: active network equipment, CCTV IP Cameras, coordinated launching office work places

Preferred Industries: Logistics, IT, Telco, Automotive, Production, Aviation. Note: I am based in Germany. I see my next job as a long term employment for a reputable European or American company. Highly motivated, well organized team player, I help companies to successfully coordinate cross functional departments projects. I enjoy speaking with customers to understand their needs. Languages spoken: Fluent English (C1), Russian/Ukrainian(native), German A1, French A1. Valid driving license for Europe , cat."B" Working hours: European office hours, up to 40 h per week. Work should finish before 17.30 CET Business trips possible.


Leadgen Generation Manager

Kharkiv · $600 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

Поиск лидов на Upwork и LD, презентация компании.

Business development, Sales, It sales, Lead generation, Linkedin, Team player, Business Developement, Europe and USA markets, Marketing, Account Management, Communication Skills, English, Lead Qualification, UpWork, Agile/Scrum/Kanban, Team management, Jira, salesforce, CRM, Presentation skills

Нахождение качественных лидов, которые заводили крупномоасшатбные проекты на десятки тысяч долларов.

Размер компании, аутсорс/аутстафф/продукт не имеют принципиального значения для меня


web designer

Kyiv · $500 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

Веб-дизайнер с 02.2018 по наст. время (1 год 11 месяцев) Фриланс, Разработка и создание прототипов для веб-сайтов, мобильных и настольных приложений Создание адаптивного дизайна Поддержка проекта на стадии разработки Знание принципов юзабилити, основ композиции, типографики, стиля и колористики Разработка интерактивных прототипов Осознание современных тенденций в дизайне Растровая обработка

Figma, User Experience, Adobe Photoshop, UI/UX, Product Design, Prototyping, User Interface, Responsive Design, Prototype, WEB DESIGN, Photoshop, Illustrator, English, Creating user flow, Design System, Wireframes, Cognitive Psychology, Comprehensive conceptual thinking, Researching


Head of Marketing, Growth Hacker

Kyiv · $3000 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

KEY INFORMATION Formation of marketing strategy, vision and product roadmap. Management of marketing activities and promotion, growth hacking. Requirements preparation and marketing processes documentation. Customer communication and marketing team management. Ability to form and prioritize backlog. In-depth understanding of user experience (UX). Marketing Growth Hacking, SEO/SMM/SEM, Copywriting, Content Analysis, Contextual advertising, Virality, Targeted advertising, email marketing, display advertising, CRO (Conversion rate optimization) Management Project/Product management, team management, Agile/Scrum, roadmap creation, problem solving, risk analysis, budgeting, customer relationship, Pre-sales, forward thinking, decision making Design & User Research Business & User Analysis, Audience segmentation, Usability Review & Testing, UX Consulting & Audit, User Journeys, User-centered Design, Storyboarding, UX/UI Design, Web/App Design, A/B testing (Split testing), Graphic/Brand Design, Rapid Prototyping (Bootstrap/Semantic UI/HTML5/CSS3/jQuery/, Gamification Hard Skills Google Analytics, Lighthouse, Hotjar, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Webflow, Photoshop, GravitDesigner, Trello, Jira, Asana, Agile/Scrum, App Maps, Web Dev (CMS) Areas of activity Blockchain/Fintech, SaaS, CRM, E-commerce, Web Hosting Service, Sport, Logistics, Social Media, Marketing, Cloud Technologies

Digital marketing, Marketing, SEO, Lead generation, Web Analytics, Google Analytics, Growth Marketing, Growth Hacking, SMM/SMO, Copywriting, Virality, SMM, Content marketing, PPC, E-mail marketing, PR, B2B marketing, affiliate marketing, Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO-copywriting, copywriting, It sales, Making researches, Detailed targeting and segmentation of clients, Business Analysis, Marketing project management

I helped the current company grow in two years from the “garage format” to a global company with customers like governments of Canada, USA and Netherlands, Amazon, G4S, McDonald's etc.

1. Ambitious product company. 3. Not a startup. 4. Creative spirit. 5. Focus on result more than process. 6. Work with top management of the company.


