Ruby On Rails Developer

Remote work, Russia · $2000 · 1.5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I have been developing a social network on Ruby on Rails 6 from scratch (non-commercial charity project) with features like posts/comments creation, friending, liking, image upload, full text search, etc. Experienced with Webpack, AWS EC2, Heroku, Docker and Git. Cover everything with tests (Rspec, Capybara). Follow TDD and BDD. I've also created a couple of projects as a means to get to know RoR: Stackoverflow-like website and a website for test assignments. I have experience with a php-framework Yii2 which was used on the commercial train tickets and info project - - where I worked in a small team of developers. I'm looking for a project with the focus on the back-end right now.

Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, RSpec, TDD, Git, MySQL, Capybara, Docker, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, AJAX, AWS, Heroku

The best experience I've ever had was with the rail tickets project. After redesign and optimization the traffic didn't drop but instead has increased.

I'd like to work in a friendly team which follows TDD. Preferably on Ruby on Rails 5/6+.

26 March

Software Engineer

Berlin · $4500 · 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Experienced, initiative developer and absolutely committed to getting the job done right. During my work, I care about the details and motivated to deliver only a clean code that meets the current programming standards. Have 10 years of experience working as a Software Developer in Fintech, Gambling and Travel industries. Some of the companies I have worked with: Rocketbank, Coingaming Group, Tourlane,

Elixir, Golang, Ruby, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ

I helped companies to assemble teams from scratch and launched projects to production and ready to work with customers, build new versions of projects to replace legacy ones, worked on R&D projects to verify business ideas.

I am looking for a product team. Most of my work experience is about working with Backend side but also can work with any side if it is needed to make work done.

24 March

Middle Ruby On Rails Developer

Kyiv · $2600 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

За 3.5 года работал на разных проектах в сфере недвижимости и обучения. В основном использовал Rails, и связанные технологии, PostgreSQL, когда приходилось - JS/HTML/CSS. На образовательном коммерческом проекте занимался полностью и бэкендом, и фронтендом, так как был единственным разработчиком. Выполнял разнообразные задачи, имплементировал новые фичи, коммуницировал напрямую с заказчиком, много работал с базой данных для формирования статистики и оптимизации запросов. На последнем проекте работал с командой над большим проектом в сфере недвижимости. Выполнял новые функции для пользовательского интерфейса, работал над задачами по SEO, занимался миграцией данных, и увеличением тестового покрытия. Вся работа происходила по методу Scrum, участвовал в обсуждениях задач с американскими заказчиками, предлагал свои решения, в целом много общался на английском.

Ruby, PostgreSQL, RSpec, Git, REST API, MySQL, OOP, JIRA, HTML, Docker, Ruby on Rails, SQL, jQuery, CSS, Capybara, JSON, Test driven development

Интересует работа в больших проектах в крупных командах, желательно с общением на английском с заказчиками. Интересует работа с back-end частью на Rails, работа с API, работа с GraphQL, в остальном открыт ко всему новому.

22 March

Ruby developer 

Remote work, Ukraine · $2000 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Have been working as a backend/full-stack developer on different projects based on Ruby and Ruby on Rails technologies. Have been using such tools as RSpec, FactoryBot, Capibara, Redis, Elasticsearch, Rake, PostgreSQL, Omiauth and others. Been involved in working on frontend part of the applications too, using JS, React.js, JQuery and multiple external libraries based on it. Had different tasks, such as implementing new requested features and improvements, fixing existing bugs, writing automated tests, investigating and dealing with existing legacy code, integrating thirty-party services and external API's, etc. Also have experience working on a rapidly growing startup projects as a full stack developer. Been involved in building project's tech architecture, developing complex features from both frontend and backend sides.

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, PostgreSQL, Git, RSpec, JavaScript, MySQL, Linux, CSS, HTML, REST API, Redis, Bootstrap, Capybara, SQL, OOP, jQuery, AJAX, AWS, MVC, HAML, React, JSON, Nginx, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Docker, CI/CD, OmniAuth, English, Machine Learning, bash, Angular.js, SASS, ActiveJob, RegExp, BigData, Postman

To be able to work for an encouraging and stable company that will assist me in developing, improving and obtaining necessary skills in order to become better engineer.

20 March

Javascript Developer

Kiev · $3500 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Front-end, JavaScript developer. Bachelor of Computer Science, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Main skills: JavaScript, React, Web Applications, Mobile Applications (React Native) Other skills: Ruby on rails (basics) Most of the time worked at a product company as a React Native developer. Have released applications in AppStore / Google Play and web applications. Worked on different projects in the outsourcing company for a while.

