Event Manager

Kyiv · $1000 · 6 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

11.2015 – till present - Ignite Outsourcing Event Manager (Outsourcing) • Arranging and holding mass events up to 180 persons (Team Building, Summer Picnic, New Year corporate parties), as well as small events (quests, creative greetings and play outs, business games); • Development of creative ideas; • Planning of the company fest schedule; • Composing and negotiating the fest budget; • Search of the technical areas; • Cooperation with contractors and subcontractors (designers, catering, typography, sound and light engineers, performers...). 07.2018 – till present - ISM Ukraine Event Manager (Outsourcing) • Development and implementation of mass events: Team Building, Summer Picnic, New Year corporate fests); • Creation of non trivial ideas; • Budget planning; • Search of technical areas; • Cooperation with contractors and subcontractors (designers, typography, sound and light engineers, performers...) 12.2017 – 07.2019 - HOVER Ukraine Event Manager (Outsourcing) • Arranging and holding of mass events (up to 250 people); • Maintaining collaboration with designers; • Responsibility for the project budget; • Looking for the technical grounds; • Coolaboration with service providers (designers, catering, typography, decorators, sound and light engineers...) 09.2016 – 08.2018 - SMM Kitchen Head Manager / Targeting Spesialist • Team management, department forecasted rates control, setting tasks for SMM managers and designers; • Set up and monitoring of targeted ads (Facebook Ads, Google Ads); • Social networks page promotion (Instagram/Facebook); • Rate reports composing, efficiency analysis; 10.2013 – 04.2014 - Bar “Litra Sema” Art Manager • Elaborating of the bar concept from scratch; • Media plan composition; • Creation of informational aids, collaboration with designers, advertisement, marketing, poligraphy; • Arrangement of dedicated events, parties, promo actions;

Event marketing, Events Coordination, event management, Facebook Ads, Social Media Marketing

The main achievements: • Ignite Summer Picnic • Fest #Beardy Zhytomyr • Birthday of DOMOтроніки (Team Building) • Championship of bartenders SAMOGONNCUP 2018 • Opening of the regional branch of decentralizing; I can send video promo about this projects in our dialog


Digital Marketing Manager/Marketing Assistant

Kyiv · $1400 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Microfinance Organization Digital Marketing Manager - marketing planning (marketing programs, brand development, product promotion, external and internal PR, marketing and advertising budgets); -development, implementaton and management of marketing campaigns; - active participation in SEO efforts (web-site redesign, image optimization etc.); - building and maintaining brand’s social media presence (FaceBook, Instagram); - E-mail marketing and digital campaigns efficiency analysis (CRM, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, MailChimp, Mautik etc.); - Creation and development of the department to work with partners through the CPA model (lead generation); Results: • Optimized the structure of the department, improved the channels of communication with other departments (Gira project board implementation); • Signed direct contracts with mobile operators (20% reduction of the sms budget); • Achieved planned indicators of sales for the company’s products; • Launched the client support service (so the clients can reach our support team through FB, Viber and Website within a few seconds and without making calls), which helped to decrease the bounce rate in 4% Microfinance Organization Affiliate Manager -Acquiring new partners to grow the affiliate scheme; -Initiating new campaign ideas, incentives and bonuses for the affiliate scheme; - Tracking & analyzing metrics to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the program(s); -24/7 support and problem solving; - Implementing initiatives that enhance affiliate productivity. Results • Organized and conducted the marathon for the partners and achieved 27% traffic boost; • Achieved the required traffic share in 3 months (80% of affiliate traffic); • Recruited and trained a new affiliate manager to maximize the quality and quantity of the referral traffic;

SMM, Digital marketing, Content marketing, English, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Ads, Communication, Affiliate, Email Marketing, Google Ads, mailchimp


Chief Marketing Officer

Kyiv · $3500 · 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

10 years experience in international companies in different businesses: Food-tech, IT, automotive. Currently Marketing Director in international company. Focused on marketing strategy, digital and innovative solutions.

