Senior Node.js Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $4000 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Writing APIs more than five years. Used to be technical lead on one of projects. Experienced with utilizing plain JS (ES6+) and TypeScript for developing different backends. Familiar with all these well-known things like frameworks (nest.js, express, loopback, koa), databases/storages (redis, mongodb, postgres, mysql), ORMs (mongoose, waterline, typeorm), crypto and so on. Used to work with blockchains (Ethereum, Bitcoin). Little familiar with Ethereum smart contracts using Solidity. Prefer TDD with mocha / jest. SOLID, DRY, KISS & YAGNI are not just abbreviations for me, as well as OOD & DDD. I know pros and cons of microservices and monolits. Familiar with Docker and AWS. Able to setup typical CI/CD pipeline using Gitlab / CircleCI / Teamcity. Used to work with PHP (Yii2) and Python (Django) on a few medium-sized projects.

Linux, JavaScript, OOP/OOD, Node.js, Crypto, Ethereum, MongoDB, TypeScript, REST API, Git, Docker, AWS, Nest.js, Koa.js, RESTful Services and APIs, Microservices, TypeORM, RabbitMQ, MSSQL

Experienced with Linux. Used to maintain outsource company as network and system administrator. Used to manage team up to 7 members. Six finished projects that has gone production.

I expect steady job and challenging tasks. I wanted to get transparent and foreseeable long-term cooperation while solving interesting problems. I'm not actively looking for a job right now. I'm just looking for new better opportunity for long-term cooperation. In case of getting an offer I will have to take a month leaving current project.


CTO / Team Lead; Node.js, Angular, React Full Stack developer

Remote work, Russia · $6500 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

More than 15 years of developing web, mobile applications. I have experience in business analysis, project management. Able to pick up input like 'I need something like this', as questions, and provide a fully working, scalable, bug-free system as the output. Technical expertise: Back-end: Node.js: Express.js, Sails.js, Nest.js; PHP: Yii2 Front-end: Angular.JS, React.JS, Gatsby.JS, Next.js Authentication & Authorization: Auth0, Keycloak, OAuth Messaging & data-exchange: REST, GraphQL, Websockets, Centrifugo server APIs: Facebook Graph API, Facebook Marketing API, Google AdWords API, Google Analytics, Twitter, Stripe CMS: WordPress, Strapi Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, Redis (including large 300-500GB databases) Expert in DevOps high availability, scalable, zero downtime deployment with Ubuntu / Docker stack Expert in payment gateways: Stripe, PayPal, Braintree.

Node.js, JavaScript, MongoDB, REST API, TypeScript, Express.js, MySQL, Redis, Linux, AWS, NodeJS, React, SQL, Mongoose, RabbitMQ, GraphQL, Nest.js, Unix,, PHP, AJAX, Git, Docker, Express, Backend


Javascript Developer

Kyiv · $2000 · 2.5 years of experience · Intermediate

2019 october - present | Frontend trainer at IBA Tech Academy, Baku, Azerbaijan Teaching groups of students in English. Technology stack: HTML3, CSS3, Git, CSS animation, JavaScript basics, ES6, DOM, BOM, jQuery, SCSS, preprocessors, Gulp, Webpack, JavaScript Advanced, JS Prototypes, JS Classes, XHR, Fetch, AXIAS, async, await. 2019 february - 2019 october | Technical manager at DAN-IT, Kyiv, Ukraine Supervise and technical leading the students' working process for commercial projects. Head of offline mentors: hiring, on-boarding, follow-up support. Manage teachers working process: take a part in interviewing, provide on-boarding training, follow-up support. 2018 november - 2019 october | Frontend trainer at DAN-IT, Kyiv, Ukraine Teaching groups of students, who has no experiance in programming. Technology stack: HTML3, CSS3, Git, CSS animation, JavaScript basics, ES6, DOM, BOM, jQuery, SCSS, preprocessors, Gulp, Webpack, JavaScript Advanced, JS Prototypes, JS Classes, XHR, Fetch, AXIAS, async, await. 2018 may - 2018 november | Offline mentor at DAN-IT, Kyiv, Ukraine Help students with algorithms tasks, Collections Framework, HTML, CSS, SQL, Data Bases, Java 8 (Streams, lambda), OOP, Java step projects.

JavaScript, CSS, React, HTML5, HTML, AJAX, SASS, JSON, jQuery, ES6+, es6, Gulp, SCSS, ES2015, Git, Java, JDK, JDBC, SQL, PostgreSQL, docker, CSS3, Bootstrap, webpack, REST API, Redux, JS, OOP, Servlet API, Java Servlets, Spring, Hibernate, LESS, SASS/SCSS, Docker, React / Redux, MySQL, React.js

Succesfully graduate more then 200 students; Developed onboarding algorythm for trainers; Get first commercial project as a Teamlead for 6 teammates, after only 3 months of learning front-end.

