Senior .Net Developer, Team Lead, Architect

Remote work, Russia · $10000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Hello! I'm ASP.NET Full-Stack Developer with emphasis on the server-side. I have been working as a developer from 2006 and I'm familiar with various technologies (most of them are .NET based). I have passed all stages from junior developer to Senior Developer\Team Lead. Combining research, architecture, development, management, coordination and communication tasks is not a big deal for me. My portfolio contains 50+ projects: WinForms, WPF and ASP.NET. I started projects from scratch and got the existing code base. I have a good experience with database architecture and business logic analyzing. Welcome to boring list with some strange names and abbreviations I have experience with: ✓ OOP and System Design; ✓ Theoretical knowledge and practical experience with design patterns; ✓ Asynchronous and multithreading development (TPL); ✓ Rest API design, architecture, implementation and integration; ✓ GIT (VSTS, github, bitbucket), SVN and TFS version control systems; ✓ .NET \ .NET Core C#; ✓ TypeScript; ✓ JavaScript (jQuery, linq.js, lodash, underscore, moment, HighCharts); ✓ CSS\LESS\SASS, Bootstrap, Bootswatch; ✓ XML, XSLT, Serialization\Deserialization (XML, Binary, JSON); ✓ ASP.NET MVC \ Web API; ✓ ASP.NET Core; ✓ AngularJS 1.x, Angular 6 (beginner); ✓ React (beginner); ✓ Kendo UI (JS and ASP.NET MVC wrapper) and DevExtreme; ✓ Bootstrap, Bootswatch; ✓ SMS integration (Twilio, Plivo, SMSru); ✓ PayPa[l] (Express Checkout (REST API) with Basic Client and Advanced Server integrations) ✓ Email integration (SendGrid, MailGun, Gmail, custom SMTP); ✓ SignalR; ✓ Microsoft Azure (Azure SQL, Azure AD, MobileApp, WebApp, ApiApp, Azure Storage, EventHub, Stream Analytics, Application Insights and others); ✓ MS Bot Framework and MS Teams integaration; ✓ WCF and WebServices; ✓ Entity Framework (Full and Core) (DB-first, code-first and model-first approaches). Deep knowledge of T4 template modifications, DbContext improvement, performance improvement, SQL profiling and others; Also Entity Framework Core; ✓ T4 templates (reach code-generation experience); ✓ LINQ and Dynamic LINQ; ✓ Database architect and optimization including Microsoft SQL/T-SQL; ✓ .NET Desktop (WinForms, WPF: MVVM, MVC) (up to .NET 4.7.2 and Core 2.2); ✓ Windows 8.1 and 10 universal application development (UWP); ✓ Microsoft Enterprise Library; ✓ Microsoft Patterns & Practices: Prism; ✓ Telerik and DevExress frameworks for WinForms and WPF;

C#, .NET, Entity Framework, OOP, Git, mvc, WPF, MVC, Bootstrap, TypeScript, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, LINQ, WinForms, WCF, jQuery, Angular.js, MS SQL, Kanban, English, XUnit, Continuous Integration, T-SQL, REST API, MSSQL, SOLID, SQL, Autofac

Several pretty big projects which work in production now. Some pretty specific tricky tasks I was able to solve.

Any team. any project size. Great communication and collaboration. Having couple more seniors\lead in relation to have two-way knowledge transfer. I don't like SQL Server configuration, and profiling\optimization. I don't like creation documentation.


Junior .NET Developer

Kyiv · $1300 · 1.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I was working on enterprise that provides a platform for different real estate services. Backend part of this platform was written in C# with ASP.NET MVC framework. Internal APIs written using ASP.NET WebAPI. There i had a position of junior full-stack developer and my daily tasks were related to backend and frontend parts of application. In heart of it we had a business rules engine. Also, there was a messaging broker RabbitMQ that we have used for different asynchronous tasks. We used EntityFramework as ORM, and MS SQL Server as database. Also, we used a SignalR for real-time communication(for example in application there was a chat). Frontend parts of application were written in JS with jQuery and knockout libraries. But there was a new module where I had a possibility to work with modern Angular framework. Also I have a theoretical knowledge of unit testing and some experience with it(MSTest). For Depedency Injection in our project we used Autofac DI container. I would like to mention different interesting tasks that i've been working on I developed IVR(intelligent voice response) application that integrates with other parts of system through REST API and gives users access to some part of systems functionality I had a chance to work with Elastic a little bit(using a Nest library) and RabbitMQ.

