Senior Backend JavaScript Developer, Team/Tech lead 🔥

Kyiv · $6000 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Back end: NodeJS (Koa 2, Express), Golang Npm packages: pump, async, ajv, schemagic, lodash, request, superagent, eslint, proxyquire, babel, busboy Tests: Mocha, Chai, Istanbul Tools: Gulp, Npm, PM2, Nodemon, Forever, Webpack Databases: MongoDB, Mongo Aggregation Framework, Couchbase VCS: Git IDE: Visual Studio Code Cloud: AWS Other: Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Docker, TeamCity, Jira Knowledge: REST API principles, Design Patterns, Algorithms and Structures

JavaScript, MongoDB, Node.js, Git, TypeScript, Golang/Go, REST API

Участие в разработке продукта с нуля. Реализовывал функциональность под ключ - back + front. Лидировал команды до 5 человек. Опыт работы с подключением платежных систем - Stripe, Paypal, Braintree.

Разработка Backend продукта, оптимизация узких мест, построение команды с нуля, лидирование команды. Также интересна разработка full-stack функциональности. Не интересно заниматься версткой.


Senior Software Engineer 

Remote work, Ukraine · $5500 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Tech stack: Programming languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, elm, Python, PHP Backend: NodeJS, Express, Nest, TypeORM, Sequelize, Flask, SQLAlchemy, YII2 Frontend: elm, Angular, Angularjs, React, redux Software development: object-oriented programming, functional programming, design patterns, test driven development Databases: PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, MySQL, MongoDB Utilities: git, CI/CD, docker, agile methodologies Currently, I am working as a technical leader. Main responsibilities are: - Providing the technical vision of the solution - Ensure high standards of the solution - Sprint planning - Communication regarding integrations with third-party systems - Code review

JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, Git, PostgreSQL, MySQL, CSS, HTML5, HTML, REST API, Linux, JSON, AJAX, Express.js, Redis, TypeScript, Bootstrap, OOP, React, SQL, Docker, MVC, AWS, Angular.js, Nginx, Redux, Python, VanillaJS, Sequelize, NestJS, Typeorm, Gulp, NodeJS, es6, CSS3, PHP, REST, AngularJS, jQuery, Express, NoSQL, RabbitMQ, GraphQL, docker, React.js, Angular

Over 20 projects were done for last 7 years. Experience in creating complex software solutions for real estate, banking, insurance, blockchain industries.

26 March

Laravel/PHP Developer 

Kharkiv · $2750 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Worked with both legacy and new development with Laravel, PHP, Nodejs, Typescript, Redis, Elasicsearch and other platforms. Mostly working as a full stack developer.

AJAX, CSS3, Data Mining, HTML5, puppeteer, Bootstrap, Chart Js, composer, JavaScript, Jira, jQuery, Laravel, Linux, PHP, REST API, Vue.js, AngularJS, Git, MySQL, PHP pdf generation, phpExcel, PHPUnit, Twilio, CRM, ElasticSearch, Photoshop, PostgreSQL, Product management, Redis, TDD, Node.js, Yii

Made a big platform that works with social network APIs and Nodejs robots to retrieve tons of posts from networks. System sustainability allowed us to support it with interns and juniors developers. Last 6 months working with architecture concepts of the application. Docker-compose, Docker, Jenkins CI, PHPUnit (developing custom test framework) were main focuses. Looking for an opportunity to work with APIs, CRMs, ERPs

Looking for new opportunities to help the client's business growth. Able to advise a better way and handle implementation of this way. I can communicate with the customer and work without PM if required. Position of full-stack/backend dev. Preferable Laravel on the backend side.

26 March

Node.js developer 🔥

Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv · $1500 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

As a mature back-end developer, I’m great at developing easy scalable applications and highly optimized solutions which not only meet but also exceed customers’ expectations. Having successfully completed plenty of projects on web development, chatbots and AI for the clients all over the world, I possess appropriate tech skills and expertise to make your business flourish. Being aware of recent updates in IT world, I always use agile methodologies and top-notch technologies in software development. As a final result, I provide my clients with interactive websites, complex AI solutions, complete web applications with high availability and outstanding features implemented. As a great team player, I contribute to the overall success of the project and eagerly collaborate with the coworkers. With my excellent analytical, communication, decision making and problem solving skills, I’ll be a perfect fit for the fast-paced work environment.