Proactive attitude towards improving processes and finding new solutions for chalanging business problems Result-oriented, self-organised person, who takinng real care about what his doing. It is necessery for me to have feedback, both - negative and positive. Quick learner, flexible, open mind team player.


Project Manager, Business Analyst, Product manager, CTO

Kyiv · $5000 · 2.5 years of experience · Intermediate

Опыт: - Построения(проведения собеседований) и управления техническими командами, которые разделены по отделам - DEV, devOPS, Fron, QA. - Приема, перепланирования, рефакторинга проекта - Создания проекта с нуля, от идеи, архитектуры, составления тех документации до сдачи в продакшн, регулирования доступов и запуска системы/сайта. Системы: BI, Cashier, SEO panel, Affiliation system, CRM, CMS, systems for custom marketing functionality, operating storage, support panel - Менеджмента доменов, серверов, GA - Составления архитектуры системы/модуля/микросервиса и технической документации по нему, тест планов, маркетинговой стратегии развития проекта - Участия в технических конференциях в странах Европы - Написания скриптов на PHP, Python

Project Management, Software project managment, Product management, Business Analysis, Business Process Management, Jenkins, Docker, Git, PHP, Python, JavaScript, HTML, REST API, AngularJS, React, Yii, Symfony, PhalconPhp, Redis, Beanstalkd, SQL, PostgreSQL, Apache, Nginx, AWS, Jira, Kanban, Agile, Scrum, QA management, QA team lead

Построением команды и коммуникации разных ее отделений. Созданием с нуля архитектуры для проектов. Умением организовать работу команды в условиях большого количества поступающих задач.


COO / Product management / Product owner

Kyiv, Lviv, Rovno · $2000 · 3 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

PM/COO Продолжительность трудоустройства 1 мес. Implementation of the SCRUM methodology Performing the role of SCRUM master Implementing documenting of company products Implementation of process management in the company Team management (content manager, Designers, front-end developer, back-end developer, QA) Robots with internal customers (CEO, founder, CTO, support team lead, marketing management) Software Product Manager Продолжительность трудоустройства 1 г. 3 мес. Implementation of the SCRUM methodology Performing the role of SCRUM master Implementing documenting of company products Implementation of process management in the company Team management (content manager, Designers, front-end developer, back-end developer, QA) Robots with internal customers (CEO, founder, CTO, support team lead, marketing management) Свернуть Head of projects and programs in the field of material (non-material) production Продолжительность трудоустройства 9 мес. Conducting the project management process of the company Certification of the company to ISO 9001 standards Implementation and development of the company's web direction Analyst Продолжительность трудоустройства 7 мес. - Creating competitive analyzes - Project Management - Work with outsourcing companies Manager for organizational development Продолжительность трудоустройства 2 г. 6 мес. Organizational Development Specialist Продолжительность трудоустройства 1 г. Development of normative documentation (business processes, procedures, job descriptions), analytical processing of information, development and implementation of business processes, the formation of instructions, formation and implementation of KPI Свернуть

Product management, Project Management, Agile, Scrum, Jira, Business Analysis, CRM, Business development, Confluence, Google Analytics, Team management, User Experience, Kanban, MVP, Product research, Prototype, Waterfall, Operations Management, Product Development, Analytical Skills, COO, Delivery management


Embedded Software / Firmware Engineer, Team Lead , Software Architect

Remote work, Ukraine · $4500 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

- Embedded, С, С++, ASM, Python, SQL, HTML, CSS, PHP, PASCAL, DELPHI - Low level / bare metal programming - Linux ( User Space, Multithreading, Kernel, Modules / Drivers, CrossCompiling, Scripting, gdb, GCC ) - Windows - RTOS (FreeRTOS, mbed) - ARM ( STM32 ), RISC ( Atmel , PIC) - I2C, SPI, UART, DAC, ADC - Bluetooth, Wifi, SubGHz - ModBUS - Consumer Electronics, IoT, Robotics, Motion control, CNC, Industrial Automation, Industrial control, Additional skills: - Security (mbedTLS, Cryptolib) - AI / ML (TensorFlow, AI for Embedded) - Flask, SQLite, Wordpress - Hardware design ( Altium ) - Electronics basics - Eclipse, Clion, Keil, IAR, Cmake, Makefile, Altium, GCC, AVRStudio, ImageCraft, CodeVision - Team lead - Delivery Director - Project manager - Product manager

bare metall programming, CNC, Embedded, Embedded C, Firmware, Industrial Automation, Industrial control, low level programming, motion control, Pascal, PCAD, RISC, Robotics, C/C++, Assembler, Project Management, team lead, ARM, Product management, Bluetooth, Linux, RTOS, TCP/IP, WiFi, Wireless, C++, Git, OOP, C, Networking, Windows, Altium, Jira, VCS, Architecture, GCC, Eclipse, Keil, EWARM, bash, Embedded Linux, Continuous Integration, Microcontroller, Microcontrollers, Python, Multithreading, SQL, OOP/OOD, Linux kernel, CLion, Delphi, Machine Learning, Flask, HTML, CSS, С++, STL, REST API, CMake, Make/CMake

