C/C++ developer

Kyiv · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Date of birth 15/09/1994 (24 y. o.) Residential address Kyiv Citizenship Ukraine WORK EXPERIENCE__________ 2018 - 2019 RelateData - Junior C/C++ developer (Linux) in cybersecurity. Wrote cross-platform APIs and additional features for the company's product and documentation for it. Worked with SQL and NoSQL databases. Used JSON, multithreading, STL, Boost.Asio, POCO and different open source libraries, created simple Python scripts. 2017 – 2018 Freelancer as digital advertising specialist and SEO specialist 2016 – 2017Junior > Middle SEO specialist in Internet-marketing company “Inweb» EDUCATION__________ 2017-2021 UNIT Factory - an educational institution that works by innovative standards of French School “42”: learning how to code, enhancing team working skills and advancing creativity by looking for unique solutions 2011-2016 Odessa National University (Master’s degree in Applied linguistics) TECHNOLOGIES AND SKILLS__________ Programming languages: C, C++, Python(basics) Technologies: Git, Bash OS: Linux(CentOS, Debian), MacOS Databases: MySQL, MsSQL, PostgreSQL, Cassandra. Worked with: Kafka LANGUAGES__________ English – intermediate Polish – upper intermediate French – with vocabulary

C++, Algorithms, C, Multithreading, Linux, Git, C/C++


Unity3D Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $1000 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

C#, C, Unity3D, S.O.L.I.D, Dependency Injection, ScriptableObjects, Facebook API, Game Development, Android, Git, iOS, Firebase Database API, Multiplayer games •5 years of C# programming experience (Unity3d) •15 years of embedded C for microcontrollers programming experience •Deep understanding of game development specifics •Development for platforms: IOS, Android, WebGL •Multiplayer games (Photon Unity Networking) •Plugin integration, optimization techniques and frameworks knowledge. List of some my projects as indie game developer.

Unity3D, C#


Разработчик JavaScript / C++

Novosibirsk · $2500 · 5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

2018 - 2019 - Разработаны интерфейсы модулей управления коммутаторами, позволяющие настраивать QoS Tail Drop, проводить мониторинг состояния портов, настраивать параметры уровня L2. Для систем с критически малым количеством памяти разработана и внедрена легковесная графическая библиотека, позволяющая отрисовывать графики входящего и исходящего трафика в web-интерфейсах (C/C++, Lua, JS) 2018 - 2019 - тренер, обучение студентов (SQL, HTML) 2010 - 2015 Разработано программное обеспечение сбора статистики по используемым данным в сетях связи (C#, T-SQL, PHP, PGSQL), развернуты сервера хранения и обработки данных (обеспечение оперативно-технических мероприятий на сетях связи). 2009 - 2010 Разработано программное обеспечения анализа акустических эффектов в закрытых помещениях (генерация, запись звуковых сигналов разной частоты, вычисление вернувшихся частот), создан внутренний информационный портал аппарата Полномочного представителя президента РФ в СФО (PHP, SQL, HTML) 2007 - 2009 Разработано программное обеспечения для 2D- и 3D- моделирования процессов тепловой конвекции, возникающих во вращающемся тигле (C++)

C++, Linux, Git, STL, OOP, Multithreading, Python, JSON, SQL, C, Docker, JavaScript, Algorithms, HTML5, CSS, Knockout


Game developer

Kyiv · $800 · 1.5 years of experience · Intermediate

My responsibilities are: Writing game logic with Lua - 2 years. Developing puzzle mechanics. Developing new functions to improve work process. Find and fix bugs. Working with art and animation team to support content integration during game development. Work with VCS.

Lua, Mercurial, OOP, Visual Studio, Git, С#, Assembler, OpenGL, С++, Photoshop, SQL, Unity3D, Game Development, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Agile / Jira / Asana / Trello, Algorithms and Data Structures

I graduated from Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture my specialty is Computer Science. Participated in the development of 7 projects.

I want to learn something new and get the opportunity to introduce my ideas to automate or improve the team's work. Good team is very important for me. I`m looking for chalenging and non-trivial work!


