Junior Front-end Developer

Kyiv · $700 · 1 year of experience · Beginner/Elementary

I'm a frontend developer with 1 year experience creating outstanding modern fast applications.React, JavaScript, es6, CSS, Bootstrap, Redux, SASS, AJAX, Git A little bit of Node.js. I love my job! I'm very positive person, communicative, team player :)

CSS, HTML, SASS, Bootstrap, ES6+, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, Git, React.js, Redux, REST API, Material-UI, Adobe Photoshop, MySQL, Node.js, MongoDB

- interesting projects - friendly team - convenient office location - possibility to work sometimes from home I'm also interested in part-time work from office. I don't want a remote work.


Javascript Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $2500 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Javascript, React, React Native, Node.js, Redux, MongoDb

HTML5, JavaScript, Node.js, React, React Native, Redux, Angular.js, MongoDB, Redux Saga, webpack, Git, REST API, HTML, JSON, SASS/SCSS, TypeScript

- Implemented the server-side rendering for customer's legacy front-end sub-project * Implemented an apartment reservation system which involved 3 front-end applications - Created a drag-select functionality for the reservations calendar - Created a chat-like feature for user on-boarding to simulate communication between a user and the application - Conducted demo sessions for the client on a new functionality provided by whole team

- Time flexibility - Well-defined goals and requirements


Front-end/JavaScript Developer 

Vinnitsia · $1800 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Worked on a lot of Angular 2+ projects. Have experience with Vue and React. Worked on uncommon projects and developed interesting solutions. I have experience working in large dedicated teams.

Vue.js, SASS, Git, Node.js, REST API, ES6+, BEM, JavaScript, Angular 2+

I have experience being a team leader. I often participate in hackathons and have good win rate :)

Flexible working hours and the ability to work remotely are preferable.


Junior Node.js JavaScript developer

Kyiv · $400 · 1 year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Node.js, JavaScript, Express.js, Git, MongoDB, Mongoose, REST API, OOP, JSON, Unix, HTML/CSS, Angular 2+, Type Script


Frontend Developer

Kyiv · $650 · 2 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

1) 02.2018 - 11.2018. Freelancehunt. HTMLcoder. 1.1) Сreating anadaptive html pages using HTML, CSS + JS/jQuery 1.2) Fix existing pages, fix bugs. 2) 11.2018 - 11.2019. S-brain project & Freelancehunt. Frontend developer. 2.1) Сreating an adaptive html pages using HTML,CSS + JS/jQuery. 2.2) Ensuring Cross Browser Compatibility. 2.3) Creating templates for Wordpress from HTML templates. 2.4) Setting up the Wordpress admin panel, feedback and uploading the finished site to the hosting. 2.5) Support for existing sites: correction of defects, html coding and programming of new pages, expansion of settings in the admin panel. 2.6) Creating React Applications 2.7) Embed React applications in existing sites. 2.8) Using a third-party API tor ender the user interface. 2.9) Combining React with the Wordpress API. 2.10) Changing and expanding the logic of React applications.

JavaScript, Git, Redux, React, HTML5, CSS, HTML, SASS, Bootstrap, ES6+, jQuery, LESS, AJAX, JSON, SCSS, CSS3, Gulp, ES6-ES8, React.js, React / Redux, Node.js, MongoDB, TypeScript, Frontend

I want to gain experience in a team, develop cool and interesting web applications and develop towards Node.js.


Front-end developer

Remote work, Armenia · $4000 · 5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

I am a senior javascript developer, professional focusing on Node.js, React/Redux, AngularJS, Angular2+, Ionic3+, React Native and MongoDB. I deliver cutting edge solutions with the latest and greatest JS tools and frameworks, hybrid mobile apps, REST APIs and real-time services. Passionate about graphics programming, Machine learning and Python. I have hands-on experience working on numerous projects using: - ES6, React/Redux, AngularJS, Angular2+, Ionic 3, Ionic 4, React Naitve, ExpressJs, Molecular JS , SailsJS, HTML5/CSS3 , Bootstrap, Materialize, MongoDB/Mongoose - PostgreSQL - CouchDB - Redis - Socket.IO, Gulp - Webpack - Browserify , Unit testing , Docker - Heroku - Various integrations/deployment on Linux servers - Intermediate experience with native Android development and Python And whole lot of other tools and technologies available in JavaScript ecosystem. I also have a good sense of usability, UX and visual design. Feel free to contact me.