- 20 years of experience (from Junior Embedded Engineer to Delivery Director) - more than 30 finished projects all over the world (USA, Belgium, Germany, Israel, Azerbaijan, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine) - Skilled team leader and team player - Project management and Product management skills

+ growth possibility + perspective area of the project usage + relevant salary + visible results of activity - No fintech, No network equipment


Lead UI/UX Designer 

Kiev, Other countries · $3500 · 9 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, CorelDraw, InDesign, Invision, Proto IO, Balsamiq, Premiere

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Art Direction, Corel Draw, Figma, Idea Generation, Logo design, Sketch, Copywrighting, InVision, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Proto IO, Adobe Premiere Pro, Balsamiq

• Developing UX and designing UI for desktop and various mobile applications • Leading a team of designers, teaching and coaching of newcomers • Persona creation based on research data. • Interaction with developer team. • Generating ideas and new approaches in solving problems of user interfaces • Created multiple advertising web pages for PC games • Developed design for exhibition stands

• Challenging, complex, brain cracking projects • Possibility to take ownership of the product. • Friendly and free discussion atmosphere in company • Company without "I am your boss" stuff.


CTO, System Architect, Solution Architect, VP of Engineering, Head of Engineering

Kyiv · $8000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Project Management, Team Management, Team building, Agile, Scrum; Design Patterns, UML, UI mockups; PHP (с 2001 года), PHPUnit, Phing; JavaScript, Node.js (с 2011 года), TypeScript, jQuery, Ajax, JSON; MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite; Redis, MongoDB, Memcache, RabbitMQ, WebSockets, AWS, Digital Ocean, Heroku, XML, XSLT; GIT TeamCity;FreeBSD, Linux, Apache, Nginx; Разговорный английский.

Agile, AJAX, Project Management, Git, jQuery, Node.js, MongoDB, PHPUnit, Redmine, UML, PostgreSQL, Apache, Linux, REST API, Scrum, MySQL, Jira, JavaScript, AWS, PHP, SQL, Redis, Architecture, Leading teams, Docker, OOP, Design Patterns

Поднимал с нуля офис разработки, формирование команды с нуля, определение технологического стека проекта и разработка архитектуры проекта с нуля, запуск проекта от бумажного концепта до продакшен решения с реальными клиентами. Поддержка проекта. Управление несколькими проектами и командами. Построение рабочих процессов либо оптимизация существующих.

Продуктовая компания, стартап


Senior .NET Developer / Technical Lead / Architect

Kyiv · $8000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I have 10+ years of experience in developing desktop and web applications in .NET/C# using WPF and ASP.NET MVC technologies.

C#, .NET

I will be happy to work with any size of a product/team/company using modern technology stack.


Head of Department

Odesa · $3000 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Last 5 years I’ve spent in the Ad Tech Industry building and developing the project teams to ensure maximum performance, developing innovative products that meet consumers’ needs, growing market share and success. I was leading various projects from requirements definition through deployment, identifying schedules, scopes, budget estimations, and project implementation plans, including risk mitigation. I know how to establish and maintain processes to manage scope over the projects’ lifecycle aligning them with business goals. Strong technical background, negotiation and interpersonal skills.

Sales, Communication Skills, It sales, Business development, Lead generation, Team management, Presentation skills, Business Developement, Project Management, Jira, fluent English, customer support, Agile, Product management, Google Analytics, API, HR, Teamwork, Preparing presentations, Sales and Marketing, International Deals, Lead Generation, Good communication skills, Product Management, Sales Development, Key Account management, Marketing, Networking, B2B sales, B2B, International sales, Scrum

Getting aboard at the early beginning helped me to build the fully automatic management team with inbuilt ecosystem which worked on us and helped to get high results in allotted time, which also was approved and appreciated by the managing crew. During my head-office our company increased the profitability x4 times and reached the 4 million profit mark, which also is related to my team professional skills. Personal opportunity in close contact with develope team helped my to increase my basic skills and find myself as confident Project Manager. My experience in Optimisation process helped my company to release many unnessesary used objects and department capacity.

I'm open for new opportunities and new horizons. My expectations mostly consist of chief positions with technical background. I will work for the company’s goals and targets and in return, I expect to grow professionally in my career path and expertise.

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