IT Recruiter

Lviv · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

From august of 2019, I take up a post of a Junior Recruiter in a recruitment agency Personnel. Below are mentioned a few of my responsibilities: -being engaged in numerous projects and managed to close several TOP positions (Head of Customer Service and Key Account Manager). -creating advertising for all current projects (DreamPost) -searching for people using all possible recruitment tools (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram channel, SearchIsBack, HeadHunter,, -communicating with top-management of other companies (creating job descriptions and negotiating with recruiters) -making initial screening of potential candidates and adjusting their resumes to the company's standards -being responsible for all office management processes. Seeking to find a cool team to be inspired to work in!

IT Recruitment, Communication, Linkedin, Talent acquisition, Interviews, headhunting, Screening, Team Building

I am specifically proud of making at least 50 calls per week to find a bright candidate for the agency's clients. Secondly, I've done a lot of screenings to understand what kind of personality does a company need in their team.

As for me, the most important is working atmosphere. I would like to try being a part of the project work plus finding possibility to be highly motivated. What can motivate better than a challenging project and deadlines? :)


HR generalist / HR partner

Dnipro, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Zaporizhzhya · $1000 · 8 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Более 8 лет опыта в оценке и развитии персонала; управление талантами; системы обучения и наставничества; создание методических материалов; формирование и продвижение бренда компании; 2 лет опыта в построении программ адаптации и введение в должность; управление эффективностью и встречи one in one; организация и проведение внутренних ивентов, командообразующих мероприятий; мероприятий для увеличения узнаваемости бренда; благотворительных мероприятий; разработка систем материальной и нематериальной мотивации; систем мониторинга вовлеченности сотрудников. 1 год опыта в построении процесса рекрутинга; сопровождение полного цикла рекрутинга (от массового до ТОП), exit-интервью; Контроль ведения и ведение кадрового делопроизводства; мониторинг рынка труда, формирование кадрового резерва.

Human Resources, CV Screening, Communication, Interviewing, Research, Boolean Search, Onboarding, Organisation skills, Team Building, Interviews, adaptation, Executive Search, headhunting, Talent acquisition, Employee Relations, Leadership, Полный цикл подбора персонала, Business Processes, Customer service, Analytical Skills, Requirements gathering & analysis, HR Management, Communication Skills, Screening Resumes

Ищу работу с интересными и сложными задачами, где смогу проявить свои навыки и тем самым повысить эффективность работы компании.


IT Recruiter

Kyiv · $1000 · 1.5 years of experience · Intermediate

1,5+ years of experience in IT recruitment. Complete knowledge of full life-cycle recruiting including screening and interviewing. Skilled in handling the Clients in an excellent way and keeping them happy by providing the best of best service. Good understanding of various IT Technologies. Recruiting for all levels of roles in IT area. Worked with various stack of technologies: Data engineer, QA, IOS (Swift, Objective-C), Server side (Java, PHP, .NET), Client side (JS with different frameworks) and other. Ability to search and recruit proactively, with strong organizational skills. Handled a team of 2 recruiters. Great communicator with excellent time management skills and well-developed teamwork abilities.

IT Recruitment, Research, Interviewing, HR, Organisation skills, Screening Resumes, Resourcing Strategies, CV Screening, Onboarding, Boolean Search, Sourcing, Executive Search, Linkedin, X-Ray, English, Communication Skills, Recruiting

Sourcing and screening of potential IT candidates from entry to senior level positions Conducting skype and phone interviews Creating a comprehensive technical job description Communication with candidates during full hiring process Communication with clients Working with database of candidates

I want to develop and improve my professional skills in a full-cycle company, I do not consider agencies.


HR manager

Remote work, Ukraine · $200 · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Я виконувала функції адміністратора, організатора навчальних семінарів, ділових зустрічей, святкових вечерь, оператора call-center, smm спеціаліста та робота зі статистичними даним у Excel

Human Resources, HR, LinkedIn Search, Communication, English, Organisation skills, Talent planning, Research

Полегшення роботи та співпраці колег. Поєднання студентського життя та повноцінного робочого процесу. Досягнення на курсах англійської мови рівня B2.

