Front-End Web Developer (Angular/NGRX) 

Удаленная работа, Украина · $4500 · 7 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Javascript / ES2015 / Typescript Angular2+ / RXJS / NGRX / NX Bootstrap / Material / uikit / PrimeNG Loopback / NestJS / Firebase Figma / Sketch

Angular / ngrx, GraphQL, TypeScript, ngrx, REST API, OOP, FRP, RxJS, NX, SCSS

I have over seven years’ of development experience. Over seven years I'm writing an Angular applications with JWT authorization, lazy loaded modules, AOT compilation, route resolvers, i18n, feature flags, several environments, web workers, GraphQL and Redux

I’m highly motivated person, driven by new challenges with a strong desire to meet or exceed business needs.

3 июня

Backend/Full-Stack Web Developer

Киев · $1500 · 2,5 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Full-Stack JS developer (React, Node) from 03.2020 to 06.2020 (2 months) VedideV, Kyiv (IT) Full-Stack Developer (.NET Core/JavaScript) from 11.2019 to 04.2020 (5 months) WorldTicket.Pro, Kyiv (Ticketing Service) Full stack microservices development Backend: - ASP.NET Core - Docker Frontend: - React Node.JS Backend Developer from 01.2019 to 11.2019 (10 months) Freelance (IT) Node.JS Backend Developer from 09.2017 to 02.2019 (1 year 5 months) Projectium Network, Kyiv (IT Startup)

JavaScript, Node.js, TypeScript, React, MongoDB, Git, REST API, Docker, Express.js, PostgreSQL, MySQL, AWS, Linux, Express, HTML, Jira, Redux, Mongoose, GraphQL, RabbitMQ, ORM, Back-End, NodeJS, SQL, Agile, ES2015+, ES6-ES8, REST, BEM, ES6+, C#

2 time hackathon winner (Proffstore Hackathon, NASA Space Apps Challenge 2017) Global Hack Weekend 2019 finalist Developed a complex microservice backend

3 июня

Node.js / architect / lead / fullstack 🔥 

Киев, Bangkok, Seoul, Munich, Mumbai, Lisboa · $4000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

14 years of web engineering. 5 years as an architect Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, Lua, C++ For recruiters: Please skip my profile, if you're representing Ciklum, Global Logic, Epam, SoftServe, Softengi, Travix, SD solutions, Intellias, Brightgrove, Deals Solutions Also, If your domain is one of adult, casinos, crypto-wallets. Recruiter Tip: 1. Please don't start a conversation from questioning me about my salary expectation. 2. When sending a position description, don't forget to inform about the company or client you're working on, and most of all - company values and main principles 3. When sending a position description, don't forget to add your expectations from a person, you willing to find.

Angular.js, JavaScript, Memcached, MongoDB, MySQL, Node.js, PHP, PostgreSQL, ReactJS, Redis, SQLite, TDD, Nginx, React, TypeScript, C++

- video streaming platform for GSN - betting service, full stack, as an architect and lead (bazabet.com.ua) - media exchange front-end platform (explore.glomex.com) - reporter SPA (qupletech.com) - e-banking (Delta Bank payment system architecture and development) - telecommunication services and products (Zultys web messenger architecture and development) - digital cms (creating and maintaining enterprise CMS systems in Epam, Zeobit, Paradigm inc) - marketing & sales systems (traffic rotator system, landing pages generator, localization system, AB split testing system, as a Zeobit dev team member);

- Full-stack web development. - Interested in the development of the videostreaming, e-commerce, e-banking, telecommunication, analytics systems. - Remote co-working. - Coaching.

2 июня

junior web developer

Львов · $600 · Меньше года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

I am Junior Web Developer with experience of 5 months in the IT sphere. I graduated from IT School - OktenWeb University. I have experience in building fullstack project which is based on Node JS as backend for it and Angular 8 as frontend. Recently I built MEAN app where you can create, update and delete your card. Besides, you can upload image to it. While you are not authenticated, you can just look over created cards without permission to edit. When you are authenticated, you can edit or delete chosen cards. Pagination is added. App is optimized and deployed on AWS.

JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, CSS, HTML, Node.js, Bootstrap, REST API, JSON, TypeScript, Jira, MongoDB, es6, MySQL, Angular, Scrum, WebStorm, JS, EcmaScript 6, firebase, ES6+, SCSS, Gulp, jQuery, AWS

2 июня

Senior React Frontend Developer 

Удаленная работа, Украина · $3500 · 8 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Looking for a remote job on React FrontEnd position. Over 8 years in software development. High communications skills and productivity. Excellent developer skills and experience Stack and skills: React, Redux, Saga, Javascript, Typescript, ES8, WebPack, Docker, Git, Unit testing

React, React / Redux, Redis, React Hooks, React Native, React.js, ReactJS, HTML5, CSS, GIT, JavaScript, ES6, Node.js, webpack

1 июня

JavaScript Developer

Краснодар · $2000 · 3 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

I have 3 years of experience in frontend and 2 years in backend. All of the work I am doing using TypeScript. For frontend I use React.js with Redux and Styled-components for CSS. I am using new features like hooks and code splitting. Can start project with custom Webpack config if it's needed. Also have experience with UI libraries like And Design and Material UI, so I can use them in the case project doesn't have design. For backend I use Express.js and MongoDB with Mongoose. Can make server-side software for a website or a mobile app.

JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, React / Redux, TypeScript, Jest, Pupperteer, Functional programming, CSS in JS, BEM, Responsive design, Webpack, Git Flow

Most of my work was based on creating new projects by myself. I was doing frontend and backend, also managing all the architecture. For one app there was a need for custom parser that would take logical expression and turn it into user profiles query. Also did interactive euler diagram with generated results. Plus I sometimes worked with photo editing and web audio apis.

I always work with modern stack of technologies, old legacy code will not be a good suit for me. It is very important for me that the team has good processes and responsible members. Also I believe that well writen task and communications are good things.

29 мая

Full Stack Developer 🔥 

Удаленная работа, Украина · $3000 · 8 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

For the past 4yrs+, I have been working with mostly Javascript and its related technologies like Angular, React, Ember, Vue, Node, Express, Hapi, MongoDB, CouchDB, Grunt, Gulp, Webpack, Jest, Mocha, Babel, Typescript etc Also I started my career as a Java developer and transitioned into more frontend, full-stack roles. As a result of this, I have very good experience with Java, Ruby and their respective frameworks too. I can also find my way around Docker, Jenkins, CircleCI and other common doves tools. Moreover, i have been a software engineer for over 7yrs+ now which includes 3yrs+ steady remote work, and within this period, I have gathered a lot of experience that would be useful to any software team

Node.js, Git, MongoDB, JavaScript, MySQL, REST API, Docker, PostgreSQL, HTML5, Express, Redux, Redis, AWS, SQL, Jira, Jenkins, React, Linux, TypeScript, CSS, OOP, Shell, Kubernetes, TDD, Functional programming, JSON, Software Architecture, bash, React / Redux, Twitter Bootstrap, VanillaJS, Handlebars, MEAN stack, NPM | Yarn, AJAX, Mongo, Chai, HTML/HTML 5, ReduxJS, Bluebird, ws, Google API and Services, Mongoose, Gulp, Back-End, OAuth 2.0, ES2015+, Business Analysis, Serverless, RESTful Services and APIs, rxjs, Algorithms, Java, Bootstrap, HTML, NoSQL, React / Redux / Saga, DOM, Webpack 4, jQuery, Python, PHP, SPA, EventSource/SSE, NPM, JSP, NodeJS, GitLab CI, SCSS, Java Script, Microservices, CSS3

⇢ Improved and maintained a steady code coverage of above 80% across all Javascript based projects in the company. This increased the overall code quality across all clients projects. ⇢ Reviewed and analysed Javascript/Typescript codes created by developers, identify anti-patterns and common source of bugs, provide actionable coaching and improvement plan if needed. ⇢ Migrated and integrated fully automated DevOps process to legacy projects. This improved software delivery process speed across all clients projects.

An environment that will offer me the right opportunity to showcase my skills in a global context and challenge myself on a daily basis by developing properly tested software components in a highly collaborative and passionate team.

27 мая

Junior JavaScript developer

Киев · $500 · Меньше года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

I've started to work with some pet projects (weather application with vanilla js, small react applications). For a year I was involved in several small projects: - documentation system where I used to work on components (vanilla JS) - portal for interpreters where fixed components (Angular) and worked on layout

JavaScript, Redux, HTML5, React, Node.js, REST API, Git, CSS, TypeScript, webpack, AJAX, HTML, JSON, es6, SASS, ES6+, MongoDB, OOP, GIT, JavaScript/NodeJS, MySQL

I'm looking for challenging and interesting projects in a good team.

