UX designer 

Kyiv · $2300 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

More than 5 years of experience as a UX designer creating websites and applications for finance, tourism, education, agriculture and retail companies. Looking for new work opportunities in outsourcing or product company.

Prototyping, wireframing, Axure, Interaction Design, Information Architecture, Personas creating, Adobe Photoshop, Market analysis, Research, Scrum, Jira, estimation, teamwork, ux consultacy, requirements analysis

Looking for UX designer position to work on challenging and exciting projects, where I can apply my skills and knowledge.


Product Designer

Remote work, Ukraine · $1500 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

New York. is the real estate market with a technologically intuitive product that helps home buyers, renters, and agents with all the features they need to get the most out of their experience. * Led visual and interaction design of real estate web and mobile apps (for iOS). * Identified UX requierments with stakeholder. Designed well thought-out solutions for usability challenges. * Produced pixel perfect final design. Worked closely with front-end developers to ensure a high quality implementation and user experience. * Conducted user research and proposed design ctrategies. * Created the design system and a special icon set in colloboration with graphic designer. * ​Iteratively designed and prototyped the mobile app from scratch, including the features, mechanics, characters, animation, visual and user experience. Russian Federation. Freeplayer is the place where you can complete your teams or join to any sport events you like. * Led UX design of an app that helps finding players to collect teams. * Responsible for UI design production of mobile app for IOS platform. * Collaborated with the UI designer to release product on time. Russian Federation. Mbulak is a microfinance company that provides Russian Federation citizens with optimal financial solutions to improve the quality of life. - Collaborated with product managers and engineering teams. - Conducted competitive analysis and user research. - Interviewed stakeholder. - Led UX design of an app for getting loans. - Built prototypes for mobile app using MarvelApp. Densool is an online pharmacy app, which gives you full and official drug information. - Researching, sketching, and executing brand identity. - Led UX design of a system that enables users to order medicine from pharmacies. - Designed all product from conception, wireframes, prototypes, and high-fidelity mockups to sales, marketing, and development.

User Interface, Figma, User Experience, UI/UX, mobile design, Sketch, Prototype, Responsive Design, Principle, Design System, High-fidelity prototyping, Human Interface Guidelines, Design UI/UX, UI / UX, WEB DESIGN, Product Design, Design systems, UI/UX Design, Adobe Illustrator, Prototyping

I’ve been honing me as a Product Designer skills for a few years now and, first and foremost, I’m looking for a position where I can continue to exercise those skills. Highly engaged, talented team and challenging projects. As for company management can provide strong leadership and a clear vision.


Experience Designer / Middle-Senior / Product

Kyiv · $3000 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I am a designer with over 8 years’ experience and I love creating beautiful web and mobile user interfaces. I had the privilege of working with big companies such as Walt Disney, MacPaw, Nokia, Core Logic, Canadian Tire, Walters Kluwer, Yandex, Adidas & more. I am a strong team player and always like the pixel-perfect design. Worked with more than 20 development teams on enterprise-level projects (large scale, multiple stakeholders, long term), as well as with a team of designers, business analysts, QAs, PO, etc. Ability to work under pressure and on numerous projects. Excellent team working and collaboration skills. Agile / SCRUM experience.

User Experience, Figma, User Interface, Prototyping, UI/UX, Sketch, mobile design, Responsive Design, InVision, Product Design, Zeplin, Jira, Graphic design, Design thinking, Banking, Mobile App, Wire-frames, Designing and prototyping interfaces, Adobe Photoshop, Wireframes, WEB DESIGN, Prototype, Photoshop, HTML, CSS, English, Adobe After Effects, Design System, Illustrator, Design processes, Commercial Design, Logo & Brand Identity, Data Visualisation, User Experience Design, App UI, User Testing, Upper - Intermediate English, User Experience , Clickable Prototypes, Android App Design, Design Guidelines, Android Design Guidelines, Pixel Perfect, Analytics, User Interface , Website design, UX / UI, Customer Journey Mapping, Mobile design for Android

A successful product launch is always a joy to me. I am proud of my work at Epam, work on more than 10 international projects and work together with our full-time designers from Kyiv and other countries. I am proud that I am making the pixel-perfect design, for which I am not ashamed.

I can work in any team (big or small) and have such an experience. I would like to work in a product company, but I will also consider outsourcing. I would not want to deal with a lot of Skype meetings. Less talk is more work. I want to do more in the visual part and processes. Ready to discuss compensation.