Новий досвід у спілкуванні з людьми. Сильна команда. Як великі, так і малі проекти. Аутсорсінг. Відпрацьовані процеси, які ще є як модернізувати.


HR/IT Recruiter

Vinnitsia, Kyiv, Lviv · $1800 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

4 years of experience in HR and IT-Recruiting. I'm able to carry out effectively and smoothly the People related processes - a mix between recruitment, employee experience, and HR operations. Hiring Junior, Middle, Senior and Team Leader candidates: IT developers (mobile and web), Design (UI/UX), Marketing (Head of Digital Marketing, content-manager, SEO, link builder) PM, QA, HR, BA.

IT Recruitment, Human Resources, Boolean Search, Onboarding, X-Ray, Talent acquisition, Employee Relations, Strategic Planning, Executive Search

- Professional growth - People-oriented corporate culture


HR Manager, HR Bussines Partner, Operation Manager 

Kyiv · $2000 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Experienced in: - Onboarding (conducting HR induction training; holding adaptation process for new team members); - Mood monitoring (analyzing employees’ enjoyment in the company/projects on a regular basis (1-1s results, audits, questioners)); - Performance management (performance evaluation and development interviews with employees); - Trainings & Education (providing individual/team trainings); - Internal communications (participation in construction of internal communications system); - Corporate social responsibility (organization of corporate events and implementing social responsibility programs); - Internal motivational programs (project development of internal competitions, organization and selection of project); - Exit interview (conducting exit interview; termination reasons analytics); - HR Administration (personal support of all HR related issues/tools/activities/events). Advanced user of Jira, BambooHR, Cats, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Piktochart, iSpring, Photoshop.

Analytical and problem solving abilities, Conflict Management, Motivation others, Negotiating, Teamwork, People management, Personal impact & influence, Public Speaking, Interviewing, Onboarding, Employee Evaluation, Communication

1) Designed online-course «Onboarding» to give optimal guidance on the company`s adaptation process. 2) Launched an interactive online-portal «MyСareer» to bring clarity and transparency to the exciting career opportunities in the company so colleagues can take ownership of their own development journey. 3) Developed succession plans for HiPOs of key roles for next 2 years completed with clear development goals for each potential successor. 4) Organized and implemented 55 training projects for different target audiences in 9 months, beginning with short-term intensives or master-classes and up to the complex training cycles. 5) Launched mentoring program for top talents (Main goals: Develop Top Talents in the People Management area and have at least 1 emergency successor for in 12 months for department); 6) Organized and held large-scale training sessions 2-3 times a year with the number of participants from 80 to 400 people; 7) Created and implemented company`s engagement event «Welcome meeting». This innovation resulted in raise of employees’ enjoyment in the company; helped to reach the number of cross-functional projects and colleagues interactions. In a 3 months, this event increased the number of engage employees to +30%; 8) Designed and implemented strong corporate culture, internal employer branding. The activity helped to increase the number of quality applicants, reduce our costs per recruitment and differentiate ourselves from competitors; 9) Created and implemented onboarding training presentation (Employee handbook) for all departments (no 3rd party involvement). Helped to improve company culture and reduce turnover in 30%; 10) Improved employee engagement by launched «Celebrating Workplace Milestones». This practice resolved one of common quitting job reason - a lack of appreciation at work. ...and even more :)

I am energetic and enthusiastic person who is passionate about talent management. The great interest for me and a logical continuation of all my throughout life efforts is vibrant work environment that will allow me demonstrate and develop my own skills and be useful in return.


IT Recruiter

Kyiv · $1500 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I have seven years of experience in recruitment field. I had been working in Recruitment Agency, International hotel, and IT industry. Recruiting, Headhunting, Executive Search for different clients. Managing full cycle of recruiting process for IT specialists (RoR, JavaScript, React, Angular 2+, Node. js, .NET, C#, QA, IU/UX designer)

IT Recruitment, X-Ray, Executive Search, Communication, Boolean Search, Onboarding, Talent acquisition, Adaptation and motivation, headhunting, English, Linkedin

Im looking for IT recruiter positions in IT company with a friendly atmosphere and opportunities for professional growing. Preferably big companies.