Python Software Engineer

Lviv, Kyiv, Odesa · $3000 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

- Programming (Python, basics of C/C++) - Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB) - Data explorations (Pandas, Numpy) - Machine Learning (Scikit learn) - Vizualizations (Matplotlib, D3) - Frameworks: Django, Flask - Web: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, JSON

BeautifulSoup, Python, Django, Git, HTML5, Linux, lxml, Scrapy, C++, CSS3, D3, Flask, MongoDB, numpy, pandas, PostgreSQL, scikit-learn, JavaScript, jQuery, Qt

Professional growth. Interesting projects. Informal atmosphere. Adequate management.


Розробник C++,C#,Go

Kyiv · $3800 · 6 years of experience · Intermediate

Results-oriented professional with more then 10 years relevant work experience in software development, testing, and maintaining enterprise software applications,DB,network and security administration.

С++, Visual Studio, SQL, Networking, TCP/IP, Multithreading, Qt, QtCreator, Security, Oracle , MySQL, PostgreSQL , REST API, GRPC, JSON , XML., WebSockets, C#, Golang, Windows

Strong troubleshooting and debugging skills .



Odesa · $500 · Pre-Intermediate

No work experience. Very motivated to learn python web frameworks and work with databases. Persistent, responsible, desire and ability to learn and improve skills.

C++, OOP, STL, Python, SQL, Visual Studio, Git, HTML5, CSS

Immersion in real work, the acquisition of new knowledge, improvement of skills



$200 · Upper Intermediate

Курсовой проект на 1 курсе файловый менеджер на языке C++, с использованием WinAPI и SFML для реализации графического отображения в консоли.

C++, Algorithms

Хочу получить опыт работы над проектом в команде, проверить свои знания навыки и способности к изучению чего-то нового. Я учусь в университете так что не могу позволить себе полную занятость.


Software Engineer

Kyiv · $1200 · 1 year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

C++, OOP, Multithreading, Git, C, STL, Linux, SQL, bash, Design Patterns, Networking, Boost, Python, Algorithms


Lead/Senior C++ Software Engineer

Lviv · $4350 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

* C/C++ [7+ YOE]: C++11, STL, Boost, GoogleTest, Android NDK. * .NET/C# [2+ YOE]: Marshaling, WCF, Web API, DI, NUnit. * Python [1+ YOE]: Django, ctypes, uWSGI, NginX. * Operating Systems: Linux, Windows. * Development Tools: MS Visual Studio, Eclipse, Komodo, CMake, Autotools. * Embedded experience in C: Ingenico POS (Telium 2); AMP POS. * Databases: MS SQL, MySQL, SQLite. * CVS: Microsoft TFS, Git, Perforce, SVN, Mercurial. * CI/CD: Jenkins, TeamCity. * Skilled in: back-end (low latency, high throughput), client-server, OOP, OOD, Multithreading, Networking, IPC, REST API, Databases, algorithms. * High ability in debugging/problem solving. Good in working with someone else's code. * Software Development Methodologies: Scrum, Kanban.

Git, C++, STL, OOP, Multithreading, Linux, Algorithms, C, Python

Let me share the most important values and principles in my work: * Continuous learning - I am excited to do what i haven’t did before. Love challenging tasks as they bring a new experience. Learn from a situation, learn from people working with, grabbing all the best experience and ready to share, helping colleagues to growth. Curious of new trends and approaches in IT in general. * Quality as it is - In other words - take care of what you do, focussing from a feature to a product in general. Strive for the best result just for the result. Passionate about performance, clear, modular, maintainable, documented and testable code. * Communication is the key - Open Minded and a very strong team player. Always open for any kind of feedbacks as they helping me to understand am I moving in the right direction.

Willing to grow to a Lead Position. Continuously developing Agile Project Management skills and Architecture Oriented Design related knowledge. Good in Time Management, productive under stress and good in Risks and Conflicts Management. Skilled in Object-oriented analysis and design (OOAD).

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