Dnipro · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

· 07/2018-till now Graphic Designer/UI/UX Designer · 05-09/2019 Graphic Designer «UpWork» · 01-05/2019 Graphic Designer «Beauty-Prof»

User Interface, User Experience, Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Prototyping, Wireframes, mobile design, Adobe Illustrator, UI/UX, WEB DESIGN, Product Design, Responsive Design, Prototype, Design Patterns, UI, landing page, Wireframing, Principle

Разработала дизайн своего первого приложения и на презентации этого приложения первым вопросом ко мне было - "за сколько вы готовы продать свой проэкт?"

Очень хочется быть компонентом чего-то большого и крутого. Люблю работать в команде, поэтому ожидаю обмен бесценным опытом, взаимодействие и поддержку в команде.


UX designer / computer science

Remote work, Ukraine · $950 · 1.5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Education information: 1. EDX-Harvard online program/Computer science/C Murch - May 2020, Montreal, QC, Canada 2. St. Lawrence College/UX Design Sept. 2018-May 2019, Kingston, ON, Canada 2. KNU named by T.G. Shevchenko/MSc Psychology Sept. 2006- June 2011 Kyiv, Ukraine Work experience: 1. I was lucky to have experience with redesigning and launching a website for the Kingston Talent Attraction Hub project (using Balsamic, Axure 8 for). - The clients were Kingston city(ON, Canada) government that wanted to make an easy and comfortable tool for today and future residents of the city. The project was successfully handed for louching. 2. Another project with Kingston Airport (before and after reconstruction), had cooperation with clients, airport observations, interviewing passengers, surveys, competitive scans, customer journey maps, recommendations(no/low cost, next steps) and presentations. - For now, the airport still making all reconstructions considering UX design recommendations. 3. Furthermore, I was conducting Usability Tests, Interviews and Focus Groups as for example: changing a workspace for better productivity, had interviewed job searchers for the Kingston Hub project, etc. 4. During studying, I had multiple prototypes design practice, as for example: with the Limestone bike share project. - The purpose of it was to make an easy way to use a bike(to pay for it) for a few hours and then to leave it in the nearest station. - Was created a prototype of the web site: home page, map with stations and bikes, price propositions, safety tips, help, and your own profile, and shearing it in inVision. 5. As well I had practice with mobile versions for iOS with Balsamic and Marvel tools for creating a Birthday wish App. Were made a few usability tests, analyzes, and the last version of the prototype. I found that all these projects were different and useful for my work experience, I enjoyed all of them and looking forward to new ones.

User Experience, Prototyping, Axure, Design Patterns, InVision, Sketch, English, Wireframes, Product Design, User flows & journeys, WEB DESIGN, mobile design, Usability principles, User Interface, Prototype, Sketching, Balsamiq, Marvel App, Usability Testing, User interviews, Analytics, Information Architecture, Mockups, Responsive Design, Icons design, Mind Mapping, Human Center Design, Design Guidelines, client communication, A/B testing, User Research, Competitive Analysis

- Applying psychology and user experience for projects - Working in the airport - Working in a team that made a Kingston city a better place to live. - Practicing usability tests and interviews. - Making lots of successful mockups, wireframes, user flows, journey maps, analyses, and presentations. - Experience working with banners - Experience in creating child studying mobile app with help of Axure RP and Photoshop - Computer Science and C understanding - Great skills working in a team - Productive and multi-project work for no matter for a limit time - English at a great level - Empathy for users - Strong strategic thinking

I think that there is no work that I wouldn't be wanted to do. As my practice showed that even the most boring tasks can be very interesting. But definitely, I would like to work with people and to use my creativity for the design. As well as interested in details for prototypes, tests and learning something new all the time. I'm open-minded for all projects as mobile apps, web design, robotics products for example.


Web designer, UI\UX designer

Kyiv, Kyiv · $600 · 1.5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

1 year and 6 months as a Web designer 2 years as a support representative 2 years of work as an English copywriter extensive web design courses at MEAT studies, KAMA strong desire to work, thirst for knowledge and new experience; commitment to work, great sense of responsibility for the tasks assigned, qualification in psychology;

Adobe Photoshop, User Interface, Adobe Illustrator, User Experience, Figma, WEB DESIGN, Web - design, Sketch, Wireframes, Prototype, Principle, English, HTML, Prototyping, Photoshop, InVision, Illustrator, CSS, Visual Studio Code, Jira, User Interface , Responsive Design, infographic, Adobe XD, Avocode, Copywriting, Content Writing, mobile design

My copywriting experience, English knowledge, ability to learn fast and motivation may come in handy in the web design area.



