Data Scientist

Lviv · $400 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Worked on the spelling correction problem using word embeddings and Recurrent Neural Networks with attention. Also worked on a task of fruit classification using Convolutional Neural Networks.

Python, Machine Learning, Flask, MySQL, OOP, HTML, SQL

Took part in the internship in one of the biggest IT companies in Lviv. Currently study at UCU at Computer Science program, where was the first in the faculty rating after the first year of study.


Junior DevOps

Kyiv, London, USA, EU, Canada · $2000 · 1.5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Troubleshooting VPS/cPanel issues Server configuration and optimization Customer support and training Network monitoring

Python, Django, Git, Linux, HTML, CSS, Nginx, SQL, JavaScript

Try and learn; repeat..


QA Lead

Moscow · $3000 · 2.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

QA Management, Agile, DevOps, SQL, Test design, Test management, Python, pytest, Linux, JavaScript, bash, CI, Gitlab CI, Jenkins, Git, TeamCity, Selenium, Selenium WebDriver, Cypress, backend automated testing, set top box testing

Python, Selenium, Selenium WebDriver, bash, CI, Git, Linux, TeamCity, JavaScript, Jenkins

- Automated testing of STB devices - Developed API for QA needs - Found lots of root-causes of bugs - Managed team of 3 QA engineers


Python Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $700 · 1 year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Live location service: Server-side (Django REST): Asynchronously process location data stream from location receiver and deliver it using Django Channels to users. Client-side (React): Receiving live positional data and marking the current position on a map Single page chat application: React, SQLite, Redis, Django Channels and React Purchase trackers: Django I participated in various hackathons and completed two summer internship programs. Currently look for a permanent position. I am looking for opportunities to develop innovative solutions for challenging business problems. I would prefer to work remote.

Python, Django, React

I am known for engineering end-to-end services. I am skilled in building prototypes of services. I am good at uniting people to achieve some goal.

I prefer working in small Agile teams with SaaS mindset. I enjoy dealing with innovative technology.


Project Manager

Kyiv · $850 · 1.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

On my current job at logistics company M-AND-S LLC I’m responsible for company’s processes automation, specifically: 1. ERP system maintenance, which consists of information actualization, new entities creation and reports adjustment. New entities are created based on staff process needs and also includes information gathering from employees from different company divisions. 2. Excel/Word/Outlook routine automation with VBA. Mostly it concerns reports creation and data preparation for ERP system. Also, I’m responsible for base files processing for relatively small bases, which can be stored in excel. 3. IT projects management. Exemplary project is Tasks Distribution System. In this project were involved representatives of all production divisions and third-party developer (for 1C development). This project aimed to connect 1C system where company’s orders are with ERP system, where interaction between staff is conducted. There are also a number of smaller projects, aimed to automate routine work (1C/ERP/VBA) and interaction inside company(1C+ERP) and between company and clients(ERP). 4. Staff training in the use of company’s technical resources. 5. Instructions writing for created ERP entities and MS macros . 6. End-users full-time technical support. 7. Consulting about possible application of automation and research of new technical resources. As You can see from the list of my responsibilities on different jobs I’m not afraid of new challenges and new skills to learn. Even more – I’m always looking for this challenges, as they allow me to become better professional and to develop my skills.

Windows, HTML5, CSS3, Python, Linux, SQL, JavaScript, Visual Basic , Project Management


Python Developer

Lviv · $700 · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Сoursework - UCU Motion Heatmap Technologies: OpenCV, python, and numpy LOOQME - Semantic analysis for comments Technologies: Python, sci-kit learn, pandas, matplotlib Semester project on Algorithms course - An Improved DP algorithm for finding coalition structures Technologies: Python, tracemalloc WEB-Server - Server of static pages using multithreading and asynchronous programming Technologies: C++, boost-beast, boost-asio, asynchronous programming, Apache Benchmark, JMeter Digit detection and matrix analysis - Object detection Technologies: Python OpenCV, sci-kit learn, numpy, linear algebra More projects and more info on them search in my CV attached. In the near future, I want to develop in the field of Data Science using Python, especially interested in Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision. Now, I am looking for all opportunities to work as a Python or C++ developer on some interesting projects.

Python, Git, Linux, Flask, OOP, Algorithms, MySQL, C, HTML5, CSS3, C++, SQL, REST API, Java Core, JavaScript, Linear Algebra, NumPy, Pandas, OpenCV, Boost, Scikit-Learn, Arduino, Postman

Winner of UTHON Solving youth problems hackathon. Won with the idea of generating a weekly timetable with all the tasks. Attending of advanced C++ course Teaching C++ basics in Logos IT Academy Freelance as Python developer

Looking for each opportunity, but I would not like to work with Back-End development.


