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19 октября 2018

Node.js developer 

Удаленная работа, Украина · $4000 · 4 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

I have 4+ years of experience in development of web applications with a different complexity. I like JS in any its manifestation. I'm fond of big data and interested in machine learning. I was a Tech Lead on one great project and trained two successors.

17 октября 2018

Full Stack Engineer

Удаленная работа, Portugal · $4000 · 4 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Hi, I am Vitalii. Here is my LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/vitalii-znak/ Looking for a startup or a product company. What motivates me: freedom, equity, interesting tasks, studying new things, transparency, good team. Technology stack I am working right now is: PostgreSQL|MongoDB + Node.Js/Apollo GraphQL + React/Apollo GraphQL| MobX.

- the developer of high-loaded video sharing websites. With up to hundreds of millions of sessions monthly. The most interesting things I have worked on was a development of social networking features for some of the company websites. - I was a developer a CMS solution to manage content for SmartTV apps.

Fully remote work, research, startup, product team, Full-Stack Javascript, interesting work, transparency

17 октября 2018

Junior Node.js developer

Львів · $1200 · 1 год опыта · Upper Intermediate

Javascript (ES6), Typescript, NodeJS, Koa framework, Inversify (basic knowledge), git, Angular 4 (very basic skills), REST API, Sequelize, OOP paradigms, SQL, MySQL

- Working on testing project as a part of training for becoming web developer. Working on back end (NodeJS, JavaScript, Sequelize etc.) and front end (Angular 4) parts. - Working as developer on server part for mobile app. My responsibilities here include developing server part for Android application using NodeJS, TypeStript, Sequelize, Koa, REST API.. Working with Stripe and Visa Checkout payment processing systems.

I'm full of inspiration and energy and ready for a new great challenges, improving existing skills and obtaining absolutely new ones :)

17 октября 2018

Team Lead / Tech Lead / Architect 🔥

Львов, Киев · $3400 · 4 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

I have more than four years of commercial experience in software development and architecture as well as driving small developers' teams. I have a solid experience in applying Scrum and Kanban methodologies, as well as following steps: - Pre-sale customer communication regarding technical solutions - Requirements clarification and gathering - Design of microservices architecture My main stack includes such technologies: - Python (Flask, Django, SQLAlchemy, aiohttp, Tornado) - JavaScript Back-end (Node.js, Express) - HTML, CSS and JavaScript for Front-End (React/Redux, Vue.js) - Java (Spring, Hibernate) - Information Security & Penetration testing concepts Also, I have worked with such database engines as: - MySQL, MS SQL - PostgreSQL - MongoDB - Neo4j - ElasticSearch Besides I have hands-on experience with such DevOps tools as Docker, AWS (EC2, Lambda, RDS), web- and app servers (Apache, Nginx, Gunicorn, Phusion Passenger). Currently I am a CTO of a small service company which appeared from a start-up. My main responsibilities are code review process, pre-sale communication upon technical details, architecture design / basic implementation. I`ve started about 4 years ago as a freelancer on UpWork and Elance, after that had a 3 months internship at SoftServe R&D Department where I was engaged in development of a smart question-answering system with invisible interface. Then I have spent 10 months working full-time at KindGeek as a Middle Software Engineer. During this stint I was responsible both for front- and back-end development with such languages as Python and JavaScript, as well as game dev with Unity engine and Ethereum smart contracts development with Solidity.

I have participated in various projects and some of the most interesting were: - Development of a custom NIOS II processor enhancement using Altera's FPGAs - Smart question answering system with voice interface. In this project I was responsible for back-end (knowledge storage and AI-based voice recognition, text-to-speech generation) - League of Legends players performance measurement tool. I have developed a Unity WebGL game and Python based back-end for a game. - Blockchain based personal data management. I was responsible for Ethereum smart contract development for data storage as well as Node.js back-end.

I don't mind joining a team of passionate people and would like to be able to drive development and architectural decisions in small-medium sized teams as I had such experience and found it quite interesting as well as effective from my side. What I really appreciate in the company -- well defined processes. If you apply such approach -- great, if you don't, but would do -- let's make it together! I would like to improve my management skills as this domain seems quite interesting for me: smth like 'high abstraction level programming', when your variables are people.

6 сентября 2018

Senior Software Developer 

Удаленная работа, Россия · $2200 · 9 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Fullstack graphics/web/net software developer (+sysops). With skills and knowledge in hpc, bussiness development. Result driven, focusing on important. Lean + Kanban. Graphics: OpenGL(+GLSL, +WebGL), OpenCV(image recog, tracking etc etc) Web: NodeJS, PHP, Angular, ElasticSearch(ELK), ES6(RTC,Sockets,Workers/Service,OfflineFirst,PWA), prefer backend, but able to make custom complex effects computed only on GPU. DevOps: Kubernetis, RPM/Arch (but familiar with deb ofc), GCE (mainly) Net: OSI1-7 (but prefer 3+ on top of UDP), P2P, Distrubuted, rt 1E-5second communication Blockchain: this one is trending, huh? In community since 2010, have deep knowledge of most of the aspects. (scrypt/sha,pow/pos/mixed,contracts etc etc etc) Wanna keep this section tight, ask if you require anything else.

15yo - become gm, and get practical experience of resolving conflicts 16-17yo - founder of non-profit internet radio, last for an year, 15 DJ team, still think it was highly professional 18yo - several Olympiads winner, including research publication 19yo+ experience in vast amount of topics, including huge tail of bussiness attempts. ask for cv if you need specifics

I love challenges, because like sharp knife, often i know of find easy solution nobody else wont see. This is my strongest point, and i love to shine at that role. But at the same time im ok to doing any important on regular positions. I am higly motivated if its obvious how my work correlates to the sales. I want to focus on end numbers, increase profits. (For example, when i speeding up web site, weeks later i want to know how much it affected your net) TeamLead/Business analyst/Senior software developer Might be freelance, but it depends. Lean/Kanban.