Node.js, JavaScript, MongoDB, REST API, Git, TypeScript, PostgreSQL, Express.js, OOP, NodeJS, Express, PHP, Mongoose, ООП, Web Development, Ethereum, SMART CONTRACTS, Blockchain, SOLIDITY

25 March

Node (React) Developer

Kyiv · $400 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

I'm a junior developer with about 6 months of practice. I have a master's degree in law and analitics. I use the following technologies: Node.js, Express, React, Redux, JS ES6, HTML5 , CSS3, Git, Linux

JavaScript, React, Redux, TypeScript, HTML5, Node.js, ES6+, SASS, CSS3, Git, AJAX, JSON, LESS, MongoDB

Websites development using layouts (HTML5, CSS3) and React Development phonebook, weather and chat app using React.js

I am currently looking for a junior developer position. Open to great deals. If you have an offer for me, just email me on LinkedIn

25 March

Part time Senior Node.js dev

Remote work, Ukraine · $2000 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Начинал с утилитарных скриптов и мелких серверов, участвовал в разработке стартапов, продуктов, работал в аутсорсе, занимался менторством, участвовал в конференциях, работал как часть команды, лидил, разрабатывал архитектуру, консультировал другие проекты. Сейчас выгорел и устал, ищу что-то по интересной тематике - медицина, финансы, может еще что-то зацепит. Только парт тайм.

Node.js, JavaScript, MongoDB, REST API, TypeScript, PostgreSQL, Express.js, Redis, MySQL, Linux, SQL, RabbitMQ, GraphQL, Koa

Ничего не контрибьютил. Как разработчик, стараюсь всегда в первую очередь думать о нуждах бизнеса.

ТОЛЬКО ПАРТ ТАЙМ. Не работаю с фронтом, только бек. Стартапы всегда душу греют, после выхода в свет. С удовольствием присоединился бы к разработке нового.

25 March

Front-end Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $1500 · 1.5 years of experience · Intermediate

September 2018 - January 2019 studying and practice DAN-IT, JS ReactJS NodeJs February 2019 -             Freelance August 2019 (6 months) react developer September 2019 -             Join-To-It January 2020 (6 months) react developer development of applications and sites, conducting code reviews and interviews.

JavaScript, Git, HTML5, Redux, React, CSS, HTML, AJAX, SASS, Node.js, Bootstrap, MongoDB, JSON, Express.js, NodeJS

fast self learning, curiosity

I just don't want to go into the gaming business, betting, gambling, and anything that misleads people and the like. I expect to find a friendly team with people close to me in spirit. I want to work on an interesting project and implement it qualitatively, regardless of its size and complexity

25 March

Backend / Node.js developer

Odesa · $2500 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

1------------------------------------------------------ I was the lead developer on the project is Machine learning. The project was designed for increasing sales of the online store. The platform analyzes behavior the visions of shoppers. For this was used a Machine learning ( but it isn't a neural network). Stack: Node JS, Mongodb My responsibilities: Project development and maintenance. 2--------------------------------------------------------- Worked in a "programmatic" sphere. Used the OpenRTB protocol. DMP - a system for collecting and processing information about users and the use of this information in targeted advertising. This project is HighLoad My responsibilities: Development and implementation of a new features and maintenance. Stack: NodeJs, Aerospike, MySQL, mongodb git, Jira

Node.js, Aerospike, Linux, Git, Docker, MongoDB, MySQL, TypeScript

For the last three years, I participated more than five projects. On three I was lead developer.

25 March

Middle Node.js Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $2600 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

Node.js, Typescript, Express. Rest, PostgreSQL(Sequelize), MongoDB(mongoose), Redis Проекты: Супорт службы такси(Node.js + Angular) Треккинг пациентов сети медицинских клиник Видеостриминговая платформа(Node.js)

Node.js, JavaScript, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Git, Express.js, Angular

Работа в команде. Интересные задачи и их решения. Возможность карьерного роста. Не заинтересован в проектах связанных с блокчейном, медициной.

25 March

Node.js developer, Frontend developer

$1000 · Intermediate

I work on big project using for audit cloud infrastructure for 2 years. Work on a lot of separated services on Go, JS. Mostly work with JS services using node, MongoDB, express, elasticsearch, dynamoDB and Angular 8 on frontend side.

JavaScript, REST API, Git, Redux, React, TypeScript, Node.js, Angular, MongoDB, ES6, Docker, rxjs, ngrx, AWS, NestJS

Part time