Junior Front-end Developer

Kyiv, Kharkiv · $250 · 1 year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

My clients find this list of my skills absolutely perfect : -HTML, HTML5 -CSS, CSS3,media query -Bootstrap 3,4 -SCSS, SASS -JavaScript, jQuery -Email templates I will provide you with the pixel perfect and responsive result and clean, clearly commented, W3C validated code. As for my tools : -Adobe Creative Suite -Figma -Sketch -Mailchimp -Git -Avocode We can discuss the projects in the following languages : English,German. Feel free to contact me at any time!

HTML5, CSS3, Git, jQuery, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, SASS, GitLab, SCSS

As my achievements I would like to show you the reviews of my clients : "Iryna is an extremely hardworking and professional person. She made a pixel perfect HTML out of my PSD file and she was always ready to help and make changes if there were any. If you are looking for a front end developer, I would highly recommend Iryna. She is talented, patient and always willing to help!" "Great work! I will continue to hire on future projects." "Thank you for the job well done. I highly recommend Irina as a responsible employee."

I would like to have an opportunity to develop my skills and to have not only the projects which I'm good at, but also the projects, with the help of which I can learn something new and try new technologies out.


Senior Javascript Developer 🔥

Kyiv · $4500 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I have great experience of programming on Javascript. I can work both as a full-stack or just Node.js backend (backend is preffered).

Node.js, JavaScript, MongoDB, Git, REST API, MySQL, Express.js, TypeScript, Linux, Docker, Express, NodeJS, OOP, AWS, Redis, HTML5, RabbitMQ, ES6 +

Created multiple multitenance microservices to make main app work more efficient and be lightweight.

Product is preferred. Career growth and clear management.

18 September

Senior Software Engineer

Remote work, Ukraine · $7000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Senior Full Stack Software Engineer with over 10 years of experience. Started career as a System Engineer (Infrastructure, pre-devops), turned to Backend (Python and Ruby), now mainly doing Frontend and Full Stack projects. Using React since before it was cool. Functional programming, Clojure fan. Linux for over 15 years. Can lead teams if necessary, own parts of the product. Challenge me!

React, Frontend, Full stack, Clojure, D3.js, JavaScript, Node.js, Linux, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, React / Redux, ClojureScript, Git, Redux, TypeScript, webpack

Created a custom Linux-based offering for small to medium businesses, that included a router with firewall, email, webmail, spam detection system in one box. Built a Single Sign On solution from scratch. Made a custom visualization library for React based on D3.js Took a complex Frontend project from specs to finish by myself

Remote only Some process set up ( no constant firefighting, no on-call ) A team of seasoned developers or a team that needs to be led

18 September

Lead Software Engineer / System Architect 🔥

Kyiv · $6500 · 9 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Current position. System Architect Responsibilities: system design and architecture, estimations and team management, participation in the development, testing, and DevOps. activities, writing of documentation Technologies: Java, Scala, Cassandra, Kafka, Hadoop, Spark, Spring stack (Boot, Cloud), Docker, Kubernetes, Apache Ignite, Cloud Previous position. Senior Software Engineer / Team Lead Responsibilities: design of architecture and topology, development and testing activities Technologies: Spring Boot, Spring Stack(Boot, Cloud), Consul, Zipkin, Docker, Docker Compose, Nginx, ReactJS, React-Redux, Redux-Saga

Java, Java Core, JUnit, Maven, Spring, Consul, Design Patterns, Eureka, Feign, Hibernate, HTML, HTTP, Java SE, JDBC, Jetty, Microservices, Mockito, MongoDB, MySQL, OOP/OOD, Oracle, ReactJS, Redux, Redux-saga, REST API, Ribbon, Servlets, Spring Cloud, Spring MVC, Test driven development (TDD), Tomcat, XML, Zuul, Ant, CSS, ElasticSearch, Hystrix , Java EE, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, Mongo, Netflix OSS, PostgreSQL, Redis, Selenium, WebSocket, Hybris, Zookeper, Hadoop, Apache Spark, Kafka, Micronaut, Apache Ignite, ELK, Spring Boot, Cassandra, SQL, Docker, Docker Swarm, GIT, JPA, Gradle, OOP, RabbitMQ, DB2, MyBatis, Zipkin, Jaeger, Spring Data, Scala, Groovy, JavaScript, AWS

Would be a plus: US customer Business trips

18 September

Розробник Front-End

Kyiv · $800 · 1 year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Implemented an API service for the website FastRunningBlog.Com. Technologies: PHP, HTML. Educational game for learning the Russian alphabet for foreigners and children. Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript. Website of a restaurant Perfetto. Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery. A web search aggregator that combines the results of the major search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo,, Rambler, Sputnik. Technologies: PHP, HTML, CSS.

