Lead Ruby 

Lviv · $3500 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

ruby, ruby on rails and most of the connected technologies

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Git, MySQL, jQuery

Experience in project lead Has created nice EU law document parser has created web portal for Danish Lawyers where they can find specific study courses Has created tool for communication lawyers with clients And many others

I am mainly looking for project related to Hardware(machinery, robotics), medicine, science, ecology, agriculture, sport.


Front-end developer

Ivano-Frankivsk · $2000 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

За перший рік кар'єри розробив кілька проектів на Ruby on Rails. Потім перейшов повністю у фронт-енд і другий рік працював з Angular 2-5 та React. Останні півтора роки працюю над Ember проектом. Надалі планую розвиватись як full-stack розробник.

JavaScript, React, rxjs, Angular, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, REST API, TypeScript, CSS, HTML, Ember

Цікавлять проекти з Angular, React, Vue, Node.js, Ruby


Ruby on Rails Developer 

Kyiv · $4000 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Git, Linux, Apache, Nginx, Passenger Javascript, JQuery, AngularJS 1.5 Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, REST services, MySQL, PostgreSQL

AJAX, jQuery, MySQL, REST API, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, SQL, AWS, kubernetes

I am a professional web-developer. Based in Ukraine. About two years I worked with ruby and its infrastructure. I specialize in building web applications. - Design and develop applications for Shopify and Magento platforms. Implement a new workflow for the ruby developers team. Used widely REST, Ajax. Took part in developing connectors between Shopify REST and Magento’s SOAP. The scope of my responsibility from design to deploy an application to production. - Support and develop a legacy project with Ror 3.2, MySQL, ThinkingSphinx, NodeJS, Redis. Backup a database.


Ruby on Rails Developer / Fullstack Developer 

Remote work, Russia · $4000 · 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

An experienced developer of SAAS and RPC services in Ruby, Python and Golang, workflow automation systems. I took part in complex web projects built on Ruby on Rails, as well as backend projects using Golang. Used to work with hotel/transportation booking APIs performing the integration with payment gateways. Possess considerable experience in splitting a monolithic application into microservices. In my previous two projects I was in charge of implementing test-driven development, as well as CI/CD practices. I have acquired certain experience of freelancing and funding my own startup, so I know almost everything about interacting with customers, collecting requirements.

PostgreSQL, Redis, REST API, Ruby on Rails, AWS, ReactJS, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Twitter Bootstrap, MongoDB, AWS: DynamoDB, Terraform, Trailblazer, Redux, HTML5, CSS3, Flexbox

• Developed a Slack bot for communicating with users to automate the supplier management process using NLP techniques. • Developed a raw image processing service for importing large volumes of third-party content into the game engine, using image recognition and computer vision techniques. • Was founder of a startup which was aimed at computerisation of e-document flow systems for MTPL insurance compensation.

Looking for a remote company with friendly team, challenging projects and possibility of self-development. I want work mostly on backend but if it is necessary I am not afraid work on frontend parts.

25 May

Ruby on Rails Developer

Kyiv · $5000 · 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I am an experienced full stack web/mobile developer with extensive experience of RoR framework and MVC/SOLID patterns. Active member in the open source community. I specialise in building products from conception to final product. I have more than 8 years of experience building Ruby based applications using micro-SOA approach. Master of scrum and well versed in agile based software development cycle. Experienced with test driven development and testing using frameworks such as rspec, capybara/selenium. I can work in a rapid sprint cycle environment on high traffic web sites. I am well versed in developing scalable applications.

Design Patterns, Git, Gitlab CI/CD, jQuery, Linux, Nginx, OOP/OOD, ORM, PostgreSQL, RSpec, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, SQL, TDD, Jira, MySQL, Redis, Selenium, Ubuntu, Underscore.js, Unix, Jenkins, UML, Backbone.js, Erlang, Capybara, AWS, Sidekiq, K8s , Docker Swarm, XML, OOP, REST API, Docker

I pride myself on being a pragmatic developer and a person who can hit the ground running on any project. I can easily get up to speed on software by just reading source code and without reading documentation.

I want to obtain an exciting position developing applications that change the world.

25 May

Ruby On Rails Developer 

Kyiv · $3300 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Worked on many projects from small startup apps to large high load applications. Experienced in building E-commerce platforms, SaaS CRM projects, booking platforms, etc. I'm in balance between the quality of the code and the speed of the development, which might be crucial for some products. Common stack: Rub/Rails, Grape, TDD, CI/CD, Psql/MySQL, MongoDB, JavaScript/ReactJS/jQuery

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, PostgreSQL, Git, RSpec, JavaScript, REST API, MySQL, Linux, OOP, Redis, SQL, Sidekiq, JIRA, SCSS, Integration tests, JS, React.js, Digital Ocean

Friendly team, challenging projects and possibility of self-development. I like to work on both backend and frontend.

