Lead/Senior C++ Software Engineer 

Київ · $4500 · 6 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Proficient in modern C++(14/17). Also familiar with: C#, Python, JavaScript. Experienced in Windows user and kernel space development. Self-motivated and enthusiastic about my job. Communicative, leading by example.

C/C++, Windows, WinAPI, C#, JavaScript, Python, Assembler, Multithreading

Challenging tasks, communicative team, comfortable working environment, flexible working hours


Software Team Lead

Удаленная работа, Россия · $4000 · 5 лет опыта · Intermediate

C/C++ (Compiler: MSVC/Clang/GCC/ICC; CUDA/OpenMP/MPI; Lib: STL, Boost, Qt;) - 5 лет. C# (.Net, Unity, .Net Core) - 4 года. VR/AR/GameDev (Unity, Unreal Engine 4) - 3 года. 3D (Blender, OpenGL) - 2 года. Mobile (Android/Java/JNI, iOS/Objective-C) - 2 года. Machine Learning (Python, C/C++, TensorFlow, Keras, OpenCV) - 2 года. Администрирование - Linux/Windows.

C#, C++, Android, Java, Objective-C, iOS, Agile, Scrum, Project Management, Program Management, Linux, Git, VR, .NET Core, Bluetooth LE, Unity3D, Tensorflow, Windows, WinAPI, Android SDK, .NET, ASP.NET CORE

Разработка VR/AR платформ. Разработка методов Машинного обучения, автор патентов. Разработка SDK. Разработка VR/AR/MR игр, демо и симуляторов. Разработка ПО удаленного управления. Разработка системы автоматизации и отчетности.

Профессиональный рост. Неформальная обстановка. Интересный проект. Сложные задачи. Возможность удаленной работы.


Qt/C++ Developer 🔥

Киев, Львов · $2000 · 2 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Summary: C, C++, Qt, QML, STL, WinAPI, MySQL, .NET, multithreading, network applications. Programming Languages/ Technologies Qt QML C++ 11 JS XML Qt multithreading Qt socketts Google Protobuf WinAPI RDBMS My SQL MS Access PL/SQL Frameworks Qt 5,9 RDBMS My SQL MS Access PL/SQL Methodologies Agile, SCRUM Development Tools Eclipse/MyEclipse & Plug-ins Visual Studio 6/.NET/.NET 2008 + Resharper MSDN QtCreator Testing Tools QtTest VCS Mercirial GIT

С++, SQL, MySQL, STL, Qt, QML, WinAPI, Mercurial, Git, C++11, Multithreading, Networking, MVC, Google Protobuf, JavaScript, PHP/HTML/CSS

Migration to new server architecture, adding new games rules and features. Communication with the front-end and art team. Responsibility for GUI (QML) part of client-side application for gambling industry. Taking part in developing client-server communication module and architectures meetings. Developing new features for slot machine, code refactoring, server side programming. (QML, XML, Qt, JavaScript, QTcpSocket, QThread, Mercurial (hg), signal-slot system): nickett.portfoliobox.net Responsibility for Windows version of product of the Company. Studing existing code, refactoring, bug fixing, developing new features. GIT, Protobuf, Qt/QML MVC, C++11.

Интересный продукт!!! Сложные задачи. Профессиональный рост. Перспективный и интересный проект. IPS/матовый монитор Philips или Dell, светлый просторный офис. Вкусный кофе. Работа в команде профессионалов. Работа не единственным C++ разработчиком в команде!


Junior .NET Developer

Днепр · $700 · Beginner/Elementary

Опыт программирования не большой, ограничен программой курсов и набором приложений написанных на предприятии в течении 2 лет так как приходиться совмещать другие должностей (инженер технолог, конструктор и т.п.). На практики реализовывал работу нескольких приложений с БД MS SQL (запросы, функции, хранимые процедуры) используя ADO.NET (было вызвано из за устарелой ОС) и EF (чаще).

C#, Entity Framework, .NET, LINQ, OOP, SQL, HTML, asp.net mvc, CSS, WPF, JavaScript, MVC, WCF, WinForms, C/C++, Visual Studio, Bootstrap, Windows Phone

Всеми проектами для предприятия.

