Разработчик Android

dnepr, Ukraine · $3500 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Programming languages / Technologies Java Kotlin React Native (1 commercial project) Flutter (in progress) Frameworks / libraries Android SDK In-app Purchase Anko Butterknife Collection Framework DataBinding FCM Firebase Google maps Retrofit RxJava Data Binding Bluetooth API Deeplink/UniversalLink Moxy DI(dagger2) Glide Picasso PJSUA/PJSIP/JNSIP Retrofit LiveData Livecicle callback Paging library RXJava WorkManager Navigation SOLID, KISS, DRY, YAGNI TDD Database: ROOM, ORMLite, Realm, SQLite Dialog Flow Google Assistant Architecture MVP, MVVM, Clean Architecture CI/CD (Jenkins + GitLab Runner)

Android, ButterKnife, Data Binding, Dependency Injection, Glide, Jira, JSON, kotlin, OOP, OrmLite, Picasso, SQLite, SugarORM ● Libraries : Retrofit, XML, XML ● Collection Framework ● CVN: Git ● DB : Oracle 11g, ● Java Core, Anko, Espresso Test, Mockito, PJSUA/PJSIP/JNSIP

TeamLead Android



izmail · $500 · More than 10 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

Java(JUnit, Play Framework, etc), kotlin, Scala, etc. Delphi, Pascal, etc. C#, F#, C++, etc. SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, etc. Linux, Windows, Android, etc. JavaScript(jQuery, etc), nodejs, JSON, etc. Python, PHP, ROR, XML, HTML, CSS, etc. UML, OOP, SOLID, etc. Intellij IDEA, Eclipse, NetBeans, Microsoft Visual Studio, etc. Apache Tomcat, Apache HTTP Server, Open Server,nginx, etc. VirtualBox, VMware(Workstation,Player, etc) Visual Basic, QBasic, etc.

Java, kotlin, MySQL, OOP, PostgreSQL, Android, C#, .NET, AJAX, C++, CSS3, Design Patterns, HTML5, jQuery, MSSQL, Python, Ruby on Rails, WinForms, XML, PHP, JavaScript, Git, Linux, MVC, Laravel, CSS, REST API, HTML, Bootstrap, JSON, Redis, Symfony, Node.js, SSH, phpstorm, UML, HTML5/CSS3, Memcached, Flex, TypeScript, Nginx, bash, Debian, Yii, SQL, Wordpress, MongoDB, React, Apache, php7, JS, Yii2, PHP5, Opencart, Zend Framework 2, MS SQL Server, SVN, Angular.js, Spring, Android SDK, Web Development, Symfony 4, Symfony 1, JQuery, Memcache, PHP7, OOP/OOD, PHPUnit, HTTP, Tomcat, Drupal 8, Hibernate, Angular, vim, Facebook API, Server Administration, Subversion, Photoshop, AngularJS, Oracle,, Yii Framework, NoSQL, google api, GoogleAPI, angular2, Patterns, PL/SQL, Ubuntu, Bitrix, PHP5/7, Magento, Ajax/Axios, Twitter Bootstrap, CakePHP, Security, PHP 7, Mercurial, Angular 2+, ORM, Smarty, PHP 7.0+, Symfony 2, dynamodb, Laravel5, SSR, Angular 4, CMS, xdebug, ReactJS, Zend Framework , REST, NodeJS, symfony 3, Zend Framework, Unix, Ajax, Java EE

Интересный Java проект с современными технологиями.


Java Developer 

kiїv · $1200 · 1 year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Робота в банку (в основному з базами даних) - PL/SQL, Java Core Oracle, MySQL Розробка гттельного проекту - Java 8, RxJava, Vert.x, Linux, REST, Mongo MuleSoft flow development - MuleSoft, Spring beans, MongoDB Страхове застосування - Java

PL/SQL, OOP, Oracle, HTML, Java, Java Core, PHP, CSS, Git, MySQL, Maven, Microsoft SQL Server, RxJava, Vert.X, MuleSoft, Linux, Mongo, REST API, SQL, JDBC, JSON, REST

Переможець конкурсу Future Leaders Exchange

Хочу розвиватися в адекватному колективі. Із зарплатнею можем домовлятися.


