HR in product company. Head of Operations. New IT company. New office in Lviv.

Lviv · $2000 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

For the last 3 years in the IT company (600+ people): As a recruiter: - Headhunting and Recruiting IT specialists of all levels, - Working with job-sites, - Creating job descriptions to attract a targeted talent pool, - Assessment of a candidate, - Negotiating candidate-employer, The number of employees in 2018 has doubled (from 35 to 70) As a Human Recourses Manager: - Leading the organization’s HR processes, - Onboarding, adaptation, retention of the employee, - Exit interviewing, re-offering, - Performance management, - Talent management, - C & B (benchmarking and review of social packages), - Organize workshops inside of the company, - Documents and procedures conducting, - Conflict management of remote commands. As an office manager: - Office management from scratch to full autonomy today, - Office budget planning and financial reporting, - Control availability hardware and software for potential employees, - Constant availability of all consumable materials, - Work on the most favourable conditions for cooperation with the service stuff. I am looking for a position to start everything from scratch. I know HOW to organize people and processes. The dream job is to open an office in Lviv (from finding a place, hiring stuff to profit calculation) for the product company/outsourcing. I consider offers not only about HR. Actually, all positions associated with management.

Human Resources, Negotiating, HR Management, Linkedin, X-Ray, Communication Skills, Recruiting, Research, Communication, Onboarding, CV Screening, Interviews, headhunting, adaptation, Team Building, General management, Performance review, Personal management, Competencies evaluation, Executive Search, Talent acquisition, Employee Relations, Motivation & retention, Exit interviews, Interviewing, LinkedIn Search, Negotiation, Organization of corporate events, Employees Rotation, Organisation skills, Operation Management, Coaching, HR, IT Recruitment, English, Seeking admin staff, Screening Resumes, HR interviews, Screening, Microsoft Office, Teamwork, Performance Management, Creating job description, Building and implementing of the recruiting processes from scratch, Adaptation and motivation, Corporative culture, Boolean Search, Sourcing, Salary review & market monitoring, Analyzing job market, Human Resource Management, One to one meetings, motivation, HR Processes

-The number of employees for 2 years has increased from 25 to 70 -2 more offices in Lviv was opened -1 account (12 employees) was moved to Poland (office was opened, C&B was developed by me) -Documents and procedures were developed -8 corporate parties were successfully organized -All office operations were conducted by me -Have strong experience in management

-New IT company -Head of Operations -HR in product company


2d Animator

Donetsk, Kharkiv · $800 · 2.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

2д Анимацией занимаюсь около 3-х лет. Стиль - перекладка, костная анимация. Работаю в таких программах. как : Spine 2d, Dragon Bones, Adobe Photoshop

2d Animation, Spine 2d, Dragon Bones

Хороший дружный коллектив профессионалов, которые смогут подсказать и помочь в трудную минуту, достойная чистая заработная плата,проекты могут быть любыми по масштабу, главное, чтобы были интересными


Marketing Manager/Account Director

Kyiv · $1500 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Account director (prev. event and project manager) in Tobacco category, Reduced Risk Products, FMCG, events (20-1500 participants with mass media engagement, social networks etc): *Agency creative team control - corresponding timings and deadlines, briefings; *Effective client-agency communication for building strong relationships with client; *Strong strategies building with ongoing development; *Product launches - launching brand new categories in Ukraine; *360 communication, incl. internal corporate communication, trade; *Financial management and budgeting.

Marketing Strategy, Team management, Project Management, Brand Marketing, PR, copywriting, Budget Management, Building a team

Слаженная команда, которая круто делает свою работу - всегда укладывается в сроки, понимает чего хочет клиент и делает это качественно и лучше конкурентов (отражается на растущей доле рынка и лояльности потребителя)


2D/3D Animator

Canada, USA, EU, Amsterdam, London, Berlin · $4000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Work more than 10 years in the game industry as a 2D animator, mostly on the gambling and casual projects, starting from 2018 retrained to 3D animator on a basis of "" school. Have experience of leading projects, art direction, management, working with documentation.

English, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, MAYA, Adobe, 3d animation, 3d modeling, spine, 2d animation, After Effects, cocos 2d, Unity3D, arnold, mudbox, substance painter, texturing, fx, rigging

For some projects have made full graphic content by my own from scratch, led a remote team of animators and artists from more than 5 different countries.

Professional grow, interesting projects


Copywriter/Content manager

Kyiv · $1200 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

What I can do: - Content development: blog, social media, landing pages, promo/ news materials, guest posts, case studies - Editing/proofreading - Freelance writers management (editing/ proofreading/ giving feedback)

Content Production, Copywriter, English, Jira, Microsoft Office


CMO, brand manager, product manager, marketing manager

Kyiv · $1600 · 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Brand management New products dev. Product management Pricing Product portfolio management B2C marketing B2B marketing Project management Trade marketing E-commerce Internet marketing Marketing planning Market research Analytics BTL CRM Assortment management Forecasting Loyalty Events Budgeting Customer service Negotiation Agencies, contractors, suppliers coop. Production Photography

Digital marketing, Marketing, Product management, Marketing Strategy, Brand Marketing, Brand Management, B2C marketing, B2B marketing, Project Management, Marketing project management, Product Marketing


IT Sales Manager/ Sales Director/ Sales Team Lead/ Head of Sales

Lviv · $2500 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I am a strong believer that success in the business world is only driven by a combination of great services and solutions. Every day I realize what it takes to do business with the human face and provide the best of service. While I'm an intense competitor, I love collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds, providing guidance to less qualified and learning from senior ones. Having more than a decade of professional experience in client-facing roles in sales, marketing, and business development internationally, being focused on the individual relationship, I’ve managed to grow my network and master a skill set that allows me to help my clients reach their software development business goals. Innovation & creativity have been two cornerstones of my business approach that have aided me in being a quick learner and an out-of-the-box thinker. I am ALWAYS doing my best to: * be prepared and helpful * be accountable and accessible * be creative and comfortable & make things simple for you! Below are some more extras about my expertise: * cooperation both with startups and established businesses; * user-friendly and multi-functional Web and Mobile Applications from scratch; * development of complex SaaS; * B2B products and financial applications; * business automation and CRM; * unique and tailored IT solutions; * software marketing and IT business development; * managing international projects in foreign companies and countries; * foreign affairs.

- publications in the foreign press - government/business awards & honors - sales and marketing department in IT outsourcing company from the ground

Emm.. I guess it should ideally be a company/team where my professional skills and background could be well-applied and totally relevant. I would like to be useful and not over-qualified for some tasks. Make the company grow is a good thing to do. I would appreciate if I learn something new with/ from you :) Would love to work with truly progressive people, those who really move the business globally and do not follow but influence. Managing a hard-working team of those who are in love with sales and related stuff would be great. If not a leading position, then would love to have a boss who is absolutely a high-class professional in sales or bizdev. No lead generation. No freelance platforms.


Design / Site / Field Engineer

Kyiv, USA, Canada, EU · $1200 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Skilled Design/Site/Field Engineer with extensive experience in the mobile communication, Structured Cabling Network (SCN) and linear-cable construction (LCC). Qualifying Certificate of Design-Engineer II category (СС1). Сертификат Инженера-проектировщика II категории / ГИПа (объекты СС1). Specialization in: - Design and development of the engineering networks & communication systems. - Preparation of Working Projects of varying complexity and for different telecom equipment for mobile and fixed communications facilities. - Fulfilment of design-inspection works (Inspection of the sites - Technical Site Surveys (TSS): floor plans for equipment placement, cable laying, switching circuits, etc.). - Fulfilment of the author supervision. - Development, verification & correction of the project documentation. - Curation & control of projects development processes of contract companies & colleagues. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Proved good skills in PC-designing & drawing (AutoCAD, Sketch Up). - Original ideas in designing. - Certificates & permits. - I’m ready to relocate to any continent & work abroad long term. Head of Project Division at Internet / telephony / cable TV / service provider (ISP) 01/2018 - present 1. Organization & curation of projects development process. Task assignment, checking/signing of the drawings. 2. Fulfilment of design-inspection works for installation of low-voltage equipment & cable laying into apartment buildings. 3. Development of the drawings of internet, telephony, radio & cable TV networks installation into apartment buildings. Structured cabling network (SCN). Fiber Optic (FO). 4. Designing of additional lining and new lining of the city telephone cable ducts (working with survey maps). Linear-Cable Construction (LCC). 5. Agreement of the Working Pprojects with interested organizations and persons. Senior Design Engineer at lifecell Ukraine 05.2008 - 07.2017

English, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Excel, Creative Writing

1. Разработка Рабочего Проекта по прокладке оптоволокна и СКС в офисе ТОВ "lifecell" в БЦ Горизонт Парк на ул. Амосова, 12. Дальнейший авторский надзор. 2. Разработка Рабочего Проекта модернизации Дата Центра в офисе ТОВ "lifecell" по ул. Соломенской, 11А. Расстановка оборудования, оптоволоконные сети, СКС, электроснабжение, электропитание, освещение, кондиционирование. Дальнейший авторский надзор. 3. Разработка Рабочих Проектов по пассивным сетям связи - интернет, телефония, кабельное ТВ (магистральная оптика, СКС, коаксиал) в жилых многосекционных домах застройщика Укрбуд.

В работе люблю интересные творческие задачи и разнообразие. В сфере коммуникаций я получаю это. Командировки по всей Украине, выезды на разные объекты в Киеве, проектнно-изыскательные работы (Сайт-сервей), собрания у заказчиков / партнёров, планёрки на стройках, решение вопросов по месту в реальных условиях, авторский надзор, согласования проектов в разных организациях, прохождение экспертиз проектов, принятие оптимальных проектных решений, отображение их в чертежах и дальнейшее внедрение в жизнь.


General manger, Chief Operating Officer, Branch Manager

Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odesa, Dnipro, Vinnitsia · $2000 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Leading teams and overseeing all facets of the Company operation Business and Operation Management providing strategic direction for business growth and delivering business goals ensuring compliance of local laws and regulation (e.g. Labour law, Tax code) representing the Сompany in relevant authority bodies successfully passing of Tax inspections ensuring compliance with all health and safety policies maintaining all company policies and procedures Financial Management analyzing, preparing and developing budgets and forecasts controlling of Accounting (Payroll, Financial reports, etc) developing effective working relationships with vendors, contractors, and tenant HR Management building and maintaining a strong corporate culture, and a productive team-working environment overseeing recruitment, onboarding, offboarding, career development, motivation of team members ensuring hiring and dismissal procedure follow employment regulations organization of business meetings, calls, and corporate events

Team management, Communication Skills, Finance, Business development, Financial Planning and Strategy, Financial Reporting, fluent English, Business Operations, Organizational management, Financial Management, Account Management, Management, Strategic planning, Fluent English , Marketing


Customer Support

Lviv · $800 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

UK2Group Abuse and billing representative -Dealing with different types of abuse claims (DMCA, spam, DDoS, phishing, etc.); -Correspondence with clients and complainants; -Working within diffent CRM systems; -Submitting reports to third parties; -Assisting clients is abuse/billing related questions; -Shutting down/ turning on clients' servers. Translator -Translation from/to English, Ukranian, Russian; -Editing. Zoom Support Team Lead -Team management (10 - 22 people); -Planning of workflow; -Control of working process; -Team spirit and motivation of employees; -Accounting; -Training, coaching of new employees; -Evaluation of quality of subordinates; -Holding meetings; -Improvement of the team results and agents’ results; -Resolving conflict situations.

Support, English, customer support, Customer service, CRM, Account Management, Linux, Good communication skills, Ability to learn quickly

No calls and sales

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