IT Sales Manager, BDM 

Kyiv · $2000 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

Business models of sales: B2B, B2C, B2G, UpWork, Linkedin Segments: corporate, global corporate. Industries: information technology and services, banking, insure, pharmacology, agriculture, car importers, oil and gas traders, logistics, hotel business and other. IT sales - more 2 year. Country- Ukraine, Poland, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Canada.

Sales, Communication Skills, It sales, B2B, Account Management, International sales, Project Management, 5 years of client management experience, Lead generation, Linkedin, Networking


Sales Manager

Kyiv · $1500 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

продажа траффика разных вертикалей работа по CPM, CPC , CPI B2B продажи с иностранными компаниями Построение долгосрочных отношений со стратегически важными партнерами

Увеличение чистой прибыли от продажи на 130% работа с крупными рекламодателями и построение долгосрочных партнерских отношений. Выполнение плана продаж.

интересует работа в интересных, динамычных проектах.


Sale DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland (German-speaking Europe), COO, CBDO, Head of Sale, Head of Business development, country manager

Kyiv · $2000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

German - Advanced, English - Upper-Intermediate Sale and Business development experience - 7+ 09.2019 - now Country manager Switzerland - USA Startup, SaaS 05.2019 – 10.2019 Investor relations officer USA Startup 12.2018 – present Partner (Head of Business development DACH), Kyiv Key responsibilities | Achievements: • Company representative | built an autonomous sales system (DACH); • Business development | 150+ leads/month, 6+ deals/month, 50+ lead sale deals/month; 01.2018 – 12.2018 Chief Business Development Officer, (IT outsourcing/outstaffing), Kyiv Key responsibilities | Achievements: • Business development | built a lead generation system, +30% leads/month and +20% profit/month; • Structure reorganization and development | built an autonomous unit structure of the production and sales department, -50% errors, automatic collection of metrics and KPI’s; • Strategy Planning & Relationship Management | moderated the development and implementation of strategies and corporate culture; staff turnover decreased from 50% to 10%;

German, Agile, Business development, Support, Product management, Confluence, Sales Management, Analysis, Project Management, Team management, PR, International sales, It sales, Sales, Management, Recruiting, Content strategy, Marketing Strategy, Strategic Management, Strategic planning, Account Management, Risk management, Analytics, COO, CEO, Customer service, customer success, Project management professional, expanding existing projects, project planning, English, Networking, Marketing, B2B sales, Communication skills, Relationship management, B2B, Sales Strategy, Business Developement

German - advanced (C2) 6 years of experience in Austrian and German companies (management, sales) Venture Investment expertise EXPERTISE: • Building the structure and system work from idea to automation; • Formation and management of teams of 100+ employees; • Building multinational relations; • Creating and instilling corporate culture relevant to the company's goals; • Using cross-knowledge in solving complex problems; • Building a sale framework and team • «X-ray» analysis and proactivity in day-to-day work; • Planning, implementation and control of PR and GR activities


Business Development pipeline fulfillment consultant. Business Analyst

Lviv, Uzhgorod, Kyiv · $2500 · 7 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Thank you for stopping by my profile :) What I Do for my Clients - I help my clients with IT resources by leveraging established local (L'viv, Ukraine) and nationwide partnership network. What I do for my Partners - in a sentence, I form a predictable revenue and generate new business by defining and implementing business development processes according to the business analysis and best practices within the business unique environment. About me? I’ve been into Sales & Marketing with seven years of experience in B2B sales. I love sales. I get marketing. I was taught to assume nothing, as it makes ASS U ME. As an individual, husband and father of two – I’m at my best to be reliable, dependable and maintain high-quality standards. I can live with mistakes of the mind, but not mistakes of the heart. As a child, my favorite question is - Why? Later to understand that these questions are the core of the Business Analysis. Being open to feedback and criticism in a way that encourages more - keeps me learning all the time. Therefore I'm always looking for and appreciate input on the way I can improve. My best results happen when I am a part of a team of smart and eccentric people that are committed to a personally motivating goal. I often find myself as the liaison between sales/marketing, front/back office, the business/customer. Since 2010, I have been identifying, initiating and developing strategic business relationships with partners and customers. With technological and domain expertise in Digital, Mobile, and Wearables, combined with a strong background in account management 5 years in the past, I always strive to find great opportunities to multiply the benefits and gains for each party. Call me: +380634949608 ⌨ Email me:

Adobe Photoshop, Agile, CMS, CRM, CSS, English, HTML, LAMP, Networking, Product management, Project Management, SASS, SEO, Wordpress, Sales, Business development, Communication Skills, B2B, International sales, Negotiations, It sales, Lead generation, Account Management, Team management, Marketing, Linkedin, identifying markets/sales channels, sales cycle management, People management, Europe and USA markets, enterprise sales, cold calls, Negotation, Full-cycle sales, Pitching, Sales Strategy, Email Marketing, account management, Outsource, business development, cold/warm sales, sales metrics, Business Growth, Presentation skills, Key Account management, Fundraising, etc)

New product launch initiatives and Product’s features road map consulting as well as website design and development, SEO and Social Media engagement strategies CRM and Marketing automation tools consulting and implementation Tons of research conducted and sales collateral curated; Marketing Strategy components implemented: Email/website tracking through the cookie file placement, marketing automation, Landing Pages, Click-through pages, Online forms, CTAs, Heat Maps, Lead nurturing and qualification Live Webinars: organization, preparation, flow handling, post-webinar activities. Curated content for: the whole new website, Data Sheets, Sales Presentations and Brochures, Case studies, How-to-tutorials, FAQ, Partnership program, Landing & CTR PartnerCore Partner Program initiated and documented; Consulting partner's partners on the Marketing Automation and Lead Nurturing. Held weekly coordination meetings with internal/external teams of developers, designers and other stakeholders I was promoted thanks to my "get done" attitude and skills showed on a phone, and was assigned within a new role responsible for the nationwide sales Supporting USA/Canada Sales Teams by Scheduling, informing and controlling reps and target customers. Handled engagement of more than 10 successful deals with over $1 million in revenue

я понимаю, адаптирую и улучшаю процесы, но не делаю их. я вижу что не работает, а что можно делать лучше. Я всего не знаю, но знаю что всё относительно. The only thing that remains unchanged - is the change itself. My best results happen when I am a part of a team of smart and eccentric people that are committed to a personally motivating goal. I often find myself as the liaison between sales/marketing, front/back office, the business/customer.



Kyiv · $1000 · 1 year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Продавец-консультант,стилист с 06.2019 по 12.2019 (6 месяцев) Hugo Boss, Киев (Розничная торговля) - работа с «VIP» клиентами (депутаты, звезды шоу-бизнеса) - постоянное выполнение и перевыполнение личного плана - выполнение обязанностей продавца-консультанта,стилиста,кладовщика - расчёт клиентов на кассе (программа 1С) - посещение тренингов по повышению квалификации Продавец-консультант с 05.2018 по 12.2018 (7 месяцев) Roy Robson, Київ (Роздрібна торгівля) Обязанности: *Консультирование клиентов по торговым маркам * Консультирование клиентов по представленным коллекциям в магазине (ассортимент, размерный ряд, история марки и особенности коллекции текущего сезона, наличие необходимых моделей на складе) * Контроль наличия товара в торговом зале, своевременное пополнение корнеров, контроль наличия и соответствия ценников * Предпродажная подготовка товара, выкладка товара * Поддержание порядка в торговом зале, примерочных комнатах и подсобных помещениях * Помощь в подборе целого образа «от, А до Я». * Участие в оформлении витрин при необходимости. Достижения: * Опыт работы с VIP — клиентами. * Выучены типы мужского гардероба,посадка одежды по фигуре. * Были выучены техники консультирования и продаж: работа до примерки; Ассистирование на примерке; Продажи во время примерки; Работа с двумя клиентами; Работа с клиентом-дилетантом. * Выучены типы и виды тканей,разновидности воротников на рубашках,особенности пошива пиджаков,костюмов. * Умею завязывать галстук 3-мя способами.

Communication Skills, Sales, Consulting, Sales Manager

23 January

Sales Manager 🔥

Kharkiv · $350 · Upper Intermediate

Have no experience in IT yet. I worked as a sales manager. My previous position was a customer relationship manager. - AddSalesForce Customer relationship manager. - Landstar Agent Ukraine Sales Manager

Sales, Lead generation, B2B, English, It sales

Have been awarded a certificate for completion of the IT Sales course.

Currently looking for the opportunity to join a good IT company as a junior sales manager.

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