Marketing Strategy, Digital marketing, SMM, Google Analytics, SEO, PPC, Digital Marketing, AdWords, Brand Marketing, content management, research, Instagram Advertising, CRM, PR, Google Ads, Team management, Web Analytics, Product management, copywriting, English, Content marketing, Strategy & Creative, Marketing plans, marketing mix, Project Management, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing, CPA, Yandex Metrica, Wordpress, Email Marketing, google adwords, Team Leadership, Facebook Ads, Editing, Branding and positioning, Mobile Advertising

Company growth +300%, total reload of marketing oriented on EBITDA and brand growth.

IT company or IT-driven business.


Marketing Manager, project manager

Kharkiv · $800 · 2 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Аналіз ринку, конкурентів, споживачів. Розробка та випуск нових продуктів. Постановка завдань дизайнерам та контроль виконання.

Marketing, Project Management, Product management


Part-time IT copywriter 

Kharkiv · $1000 · 9 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I created over 400 pieces of content for various IT companies and software projects. Wrote about everything related to web development, mobile application engineering, cloud, automation (RPA), IoT, chatbots, business growth, team management, and marketing. The average rate is $0.2-0.3/word

Content strategy, Google Analytics, Guest Blogging, Lead generation, Marketing research, Marketing Strategy, Organic traffic generation, Social Media Marketing, Digital marketing, Content marketing, SEO, SMM, Copywriting, Marketing copywriting


Sales Manager

Kyiv · $2000 · 6 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Julne 2017 till present –Primary Sales Department Manager at “Perrigo Ukraine”. Responsibilities: B2B sales; Commercial terms development; Implementing national trade marketing activities. Overseeing the activities and performance of the sales team; Budget & Customer stock planning; Define and implement strategic sales goals and objectives. Establish sales objectives by forecasting and developing annual sales; quotas for regions and territories; Develop and maintain a territory plan. Tracking sales goals and reporting results as necessary; Coordinating with marketing on lead generation; Business and sales strategy development. • July 2015 – June 2017 – Sales Director Assistant “Omega Pharma Ukraine”. Responsibilities: Sales contract management. Document flow control; SAP sales operations management. SAP sales process development; Market research. Monitoring and analysis competitors; Customer service level; Participating in negotiations; Reclamation management; Stock planning. • June 2012 – June 2015 – Corporate Services Chief Specialist at “Raiffeisen Bank Aval”. Responsibilities: Sales of bank products to companies and to private entrepreneurs. Daily direct communication with customers. Maintain with reports and databases. Managing of contracts and agreements. Analyses of clients’ financial statements, financial rating calculation. Management of bank accounts. Management of foreign exchange operations.

B2B sales, Finance, Google Analytics, Marketing

Made a quarter planes performing duties of commercial director. National trade marketing projects implementation. B2B sales. Negotiation skills.

New experience and challenges in IT sphere.


Junior SEO

Kyiv · $600 · Advanced/Fluent

Currently I am the process of looking to relocate to Kyiv, and work in Search Engine Optimisation. I am currently studying for an online diploma in Search Engine Optimisation, having already successfully completed and passed an emarketing Institute online course and examination in SEO and have some experience of optimising searches using keywords and advertising using Google adwords from my time running my own youtube channel - redneckeinstein. I would be extremely grateful to discuss any opportunities you might have available to me as I look to take my first steps into this profession. I aim to work hard and gain valuable experience in order to achieve my goals.

Marketing, SEO, English, Outreach, Linkbuilding, Lead generation

- Emarketing Institute online course and examination on SEO - built my YouTube channel to approximately 2000 subscribers, some of which supported me financially on Patreon

I am looking to move from UK to Kyiv and to begin a career in SEO. I am willing to work hard, learn from, and work with others in order to achieve my aims.


