Junior frontend developer

Lviv · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

3 місяці на посаді Junior frontend developer у Чехії. HTML, CSS(SASS), es6 basic, jQuery, Git, Gulp, Bootstrap, responsive design, UX/UI проекти:

HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, HTML & CSS, Gulp, SASS, CSS, HTML, ES6+, Bootstrap, Git, JavaScript, jQuery, es6, LESS, EcmaScript 6, ES2015

Можливість розвиватись


Junior JavaScript developer

Yerevan · $150 · Less than a year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

I am very interasted in programming . Now i am attending interships in two different programming offices: Ogma Application and Ugeek , it is already 6 month i am attending these offices. I am good at Web Front End Development.

JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, HTML, jQuery, CSS3

I have finished web front end courses and there is a certificate

Experience is very important to me.


Junior Frontend Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $1000 · 1.5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

i am a front end developer with 1+ years experience. i have built responsive web designs for schools and hospital. I have also worked as a freelance web developer on projects.i am currently building my portfolio using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.

HTML5, JavaScript, Git, React, CSS, HTML, REST API, Bootstrap, Web Development, Adobe Photoshop, CSS3, WordPress, GitHub, MySQL

B.eng Computer Engineering from Covenant university (2018). Responsive web design certification from Freecodecamp(2019).

i am looking for IT/tech organizations where i can put my skills to use as well as learn from the top employees. i am also open to internship roles as i want to continue learning and get better everyday.



Kyiv · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Beginner/Elementary

Создание по макету Landing page, правка существующих страниц, удаление и добавление контента, анимация, адаптивная, кроссбраузерная вёрстка.

HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap, AJAX, Git

Больше всего я горжусь тем, что занимаюсь тем, чем мне нравится и имею прогресс. Каждый день узнаю что-то новое и совершенствую свои навыки.

Профессиональный и карьерный рост, опыт работы с новыми для меня технологиями, дружественный коллектив, достойный заработок. Дизайном не занимаюсь, работаю только с готовым! Back-End тоже не занимаюсь.


Junior JavaScript developer

Kyiv · $500 · Upper Intermediate

Projects: 1. Datagrid: JSON tables visualization app. Built using React+Redux+TypeScript. 2. Architects of Belarus: Web portal created in group during RSSchool React course. Built using React+Redux+TypeScript+MaterialUI. 3. Fancy weather: Weather app, that shows weather based on user’s location and allows to search for other locations.

JavaScript, Git, HTML5, CSS3, webpack, SASS, CSS, HTML, ES6+, Eslint, Bootstrap, REST API, SCSS, NPM, Figma, es6, React, Redux, TypeScript

Seeking a Junior JavaScript developer position in Kyiv to enhance my knowledge of Web Development and to create meaningful projects with professionals and learn a ton from them.


Trainee/Junior Front-end Developer

Kharkiv · $200 · Intermediate

Знаю HTML и CSS. Есть опыт работы с Adobe Photoshop, Git, GitHub, SСSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, базовые знания JavaScript, продолжаю изучать. Проходила курсы по верстке и JS, есть опыт самостоятельной верстки с подключением плагинов JQuery.

JavaScript, Git, HTML5, CSS3, CSS, SASS, HTML, Bootstrap, Gulp, jQuery

Работать в дружной комманде профессионалов, развиваться, изучать новые технологии и совершенствовать свои навыки.


Front-end developer

Lviv · $400 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

Angular blog TECHNOLOGIES USED: HTML, SASS, ANGULAR, BOOTSTRAP, RESPONSIVE Landing page's TECHNOLOGIES USED: HTML, CSS, SASS, JQUERY, GULP, RESPONSIVE, BOOTSTRAP A lot of Javascript tasks... The forces on the project will be in profile

JavaScript, Git, HTML5, REST API, CSS3, webpack, TypeScript, SASS, CSS, HTML, ES6+, Bootstrap, jQuery, LESS, OOP, Gulp, es6, Angular, Responsive design, SASS/SCSS

Very quickly adapt and try to fill in the gaps as quickly as possible to keep up with the team. I mastered WordPress for work in 2 weeks.

An environment that will allow you to grow as quickly and productively as possible.


Frontend Developer

Kyiv · $500 · 1 year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Application of jobs search Used Node.js and MongoDB to develop a database, back-end for HR and vacancies Used React to create front-end for companies, HR and vacancies Technologies: Bootstrap 4, Material UI, React, Redux, React hooks, axios, Node.js, MongoDB, Mongoose I have successfully completed course of front-end developing in DAN.IT, focusing on learning React, JavaScript, HTML/CSS. Developed 5 projects aimed at creating a landing page, online shopping, a system of registration to consultation, application of searching jobs, using React, Redux, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, jQuery, gulp, Bootstrap, Ajax, Git. Currently, I’m interested in learning MongoDB, mongoose, Node.js.

JavaScript, Git, HTML5, Redux, CSS3, CSS, SASS, HTML, AJAX, ES6+, Bootstrap, JSON, MongoDB, jQuery, Gulp, es6, OOP, React-Router, REST API, ES5, JQuery, Asynchronous Javascript, CSS Modules, React.js, React / Redux, SCSS, SingleSPA, Gulp | Webpack, LESS, React Hooks, Material-UI, Axios, NPM, Mongoose, Figma, Jira

Interesting projects Professional growth Getting new skills and knowledge Friendly team


Javascript Developer, React Developer

Remote work, Poland · $500 · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Mostly working on implementations of new features in existing web projects (pure JS, React). Part-time remote job.

JavaScript, React, REST API, Node.js, SASS, ES6+, MongoDB, JSON, AJAX, CSS3, HTML5, Git


Разработчик html CSS

Remote work, Ukraine · $100 · Pre-Intermediate

Практиковал личные проекты, создал более 5 проектов при учебе. Так же практикуюсь и сейчас. Делаю проекты. Оценил бы свои знания по CSS и HTML в 4-5 по 5-бальной системе


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