Strong Middle Java Developer

Lviv · $3000 · 9 years of experience · Intermediate

Web-based projects using: Servlets, Struts, Spring MVC, JSF(RichFaces) HTML, Javascript(JQuery) REST API Spring IoC, Spring Security Spring JDBC Template, Hibernate, MyBatis MySql, Oracle, SQL Server Ant, Maven 3 SVN, Git Jenkins, TeamCity Tomcat

Java, Spring, Hibernate, Maven, Git, REST API, JUnit, SQL, OOP, JPA, JDBC, Confluence, JQuery

Витримав 5 років на нудному проекті

Гнучкий робочий графік


Java Developer

Kyiv, Brovary · $800 · Less than a year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

I am a well-motivated and detail-oriented person with vast technical experience in Engineering and deep knowledge in Java Development. Currently, I am looking for new opportunities in Java Software Engineering. I have 1 year of practice, well familiar with Java Core as well as with popular frameworks (Spring, Hibernate, Mockito, etc), have good practical skills in Web Development and working with databases. I can prove myself as a responsible and hardworking person, I am easy to communicate with and like working in a team.

Spring, Java, Maven, Hibernate, Git, REST API, JUnit, SQL, OOP, JPA, JDBC, JSON, Linux, REST, Tomcat, Docker, IoC, Security, Spring Data JPA


Java Software Engineer

Kyiv · $2500 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

CRYPTO TAX REPORTS SYSTEM Java, React JS, Spring, Postgres AUTOMOTIVE RENTAL IOT Kotlin, Spring (MVC, Data), Spring Boot, Flyway, MariaDB IOT PLATFORM DEVELOPMENT Java, Spring (MVC, Data), Spring Boot, microservices architecture, a little experience with GoLang, Docker, Kubernetes, Cassandra 
E-market development with Hybris (trainee)

Spring, Java, SQL, OOP, REST API, REST, Spring REST, Git, JPA, Maven, JUnit, JSON, Jira, CSS, BDD, Spring Boot, Gradle, QueryDSL, Spring MVC, Java Core, MySQL, Docker, Kubernetes, MariaDB, KotIin, Hibernate, Design Patterns, Python, GoLang, IoT , FlyWay , Mockito, Scrum, PostgreSQL, Microservices, JavaScript, React.js, TypeScript, TDD, HTML, Spring WebFlux, Spring Data, Spring Core

 NTUU ‘Kyiv Polytechnic Institute’ Books I’ve read: Thinking Java Effective java Spring in action Clean code Volunteer experience at JEEConf

I am looking for: 1. Well-motivated team trusting agile principles 2. Cutting-edge technologies 3. Using extreme programming practices 4. Learning from the profs 5. Learning front-end and DevOps, other languages and paradigms 5. Ability to use own computer or your with MacOS I do NOT: Write bad code without tests and clean code practices


Java Software Engineer 🔥

Kyiv · $1800 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

• Working on SAP Hybris platform based on Java Spring Framework developing and improving web-stores – delivering new features and improving code style. • Implemented new features, worked with integration with third-party services, participated in pipeline fixing process when it was needed and technical depth, fixed a lot of code vulnerabilities, issues, and technical bugs. • Finished a few spike stories and describing estimate and risks for the customer from Great Britain, participating in Demo sessions. • Participated in all activities according to the Agile methodology. • Now we are migrating our project to microservices and serverless, making its parts (extensions) loose coupled from one another. As a freelancer, I worked in pair with an android software engineer for the first time and then in pair with a senior PHP software engineer. Created backend part for android application, created few web-sites using WordPress, writing MySQL queries for PHP application, refactoring and implementing new components.

Algorithms, Data Structures, SOLID, Design Patterns, TDD, BDD, CI/CD, UML, Java 8, KotIin, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Sprin Security, Spring Data JPA, hybris, Ant, Maven, MySQL, Jenkins, Git

Looking for long-term opportunity company with clear conditions of work and ability to grow in career.


