Team Lead / Architect (PHP)

Kharkiv · $6000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

14 years of experience in web development. Worked on a variety of projects: from simple websites to huge enterprise systems. Development: hands-on experience with several PHP frameworks, python, relational and NoSQL databases, Android and iOS development Proficiency in non-trivial debugging, profiling and optimization. Solid background in software architecture: pre-sales, discovery, architecture governance, clean architecture, architecture tactics and patterns Team leadership: teams from 6 to 15 people, scrum, kanban, safe

PHP, MySQL, MariaDB, REST, AWS, MongoDB, Redis, OOP/OOD, Nginx, Docker, Symfony, Laravel, Yii, Git, Python, TDD, Clean Architecture, Software Architecture, Design Patterns, Agile

Designed and led the development of REST API for a complicated project. Implemented sort of "ORM" for custom data storage on top of Doctrine Commons component with amazing features (no 1+n problem in lazy loading, batching, rich bulk actions mechanism and other)

I am looking for a team lead/architect position on a challenging project with modern technologies, qualified and open-minded management.


Middle PHP Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $2500 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Yii, Yii2, Laravel, Jquery, C#/.NET, Java

PHP, JavaScript, MVC, jQuery, AJAX, CSS, Yii

Допоміг замовнику навчити команду майже з нуля,

Більше цікавлять складні проекти з новими викликами.


PHP Developer

Remote work, Russia · $2000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

• php web apps development. mostly crm backends and apis. • experienced in php7+ (kohana, yii, yii2, slim), html(5), css(3, bootstrap2/3), javascript (jquery(ui), knockout), bash, mysql/oracle, mongo, redis, rest, git, svn. • *nix, nginx, php-fpm, lamp/lemp, sphinxsearch, elasticsearh. • fabric, deployer, composer, [get]sentry, teamcity, docker, puppet, gitlab. • passionated about devops-related tasks. • used to work with pascal (delphi), asm, c# (.net cf), c++. • also interested in reverse engineering, security/privacy (quite paranoid), IoT, parsing and aggregation. • willing to practice python/django, laravel, symfony, elasticsearch.

MySQL, PHP, Yii, AJAX, CSS, JavaScript, Knockout.js, LAMP, Linux, Nginx, PHPUnit, REST API, Twitter Bootstrap, Yii2, Oracle, Redmine, Python, Redis, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Docker/Docker Compose, GitLab, CI/CD

ожидаю: • интересные, большие задачи. • хорошо организованный процесс разработки. • фокус на backend. • наличие принятого codestyle и следование ему. • использование актуальных и стабильных технологий, фреймворков и инструментов. • relocate (трактор). очень желателен, вероятно с корректировкой по ожидаемой заработной плате. рассматриваю EU, US, CA. • возможно, удалёнку с прицелом на последующий relocate. • возможно, переквалификацию в python разработчика (небольшой опыт имеется) — обсуждаемо. не ожидаю: • фриланс. • стартапы. • геймдев. • серийное производство сайтов. • задачи по вёрстке, дизайну, fullstack. • график строго с 9 до 18. • офис в центре.


Project Manager

Remote work, Belarus · $1500 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

My responsibilities: - Communications (correspondence, phone calls, and meetings) with customers; - Management of Fixed-Price and T&M projects; - Clarifying requirements; - Prototyping (Figma) - Task decomposition, planning of team work; - Coordination, evolution, control and management of the team daily activity; - Setting aims and controlling of work performance, deadlines and compliance of the activities to the project (iteration) goals; - Organization of workflow, task evaluation and prioritization, backlog management; - Team motivation, cultivation of team climate, conflict prevention and resolution; - Organizing and moderating meetings, brainstorming sessions and daily stand-ups. Sprint planning and retrospection; Project: Web platform for Amazon selling Industry: Retail, Promotion Project description: Solution offers analysis all products of customer from all marketplaces of amazon. Analysis of overview, sales, control of orders and client unanswered messages, control of products in stock, calculation of days until stock out , feedbacks, control of feedback rate, inventory control, promotion campaigns etc. Scale: 1) T&M: 5 Developers, 1 BA, 2 QA Technologies: PHP, JS Project: Web app with video English courses for schools Industry: Education Project description: This is the Web app for selling subscription of English educated videos. Admin module for managing and analysis of content, clients, subscription Scale: Dedicated team of 3 Web Developers, 1 QA Technologies: PHP, JS, Stripe Project: Home automation Industry: IoT Project description: Solution – is smart home that predicts client’s actions. System consist of web app, mobile app where you can manage all devices of your home. In addition, system has algorithm for analysis of client’s actions and ability to predict client’s actions in the future. Supported by Android mobile apps. Scale: Dedicated team of 1 C++, 6 PHP+JS Developers, 1 Android Developer, 1 QA Technologies: PHP, Jscript, C++ Project: Mobile app for physical training Industry: Health care Project description: Personal trainer for keeping your fit. Mob app taking into account your individual features. Scale: Dedicated team of 1 IOS Developer, 1 Android, 1 QA Technologies: Java, Swift

