middle front-end developer

Kyiv · $2700 · 2.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

2.5 years of SPA web apps development — React.js, Vue.js and state management libraries (such as Redux, Vuex), experienced with Apollo GraphQl as well, and with unit testing. Total 3.5 years in web development, from freelance making layout and some automation scripts, to javascript frontend development. Experienced with psql, mysql, nodejs, typescript, express, nuxtjs, jest, mocha, chai, nestjs, python3, some ruby, react native. I'm ready to learn rapidly, and become efficient in your stack of technologies fast.

React, React / Redux, Vue, Vue / Vuex, JSON, es6, webpack, SASS, JavaScript/NodeJS, JavaScript, Apollo GraphQL, GraphQL, Jest, Mocha + Chai + Sinon

Basic knowledge of algorithms and good knowledge of mathematics.

Free schedule, 8 hours work day, dayoffs + vacations available. Not annoying team-building.


Senior Software Engineer 

Remote/Relocate · $5000 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Worked at video surveillance company and created our own group of services for recording (ffmpeg), storing (s3), streaming (rtmp, rtsp, hls) video from CCTV cameras. Used Node.js, Go, MongoDB, Redis, Docker. Also worked at consulting company with clients from Australia, Berlin and Japan.

JavaScript, MongoDB, Docker, Golang, Redis, Git, TypeScript, Node.js, NodeJS, Linux, REST API

Working on instant messenger used by millions of users. Created critical parts of a video platform used to control 200k+ cameras in Moscow only. Helped junior developers by tutoring and code reviews.

Interested in large scale, high performance distributed systems, mostly on coding side, but with experience with k8s and linux.


Web Developer

Odesa · $300 · Beginner/Elementary

Я Владислав, закончил курсы по программированию Junior (Node.JS Developer), опыта работы пока нет, но практикую некоторое время, интерес на рост и развитие, плохих привычек нет

Node.js, JavaScript, Git, MongoDB, Express.js, Linux, JSON, Mongoose, HTML, CSS

Качество, интерес, понимание

Коллектив, взаимоинтересы


Senior Frontend Developer

$4000 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I'm a developer with over 5 years of experience in various areas. Result oriented, highly motivated and always hungry for new knowledge. Currently, I occupy the position of a Sr. Software Engineer and work for a client that makes industry-leading products in the area of meteorology. The role responsibilities include leading the team's frontend development processes. The technologies vary from project to project, but the most common are: JavaScript (ES6+), React, Redux, Webpack, CSS, SCSS, CSS-in-JS (styled-components, emotion, css-modules), Node.js, Express.js, npm, etc. Before becoming a frontend developer, I used to be a game developer and full-stack developer, so I have a certain background in following technologies: Unity, C#, Flash, ActionScript3, PHP, MySQL, Redis, Memcached, etc.

React, Redux, CSS, SCSS, webpack, Node JS, npm, CSS-in-JS, HTML, es6, JSON, Git, REST API, Express JS, jQuery, Jest, mocha, Test Driven Development, css modules, JavaScript, Node.js

- Leaded frontend development of several products from scratch to successful release. - Migrated legacy codebase to modern technologies and approaches. - Performing technical interviews. - Mentorship.

Interested in developing exciting user-faced products that make the world a better place. Do NOT consider any positions in game development.


Junior Front-end Developer

Kyiv · $800 · Intermediate

Закінчую навчання в education за програмою Front-end. Наразі маю завершений навчальний проект зі створення веб-додатку to-do-list. Використовували NodeJS (express, ejs, nodemon), MongoDB, Bootstrap4, Heroku, Git. Працювали командою з 3 осіб, робоче оточеня Git захищене від прямих комітів в гілки test і master, для мерджу вимагався code review двох інших учасників проекту.

JavaScript, Git, React, CSS, Node.js, MongoDB, JSON, HTML, Redux, Bootstrap, jQuery, SCSS, AJAX

German intermediate Dutch Beginner/Elementary


Senior Front-End/Node.js/Full-stack Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $5000 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

В коммерческой разработке 16 лет, из них JS 9 лет. Vanilla.js/ES5-8/TypeScript Angular/React/Redux/Vue/jQuery/Lodash HTML5/CSS3/LESS/SCSS/Pug/Slim/Haml Webpack/Gulp/Grunt Git/Mercurial/SVN CI/CD/Docker/Jenkins/AWS/GitLab/etc... Главное не технология, главное - хороший код. Умею и хочу создавать качественные продукты с гибкой, масштабируемой архитектурой.