junior java developer

kyiv, Ukraine · $800 · Upper Intermediate

Courses: Java Frameworks, Infopulse Univer, 2019 Java SE, EE, Epam, 2019 Java Core, Infopulse Univer, 2018 JavaScript, jQuery, Infopulse Univer, 2018 Previous experiences: 2016 - 2018 UNDP Ukraine, ICT assistant • Responsible for IT infrastructure, services and communication equipment of UNDP and other UN agencies, new offices launching • Users, equipment and IT infrastructure support, software installation, • Implementation of DocuSign (eSignature) service, Eyedro system (monitoring of electricity consumption) in terms of Green Office project • Meetings support with video conference system maintaining: SfB, Polycom, Skype, Cisco WebEx, BlueJeans, etc. • Preparing and providing IT training for users. 2014-2016 ICRC Ukraine, ICT technician • responsible for IT infrastructure, services and telecommunication equipment of ICRC offices in Ukraine (also regular field trips), offices launching from scratch and relocation in many regions • VHF network in Ukraine has been implemented successfully • in charge of communication with contractors and outsourcing companies concerning IT sphere and tasks, related to telecommunication services and equipment • IT infrastructure and user equipment procurement, installation, support and service • briefing of users, training IT staff 2011-2012 Raben Ukraine, IT Specialist • software installation, IT equipment upgrade and repair, asset management • perform administrative work of IT department: coordinate employees' activity in scope of projects, took a participation in strategy planning during IT meetings • perform user support in central Ukrainian, regional offices and warehouses (Service Desk) 2008-2011 EastOne, System administrator • Service Desk, 2-nd and 1-st line support • have successfully implemented WDS with full corporative software and drivers package for all company • Was in charge for IT services and equipment during annual Yalta European Strategy (YES) summit in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011

Java, Maven, Git, SQL, JUnit, OOP, JDBC, MySQL, Java Core, Design Patterns, HTML, Java EE, Java SE, MVC

WES-master, IELTS-6.0 Java SE, EE, JUnit, SQL, GIT, Maven JavaScript, jQuery base level

Main goal - obtain position as Java Junior developer with interesting and challenging tasks, professional growth.


Java Developer

usa, canada, eu, ukraine · $2000 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

Java, Spring, Maven, Hibernate, MySQL, CSS, JSP, JDBC, Servlets, SQL, JPA, REST


QA Automation Engineer

poland, czech republic, germany · $1600 · 1.5 years of experience · Intermediate

Java, MySQL, Java core, Java SE, swing, OOP , bug reporting, test cases, check list, test plan, positive negative testing. Разрабатывал небольшие проекты! Готов усердно трудиться и рости профессионально!!

Automated Testing (QA), HTML, Java, Manual Testing (QA), Quality Assurance (QA), CSS

fast to learn, fast understanding all information, like working as team



junior java developer

kharkiv, Ukraine · $300 · Intermediate

Passed 2 java beginner cources. No experience in java yet ... Worked in self internet business for a 15 years term. Decided to shift to another profession.


Self acchievements ... Business, son etc.

Friendly people. Possibilities to improwe knowledge.


Разработчик Android

kharkiv, Ukraine · $500 · 1.5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Java, GreenDao, Retrofit , Android Studio, Git, Slack. Redmine,GitHub, XML, Animation, Linux, , JSON.

JSON, XML, Android, Java, Linux, OOP, REST, SQLite, Windows, Spring, Gradle, Git, Android SDK, REST API, Retrofit2, Google FireBase, MVVM, firebase, SQL, Multithreading, Firebase Cloud Messaging

I'm a mobile developer with over 1+ years of experienced and software developer doing freelance, working remotely and looking for great projects to work on. I have built apps for Video communication apps, Entertainment, Social networks and Business communication applications. I can get the UI designs as well as the backend done. I like to work in a team, I easily find a common language with people. Prefer self-study.


junior java developer

kharkiv, Ukraine · $400 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

- web query language experience, work with data - Java Core, Junit, JDBC, JSP, Java EE; - MySQL, HTTP, HTML (basic), - Denwer, Tomcat, USBWebserver, Openserver; - Github, Bitbucket, SVN, JIRA, Redmine; - Windows family, browser’s developer tools, MS Office tools, messengers, another software for Windows; - Teamviewer, Ultra VNC; - ModX, Joomla, PrestaShop , etc (basic);

Jira, Redmine, HTML, Java Core, OOP, HTTP, MySQL, Tomcat, Java EE, JDBC, JSP, JUnit

About last job: never before worked as a java developer (only JAVA begginers courses), and was hired with testing period as WebQL developer, succesfully finished testing period and was hired for a continuous basis. I still work as WebQL developer.

I'm looking for first experience job of java-developer and always willing to learn and improving developing my skills. I'd like to meet friendly team with positive and communicative people, who could help me made first steps in java position


Senior Java Developer

odessa, Ukraine · $4500 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

GENERAL EXPERIENCE General: Java Core, Design Patterns, OOP, TDD Programming and Markup Languages: Java, SQL, HQL. Technologies and Frameworks: Servlets, JSP, JPA, Criteria API, Apache Struts, Spring (DI, MVC), XML, XSD, JAXB, SAX, DOM, HTML, XPath, XSLT, REST Services, Json, Jackson, Jersey. Application/Web Servers: Websphere, Tomcat, Eclipse Virgo. JMS: Apache ActiveMQ Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, CouchBase(N1QL), InfluxDB + Grafana DB Migration: FlyWay Database Access: JDBC, Hibernate, OpenJPA Unit Testing Tools: JUnit, TestNG, Mockito, Mock MVC, JBehave IDE: Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA Continuous Integration and Repository Management: Bamboo, Jenkins, Hudson. Development Environment and

Java, JDBC, JMS, NoSQL, PostgreSQL, Spring MVC, Hibernate

- Onboarding of brand new project - Creating architecture from scratch - Development of new project till production

Developing new features