Senior iOS Developer 

Харьков · $4000 · 5 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

C/C++, Swift, UE4, Obj-c Mobile Game dev, Mobile iOS native dev, Embeded automotive dev

DDD, Jira, Qt, TDD, C/C++, Visual Studio, Git, Design Patterns, OOP/OOD, SOLID, Unreal Engine 4, Game Development, GameDev, OOP, Swift, SwiftUI, iOS, tvOS, Objective-C, Xcode, UIKit, CoreData, MVC, CocoaPods, JSON, GCD, Multithreading, CoreLocation, Cocoa Touch, MapKit, Autolayout, iOS SDK, Firebase, Dependency injection, Bitbucket, OperationQueue, Foundation, MVVM, Alamofire, Scrum

Every achievement becomes a routine in time. If not it means that an achievement was not very usefull or even worse. It means it cannot be used anywhere else. So why even remember it?

Fresh code, tired of legacy, especially which cannot be modified or rewritten


Junior iOS Developer

Киев · $500 · Меньше года опыта · Intermediate

Currently looking for position of iOS developer. Non commercial experience: 6 months (Swift), 1year(C/C++). Commercial: 3 month. I'm interested in iOS development and I'm looking for job, where I can study new technologies, improve my skills and develop app. My main purpose is find a great company, where I'll grow such as developer, and also do all tasks, which allow company grow with me :)

Swift, iOS, Git, UIKit, REST API, Xcode, CoreData, OOP, MVC, CocoaPods, Autolayout, Foundation, CoreLocation, Multithreading, MapKit, JSON, Alamofire, Jira, Cocoa Touch, Firebase, SOLID


Senior iOS Developer Remote 

Удаленная работа, Украина · $4500 · 7 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Languages: Swift and Objective C as primary languages, java Frameworks/Libraries: Foundation, UIKit, CoreData, CoreLocation, MapKit, AFNetworking, Alamofire, Realm, Texture(AsyncDisplayKit), SwiftyJSON, Stripe, RestKit, Tesseract, SwiftOCR, SSToolkit, MBProgressHUD, JavaSE and others Databases: SQLite, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL Source Control and Dependency Managers: Git, SVN; CocoaPods, Carthage, Maven Web: REST, JSON, XML, HTTP, CSS, HTML Issue tracking: Jira, Bugzilla, Trello, Redmine, GitHub projects Patterns: VIPER, MVC, Delegate, Singleton, Abstract Factory, Adapter Distributed computing: Hadoop platform, HDFS, MapReduce, Hive, Storm, Pig

CoreData, CoreLocation, Foundation, Git, HTTP, iOS, Jira, JSON, Linux, MacOS, MapKit, Objective-C, OOP, REST API, Swift, UIKit, XML, Java, Codable, Alamofire, PromiseKit, Firebase, Firestore, REST

Development and management experience with cryptocurrencies, open-source projects, freelance, project management experience: + 5 years of iOS dev + 3 years of Java dev (Hadoop stack) Active GitHub user. 2 own projects.

Flexible schedule, no bureaucracy, opportunity to work remotely, Swift projects


Senior Software Engineer 🔥

Киев · $3600 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Multitude of C/C++, Java, Objective C projects involving design, optimization in transportation and GIS areas.

STL, C++, Git, OOP, С++, Visual Studio, C, Algorithms, Windows, Boost, WinAPI, SQL

I helped to create unique algorithmic optimizations for tools that are used by thousands of people around in world. Virtually all of my work was done at and for Western companies.

Creativity in algorithms and optimizations are my strongest points where I am most passionate about. I'd like to continue developing in this direction as my main job.


iOS Developer 🔥 

Киев · $2400 · 3 года опыта · Intermediate

UIKit, Foundation, AFNetworking, Photos Framework, AVFoundation, GCD, CoreData, ImageIO, Firebase SDK, JSON, CoreLocation, CoreBluetooth, Swift, UIAutomating Tests, SpriteKit, Unit Tests Lottie animation

Objective-C, Swift, AFNetworking, CoreBluetooth, CoreData, Firebase SDK, GCD, ImageIO, Photos Framework, UIKit, Automated Testing (QA), CoreLocation, SpriteKit, Unit tests, Dependency injection , Lottie animation, VIPER, VIP, MVC, MVC+C

- SDK for connecting and working with Salesforce. - DJ your own radio station from your phone. Combining music streaming with LIVE interactive talk - this is the future of social streaming. − 2D Games − Application that work with smart button, (connect with ifttt, send custom http request by pressing button, work with camera, play/pause music) https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/niu-by-nodon/id1070544814?mt=8 − App for work with the Openmatics Bluetooth Low Energy tags by CoreBluetooth. Showing current or last seen tags location. Sending action on tag (turn on light or play sound) sending local notification when tags was connected or disconnected. https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/detagtive-personal/id1066169637?mt=8 − Application that take a picture or video (or choose from gallery) editing it metadata and send to server. − Store application for Turkish Coca-Cola that offer entrepreneurs order product in large quantities.

