System administrator, DevOps, support engineer

Remote work, Ukraine · $1500 · 9 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Linux: Debian, CentOS, 10+ years experience in administrating complex environment including DNS servers, web servers (apache, nginx), DB servers (mysql) and mail servers (postfix, exim). 3 years of experience as support sysadmin for a Canadian hosting company. Scripting: Perl, shell (used mainly for tasks automating and monotoring). Monitoring: Nagios mainly, for separate servers - cron scripts; Sensu, munin. Orchestration tools: Ansible. Web: Nginx, Apache, php-fpm. Problem diagnosing and solving, server configuration and optimizing (for web, mail, dns, with various bottlenecks). Experience working with tech support and ticketing systems. Fast learner with a passion for learning. Some fun experience with Jenkins, some work with AWS and other cloud providers.

Apache, Debian, DNS, Linux, Nginx, Shell, Exim, Git, MySQL, Nagios, Ansible, Perl, AWS

Ensuring maximum availability for a 200+ mail server environment (monitoring and prompt reaction). Fine tuning web servers for a variety of CMS and avoiding bandwidth bottlenecks. As a support admin - minimizing number of escalations remaining by the end of the shift to 1-2 tickets, resolving large-scale issues (those due to erroneous setup scripts for example). As teamlead for L1 ops: created several useful procedures, documentation updates, onboarding processes.

Fully Remote work - preferably PART-TIME (I have no problem with full-time). Challenging tasks, tricky problems, a stimulus for professional growth and development. Would welcome a chance to gain more experience with interesting stacks.


Technical Writer, Senior Technical Writer

Kharkiv · $2000 · 7 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Looking for an opportuniti to continue developing my Technical Writing career. Languages: English (fluent, French (advanced), Ukrainian and Russian (native). Skills and Technologies: • Experience in writing developer-oriented documentation, describing APIs and SDKs, including REST APIs; Swagger/OpenAPI tools, Postman; • Scrum, Agile; • XML, HTML, Docbook, Markdown; • MadCap, Confluence, Document360 and various diagramming and visualization tools; • CHM, PDF generation tools, experience in providing context-sensitive help; • Microsoft Visual Studio, PHP Storm; • Basic programming and scripting skills (C#, PHP, PowerShell, JavaScript, Delphi); • Cloud and web technologies. March 2018 – March 2020 Technical Writer / DocOps / Technical Writer at Spryker GmbH • Creating and updating developer documentation for the Spryker Platform (tutorials, HowTos, guides); • Creating and updating end-user documentation for the Spryker Platform (help, guides); • Describing and maintaining the REST API platform provided by Spryker (both information for API resource developers and API consumers); • Performing DocOps operations and maintaining the documentation web site; • Documentation automation (generating documentation based on comments in code); • Documentation reviews. August 2012 – February 2018 Technical Writer / Support Engineer at Softerra, LLC • Updating end-user documentation for the Softerra Adaxes product (help, tutorials); • Updating documentation for developers (SDK); • Maintaining the script repository of the product, creating and editing PowerShell and C# code to help adapting the product to the customers’ needs; • Providing support to customers; • Developing custom solutions to adapt the product to customers’ environments. December 2006 – September 2012 Freelance Translator and Interpreter October 2004 - December 2006 Translator and Interpreter at Program-Ace, LLC June 2002 - October 2004 Translator at Crazy House Art Studio

Technical Writing, English

- Huge experience in documenting both user-oriented and developer-oriented documents. - Experience in documentation automation and DocOps. Successfully completed and maintained a documentation-out-of-the-code project. - Huge experience with documenting SDKs, APIs and the like.

- An interesting project, preferably web services.


Lawyer, Legal Counsel

Kyiv · $1700 · 6 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent - Native Advertising Network Head Of Legal Department 01/2019 - 01/2020 Responsibilities: Maintenance of the project (monetize trafic) in general; Interaction with partner networks, establishing contractual relationships; Corporate and tax structuring of a project in foreign jurisdictions; Obtaining permissions / licenses; Ensuring contractual relationships with partners and customers; Preparation of analytical tax and legal statements and reports for project on various issues of foreign corporate and tax legislation; Communication with foreign service providers, partners, bank representatives. Together Networks Limited International Lawyer 05/2018 - 01/2019 Responsibilities: Preparation of professional legal opinions linked to international corporate law, corporate structuring, and international taxation; Incorporation and further full legal of the companies; Bank accounts opening (preparing business plans, business models, presentations, application preparation, communication with banks, organizing meetings, etc); Merchant accounts opening; Reviewing and drafting POAs, minutes and resolutions, providing assistance with the organization of the general meetings and associated documentation; Reviewing and preparation of various agreements (loan agreements, shareholders' agreements, sales and purchase agreements, foreign trade contracts etc.); Communication with foreign service providers, partners, bank representatives. GCG-TRUST International Lawyer 06/2017 - 06/2018 Responsibilities: Creation and support of legal entities in offshore jurisdictions (non-residents); Preparation of documents for registration and continuation of activities of foreign companies, preparation of procedural corporate documents; Preparation of documents for opening bank accounts; Pnteraction with payment systems; Interaction with foreign state registration and tax authorities and foreign partners of the company; Obtaining permits and licenses.