Digital Marketing Manager

Remote work, Ukraine · $2500 · 9 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Руковожу отделом маркетинга в SaaS бизнесе. Работала Marketing Project Manager в продуктовой компании, маркетинговом агентстве. Руководила отделом продаж и рекламы в IT-компании. Что умею: — работа с упаковкой и позиционированием продукта; — прототипирование и создание лендингов / сайтов; — построение системы сквозной отчетности; — разработка стратегий маркетинга и продаж; — SEO продвижение; — продвижение мероприятий — продвижение Youtube канала. Рекламные каналы: Adwords, Директ, Facebook Ads. Найм: собеседование, стажировка, адаптация. Формирование и работа с командой (мотивация, обучение, контроль и развитие). Управление процессами поиска, привлечения и удержания клиентов, роста продаж, взаимодействия с производственными отделами. Формирование и развитие продуктовой линейки.

Google Analytics, Digital marketing, Marketing Strategy, Project Management, Facebook Ads, Content marketing, Google Tag Manager, PPC, Team management, Web Analytics, AdWords, Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Google Ads, Adobe Photoshop, Youtube, Linkedin Ads, Яндекс Директ, Яндекс Метрика, Marketing Budget Planning, SEO, google adwords, Lead generation, Marketing, SMM, Digital Marketing , Product Marketing

Выстроила с нуля digital-продвижение для В2В направления продуктовой компании. Запустила проект за 1 месяц (при среднем сроке 3 месяца), вышел на целевой KPI на второй месяц. Снизила CPA в 2 раза по запущенному проекту за счет аудита и оптимизации реклами. Показатель валовой прибыли отдела продаж и рекламы IT компании вырос в среднем в 6 раз за 1 год. Постоянное обучение новому и применение в работе: — школа продактов — школа ченджеров (запуск проектов, которые никто еще не делал, с нуля) — курсы контент-маркетинга, дизайна, маркетинговой аналитики

Выстраивание с нуля и/или выведение на целевые показатели отдела маркетинга в продуктовой/IT компании. Стратегическое планирование, работа с командой.


SEO Specialist

Dnipro · $900 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I’m driven by tangible results, and I know how to deliver. I know how to play the long game, and I’m not afraid to do the unglamorous legwork that goes into building something of value over time. A quiet type, I enjoy collaboration but generally prefer to work alone so I can focus on my own creative process. You say you need a candidate to have success cases that prove his or her expertise in attracting traffic and marketing qualified leads. Well, I’ve got such cases. Furthermore, many of my cases are related to IT and SaaS in particular. You say you need your candidate to know how to use Google Analytics, Serpstat, AllPositions, and other tools. Well, I use these solutions more often than social networks. Moreover, my morning starts not with coffee, it starts with Google Search Console that allows me to understand how useful my previous three days were. The thing is that I’m not just an SEO specialist, I’m a digital marketing specialist who isn’t afraid of dirtying his hands. By that, I mean that I’m not the one who just creates technical tasks for copywriters and developers to make a specific website better, I’m the one who dives deep in code and text to make required changes. In other words, I can build typical websites with such content management systems like WordPress and Opencart, I can optimize them to increase their organic traffic, and I can create effective content marketing strategies as well as implement them by delivering meaningful blog posts, selling landing pages, and catchy guest posts.

SEO, Digital marketing, Marketing, Content marketing, Google Analytics, PR, Web Analytics, Wordpress, Ahrefs, copywriting, Lead generation, Content Planning

- Created a new SEO strategy, implemented a new content marketing strategy, conducted SEO audits for all corporate resources, reached the growth of post positions for required keywords by 43% - Created meaningful content, increased organic traffic for one of my clients by 18%, learned a lot about blockchain, big data, various types of SaaS, etc - Increased number of clients (IT individuals) by 16%. Launched a new tariff package for IT specialists. - Increased the total number of visits for 27%, increased the number of orders from 0 to 2-3 per day, established partnerships with 3 companies. The startup has been accelerated by the FasterCapital incubator due to my negotiation skills.


Спеціаліст з обробки даних

Remote work, Ukraine · $1000 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

Ввод и обработка данных с бумажных носителей, выведение статистики

Excel, SPSS

Сотни обработанных проектов - от кодировки и ввода данных до выведения статистики и формирования отчета в pptx.

Удаленная (желательно) работа, связанная с обработкой (первичной/вторичной) данных социологических/маркетинговых исследований.

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