26 мая

Solutions Architect | Engineering Manager

Киев · $5000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Well-organized tech leader with a 12 years track record in Team Leadership, Stakeholder Management, Software Architecture, and Cloud Computing. Made a cloud-native Serverless webshop with sales in 152 countries and 70% year to year growth. Technical background comes from Lead Developer roles (Node.js, PHP, SQL, Python), there is an experience in SRE and Cloud Computing (AWS, CI/CD, IaC, Highly Available infrastructure, incident management) and in Digital Marketing (SEO, SEM, AB testing, email marketing, affiliate networks)

PHP, MySQL, AWS, Symfony, Scrum, ecommerce, Node.js, CI/CD, Team Leadership, Technical Leadership, Cloud computing, Incident Management, Test Automation Frameworks, Jira, JavaScript, REST API, Python, Stakeholder Management, Engineering management, Mentoring, Jenkins, Serverless, Scalable Web Applications, PHPUnit, Magento, Terraform

Enabled and delivered the business goal of building a cloud-native solution for an existing on-premise e-commerce platform. Migration was done without interruption in sales in 152 countries. Was promoted 4 times to higher position(s) within same company. Introduced tech guilds - an internal community where 40 engineers from 7 different teams drive technology innovation in areas of best engineering practices, test automation, and software architecture. Has shown 20+ demos to customers (C-level management of shopping malls). Prepared 10+ delivery plans for tenders with timeline 1..3 years and total sales value €1..€2M each. Was a point of contact for P1 incidents. Incidents management, solving, and communication to all employee levels. Scaled cloud infrastructure from single region setup to globally available solution with high performance on all continents. Speaker on 7+ conferences and meetups, about PHP, Symfony. Certifications: PHP (Zend), Zend Framework, Symfony, MySQL, AWS Solutions Architect. Lived and worked in Ukraine, Netherlands, UAE.

I'd like to: - Grow tech teams by attracting and retaining new talents - Define technical strategy together with other stakeholders - Lead projects and work on them with other engineers - Improve velocity of tech teams by bringing innovations, fine-tuning development cycle, making sure engineers feel secure, engaged and valued.

26 мая

PHP/Node.Js Developer

London, Berlin, Amsterdam, EU, Canada, USA, Одесса · $1500 · 4 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

I have more than 4 years’ experience solving both technical and business problems as a Full stack web development. From the technical side, I develop application architectures and business logic, and i code with PHP mostly on web app and C# or java on desktop app. I also code UI with the latest technology (Bootstrap,React,Angular). These applications include user interaction/data processing, data delivery, E-commerce, Enterprise and RESTful API's. While on the business side, as a consultant, it is my Job to help client to figure out potential functional requirement of their project in order to solve their business problem and make their job more efficient. It's okay if you think i can’t do all the stack 100%. Just send the front-end (UI & design) job to someone else, and I can take care of all the bak-end code development 95%. And sure I do not always work alone. If you already have existing team for your project, but you still need potential person to help the team move to the net potential level, contact me. Am sure i will fit into your needs. In order to improve my development skills, speed, Performance and Reliability. I have learn more languages, frameworks and also build my own customize modern MVC application written in plain PHP without libraries or frameworks. My Nickname is GOLDEN, but you can call me The Last CodeBender in terms of web development or software engineering in general, because of my default Telekinesis programming power. Am like Avatar the last air bender, master of all element (Air, water, fire and earth). This is how i master the elements of back and front-end development, and i continue to learn and improve my skills by taking advantage of any relevant enhancing skills opportunity.

PHP, Api, RESTful API, MySQL, MVC, OOP, TDD, HTML, Laravel, PHPUnit, JSON, C#, Bootstrap, MongoDB, MS SQL Server, Apache, Vue.js, Node.js, Agile, JavaScript, Git and Version Control Systems, Git, trello, Java EE

Ever since I started working as a software engineer back in 2012, I have worked with software engineers across different teams displaying different traits, skills and communication. I always use best development method and practice like Agile, TDD even when am Freelancing. I don’t always expect magic from my brain to debug my code, so always ask question and research for solutions to a problem. I do what have to be done by following the principle of programming (Development) in order to debug my code and move on. I do work over time 2-3 times a week to help and guide the young developers about the do and don’t principle of software engineering. When Inspiring the junior developers, I appreciate their approach towards problem solving and I try to emulate it in my own behavior. I really love doing what I do (programming), I love writing code (practice) and building new features every single day, I code at nights after work or early morning before going to work. I develop a lot of imresive web applications, some of them are; I develop web app called SportKet with my own customize modern MVC application written in plain PHP without libraries or frameworks. SportKet get young talented football players certified for trials and connect them to potential clubs around the world. (Cuurently Updataing the site with Laravel and the whole business logic) Last year i help a client to come up with an idea and also lead the development team of the project that has to with FOOD called BELEFOOD. BeleFood is food search engine web application that helps you search, book or order food online . Am currently leading a team of 7 to develop a transportation tracking system(AI). The application will help people book a car on or befor the day they want to travel. The app will allow the family of traveler to their love once. And also, the security operative can use the app to check or verify if a car (Bus) is genuily load from the mortor park, drivers or passenger creminal record etc.

Working in a small or big team or project to build efficient, testable, and reusable modules and application architecture. Solve complex performance problems and architectural challenges, and Integration of data storage solutions and UI. And finally the opportunity to learn new technology in order to improve my skills.

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