14 октября 2018

System Architect, Tech Lead, Senior FullStack/NodeJS Developer 🔥 

Удаленная работа, Украина · $5000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Languages: JavaScript (es5-es8), TypeScript, Node.js Frameworks: Express,Koa, Angular, React Technologies: REST, GraphQL, WS, SSE, BDD/TDD, Microservices, Blockchain (Ethereum) Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis Tools: Docker, Vagrant, GIT, Bash OS: Win, Ubunty, MacOS Cloud: AWS, Google Cloud, Heroku, DigitalOcean Others: Scrum, Jira, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Project Managment

- Architecture Design - Code/DB Performance optimization - Design and implementation micro-services - Performance research and optimisation - Implements tools for QA/CD - DevOps best practices

I'm looking for a good team working with quality processes. I would be grateful if you will start communication with answers for this questions: - What is the procedure for hiring? (good answer example: HR-interview via Skype, technical interviews with live coding, optional test-task, an offer) - Approximate distribution of everyday tasks? (good answer example: front end - 30%, back end - 50%, meetings and business requirements - 20%) - Salary expectations? (An example of the bad answer: the company is ready to listen to your wishes) - what is the team now? how will it change? (A good answer example: 2 QA, 2 BackEnd, 3 FrontEnd, 1PM) - Why is the job open? ----------------- Same questions list in Russian: Буду признателен за ответы: - Как выглядит процессинг найма? (Хороший пример ответа: HR-интервью по скайпу, тех-интервью c лайфкодингом, опционально тестовое задание, оффер) - Примерное распределение должностных обязанностей? (Пример: frontend - 30%, backend - 50%, business requirements - 20%) - Зарплатная вилка? (Плохой пример ответа: компания готова выслушать ваши пожелания) - команда? (Хороший пример: 2 QA, 2 BackEnd, 3 FrontEnd, 1PM) - почему открылась вакансия?

16 октября 2018

Senior/Tech Lead Node.js Developer 🔥

Киев · $6000 · 6 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Node.js, Sails.js, Express.js, Nest.js, TypeScript Databases: Redis, MongoDB, PostgreSQL DevOps tools: Gitlab CI, Drone CI Infra: Kubernetes, Helm, Google Kubernetes Engine

8 октября 2018

Senior Full-Stack Node Developer 🔥 

Киев · $4200 · 4 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Software Engineer with 3.5+ years of experience with JavaScript technologies such as Node, TypeScript and other. Mostly involved as a full-stack developer, but prefer server-side. I worked both in product companies and in outsourcing or outstaff. Experienced in designing, developing and optimizing client-side and server-side applications. I have experience in different applications, from chrome extensions, mobile applications to creating Rest and GraphQl APIs and different services. Skills: Backend: Node, TypeScript, Express, Chai, Mocha, Rest Api, GraphQl, Microservices, Laravel, Symfony, OOP, Design Patterns, SOLID, KISS, DRY, Docker, AWS, Kubernetes, Python(basic knowledge), TypeORM, Inversify, mongoose, JWT, git, bash Frontend: React, Redux, ES6/7, Webpack, React Native, SASS, Axios, Flow, TypeScript, EsLint, Redux-saga Database: MySql, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, PostgreSql

Professional team, good management, interesting projects.

18 октября 2018

node.js developer 🔥

Киев · $1000 · 2 года опыта · Pre-Intermediate

MySQL, Linux, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, docker, react, react native redis, mongodb, node.js, jira, git

Учавствовал на множестве интересных и успешных проэктах что помогло накопить не плохой опыт.

Професиональный рост, интерестные задачи. Так как имею опыт с react native(react) и node.js хотелось бы развиваться как фулстек react + node.js.

16 сентября 2018

BackEnd/FullStack JS developer 

remote / relocate (Odessa) · $5000 · Upper Intermediate

For last 5 years I'm working with node/mongo/react to create hight-load distributed systems for startups and big companies. My favorite stack includes: react/redux/saga, express, mongodb, postgres, bootstrap, less/sass, babel, webpack. This allows me to create fast modular back-end and fancy front-end for almost every needs. I always willing to learn something new and trying to find interesting projects, thats why I have experience in blockchain, A.I., neural network, data mining, 2d rendering and text recognition Besides that for more than 10 years of professional experience I have tried myself in java, php, ruby, solidity, mysql, elastic, redis and other technologies which allows me smoothly integrate my code with already existing customer's code. P.S. Can convert your startup demo written by drunk Indian students into real product.

Was part of Wide Orbit team - one of the Google’s projects which helps media companies manage their business by providing solutions that make it easier to buy and sell advertising using radio and television broadcasting Have recently got decent experience with crypto currencies (ETH) by developing portal (incubator), wallet, smart contracts and games for BitGuild Have created bunch of facebook/telegram/slack etc. bots for TheWaylo.com using anaconda2 and wit A.I., so user can book tickets while chatting with a bot. Forms must die! Created back end (API) of MathGames.com - educational startup for kids based on US/CA/AU educational system, which was provided to schools in Silicon Valley Created back end (API) of AdventureBucketList.com - tour/ticket/accommodation aggregator which works in US/CA/EU/Tahiti

European/Canadian/US startup which does data analysis/mining, works with crypto currency, but not just copies FaceBook/Instagram/DropBox/Tinder For gambling, porno sites, drug stores and other half legal industries price is doubled

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