JavaScript, HTML5, CSS

18 September

React Web Developer (Interested in Python, Django) 🔥

Kyiv, Kyiv · $2000 · 2 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

During the last year I was working on: 1. React App with a complex UI, that improves usability of Facebook Marketing tools (React + Redux + SCSS) 2. Chrome Extension (Vanilla JS) 3. Diving into the world of backend (Python, Django) Overall 2+ years of experience in JavaScript. Fluent English speaker (working with international team everyday). Interested in relocation.

React, JavaScript, Git, Redux, HTML5, CSS, webpack, HTML, SASS/SCSS, es6, Python, Django, React Hooks

Along with the team, I developed my current project from scratch. In a year it has become one of the best tools in the field and brings a lot of value to people. I understand that my code saves tons of money for our users and I'm being incredibly proud of it.

I am looking for a long-term opportunity, because I'm getting deeply involved in the projects I create. Also, I would like to stick to my framework (React). I like challenges, so if that's a startup, I don't mind. The theme of the product matters to me. I'm super interested in ecommerce, marketing and advertising, but I'm staying open-minded.

18 September

Java Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $2000 · 9 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

* розглядаю лише(!) варіанти віддаленої роботи. * Java - 9 років досвіду. Вмію писати якісний код по всім канонам, проекти будь-якої складності, налаштовувати інфраструктуру, комунікувати з клієнтами, планувати, менторити джуніорів. * JavaScript - рівень middle. JS Core, React, Angular 1.

Spring, Java, Hibernate, Maven, Git, SQL, JUnit, OOP, REST API, JDBC, Tomcat, JPA, Apache Camel, Java SE, BDD, React.js, Spring Framework, PowerMock, Jira, AWS, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Dropwizard, JMS, Hazelcast, Groovy, Gradle, JavaScript, Angular, Bootstrap, Spring Boot, ActiveMQ, bash, Linux, Python, Algorithms, Docker, NoSQL, Node.js

18 September


Moscow, Evropa · $8000 · 6 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

CTO, People management, QA management, Agile, Kanban, Scrum, Node.js, React / Redux, Unit Testing, React Native, DevOps, .NET, SQL, .NET Core, Docker, MongoDB, REST API, Git, JavaScript, Cloud Architecture, HTML5, Linux, Nginx, Clean Architecture, English, Product management, Project Management

– Brought Web/Mobile app to release for >100 000 users. – Hands-on: strategy, hiring, product/project management, architecture and coding. – Grown a team of 15 with regular 1-1s/coaching. – Organised the whole software development lifecycle from functional specs to acceptance, including development and QA processes. Cost-effective React + Native stack, feature branching, CI/CD, nitpick-free code reviews, clean code practices recorded in Knowledge Base, 100% unit coverage, manual + auto tests.

18 September

Junior Front-end Developer

Kyiv · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Unfortunately, I have no commercial experience in frontend. In my training experience I make projects using HTML5, CSS 3, CSS Flexbox, working with Git and Github and BEM methodology. I am a students of the Beetroot academy now, and the all items you can possible see in my skills panel will be my own skills. This will happen by the end of the November I believe. I worked as English teacher for nearly two years, and my latest job was the proofreader for Samsung R&D Insitite Kyiv for half of a Year.

JavaScript, Git, HTML5, CSS, SASS, HTML, Bootstrap, jQuery, CSS3, AJAX

My goal to become a Senior Frontend Developer in 5 years. I am highly motivated to work and study hard to achieve it. I would like to work in IT company with flexible working hours, and the possibility to work sometimes remotely from home.

17 September

Javascript Developer 🔥

Kyiv · $2000 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

1. (spam-submission subdomain development, Talos network threats service) 2. (PHP/JS website development from scratch) 3. (startUp is currently down. Development of all the frontend games) 4. (development team member, hotfixes) 5. (the very first website, 2008)

JavaScript, React, Redux, HTML5, webpack, Gulp, ES6+, CSS3, Git, npm, Express JS, UI/UX, HTML, CSS, EcmaScript 6, mocha, Chai, TDD, BDD, Unit Testing, SASS/SCSS, Jade/Pug, Wordpress, PHP

During CISCO project fully automated pipeline for website pages creation was developed. Less powerful, still similar in functionality to Jenkins/TeamCity since it was tailored specifically for that project

Nice team members and PM

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