Android developer

Kyiv · $1700 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

BigDigitals (Android Developer) - October 2018 –July 2019 Skill Up (Java + Android Lecturer) - April 2019 –July 2019 Android Freelance April 2017 – October 2018 I am a software engineer motivated by a passion to programming that I’ve got since 10 years old. By the time, I’ve gathered a deep understanding of OOP principles, algorithms & data structures, as long as Android OS knowledge. 2 years of commercial experience regarding Android development and 10 years in total of hobby, freelance, and competitive programming. I am a fast learner, disregarding to what I have to learn. I've got experience teaching programming, Java and Android to beginners at SkillUp. I started up as a freelance developer, yet most of my Android experience was got at BigDigitals Ukraine, where I did tasks in a plenty of different projects, working with different technologies and features. Mostly, projects were built on MVP(Moxy) + Dagger2 + RxJava + Room DB combination. I've got understanding on what Clean Architecture solves and what pros and cons it can have. Also, I've had some digging into legacy experience, which is not the one I'm proud of, yet I am capable of doing it too. Sometimes I had to switch between three projects in a daily span to succeed our clients’ needs. Project I've worked with: Fashion Wallet (BigDigitals): A blockchain assets wallet mobile application with Fashion Coin (, Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets, made from scratch. Had to dig into Bitcoin and Ethereum related functionality. Google Play: MemoWord (BigDigitals): An organizer for your vocabulary. Did a redesign and significant logic change with some refactoring. I was also responsible for app publishing to Google Play. Google Play: MusicBridge. (startup) Born at Cactus Hackathon, MusicBridge is a mobile dating platform for music lovers. Creates a match based on your Spotify library. My part was in integrating Spotify API, and Firebase services. See more:

Java, Git, OOP, Design Patterns, Android, Android SDK, Kotlin, Mockito, JUnit, REST, Blockchain, Retrofit, Dagger 2, RxJava, Room, Glide, Facebook API, Spotify API, MVC/ MVP/ MVVM, Clean Architecture

I'm proud of my competitive programming awards and my ability to dig into something new quickly. For example, I did all the needed features regarding to Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains in Fashion Wallet app ( My awards in competitive programming: personal: All-Ukrainian Informatics Olympiad – Bronze (2013, 2015), team (as a leader): 2015: ACM ICPC 1/8 finals(SEERC) (school league) 6th place @VNTU, Vinnitsa 2017: the 12TH open international student Olympiad in programming named after S. A. Lebedev and V. M. Glushkov KPI-Open 2017 participant 2019: Google HashCode qualification round 3rd place @TseHub(ЦеХАБ), Kyiv 2019: the 14TH open international student Olympiad in programming named after S. A. Lebedev and V. M. Glushkov KPI-Open 2019 participant, 3rd place among KPI teams.

I’m looking for a position where I could concentrate more on creating a good quality code and product rather than doing a lot of work ASAP, as it often happened. I would prefer Kotlin to Java, yet ready for both.


Android Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $2200 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

OOP Android Android SDK Java SE SQLite RxJava Bluetooth Google API Clean Architecture Dagger 2 REST API Retrofit Networking

Android, Android SDK, Java SE, OOP/OOD, SQLite, Java, Git, REST API, Gradle, Retrofit, JSON, XML, MVP, Design Patterns, Bluetooth LE, Аndroid, Fabric, Glide, Crashlytics, material design, Jira, RxJava/RxAndroid

Профессиональный рост. Стартап. Сложные задачи.


web designer

Remote work, Ukraine · $700 · 2.5 years of experience · Intermediate

Ретушер - 1,5 года - ЧП «Казановский» Web-дизайнер - 1 год - Freelance биржа; Графический дизайнер – 2 года (Март 2017 – Апрель 2019)- ООО «Marine Design Engineering Mykolayiv», отдел «Онлайн маркетинга»;

Adobe Photoshop, User Interface, Figma, WEB DESIGN, mobile design, Graphic design, Adobe XD, Product Design, InVision, User Experience


Junior Android developer

Kyiv · $800 · Upper Intermediate

2 years of Java experience, 6 months experience with Android Participated in hackathons in a web category as web developer. Created guideline for students at university department as a part of educational process. Created a mobile application that solves time management problem as a diploma university project. Currently working on pet-project for tracking hydration level (water intake).

Android, Git, Gradle, MVVM, Design Patterns, OOP, Room, SQL, Clean Architecture, firebase, JUnit, Mockito, Java, XML, JSON

I expect to work on different projects with loyal people. The size of the team doesn't matter as long as we have no troubles communicating with each other. I am willing to create new products but also ready to maintain legacy code if needed.


Android Junior

St. Petersburg · $600 · Intermediate

Знаю Java Core, AndroidSDK. Знаком с Moxy, RxJava Понимаю принципы SOLID, основы Material Design. Получаю искреннее удовольствие от написания кода. Читаю профильную литературу. Умею гуглить.

Android, Java, Git, SQLite, MVP

16 July

Разработчик Java

Kaliningrad · $1300 · 3 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Работаю в сфере IT с 2015 года. Более подробно начал увлекаться программированием в 2016 году, а именно языком Java. На сегодняшний день знаю довольно много разных API и прочих библиотек, а также сам язык на достойном уровне и могу справиться с 97.54% прикладных задач, которые могут быть решены языком Java в теории. Если вам нужна помощь профессионального Java-разработчика, обращайтесь ко мне.