C#, .NET, Entity Framework, LINQ, JavaScript, Git, SQL, OOP, REST API, SOLID, mvc, MVC, Design Patterns, HTML, CSS, RabbitMQ, TypeScript, Bootstrap, JSON, MS SQL, DI, Autofac

Developing of IVR application

I'm looking for a backend developer job in small or mid-sized team, but not in a big team or big outsorcing company. Also, I want to empasize that level of compensation is not so important. I'm looking for a place where i can get more experience with different backend technologies than on current place.


Data Scientist

Kyiv · $2500 · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate

I hold a data scientist position at SportLab AI. I have a solid mathematical background (PHD degree in theoretical physics) and a strong ability to understand complex mathematical constructions. Good spoken and written English (Upper intermediate level). In our datascience department, we implement AI algorithms to solve various prediction tasks, e.g. bank credit scoring, sport results prediction, trading signals generation, etc. Apart from standard supervised learning algorithms, I have developed a new kind of neural network based on reinforcement learning paradigm and inspired by biological neural networks, which increased the prediction accuracy substantially.

Data Science, Machine Learning, pandas, NumPy, English, Statistics, CNTK, .NET, AI algorithms

I'm looking for a SCRUM team of professionals to grow as a data scientist and to contribute to a valuable and useful product


.NET developer

EU · $4000 · 2.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Halo project - Web application to work with clients who have ERP systems and process their data ( C#, ASP.NET Web API, Entity Framework, Angular 4, EF 6, SignalR ). Tasks: creating DB scripts, UI pages with Angular; updating, adding new features and refactoring backend; working with Azure functions and Web Jobs AKM ( Customer relationship management ) - Web application for the user to create data sampling, work with data, analyze and as result send email to the customer. ( C#,ASP.NET Web API, Angular 6 ADO.NET . ) CSP(Customer Support Portal) - Web application to help users create a request to return products by certain reason. Creating print labels for returning. ( ASP.NET MVC, ADO.NET, Javascript/Jquery, Web Services ) Platform Manager Web and Desktop - Application to manage ERP system . Working with the big amount of data, XML from eBay, validation. ( ASP.NET MVC, ADO.NET, Javascript/Jquery, Web Services, WPF ) Tasks: creating DB scripts, service brokers, windows services, desktop applications, MVC projects and Web API with Angular.

C#, ASP.NET, .NET, Entity Framework, REST API, mvc, MVC

Implemented projects from scratch - MVC, Web API. Created proof of concept for an Angular 6 Web API solution. While refactoring implemented patterns to improve scalability and performance.

Would like to learn any kind of new technologies, that is most important.


Software Engineer

EU · $2500 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Hi! I'm a .NET software engineer with experience in development of large enterprise desktop applications and ASP.NET web applications using C#/.NET, Javascript (React), MS SQL, Azure DevOps, etc... I'm looking for relocation oppoturnities and hope to find company with a great culture, where I can grow professionally.

C#, .NET, JavaScript, Git, SQL, mvc


Team Lead

Kyiv, Berlin · $6000 · 8 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I solve problems. Experienced software developer, was involved in the whole development lifecycle from design to implementation and delivering the product to the customers. Last few years was slowly switching to the management/product area, was partially working as a team leader and product owner. Currently working as a freelance consultant. All the other details of my career can be found in the CV.

C#, LINQ, .NET, SQL, Git, OOP, REST API, Entity Framework, JavaScript, .NET Core, MVC, MSSQL, jQuery, Project Management, Scrum, Architecture, Agile

* I am flexible and agile and can deliver always on-point, even when requirements are underspecified, with high uncertainty or in a chaotic environment * I have no issue with communication on different levels, I can explain the concept to the junior, discuss the architectural problem with the senior and help the salesperson to understand why the button is disabled and why it's a feature and not a bug * I am not afraid of not knowing something, I am willing to find the white spots on my knowledge map and fill them with new information. 3 random facts about me: * I try to read at least 3 profession-related books a year (currently I am reading the Culture Code by Daniel Coyle) * Every year I am trying to design and develop a pet-project that will be added to the main product as a feature * The great goal I pursue is to create my own product.