GDPR, Privacy, Intellectual property, IT law, international law, Microsoft Office, English, Scrum, Project Management


Sales Director, Head of Sales, CBDO, CSO, CRO, Delivery Director

Kyiv · $5000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Sales , B2B , Business Development , international business development, Team Management , Business Process Management, Financial Management, Budgeting/Forecasting, sales pipeline and forecasting, Business Process Development, Salesforce CRM, CRM Management


Chief Financial Officer | Head of Finance | Finance Director 

Kyiv · $4000 · 7 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

• Qualified finance professional with combined 7 years of experience in Big 4 and multinational information technology companies. Highly skilled in financial analysis, financial reporting, management accounting, corporate finance, budgeting and strategic planning • Innovative and entrepreneurial by nature. Passionate for building strong and effective teams, optimizing business processes, providing financial support and producing valuable business recommendations • Member of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). Passed Level 1 of the Chartered Financial Analyst Program (CFA). Master’s degree in Economics from National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” • Fluent English proved by passing TOEFL for 111/120 and multiple years of experience communicating with native speakers • Managed and was responsible for the development of a team of 5 members

Budgeting/Forecasting, Financial Analysis, Management Reporting, Financial Reporting, Corporate Finance, Strategic planning, IFRS, Analytical Skills, Project Management, Cash Flow Management, Teamwork, Microsoft Office, English, Treasury, Consolidation, Corporate Restructuring, Taxation, US GAAP, Internal Controls

• Responsible for the end to end financial closing process for 10 legal entities totaling over 500 employees, accounting consolidation, management reporting, budgeting, liquidity, compliance with regulations and maintaining day-to-day productivity of the finance team • Performed complex profitability analysis of internal projects. Findings and recommendations were presented to Board of Directors and shareholders. The analysis indirectly identified the lack of long-term product business strategy and contributed to its further development • Participated in working discussions regarding group restructuring and tax planning. Performed required calculations, summarized benefits and drawbacks of proposed solutions, prepared presentation deck for shareholders • Managed the full cycle of budgeting process from communication with department heads to budget consolidation, variance analysis and approval of CEO • Proposed, explained the need for and introduced forecasting as a separate activity from budgeting. Developed revenue and costs forecasting models. Organized required business processes and implemented updates to management reports • Performed analysis of foreign exchange losses, its major sources and provided savings recommendations • Developed comprehensive group tax planning model • Initiated and implemented a number of updates to corporate performance management system which increased its functionality and capabilities • Re-worked and tweaked workflows for preparation of various reports for executive management which resulted in time-savings and provided new perspectives to data • Obtained assessment "Highly Effective Performer" for two consecutive years while at KPMG


Concept artist

Remote work, Russia · $100 · 2 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Работа в Adobe Photoshop для создания концептов и иллюстраций. Базовые навыки владения Zbrush.

Game design (hidden object), Adobe Photoshop, Character Design, environment design, zbrush Достижения: - ведение (как лид-ГД) и выпуск проекта The Forgotten Fairy Tales: The Spectra World на сайте ( , что подразумевало под собой определение визуального стиля проекта, его динамики (геймплея), настроения. - помощь в создании (прописывание квестов, описания сцен и раскадровок) бонусной главы проекта Witches' Legacy: Dark Days to Come ( - в данный момент являюсь фрилансером-концептером, рисую концепты для игр жанра Hidden object puzzle adventure (HOPA) для фирмы Deus craft

Жду интересной и креативной работы, где постоянно нужно развиваться и делать что-то новое. Самое главное - это постоянное развитие и обучение. Особо интересен дизайн персонажей.


Head of office-managers/ HR

Kyiv · $1200 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Worked for 5 years as office manager, involving such tasks as: full support of events, onboaring, tech help, compensaton&benefits, employee database, budgeting, internal training, reporting, turnover. Psyhologist degree and almost fluent English. Looking for a place to grow and study.