Spring, Maven, Java, Git, JUnit, MySQL, OOP, SQL, REST API, JPA, JDBC, Linux, JSON, Gradle, Mockito, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring Security, XML, Google Guava, GSON, Java Core, REST, Hibernate

Не было такой задачи, которую я не мог решить. Рано или поздно я приходил к решению

Люблю кодить + надо кормить кота)

16 July

Разработчик Android 

Remote work, Ukraine · $3200 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

Android SDK, Java, SQLite, Realm,Room, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Linux

Android SDK, SQLite, HTML, Java, MySQL, CSS, Multithreading, C++, Java EE, JavaScript, Linux, OpenGL

Ищу роботу для реализации своего потенциала. Предпочитаю работать с ответственными и серьёзными людьми.

16 July

Android Developer 🔥 

Kyiv, remote · $3500 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Kotlin, Java, Git, RxJava, Coroutines, Dagger2, picasso/glide ,FCM, Google APIs(maps, routes, sign in, etc), Animations Framework, custom views, REST/graphql (retrofit,okhttp,apollo), sqlite/realm, CA, MVP/MVVM, Android Architecture Components and many other stuff

Android, Design Patterns, Git, Jira, RxJava, SQLite, Gradle, Java/Kotlin, Kotlin Coroutine, Room Persistence Library, Realm DB, Clean Architecture, MVC/ MVP/ MVVM, Dagger 2, Android Architecture Components, Cicerone, Moxy, Conductor

Participation in projects: 1) NDA - social app (5+kk installs, 50-60k DAU) 2) themind - 3) iotspot - seat-share project. Rest api interactions, bug fixing, ui, new features implementation 4) Full client-side developments (solo) 5) Tables reservation app - not available on google play Client-side development (team of 2 devs) 6) 7) Cycling - entartainment project. Rest api interactions, geolocation, ui, game objects interaction, map handling(openstreetmap) etc. Pet project: Upwork profile:

Flexible schedule, interesting projects, personal growth, stable salary, wise management, friendly team, possibility to work from home periodically. I would prefer Kotlin over Java for work.

16 July

QA Engineer

Remote work, Ukraine · $1900 · 2.5 years of experience · Intermediate

Work Experience Djangostars (December 2017- till now) • Functional, Regression, Integration, Acceptance software testing • API testing (Automated Integration tests) • Creation and refactoring test artifacts(Test Plan, Test-Cases, Checklists, Test Reports ) • Сreating a test strategy Ajax Systems (May 2017- October 2017) • Functional, Regression, Integration, Acceptance hardware, software, and cloud testing • Creation and refactoring test documentation • IoT • Troubleshooting • Log analysis Check Estates (February 2017- May 2017) • Planning of testing and work distribution between all team members • Web testing • Test documentation creation and execution • Writing a Software Requirement Specification VanTaxi (September 2016- February 2017) • Mobile testing (iOS, Android) • UI/UX testing • Supporting deployment of software product

Jira, Chrome DevTools, Agile, MySQL, Python, Requirement analysis, Quality Assurance, Manual Testing, Web Testing, Postman, UI/UX testing, Client - server, Confluence

•Bachelor of Software Engineering •Postman, Selenium •Requirements analysis, test design, test implementation, and execution, reporting • Test documentation creation and support, test planning and control, test results analysis, setup testing/project environment • Writing test cases, checklists, bug reports • API testing • Estimation • Hardware testing • Web-applications testing • JIRA, Testrail, Confluence

Get a position of QA Engineer. I would prefer to remote.

16 July

Android developer 🔥

Kyiv · $2400 · 2.5 years of experience · Intermediate

- Java Core (5 year) - Kotlin (1 year) - Android SDK (3 years) - English( Intermediate level) - Understanding of Material design and UX patterns, experience in the work with non-touchable UI(TV-Box) and car Head Unit, Custom Views, Animations, DSL with Anko - Understanding of OOP(Patterns, SOLID) - Experience in MVVM (based on LiveData or DataBinding) and MVI (raw or based on Mosby) architecture building - Annotation processing - Unit and UI Testing - Data storage (SQLite with Room, ObjectBox) - Networking (OKHttp, Fuel, Retrofit) - Wide experience in the work with Reactive programming(RxJava) and Dependency Injection(Dagger 2, Koin) - ArchLibraries (ViewModel, LiveData, Lifecycle, Pagging) - Images and Video (Glide, Picasso, Exomedia Player) - Maps integration: Google Maps, TomTom, MapBox - Working with 3rd party API: Firebase, Telegram, Spotify - Support of the Android old versions - Following the DRY, KISS and YAGNI principles

Android, Java Core, Multithreading, MVVM, Networking, OOP/OOD, English, KotIin

- Development of Android-based Intelligent Vehicle - Development firmware for TV-Box - eCommerce app for getting free ads from different market places. - Online Notepad. - App for accounting of personal finances. - Pharmacology Quiz. - Minesweeper. - OpenGL based app for Boolean Geometry Operations in 3D.

I am interested in the position in a dynamic environment which will extend my technical, management and communication skills. Furthermore, I'd like to work with different sides of the Android ecosystem (Auto, TV, Wear)

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