C++ Developer 🔥

Киев · $2500 · 5 лет опыта · Intermediate

C/C++, Windows, WinAPI, MS SQL, Oracle, Java, Android, C#, WPF, Multithreading, Visual Studio, Android Studio, RAD Studio XE, Unity3D, OpenGL, Bluetooth, Windows Drivers, SVN,

Programmer with more than 5 years of C++ experience. Windows is a primary platform. I was engaged in the development and support of the client-bank system for banks throughout Ukraine. Also I have experience in creating and developing software for VR and AR gadgets.

Адекватный менеджмент. Сложные задачи. Профессиональный рост. Интересный проект.

C/C++ developer

Киев, Одесса · $3000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

C/C++, Cryptography, ASN.1, PKCS (#1,#5,#7-12), PKI, Reverse engineering, OpenSSL, ISO8583, XML, XSLT, TCP/IP, IPSec, SSL, Linux, embedded.

интересные задачи.

Разработчик C++ 🔥

Киев · $1500 · 4 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

-C, C++, Assembler Intel 32bit., C# (.NET version 1) -SQL (MySQL, MS SQL, SQLite) -HTML, Javascript, Perl, PHP. -Windows API, POSIX, Carbon (MacOS X), sockets, windows kernel mode development. -Qt5, MFC, VCL, Carbon, .NET 1.

This one https://files.fm/u/x9vdw7jw Chess. C++, Qt5, built for 64bit windows (7, 10, I tested it on both) This is still not a final version, new version soon coming.

in case of fulltime office job, I expect 1. that office will not be too far from home, one hour for transportation is a maximum, I live near KPI, 2. that would be really cool if I could beat a punching bag somewhere there in the office because in case of full-time office job I will have to shorten my training at home.

Разработчик C++

Киев · $2000 · 5 лет опыта · Pre-Intermediate

C, C++, Win API. Multithreading , network sockets programming , troubleshooting and debugging., QT, MFC library, Poco, Oracle , MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, • REST API, web-sockets , JSON and XML data formats • Configuring Apache (Nginx) + PHP + MySQL. • Manage a hosting environment, including database administration • ISO 27001, PCI DSS, cryptographic protocols.

Неформальная обстановка. Профессиональный рост. Адекватный менеджмент. Дружелюбный коллектив. Сложные задачи.

Senior Java, C, C++ / Team Lead / System Architect / Project Manager 🔥

Киев, EU, USA · $4500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Java, J2SE, J2EE, C, C++, Tomcat, Weblogic, Linux, Android, iOS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Postgres, Oracle, Spring, Maven, Ant, CVS, SVN, GIT, Mercurial, Agile, RUP, MFS, CMMI

30+ years of international experience as a consultant in the field of implementation of software systems, determining customer requirements, writing program specification and development of the products Strong background in theoretical mathematics, especially Computer Science Strong experience in language-to-language converters, programming languages processing (development, parsing and executing), cross-platform client-server software, database applications, GUIs, educational courses, Internet/Intranet applications including WEB applications, multimedia systems design and development, OOD, OOA,OOP, project management.

Stability and long term cooperation are prioritized goals en general. But short term projects can be considered as well.

Backend Developer 🔥

Киев · $4000 · 5 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

5 years experience with .Net(mostly C#), C++, and SQL (MySQL). Basic knowledge of java, python, erlang, scala Create technical design based on feature scope and functional requirements Take part in reviewing technical design Take part in code review, as reviewer

Interested in backed development and distributed systems Interested in Artificial Intelligence Not interested in frontend development

Software Engineer / C++ Developer

Киев · $1000 · 1 год опыта · Advanced/Fluent

[Experience] Degree in computer science/data processing field. 1 year of work experience as Software Engineer (C#/C++), abroad, in multinational company. [Skills] Main: C++(C++98/03/11, STL), C#/.Net. Solid technical background in multiple fields. "Skills" section shows only main part of my knowledge. For almost full list of skills, feel free to contact me.

Looking for position with a possibility to work on thoughtfully designed projects using cutting edge, diverse technologies. Especially, but not exclusively: computer vision, machine learning, general AI, AR, IoT, NLP, math/statistic/data processing heavy fields. Willing to negotiate salary in case of really interesting, innovative projects.

C++ developer

any · $2500 · 7 лет опыта · Intermediate

C++, Python, Linux, STL, POSIX, OpenGL, Qt, cmake, git

Diving into functional programming. Learning Haskell.

Graphics Programmer / Senior C++ Developer

Харьков · $3000 · 5 лет опыта · Intermediate

Common knowledge: - UML, OOP/OOD, Design Patterns - 3D/2D Graphics Development, Real-Time Rendering - Metaprogramming - Multithreading - Mobile Programming - Game Engine Design C++ Development: - deep knowledge C++ language (0x) - deep knowledge metaprogramming, templates - deep using STL, Boost - concurrency programming - WinAPI, POSIX GPU and Graphics Development: - deep knowledge OpenGL (3.3/4.1), OpenGL ES (1.0 - 3.0) - using DirectX 10/11/12 - using Vulkan - using OpenCL, CUDA - deep using PowerVR SDK - knowledge shading languages GLSL, HLSL, Cg - Shader Model 3.0 - 5.1 - Physically Based Rendering (BRDF, Image Based Lighting) - Screen Space Ambient Occlusion - Shadow Mapping Android Development: - deep using NDK, JNI, C++ - using OpenGL ES 2.0 - 3.1 - using OpenCV - Gear VR development

Developed 3D UI framework (for Windows, Linux) with Kinect and Emotiv EPOC controllers. Developed application NeuroMediaViewer for viewing photos and videos. Application was developed on this framework. Developed application for real-time rendering of landscape with weather conditions. Developed application with gesture-oriented interface. Processing data from webcam for gesture detection.

Don't propose the iOS development and outsource projects

Software Engineer 🔥

Киев · $2000 · 1 год опыта · Advanced/Fluent

C# : ASP.NET, MVC, Entity Framework, LINQ C++: STL, OpenCV Go: concurrency technics, understanding of language underlying SQL HTML+CSS and JavaScript Understading of programming patterns and SOLID principles. Math knowledge (linear algebra, geometry, probability theory) + good knowledge of algorithms. Languages: Ukrainian (native), English (Upper-Intermediate), Russian (fluent), Czezh (Intermediate), Spanish (Pre-Intermediate)

Took part in different algorithmical contests: ACM ICPC, Yandex Algorithm, codeforces.com, Round 2 contestant of VK Cup 2017. Actively participating in student's life: group leader, member of the student parliament and playing for faculty's volleyball team. Average mark - 92,2/100.

I'd like to be involved in interesting project (research, game dev, neural networks, computer vision etc.) Ready to learn something completely new. Not interested in developing mediocre CRM-systems. Thanks!

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