Senior Python Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $4500 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

1) Implement exchange service 2) Implement and support trading bots, which working with crypto exchanges(market making strategies, low risk strategies) 3) BlockChain API(Blockcypher API, ETH and BTC nodes) 4) Work with WEBSocket to download data 5) Work with API. Everything was implemented on Django(Python) Tools : Django, Celery, Django-REST For now - Head of exchange service in production and also trading bot developer

OOP, Design Patterns, Git, Jenkins, MySQL, Python, ORM, Flask

Есть опыт написания и поддержки проекта в лице одного человека) Один проект - это крипто-обменник со своим апи, второй - это торговая платформа для ботов для крипто-бирж

Только back-end и python Идеальный вариант это алго-трейдинг на крипто-биржах или что-то похожее.


Senior Python Developer 🔥

Kyiv, Lviv · $2000 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I've 5+ years of experiance in Django

Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Linux, REST API, Docker, Node.js

I transferred the project to Jenkins, helped the customer to assemble a team from scratch, increased the conversion of the landing page by 30%. Participation in the hackathon, conference performance, certificates, awards, courses.

Small team or big project? Outsourcing or product? Well-established processes or new technologies? Write what is important to you. If you know what exactly do NOT want to do, write about it too.


QA engineer

Lviv · $1100 · 1.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I`m Quality Assurance Engineer with almost 2 years of manual testing experience. My current job consists of: - Creating detailed documentation of testing process; - Requirement Investigation and Analysis in close collaboration with UX, Dev teams and Product Owner; - Organization of test planning and test execution process; - Creation of test cases, Test Runs and Test Plan; - Generating detailed reports and summary of all testing phases; - Test environment setup; - Supervising execution by team members; - Bug reporting and tracking; - Internal infrastructure setup; - Mentoring newcomers; - Participation in daily meeting; Also have Experience in: - Web-applications testing - Mobile apps testing (Android, iOS) - Basic knowledge of SQL commands - Basic knowledge of HTML & CSS - Basic knowledge of Selenium WebDriver - Basic knowledge of Python

Jira, Manual Testing, Scrum, Agile, Quality Assurance, Confluence, Git, TestRail, Web Testing, Regression Testing, Functional testing, Postman, Test Design, API testing, REST API, Windows, Android, Test Rail, SDLC, Jenkins, TeamCity, Mobile Testing, iOS, Test design techniques

My goal is to obtain a QA Engineer position in a friendly team with an opportunity to gain more experience in testing, develop my skills in automation testing.


Junior Python Developer

Kyiv · $600 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Freelance project: created a tool for finding titles for the text (.tsv files). This tool analyzes the paragraph and finds title depending on the keywords (if they are included in the text), or question mark. It also cleans text, generates category, genre and tag depending on keywords. GUI on PyQT5 and telegram bot. Application, that predicts the price of the apartments based on 15 features. For data acquisition was created Scrapy spider to get data from PostgreSQL was used to store all data. After that was built different types of models, with a choice, such as Random Forest regression, lightGBM and neural network (PyTorch). And, finally, was developed API using Flask for making predictions. Also, was created an endpoint for training all models and saving weights to the files for the fast startup of the application. REST API based social network on Django and a bot that demonstrates functionalities of the system. Also was used emailhunt for checking users' email and clearbit for finding missing information about the user. Created simple programming language and developed a translator using Python. Consists of: Lexical analyzer, Syntactical analyzer (recursive descent, automatic machine, bottom-up), Code generation part. GUI was made with Tkinter. Created web-application (travel agency) from idea to MVP in a small team. The development process was based on Scrum. During this project, I have experience in all major stages of software development, such as requirement analysis, system design, implementation and testing. Consists of: Back-end part (Django), Frontend part, UML, IDEF0, DFD, IDEF3 models. Created a script that finds similar images. It uses own implementation of the SIFT algorithm to extract feature keypoints to find similar images. Google Play Music skill for Amazon Alexa. Using gmusic-API and alexa-API. Hosted on AWS lambda.

Python, Git, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, MySQL, OOP, CSS, HTML, Scrapy, REST API, SQLAlchemy, Flask, Linux, Django, SQL, HTML/CSS, Machine Learning, NumPy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, JSON, Django REST Framework

I've made 4 contributions to open-source projects during Hacktoberfest 2019. I have volunteer experience in Growth Marketing Stage (10/2019) as Organizational Volunteer. I'm a half-marathon finisher.

Looking for a developer position in a company with strong engineering culture. Aiming to work on interesting and challenging projects in a warm and enjoyable work atmosphere.

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