JavaScript, Git, Node.js, Angular, Frontend, React / Redux, es6, TypeScript, MySQL, OOP, Vue.js, Express.js, Bootstrap, Linux, HTML5, CSS3, REST API, jQuery, webpack, AJAX, SASS, React, Redux, CSS, HTML, LESS, Gulp, SVG, Lodash, WebSockets, ES6, Angular 7, Backbone.js, JSON, jasmine, mocha, MacOS,, SQL, Grunt, Material-UI, AWS, User Interface , Design Patterns, jQueryUI, MongoDB, SPA, Underscore.js, lodash, React.js, PostgreSQL, Docker, SASS/SCSS, Angular.js

Мой опыт программирования включает в себя и разработку десктопных приложений на C/C++, бекенд разработку на PHP, Ruby, даже немного Haskell, и много прочих технологий. Тем не менее, в моём сердце навсегда поселилась любовь к JavaScript и всей его экосистеме. Мой бекграунд работы в JS мире включает разного размера проекты, от стартапов до энтерпрайза. Технологически - целый зоопарк: блокчейн проекты (биткоин, эфир), CRM системы, высоконагруженные распределённые кластерные Node.js бекенды, и даже обычные крудовые формочки :) Так же я участвовал в проектах на разных позициях, как девелопер, так и архитектор/лид.

- Адекватный проект с хорошей командой или без команды. - Отсутствия оверменеджмента. Фокус на продукте, а не на процессах. - Гибкий график.


JavaScript Engineer (React/Node)

Remote work, Ukraine · $1000 · Less than a year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

- 2 years of JavaScript development experience - 1.4 years of React development experience - 0.5 years of professional software development experience

JavaScript, React, React Native, Python, Golang/Go, MongoDB, NodeJS, Express, HTML, CSS, SCSS, webpack, MySQL, Git, JSON, OOP

I have created a website for programmers to find other programmers willing to collaborate on new projects together or join existing projects. I have created a machine learning model that can predict emission of CO2 in the air by car.


Ruby Developer

Kyiv · $4300 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, MySQL, JavaScript(ES6), Vue.js, RSpec, Capybara, Capistrano, Sidekiq, AWS(S3, EC2, RDS), ElasticSearch, Redis, SQL, Node.js, Nest.JS, TypeORM, TypeScript, Jest, SuperTest, Docker

PostgreSQL, SQL, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, TypeScript, Redis, MySQL, ElasticSearch, Docker

I want to be a part of the friendly team with good management and interesting project.


Node.js, .NET developer

$3200 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

2017 - till now - (Orange Sputnik) Senior Node.js/Python Backend developer Languages & Technologies: Node.js, AngularJS, Python, MongoDB, Cassandra, mongoose, express, asyncio, pytest, mocha, chai, docker etc. Developing complex backend systems for embedded IoT(security live cameras). Support fronent development with Angular5 and etc. 2017 - till now (World Service Group) Senior.Net Developer Languages & Technologies: .NET MVC 5, JavaScript HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap4 (Material design), Angular5, TypeScript, T-SQL, Entity Framework, Patterns of Design, NUnit, Development of backend part of the company's internal CPM, database design, architecture design, support of the frontend development 2015-2017 - (CyberBionic Systematics) Full Stack developer Languages & Technologies: C#/.NET, ASP.NET MVC 5, T-SQL, EntityFramework, AngularJS etc. Develop and support different modules for company's project.

AJAX, C#, HTML5, JavaScript, JSON, Node.js, .NET, mvc, Entity Framework, MVC, Python, Bootstrap, CSS3, T-SQL

1. MCSA: Web Applications 2. MS: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 3. MCPS: Microsoft Certified Professional 4. MS: Programming in C#

17 August

Full Stack Web Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $1500 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Full stack web developer with experience in creating high-load services and single page applications. Employs backend, frontend and UX skills. Specializes in Node.js and Vue.js on top of JavaScript and TypeScript.

JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, Node.js, Vue.js, PostgreSQL, User Interface, Docker, Microservices

Looking for a remote par-time (20-30 hours) job.

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