Совместная и плодотворная работа. Новые и интересные задачи.


C++ Developer

Днепр, Харків · $1500 · 1,5 года опыта · Pre-Intermediate

C++11, C++14, Qt, STL, QML, VS, Jira, Mercurial, GitHub, UML, Perforce, git

OOP, C++, Jira, Mercurial, STL, QML, Qt, SVN, UML, Git


Python Developer

Удаленная работа, Украина · $250 · Pre-Intermediate

I am a second-year student. I want to try myself as a developer python. I have a strong desire to learn and develop as a developer.

Python, Django, SQL, HTML5, CSS3

In my work, I like to combine some features, methodologies, and frameworks, even from non-obvious (non-IT) areas, which helps to make results of my activity better.

I expect to get knowledge and experience.I have a huge motivation and zeal that I would like to demonstrate in practice, thereby converting theoretical knowledge into practical skills. I am eager to work hard to develop myself fast.


C/C++ developer

Одесса · $3000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Intermediate

C++, STL, Algorithms, Math etc.

Algorithms, C++, STL

Modern navigation system development. Implementation of terrain visualization algorithms based on Navigation Data Standard (NDS), computational geometry, numerical analysis, C++ programming, code optimization.

Improve math and programming skills in interesting projects.


Rust Developer

Киев · $2500 · 4 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

I have four years of commercial experience in Software Engineering. I worked 2 years as a web developer (Ruby and Node.js), 1 year as a C++ developer, right now I'm working with Rust. Languages: Rust, C++, Ruby, JavaScript, Python, Scala, SQL, PHP, Bash Rust stack: actix, Tokio, futures, futures-cpupool, WASM, wasm-bindgen, clap-rs, proc_macro2 Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, RocksDB

Functional programming, JavaScript, Rust, Vue.js, C/C++, PHP, PostgreSQL, Ruby, SQL, Java, Python, Scala

Successfully finished Google Summer of Code program

I'm not looking for a Ruby/PHP/Javascript/C++ job. I'm looking for a Rust Developer position in the first place, but it's ok if it's coupled to either of those backend technologies. Preferably, I would like to work close to Java/Scala/Go backend stack, so I can get some experience in these languages. I also consider just switching to Scala. I'll also appreciate if there is possibility to communicate with foreign team/customers, so I can develop my English speaking skills (business trips would be great too).


Embedded/IoT Architect 

Удаленная работа, Украина · $2500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

To make a long story short: - Ph.D. in Electronic; 10+ years in R&D; - C/С++, Java, Python; - ARM, PIC, 8051, STM32, Nordic; - Linux; - Sensor fusion; - Wi-Fi, IR, SPI, USB, Bluetooth; - 30+ publications/patents. But the most important is: I can combine all these components together to create a performance-focused embedded system - in Smart Homes, Aviation, Science, and Internet-of-Things.

Bluetooth, C++, Electronic, Embedded C, Hardware, Java Core, Python, Wireless, Assembler

Transportation: - Child safety system for automobiles (BabySafeCo, USA) - Smell recognizing system for airplanes (Airbus, Germany) Energy: - BIOS for embedded control system for nuclear power plants (Impuls, Ukraine) - Biogas-reactor control system (Koenig, Germany) Measurement systems: - Bluetooth Low Energy sniffer device for a low-power communication networks (Perytons, Israel) - Computer vision system to measure a training progress of an archer (Ukraine National archery team) Consumer electronics: - WiFi to IR smart home's converter (Ukraine) - Implementation of the Hands-free BT profile (BeyondSecurity, USA)

I would like to solve tasks with a scientific background (there are enough standard solutions for standard problems on the market). I'm ready for: - remote work - contract work


Разработчик C++

Черкассы · $1200 · 3 года опыта · Pre-Intermediate

VC++, MFC, WIN32 API. Data recovery, image processing. Образование высшее.

Мой проект: www.jademouse.com. Программа использует разработанный мной алгоритм ресайзинга.

Хлтелось бы учавствовать в разработке ПО для обработки фотографий.

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