React, webpack, JavaScript, HTML5, TypeScript, Bootstrap, Angular, CSS3, Node.js, MongoDB, Gulp, WebRTC, OOP, Linux, Redux, HTML, CSS, Git, ReactJS, GIT, ES6-ES8, es6, Material-UI, ionic, Vue, SASS, Angular 2/4, REST API, Dart, vuejs, Zeplin, react js, ES6, ReactNative, Postman, AJAX, GraphQL, Angular 2+, React.js, SCSS, PostgreSQL, Yarn, Docker, Frontend, angular2

Работал тим лидом, и с моей командой собрали онлайн банкинг для европейского банка. С нуля собрал на реакте продукт для анализа ip серверов для американского компании. реализовал очень много чат бото и много другое.

готов работать и в большой и индивидуально, интересно и аутсорсинг и продукт. Для меня важно что бы не были проблемы с зп. и интересный продукт.


junior back-end developer

Dnipro, Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa · $700 · Advanced/Fluent

Занимаюсь самообучением изспользуя документацию и различные книги. Разработал сайт для церкви на NodeJS c базой данных и поддержкой трех языков (Английский, Русский, Украинский

JavaScript, HTML5, Node.js, MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, CSS

Разработал сайт для церкви на NodeJS c базой данных и поддержкой трех языков (Английский, Русский, Украинский


React Developer (Junior/Trainee)

Lviv · $700 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

I don't have a commercial web dev experience. My hobby dev experience is 1.5+ y. I have built and am building several pet projects with React, Node.js, RoR. I use Git as a version control system (Github or Bitbucket for storage). I have a good experience with HTML/CSS and vanilla Javascript. I used MySQL as a database (which is default for RoR), however I prefer Postgres even for development environment. I'm a strong and enthusiastic Linux user with good knowledge of Shell (my home laptop is Xubuntu). Technologies: - React, Node.js, JavaScript - Ruby on Rails - Bootstrap - HTML/CSS (ERB/SCSS) - MySQL, Postgres - Heroku, localhost w/ Puma - Git (Github, Bitbucket) - Shell/Bash - Sublime, Atom, Vim, Nano My current position is a Digital Marketing Specialist (almost 10 years of experience). My knowledge of English is Upper Intermediate, I can speak English almost fluently.

CSS, Linux, Git, JavaScript, Heroku, Bootstrap, HTML, SQL, OOP, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Ubuntu, jQuery, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MVC, HTML5, Android, React.js, Node.js, React, Node/npm

Hobby projects: - Several React client-side apps - Simple JavaScript app (pure JS) - Community blog with RoR - Personal blog with RoR - Personal static website with Node.js - Simple Android app with Java

Nothing special, just want to build web with code.


React/Redux, Front-end, JavaScript developer

Kyiv · $800 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

Developing React Native apps Worked on an e-commerce project with Next.js + Redux-Thunk, applying Google Analytics, UTM. The main responsibilities are: - managing team of 4 person - building and planning app from scratch, writing the main logic part Worked on a project with node.js + react technology (for a small company) / freelancing, developing a CRM system Have some experience in developing slack bot with firebase integration I am able to cope with complex tasks and quickly find information. Accustomed to self-training and learning new knowledge. I want to develop in the direction of front-end development on React or Vue Have some pet projects on GitHub - one of them a simple game with mobile support and another one for understanding how to work with API

CSS, HTML, JavaScript, С#, Git, React, Redux, REST API, HTML5, webpack, SCSS, ES6/ES2015, React.js, JSON, Node.js, firebase, Next.js, ES6+, React Native, es6, i18n

Наша команда принимала участние в хакатоне от EVO и заняла второе место на Хакатоне Geek Space разрабатывая веб-приложение для поддержания своей физической формы

Ищу команду, в которой будет качественное ревью и опытные разработчики, что поможет мне развиваться Для меня важно правильное распределение времени и интересные таски, у меня нет желания просто отсидеть своё время


Full-stack developer

Kharkiv · $2500 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

I have started my career as a Front-end developer and was a team leader. At some moment I understood that I want work with back-end part and I switched to full-stack development. Stack of technologies is JavaScript, Typescript, Angular, Angular.js, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Docker, Docker-compose, GCP, HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap.

JavaScript, Node.js, TypeScript, Angular, MongoDB, HTML5/CSS3, Express.js, Linux, Docker, Express, REST API, Angular2.js, JWT

I don't want to work only as Front-end developer. I prefer to work as a full-stack or back-end developer. All offers as front-end will be ignored. I want work in a team with good management and processes.

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