Communication, Human Resources, HR, English, Onboarding, adaptation, Team Building, Employee Relations, Jira, Microsoft Office

opening office, creating databases, onbording implementation, corporate design

наявність бюджету та емоційно стабільного менеджменту. Розвиток та нові задачі, можливість розширювати список своїх обов"язків. Надаю перевагу середнім компаніям від 100 людей


Chief Financial Officer/Financial Manager

Bud'-jakij · $3500 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

During the last three years was working as CFO at Patimatch Africa Company. On occupied position, I managed to build financial procedures as cash flow, accounting (including management accounting) based on IFRS standards, automatization based on Odoo (Open ERP), creation of international company structure. In the case of management functions, I supervised four employees in the Kyiv office and ten employees in the Tanzania office (parallel subordination). Led Due diligence of M&A deal with GVC Holding PLC. Should be admitted effective cost-cutting without loss of effectiveness and profitability on Parimatch and Fis Capital.

Financial Management, Financial Planning and Strategy, Finance, Financial Reporting, Analytics, Account Management

- Controlled financial operations remotely from the Ukraine involving $2M+ monthly and reduced fraud and shortages from $5K in five betting shops to $1K in 44 betting shops. - Accomplished external audit of the Tanzanian entity of 2017Y and 2018Y. - Saved $10K monthly and $300K for building 30 Betting shops according to cost control and tender procedures. - Investigated the operations of a trash utilization company and discovered $1M in steal and ineffective utilization of investments. Implemented ERP systems based on 1C Enterprise to streamline asset controls and project planning. Achieved project on-time in less than one year resulting in appointment as head of the economic department. - Analyzed investment opportunities and modeled business processes including selected as supplier the KOWIN Taiwan company. Reduced original price by 20%, and achieved 90% of accuracy of timing of investment plan.

- Interesting tasks with powers to develop, implement and amend business procedures and financial functions. - Well cooperation from all staff with readiness for changes and stepping up on the next level. - Investment in education and professional development. - Expansion on international markets with development international structure. - Readiness to invest in optimization of business processes.


Junior IT Project Master

Kyiv · $900 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

1991 Civic Tech Center (11.2018 -2019) Project manager Ведение программ инкубации: координация участников, подбор и брифинг менторов, логистика, координация на локации, финотчетность по проекту   Создание с нуля стратегии популяризации civic tech в Украине Написание с нуля методологии работы 1991 Civic Tech Center Создание с нуля стратегии коммуникации с комьюнити в разных каналах: Slack, email Создание партнерских программ, подбор партнеров, ведение переговоров Координация работы команды: ивент-менеджера, менеджера по коммуникациям, space manager, копирайтер Be-it Agency (06.2017 - 07.2018) Account manager (PR manager) Клиенты: UEFA, McDonalds, CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro-Olswang, Western NIS Enterprise Fund Создание коммуникационной стратегии с нуля Работа с подрядчиками: подбор, координация, документы, контроль за выполнением KPI Координация команды (до 5 человек): постановка брифа, контроль выполнения, брейнштормы, документация Создание контента: пресс-релизы, экспертные колонки, комментарии, написание интервью Работа со СМИ: питчинг, аккредитация, спецпроекты в медиа Работа с инфлюэнсерами: постановка брифа, контроль выхода и эффективности рекламы, тональности Контроль выполнения KPI, подготовка отчетности по проекту Ивенты: концепт, координация пиар-мероприятий Коммуникация с клиентом

English, Project Management, Adobe Photoshop, Windows, Communication Skills, Microsoft Office, Account Management, Scrum, Agile

Прошедший год я работала в 1991 Civic Tech Center проджект менеджером, совмещая эту позицию на двух проектах — 1991 Civic Tech Center и 1991 Open Data Inсubator, где участвовала в стратегических сессиях, разрабатывала методологию, курировала программы инкубации, подбирала и координировала менторов. За время работы мы успешно выпустили 3 программы инкубации по 10 команд в каждой, победители программ привлекли инвестиции на сумму более 2,5 млн грн. До этого я работала в коммуникационном агентстве Be—it Agency, где работала с UEFA, McDonalds и Continental. В последнем проекте с UEFA наша команда успешно выполнила KPI про проекту и как результат продолжила сотрудничество на дополнительном проекте по координационной поддержке фан-зоны.


Chief Operating Officer, Product manager

Kharkiv, Berlin, EU, London · $6000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Business planning and setting up product company from the foundation. Planning, budgeting, and cash flow management. - Business development - Product development - Built infrastructure and processes from the scratch. - Operations management. - Management of engineering projects and teams.

Business development, English, Scrum, Operation Management, Startups, Product management, International sales, Marketing, business strategy, Project Management, Management

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