Kyiv · $800 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

HR-manager , LTD retail January 2018 - up to present taking on, hiring, transferring, firing employment legislation organizing documentation with accordance to standarts creating timetable of vacations employee retention and evaluation developing internal hr policies monitoring employeеs’ duties & rules analysis of the labor market making reports about work Recrutier , LTD retail August 2016 - December 2017 conduction in the full life cycle of recruiting active searching оf employees in central Ukraine newcomes adaptation process travel managment interviewing candidates making advertisements about free vacancies in different information sources selecting candidates according to their professional qualities head hunting Specialist of service and retail sector Telecommunications April 2013 - April 2015 increasing level in Center of subscribers’ service searching and drawing in new clients, maintaining database of potential clients maintaining relationships with customers reporting on work with current customers and incoming calls consultation on the range and technical parameters of services preparing mutually beneficial agreements

Recruiting, Human Resources, Communication, HR, recruitment, Interviewing, IT Recruitment, Interviews, Microsoft Office, HR policies and procedures, Employees Rotation

Aiming for a challenging position where I will make the best use of existing skills while contributing to a success with my knowledge and proficiency. Concentrated on a further professional and personal development.


HR brand/Head Recruiting/HR generalist/HR consultant

Kyiv · $1500 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

• Executive search/ active search – 15years (6years- IT) • Client account management/Project&data management (in-house/ external) -15 years • HR strategy/process management upgrade – 8 years • HR brand strategy/ HR analytics – 15 years • Facilitation, group training/individual coaching – 15 years • C&B strategy/model upgrade – 8 years • People evaluation and assessment -15 years • Business process analysis/ upgrade – 8 years

Performance Management

- Creating a process of recruitment and evaluation of people with successful adaptation in dozens of projects. - creation and implementation of a system for monitoring the performance of the recruiting department with real-time KPI analysis - creation and implementation of onboarding, adaptation, offboarding processes - the creation and maintenance of customized projects to assess engagement, staff satisfaction for IT companies - creation and implementation of HR brand support / awareness strategy - development and conduct of HR marketing research and surveys and benchmark analysis - organization of the system of involvement of key people in the formation of the HR brand (media activity, creation and support of the prof.IT community, etc.) - creating and conducting training programs and coaching sessions for managers

I am more effective in a team, and now I am looking for like-minded people with whom I can achieve a greater result than alone. I am looking for a company that is willing to invest time in long-term projects to develop its reputation, optimize and achieve manageability of its processes in working with people, and is open to making reality and developing solutions applicable to business problems more than to blind buying "" so did the market leaders .. "And I am ready to help with this with my experience, a systematic approach and the ability to build predictable measurable results, energy and speed and depth of working out decisions, responsibility for the result. I am looking for a job with a drive, trust and transparency :)



Remote work, Ukraine · $500 · 2.5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Хей, роботодавець! Мене звати Анастасія і я пропоную тобі допомогу в пошуку працівників на твої вакансії! Маю великий і дуже позитивний досвід у hr, закривала вакансіх від рядових співробітників до топ-менеджерів. Також хороший досвід у адаптації, мотивації, утримці персоналу, вихідному інтерв'ю, вмію знайти спільну мову та підхід до будь-якої людини. Проводжу співбесіду за американською системою, яку, наприклад, використовує Amazon. Також повністю знаю КЗпП України, вмію проводити міроприємства по програмі SAP.

IT Recruitment, Interviewing, Recruiting, Human Resources, Research, CV Screening, LinkedIn Search, HR, Communication, Linkedin, Interviews, headhunting, Organisation skills, Screening Resumes, adaptation, recruitment, Screening, HR Management

Закриваю за місяць любу кількість вакансій на підприємстві :) Магніт для кандидатів:)

Можу запропонувати послуги HR на фрілансі. Цікавлюсь сферою ІТ і планую майбутній свій досвід отримати у цій сфері та продовжити працювати в ній.

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