React, React Native, Frontend, JavaScript, Git, Web Development, Node.js

I prefer product companies with a communicative experienced team, flexible schedule with a possibility to work remote some days in a week or full remote. !!! only products, no outsource

16 March

Розробник RoR, Java, Python, C++, HTML

Remote work, Ukraine · $3400 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

RoR 8+ deploy, support, bugfix RoR 2 development Python 6m dev

Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Git, Ruby, JavaScript, RSpec, REST API, MySQL, Linux, Redis, OOP, HTML, jQuery, SQL, AJAX, Docker, JSON, Nginx, AWS, CSS3, Sidekiq, C++, JS, Redmine, Python, Devise, AWS:S3/Glacier, AWS:ASG/EC2, AWS:Redshift, AWS:Aurora, AWS:CodePipeline, Blockchain, Ansible, Proxmox, OpenNebula, ELK, CoffeeScript, Angular 6

silver award technetium challenge 2019

12 March

Ruby on Rails / Elixir / Rust Developer 

Remote work, Ukraine · $3000 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Worked as a Ruby on Rails developer for 4+ years, but eager to move forward with the tech stack. Elixir/Rust-centric job would be amazing, though Ruby on Rails as my primary field of experience is also good for me. Experience and skills: - knowledge of Elixir, Erlang/OTP, Phoenix: built a parallel data pipeline, reaching throughput of around 2M entries per second, a dozen of Phoenix apps, including ones split from Rails via Terraform plug - designing, improving and maintaining Ruby on Rails (with React/Vue on the front-end), testing with RSpec, deploying on and administering Linux machines in the cloud (AWS and DigitalOcean preferably) - a solid grasp on Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, orchestration and deployment, container-centric tooling - fluent Git, Linux-based workflow & administration (full-time Linux user) - advanced technical English - Open Source and Free Software enthusiast: numerous contributions on GitHub, maintainer of a few Open Source projects and more :)

English, Git, Linux, Ruby, Test Driven Development, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, SQL, Docker, TDD, Elixir, Rust

Elixir app that processed 2M entries per second. Ruby on Rails apps a plenty, both PoC and enterprise-grade. Bringing a legacy project to 100% test coverage. A lot of things under NDA :)

Team that loves innovating, constantly improving, contributing both to internal codebase maintainability and Open Source community, a plus if the team is remote-positive.

12 March

Ruby on Rails developer

Remote work, Russia · $2500 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

3 years of commercial development of CRM applications based on Ruby on Rails. Projects difficulty ranges from simple CRUDs to different API integrations: SMS (like Twilio), payment systems (like Mollie), etc. In addition to CRM systems there's an affiliate program integration experience, like Interhome

Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Ruby, MySQL, Git, Rails, OOP, Bootstrap, REST API, jQuery

I'd strongly like to work among other Ruby professionals and have a mentor or at least someone to make a code review.

11 March

Ruby On Rails Developer

Lviv · $750 · 1 year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I worked in the IT industry for several years now, including PM and BA roles. I have fluent English and I can easily communicate both with customers and software developers. Software development is my hobby. I have completed several projects that can showcase my Ruby skills. Being a junior developer, my coding skills are somewhat limited. Nevertheless, I believe I could work well with a senior software developer who might need some help communicating with clients.

Ruby, Ruby on Rails

11 March

Senior Golang (Ruby On Rails) Developer 

Kharkiv · $5000 · 8 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I have more than 8 years of experience writing the Internet. It includes 1 year of GoLang experience and the rest is Ruby. I'm also experienced in Node.js and open-minded for other technologies. I have experience building monolith, microservice, and distributed-monolith architecture. What is more, I know how not to build a distributed monolith. I have experience building powerful API services, "classic" services with server-side rendering, I wrote a lot of DSLs (what is ashamed for me). I work with PostgreSQL, Clickhouse, RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch, Docker, Ansible and other interesting things. I'm ok with pure Ruby or non-Rails framework. I use CI, CD, DevOps methodology, unit and integration tests and other things to provide and keep the high-quality level of software.

BDD, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, TDD, CI, ElasticSearch, Linux, Node.js, PostgreSQL, React.js, Redux, Vue.js, Python, GoLang, Golang/Go, Golang

I'm creative and initiative. At the same time, I have the ability to find a balance between initiative, creativity and time. I designed and developed a pretty heavy loaded service to collect, transform, store and select metrics for a hosting company. I initiated and designed a service and SDK for writing A/B tests for a platform. I got experience joining teams without clear developing processes and culture and help them set up everything: responsibility for the code, being open for managers and teammates, writing tests, reviewing code, having CI, paying attention to the ticket system, to be better contributors.

No outsource, no gambling, no cryptocurrencies. I would like to be a part of a team with a similar mindset. I will be happy if I find a team where I can get new tricks or I can guide less-experienced people. Golang is much preferable for me. But I'm not against returning to the Ruby world or trying a new programming language (what's about Elixir?).

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