Project Management, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Team management, Risk management, MySQL, SQL, Redmine, Web Development, trello, Microsoft Office, PHP, Git, English, Jira

Allocating resources Problem-solving Conflict resolution Stress management Risk management

I don't like write specification

18 September

PHP Developer 🔥 

Kyiv · $2500 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

PHP 7+ MySQL, PostgreSQL Symfony 3, 4 ElasticSearch Redis Design Patterns JS, Jquery Git Doctrine DDD, CQRS.

Bootstrap, CSS, Doctrine, HTML, JavaScript, Jira, jQuery, MySQL, SOLID, Symfony, DDD, Design Patterns, Git, Linux, PHPUnit, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, REST API, Docker, Redis, PHP

Разработка и внедрение статического анализатора кода для всех проектов компании.

Профессиональный рост. Адекватный менеджмент. Ведение СПД. Медицинская страховка. Интересные проекты. Предпочтительный фреймворк - Symfony 3 или 4.

18 September

Senior PHP Developer

Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv · $4000 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

PHP, MySQL, Linux, Laravel, Docker, AWS, JavaScript, css3, hml5, Yii,Yii2, Wordpress, Windows, Composer, Angular, Git, Mercurial, Serverless, microservices. Тім лід, працюю на проекті в команді з 14 розробників.

Yii, Yii2, CSS, Git, HTML, Linux, Mercurial, MySQL, OOP, PHP, Wordpress, AJAX, JavaScript, C++, Kohana, Laravel, JSON, jQuery, MVC, REST API, Bootstrap, Nginx, SOLID, Docker, Redis, Apache, IntelliJ IDEA, Jira, React, Team Leadership, Team management, MongoDB

Team Lead Laravel integration into big sass Bug tracking system integration Serverless calculations Database optimisation Security trainings and certificates Open source member

18 September

PHP Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $900 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

My framework of choice is Laravel, but I also have expirience developing with Yii. I'm more passionate about backend development, but usually I do both backend and frontend part of a task. I do my best to follow SOLID DRY KISS YAGNI principles. I have experience working in a team and on my own. I have worked both in an office and remotely. Responsibilities on previous job: - SPA on Laravel + Vue - REST API development - Integration of payment systems - Work with third-party APIs: Telegram, Viber, Vk, Yandex, ect

Laravel, PHP, MySQL, OOP, Vue, SOLID, REST API, Git, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML/CSS

18 September

Web Developer, Wordpress developer

Kharkiv · $2700 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Wordpress, JavaScript, AJAX, MySQL, PHP, Web Development, Git, Scrum, jQuery

18 September

Senior PHP Developer

Amsterdam · $3700 · 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I am Zend Certified Engineer. I have strong PHP knowledge and about 10 years of work in web development. I was a team leader for last 5 years. I am experienced in refactoring of old code bases and moving to new frameworks and stuff. I successfully utilized things like PHP 5, PHP 7, Zend Frameworks(all versions), Doctrine, PSR(s) Continuous integration, Unit Testing, Load Testing REST, SOA, SPA, Domain Driven Design MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, RabbitMQ I am communicative, friendly teammate and strong team leader. I can make important decisions in critical situations and accept responsibility. I like to make everything clean, easy and as simple as possible. KISS and YAGNI! I love to learn useful technologies and teach other people or at least motivate them to learn.

PHP, PostgreSQL, MySQL, JavaScript, REST API, HTML, CSS, MVC, OOP, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Git, jQuery, JSON, Redis, Bootstrap, Zend Framework, Zend Framework 2, XML, Apache, Nginx, Linux, DDD, Team management

Zend Certified Engineer More than 10 years of experience 5 years Team Leader 2 years Tech Lead Beautifull wife and daughter :)

Looking for a place where i can apply my best skills, learn from others and share my experience

18 September

Java Developer

Moscow, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, London, Praga, Limassol, Madrid · $500 · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Владею Java/Kotlin, Javascript, PHP, SQL, Spring, XML, HTML. Строительство сайтов под собственный бизес с 2013 года. Тестовые Java проекты - с декабря 2017 года.

CSS3, HTML5, Java, JavaScript, MVC, Python, Spring, SQL

Основные реализованные проекты: двадцать три тренировочные тестовые программы и игры с выводом на консоль, из них двадцать на Java, два на Javascript, один на React.js. Постоянно повышаю профессиональный уровень (изучение Go, React.js, AngularJS, фреймворков).

Современные технологии крупной IT -компании.

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