25 May

Full Stack Web Developer 

$5000 · 6 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I have 4+ years of product development experience (and 6 years as a software developer in general, including outsourcing). I'm taking part in all stages of product development: brainstorming of the idea, setting the requirements, planning A\B test or experiment, building the software, and verifying that feature works well (both testing and monitoring metrics and KPIs) I'm involved mostly in the software part but I have experience in other business and product-related activities. Also, I have experience in finding a balance between the quality of the code and the speed of the development, which might be crucial for product development. From the technical perspective, I work mostly with Ruby/Rails and React, but also have some experience with Elixir/Phoenix.

Git, JavaScript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, React, Redux, Elixir, Phoenix, GraphQL

I'm focused on the result and iterative improvement applying all the learnings that have been gotten on the previous stages.

I am looking for a position in a product company with interesting technical challenges and an awesome team.

24 May

Middle Ruby On Rails Developer 

Kyiv · $2600 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

За 3.5 года работал на разных проектах в сфере недвижимости и обучения. В основном использовал Rails, и связанные технологии, PostgreSQL, когда приходилось - JS/HTML/CSS. На образовательном коммерческом проекте занимался полностью и бэкендом, и фронтендом, так как был единственным разработчиком. Выполнял разнообразные задачи, имплементировал новые фичи, коммуницировал напрямую с заказчиком, много работал с базой данных для формирования статистики и оптимизации запросов. На последнем проекте работал с командой над большим проектом в сфере недвижимости. Выполнял новые функции для пользовательского интерфейса, работал над задачами по SEO, занимался миграцией данных, и увеличением тестового покрытия. Вся работа происходила по методу Scrum, участвовал в обсуждениях задач с американскими заказчиками, предлагал свои решения, в целом много общался на английском.

Ruby, PostgreSQL, RSpec, Git, REST API, MySQL, OOP, JIRA, HTML, Docker, Ruby on Rails, SQL, jQuery, CSS, Capybara, JSON, Test driven development

Интересует работа в больших проектах в крупных командах, желательно с общением на английском с заказчиками. Интересует работа с back-end частью на Rails, работа с API, работа с GraphQL, в остальном открыт ко всему новому.

24 May

Front-end developer | Shopify developer 

Kyiv · $2000 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I have been working on freelance since 2016 mostly with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I worked with such platforms as WordPress, Shopify. I also have some experience in full-stack projects with Ruby-on-Rails and React.

JavaScript, Git, React, Bootstrap, React / Redux, Apollo GraphQL, CSS, HTML, webpack, Shopify, Ruby on Rails, SCSS, RSpec, Jest, es6, JSON, Redux, REST API, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, jQuery, ES6+, AJAX, OOP, GraphQL

I worked on improving UI/UX, implementing design changes, and custom functionality on many Shopify stores, and a bunch of small changes on many more websites including some WordPress based ones.

I am looking for an opportunity to work in a team of professionals who always strive to grow and be better at what they are doing; and grow with them.

23 May

Senior Ruby/Go Engineer

Remote work, Belarus · $6800 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

A highly experienced backend engineer who has been building big distributed systems for more than 10 years. I'm obsessed with clean code and a follower of Test Driven Development approach. I am a strong team player and have experience in collecting user requirements with Product Owners. Mainly I worked for product companies from UK and US, however, I am a full-stack developer. I've got vast expertise with Ruby/Rails and Go and Amazon Web Services. I participate in launching high-load services and work on long-term projects. Projects I developed: - Aggregator of airlines, hotels, car rentals - Betting/Gambling solution in the sport industry - CRM system for parcels management - ... Key skills: Ruby, Go, AWS, Microservices, SQL/NoSQL/Key-Value/Columnar stores, Algorithms, Clean Code, Robust API. Thank you for your attention.

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL, Go-lang, JavaScript, Git, RSpec, TDD, REST API, JSON, React, Backbone.js, AWS, Ruby / Rails, ElasticSearch, Redis, Sidekiq, MongoDB, Nginx, OOP, SOLID, Docker, kubernetes, CQRS, Amazon, Highload, BDD, DDD, Rails, Trailblazer, C++, Microservices, GraphQL, tcp, rpc, acid, hanami, AWS: SNS/SQS, serverless, AWS:Lambda, consul, vault, AWS:Redshift, RabbitMQ, Capistrano, dry.rb, SOAP, AGILE/SCRUM, Integration tests, Capybara, crawler, Algorithms, AWS: DynamoDB, Apache, Terraform, Design Patterns, Software Design

Last years, I was acting as a Tech Lead(technical design and coding) and achieved the following: - split legacy monolith into microservices; - handle 100k+ RPM - build high-speed integration test suites - ensure the high availability of the system - integration with different external systems.

As I am a product-oriented first, I am looking for a permanent position in a great project with a good culture of working remotely.

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