Java Developer

Kyiv · $1100 · 1.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Implementing user stories Covering old and new functionality with tests Maintaining performance Fixing defects

Spring, Java, Maven, Hibernate, Git, REST API, JUnit, SQL, OOP, JPA, JDBC, JSON, Design Patterns, Jira, REST, Tomcat, HTML, Docker, Mockito, Gradle, JSP, JIRA/Confluence, TDD, JUnit/TestNG, Bootstrap, JMS


CTO, Director of engineering, Engineering Manager, Big Data Architect, Big Data Team Leader 

Kiev · $10500 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Team Manager/Team Leader ♦ Management team, planning / estimation / tracking progress ♦ Technical leadership & Big Data analytics ♦ Big Data Architecture & Design of scalable big data solutions ♦ Reactive Async Streams, real-time and batch data processing pipelines and ETLs ♦ Spark/ Kafka/ Akka/ Hadoop/ HDFS/ Java/Scala/ Docker/ AWS/ S3/ EC2 ➢ Extensive knowledge of Object Oriented Design and development patterns ➢ Backend development: Java (Spring/Hibernate/REST)

Agile, AJAX, Hibernate, HTML5, Java, Java Core, JavaScript, JDBC, Jira, JPA, JUnit, Maven, Multithreading, MVC, MySQL, OOP, Oracle, Product management, Project Management, REST API, Scrum, Servlets, Spring, SVN, TDD, Test driven development (TDD), Tomcat, UML, XML, AngularJS, Bootstrap, C#, C++, Linux, Nginx, PostgreSQL, Git, SQL, Design Patterns, REST, Spring Boot

CTO Director of engineering Engineering Manager Big Data Architect Big Data Team Leader


java developer 🔥

Kyiv · $2100 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

Java core, Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Git, JUnit, Mockito, PostgreSQL, Maven, Gradle, Servlets, JSP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScrit, JQuery, MongoDB, MongoBee, Lombok, Docker

Maven, JDBC, Jira, JUnit, Hibernate, Spring, Gradle, MongoDB, Java, JSON

1) In agile team I took part in investigating,fixing bugs and supporting software for people with disabilities. 2) Took part in creating REST service, worked with MSSQL Server 14, provided multitenancy, wrote tests 3) Working on a system which create networks all over the world, implementing db population tool into custom service. 4) Passed OCA

I'm looking for interesting project with the newest technologies and friendly experienced team. I prefer working in product company.


QA Automation Engineer

Kyiv, Odesa, Ivano-Frankivsk · $550 · 1.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

1)Создание черновых веб-сайтов (лендинг) 2)разработка чат-ботов 3)разработка Java-приложений , работа с Базами данных (MySQL, MongoDB); 4)Написание Unit - тестов и UI-тестов 5)Разработка веб-приложений на Spring MVC + Vue.js фреймворках

Spring, Java, Maven, Git, JUnit, SQL, REST API, XML, MongoDB, HTML, CSS, TestNG, Selenium, Selenide, OOP, JDBC, Linux

Разработка тестового фреймворка, составление тест кейсов.

Возможность постоянно изучать новое и профессиональный рост.


Android Developer 🔥

Kyiv · $2300 · 2.5 years of experience · Intermediate

• Kotlin, Java Core, Android SDK • AAC (room, viewmodel, livedata, navigation), rxJava2, retrofit2, apollo(graphQL), dagger2\koin, moxy • OOP, Clean architecture, MVP, MVVM • GIT, Jira

Java/Kotlin, Android SDK, Android Architecture Components, RXJava 2, Retrofit, GraphQL, Custom Views, MVP/MVVM

professional growth


Java Developer

Kyiv · $1500 · 1.5 years of experience · Intermediate

• Java Core (Java SE, JavaEE) • Knowledge of Object-Oriented principles, Design Patterns • Experience with Spring framework (Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring Data) • JPA, Hibernate, MongoDB • MySQL, PostgreSQL • Tomcat, Glassfish • Servlets, JSP, Thymeleaf • REST services • Swagger • Apache Maven • JUnit, Mockito, XML • Linux • Git, Scrum,Jira • IDE: Intellij Idea, Eclipse

Design Patterns, IntelliJ IDEA, Java, Java SE, MySQL, OOP, Eclipse, Git, Glassfish, Hibernate, Spring, Tomcat, XML, JDBC, JSON, JSP, JUnit, Linux, Maven, PostgreSQL, REST, JSF, MongoDB

Собственные проекты: - веб-приложение с использованием RESTfull web-services. - интернет-библиотека, с таким функционалом: добавление/редактирование/просмотр/удаление книг, логин юзеров, роли юзеров (админ, покупатель).Переключение языков.Использовал технологии Spring MVC, Spring Security, JSP, МySQL, Hibernate, GlassFish, HTML, CSS - веб-приложение для хранения данных о пользователях (сотрудниках). Были использованы следующие инструменты: Spring,MySQL, Hibernate,Tomcat, Maven. - приложение, которое парсит сайт (интернет-магазин) по определенному слову-наименование товара. Вывод результатов в виде XML-файла.

От работы хотелось бы интересных задач, достойных условий труда, хорошей команды

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