Интересные проекты, дружный коллектив, профессиональный рост, адекватный и организованный менеджмент


iOS Developer 

Киев · $2000 · 1 год опыта · Upper Intermediate

- iOS SDK (UIKit, Notification, Foundation) - Swift, Objective-C - CocoaPods, Auto-Layout/Storyboard - RxSwift, RxCocoa, Google SDK - Unit-tests, KVC/KVO - MVC, MVVM, Delegate - Xcode, Source Tree - Agile, Git-Flow, OOP

REST API, Swift, Xcode, Git, iOS SDK, JSON, MVC, MVVM, SOLID, UIKit, CoreData, Objective-C, RxSwift, GCD

What I want: - Professional growth - Swift as a development language - Product oriented team would be preferred


iOS Developer

Киев · $700 · Меньше года опыта · Intermediate

Currently looking for position of iOS developer. Development languages: C, Swift. Some experience with git, UNIX, HTML, CSS and PHP. Familiar with design patterns, Cocoapods, Core Data, UIKit, REST API, JSON, AutoLayout, MapKit, etc. Non commercial experience: 7 months Swift, 8 months C. There is also experience with Jira, Kibana, 3D graphics (Cinema 4D, Maya) video editing and color correction (Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effect, Final Cut).

Swift, iOS, Git, Xcode, UIKit, MVC, CoreData, REST API, OOP, CocoaPods, JSON, Jira, MVVM, Autolayout, Design Patterns, CoreLocation, Foundation, MapKit, Alamofire, REST, Mobile app development, Multithreading, GCD

Під час навчання у UNIT Factory здобув безцінний скіл/розуміння того, що неможливих завдань просто не існує. Дуже швидко навчаюсь та адаптуюсь до команди. Щиро отримую задоволення від результату роботи(дякую перфекціонізм), саме тому і роблю все, для його отримання.

Хотілося б потратити у команду, яка займається дійсно корисними і цікавими речами, перейняти досвід у фанатів своєї справи та вирости як спеціаліст.


Senior iOS Developer / iOS Lead

Львов · $5500 · 6 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Programming languages: Objective-C, Swift; iOS Stack: UIKit, Foundation, MapKit, ARKit, SceneKit, Core Location, Core Data, AVFoundation, Core Graphics, Core Animation, Storyboards, Autolayout, APNS, Notification Center; Additional techonoliges: Alamofire, MagicalRecord, AFNetworking, Branch SDK, Fabric, Crashlytics

Foundation, OOP/OOD, Scrum, UIKit, Agile, CoreData, CoreLocation, Design Patterns, English, iOS, Jira, Objective-C, Swift, Git, TDD, SQLite, MacOS, Xcode, JSON, OOP, CocoaPods, MVC, Multithreading, MVVM, GCD, Cocoa Touch, SOLID, RealmSwift, SwiftLint, Crashlytics, REST API, Objective C, MapKit, realm, Autolayout, Alamofire, Clean Swift, Fastlane, MVP, Unit Testing, Cocoa, VIPER, Push Notifications, CoreAnimation, bitbucket, firebase, XML

I'm a Senior iOS Developer for more than 6 years of commercial experience. Also, I'm a teacher and mentor on iOS Development course. Held the role of Lead iOS Engineer. Will gladly join a serious team with smart and reliable management to create some serious stuff! Very attracted for the possibility to mentor younger developers in the team. Swift only.


IOS Trainee

Одесса · $500 · Upper Intermediate

Began learning Swift on Udemy course not a long time ago, no experience. I can perform simple tasks with code and/or UI. As well I have a Masters degree diploma with honors in engineering (not related to the software development).

iOS, UIKit, Xcode, Swift

Work schedule flexibility and permission for probable distant working.


strong middle iOS Developer

Удаленная работа, Украина · $3000 · 2,5 года опыта · Intermediate

● Strong knowledge of objective-c and swift ● MVC, MVVM, VIPER ● Reactive programming (RxSwift,ReactiveCocoa) ● RESP and SOAP APIs ● Memory management ● Social networks: Facebook, Dribbble, Twitter, VK ● Banking apps ● SOLID and DRY principles ● GIT flow ● Intermediate-Strong level of English and good communication skills

Hard-working, iOS, Swift, Cocoa, Cocoa Touch, GCD, Git, Jira, JSON, MVC, OOP/OOD, realm, REST API, SOAP API, UIKit, Multithreading, MVVM, Objective-C, Scrum, XML, VIPER

— 3+ years of developing of real iOS apps in App Store. — Experience with third-party libraries and APIs. — Solid understanding of the full mobile development life cycle.

- Interesting, creative and dynamically developing projects. - Interesting challenges. - A team of professionals focused on the result. - Professional growth. - Remote work.

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