Remote work, Ukraine · $1000 · 2.5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Создаю сайты в Figma - лендинги, многостраничники, мобильные версии. Умею собирать сайты в Tilda. Рисую e-mail-письма, баннеры для соцсетей, логотипы, фирменные стили. Основные рабочие инструменты - Figma и Photoshop. А также Illustrator, Sketch, Axure. Делаю анимацию в Photoshop. Хорошо пишу - в прошлом 13 лет работы журналистом и редактором.

Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Figma, WEB DESIGN, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Graphic design, Logo design, Фирменный стиль, Illustrator, Design UI/UX

Нарисовала несколько десятков лендингов и тысячи баннеров для социальных сетей. Умею делать анимацию в Photoshop и собирать сайты в Tilda. Рисую логотипы и создаю фирменные стили. Постоянно учусь - хожу на курсы по дизайну, читаю книги, практикуюсь, слежу за трендами.

Интересные и разные задачи, желательно веб-сайты, материалы для SMM, лендинги.


Junior UI/UX Designer 

Kyiv · $400 · Less than a year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Навыки: - Умею создавать лендинги и многостраничные сайты (responsive, adaptive) - Могу разрабатывать прототипы и mind maps - Работаю в Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator - Собираю сайты в Tilda (Zero Block) - Знаю ограничения HTML, CSS - Свободно владею английским - Не боюсь правок) О себе: трудолюбивая, решаю задачи аккруатно и в срок, не имею проблем с тайм-менеджментом. Умею мыслить логически, гуглить и самостоятельно искать решение задач. Не стесняюсь спрашивать. Умею и люблю работать в команде. Интересуюсь UI/UX и хочу развиваться в этой области.

Figma, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Tilda, User Interface, Prototyping, UI/UX, Responsive Design, User Experience

Горжусь быть ученицей классных и небезызвестных в мире дизайна кураторов. Имею положительный опытом работы с реальными заказчиками в процессе обучения в Projector (Le Botique, Bot & Partners, YUKO).

Для меня важно работать со старшим дизайнером, непосредственно участвовать в проектах (митинги, встречи с заказчиком) и развиваться. Хочу расти и работать головой, быть частью команды.


Product Designer 

Kharkiv · $1800 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Working in partnership with product managers to research and develop inbound requests from users, clients, and BA and QA. Executing UX, UI, and interaction design for nuWeb mobile and web applications. Collaborating daily with mobile/web development teams throughout sprint cycles. Creating a design system.

Sketch, Prototyping, mobile design, User Experience , Figma, Human-Centered Design, UI/UX, Jira, Photoshop, GUI, iOS & Android design, Adobe Illustrator

Professional growth. Difficult and interesting tasks. Adequate management and long-term cooperation prospects.


Lead UX/UI Designer | Full stack product designer 

Kyiv · $6000 · 7 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

• Over $400,000 USD in online sales I helped to raise for the recent client in less than 5 weeks via 2 marketing channels. Currently, it’s even more. • As part of the UX team, I helped another SaaS client to design the all-in-one software intelligence platform that raised $25 million from Microsoft Ventures. For the same particular client, I helped to design billing system architecture based on the mix of both internal and 3rd party solutions. So such things like PCI Compliance, Recurring Billing, dunning, revenue recognition, churn, etc. are familiar and clear to me. 2012 – Present | Freelancing at Upwork, Toptal Over these years, I work with one single mission — to encourage users of your product or service to take desirable actions: e.g. buying your products, signing up into your system, switching from a free plan to a paid one, requesting more information, making an appointment, getting in touch with your sales reps, etc. Just message me here, and I will send you my resume with all the details. Inspired to work with you!

Adobe Photoshop, Crazy Egg, Design Patterns, Google Analytics, Google Material Design, Interaction Design, iOS Human Interface Guidelines, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), User Testing, Adobe Illustrator, CSS3, HTML5, Sketch, Framer, Framer X, Figma / Sketch, Figma, Design & Prototyping, High-fidelity prototyping, iOS & Android design, Invison, iOS HIG, Adaptive Design, A/B testing, Customer Journey Mapping, Business Analysis, Hotjar

• Over $400,000 USD in online sales I helped to raise for the recent client in less than 5 weeks via 2 marketing channels. Currently, it’s even more. • As part of the UX team, I helped another SaaS client to design the all-in-one software intelligence platform that raised $25 million from Microsoft Ventures. For the same particular client, I helped to design billing system architecture based on the mix of both internal and 3rd party solutions. So such things like PCI Compliance, Recurring Billing, dunning, revenue recognition, churn, etc. are familiar and clear to me.

Not interested in game design.

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