* Currently, I am based in Berlin and looking for a remote job with a high possibility of relocation in the upcoming year * I am not interested in the 'just development' jobs, I would like to grow and continue transitioning into leading roles.


Junior/Middle .Net Developer

Kyiv · $1500 · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate

9+ years of experience in Automation testing, I was working in Epam and Ciklum. Now I am looking for a new position as .net developer.

C#, .NET, LINQ, Entity Framework, SOLID, Git, SQL, OOP, CSS, Design Patterns, mvc, MS SQL Server

Key Software Developer in Test person in the project

.Net Core + ASP.Net Web API + Entity Framework Angular will be a plus


Middle-Senior Software Engineer

Remote work, Ukraine · $3000 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

.NET software engineer with more than 4 years of commercial experience The experience includes, but is not limited to: 3+ years of back-end web development with the help of .Net Core, ASP.NET WEB API, MsSQl, ORM(Entity Framework, NHibernate). 1+ years of front-end web development (Angular 4+, TypeScript/JavaScript). An enthusiastic and communicative individual, who has a passion for web development with a recent interest in DevOps.

C#, .NET, Entity Framework, LINQ, OOP, REST API, SOLID, Git, JavaScript, .Net Core, C #, Design Patterns, MSSQL, IIS, RabbitMQ, Microservices, TypeScript

In my last project, we were migrating our system to microservices architecture and I was in charge of configuring CI/CD process. Mentoring other developers.

I am not interested in desktop and Xamarin projects.


Junior .NET Developer

Kyiv · $1100 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

I am a .Net software engineer (switcher) with almoust of 1 year of experience. In March 2019 passing Exam 483: Programming in C# in March,19 validates an ability to manage program flow, create and use types, debug applications and implement security as well as implement data access. Demonstrated Skills Application Developer C# Programming Data Query Data Security Data Validation LINQ Object-based Programming Software Development Visual Studio Web Applications Web Developer Earning Criteria VALIDATE SKILLS IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS: - Manage program flow - Create and use types - Debug applications and implement security - Implement data access Previous background in HR Marketing More than seven years of HR marketing experience in the IT industry. Passionate about talent and branding. Fascinated by what 'ticks' people to work and engage in their companies. Challenged by how to energize companies, and to create or enforce their uniqueness. Questions that become more important nowadays since brands are build by real experiences and real communications by real people. Branding inside out: winning the engagement and passion of the most important customers of every organization; it's people.

C#, Entity Framework, OOP, Git, jQuery, OOP / OOD, .NET Core, MVC, .NET, LINQ, WPF, Design Patterns, Bootstrap, SOLID, REST API, Unit test, ASP.NET, REST, SQL, (C#, ASP.NET, ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET CORE, WinForms, XML, MVVM

1)Passed exam Exam 483: Programming in C# 2)Pet Project -Develop componential layered application for airport management. Before being a switcher in Employer Branding field 1)All-Ukrainian Inclusion & Diversity Award 2017 2)Global Corporate PR CSR prize for Interoperability Game 3)European Youth Employability Award 2012

Professional growing, interesting tasks. Preferably Back end developer on a project with .NET framework.


.NET technical lead 

Kyiv · $5000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Technical commercial experience: .Net framework(2.0-4.7.2), C#, WCF, WPF,WF,T4, Entity Framework, ASP.NET (forms and MVC), MS SQL, T-SQL, JavaScript(JQuerry, KnokoutJS, BackboneJS ), TypeScript (Angular2+), Twitter Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, XML, Azure Tools used: Visual studio (up to 2017), GIT, Jira, TeamSity, TFS, Perforce. SQL server management studio and profiler. ANTS performance and memory profilers. Non-Technical commercial experience: 5+ years leading development teams, mentoring, performance review and evaluation, requirements refinement. SCRUM, Lean, Extreme programming. Certificates: Software Architecture Professional (by SEI)

.NET, C#, Entity Framework, WCF, WPF, Git, WebApi, mvc, MS SQL Server, Scrum, WF, Angular 2, TeamCity, TypeScript, Azure, LINQ, .NET Core, SOLID, SQL, OOP, REST API, ASP.NET, MVC

Has multiple successful experiences in delivering web, desktop, and server applications on a key developer and lead developer roles. Has multiple successful mentorship experiences.

looking for fresh and challenging project, WEB or UWP Not ready to travel more than 3-4 times per year. Technical Lead or Architect positions only.

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