Head of QA / QA Manager

Kiev · $3500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

15+ years of overall QA experience, 10+ years of experience in leading and management positions. - Experienced in building / re-organization of the high-quality testing process for QA teams; - Experienced in managing local and remote teams; - Experienced in hiring and training new QAs, organization of staff professional development; - Experienced in the creation of suitable metrics for measuring test progress and evaluating the quality of the product - Experienced both in manual and automated testing; - Experienced in game development

Confluence, Hiring, Jira, recruitment, stuff training, task management, Team management, Team Performance Management, TestRail, Kanban, Scrum, Tortoise CVS, Automation, Git, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Visual Source Safe, Python, Selenium, SQL

- Has built a strong and successful QA team; - Has built automatization process from a scratch; - I have great experience working in outsourced company with all the specifics this work requires, including adjustment to time difference and communication channels like emails and skype calls.

- I want to have more mentoring and managing tasks than purely technical ones.


CTO / VP of Engineering / Head of R&D / Architect

Киев · $7000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

More than ten years, I successfully led complex projects with small and big teams as a cross-team architect, tech lead, engineering lead, managing a wide range of aspects of software development, process, and methodologies. I am a hands-on technology expert in different verticals and stacks: - Python (Django, Tornado, Flask, NLTK, scikit-learn, TensorFlow, PyTorch); - Scala (Akka, ScalaNLP) - Java (Spring, SerDe/Algorithm) - SQL (PostgreSQL/Greenplum/Redshift, MySQL/MariaDB, Bigtable) - NoSQL (HBase, Cassandra, Neo4j, Redis) - Applications\systems: AWS compute, storage, databases, analytics, messaging. ElasticSearch, Presto, Snowflake, Kafka, Apache Spark, H2O, Airflow, Kubernetes, Hortonworks data platform.

Agile, Algorithms, Big data/Quick data, Distributed Systems, ElasticSearch, Highload, Leadership, PostgreSQL, Python, Redis, Apache Spark, Kafka, Kubenetes, Machine Learning, Tensorflow, Scala, Micro-service architecture, Project Management, AWS

I participated in dozens of successful projects big and small, including the experience of selling startups and preparing for an IPO. Example of personal engineering (architectural) achievements (the last five years): - has developed a new successful product with the use of NLP and ml approaches even before the advent of linguistic corpora in German; - took part and made a recognized contribution as the team data architect into the start-up, acquired by the deca-unicorn company; - took part as a data architect into design streaming ETL system to support domain-specific ML-based lead generation and forecasting system of a deca-unicorn company; - took part as a cross-team dedicated tech lead in the implementation of GAAP/management reporting system of a deca-unicorn company.

Preferable big data/geospatial/ml project (Scala/python stack) Medium-sized or large cross-functional team(s) Interesting domain and product that addressed the >1B market


Chief Technical Officer

Киев · $4000 · 3 года опыта · Intermediate

Back-end:Java Core, Java EE (JDBC, JSP,/JSTL, EJB, Collections), Spring (Boot, JPA, REST, MVC, Data, Security); Front-end: React Native, Node JS, Redux. Databases: Hibernate, Postgres, MySQL, NoSQL (MongoDB); Integrations: facebook/instagram API, Google API (login/speadsheet/ analitycs integration), Stripe Api. DevOps: DigitalOcean, namecheap/godaddy, auth0, Circle CI, Docker. Also: Elasticsearch, Redis, Maven, Git, Slack, DevOps, Linux. In past, I'm Fullstack (Java) Developer, with React on front-end part. I have a lot of experience in successfully launching projects from scratch, both in the form of mvp and bringing mvp to the top version using scrum / agile methodologies. Targeting the team to the result, as well as the application of the CI methodology. There is also experience in interacting with the business / customer, creating a model / architecture of the application (cool to use c4model.com) , organizing the work of the development team.

Java, Scrum, Agile, React / Redux, Project Management, Business Requirements, Delivery management, PostgreSQL, Jira, WEB applications

I have extensive experience in developing web applications for business (SaaS), as well as browser-based CRM. In all cases, applications are scalable, the CI principle is implemented (Docker, CircleCI, connected to the master-branch on Bitbucket), created at the level of microservices, with the possibility of extending the functionality and adding new tools. Implementation of the principles of security and protection of the application. Personal selection of employees, the formation of teams to solve the problems of developing mvp, extended functionality / top version, subsequent support and release of updates. Establish communication teams. Also, the formation of a project privacy policy and ensuring the protection of the product. From recent projects: 1) Developing an application for digital marketing agencies (Saas). The application is integrated with Facebook, Google (AdWords, GA), Stripe (payment system), and allows you to conveniently manage advertising accounts, see sales statistics (in Stripe) (automatically places bids for ads, and the budget of campaigns, draws graphs and charts, etc.) . Initially, the front-end used JSP, but was rewritten to ReactJS (material-ui). I myself worked at devOps, downloaded the application to the server (Nginx, dockerHub, Digital ocean, linux), set up databases (postrgeSQL), connected the domain name and configured the ssl certificate, deployed the application. 2) Development of a crm-service, also for digital marketing agencies, but with expanded functionality and without Stripe. The application automates a number of ppc-manager operations: creating and inserting utm_tags, pixels to ads, uploading lead statistics to Google spreadsheets, tracking advertising account activity, automating uploading facebook costs to Google Analytics, monitoring relevance scores of ads, and also creating a mailing service notifications for all events and actions in ad accounts (Messenger, Telegram, WatsApp, e-mail).

Not interested: financial / banking, healthcare projects. Interested: complicated, unusual projects, ideas.


Full Stack Software Developer 

Удаленная работа, Украина · $6000 · 7 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Experienced engineer, passionate about learning new things, solving interesting problems and building beautiful things. Continuously looking to improve the status quo, optimize the working process. Always on the lookout for new tools and technologies and pushing for their adoption, when I see how it can benefit the team. Believe that code is written for humans, not machines, always push for it to be clean, readable and maintainable.

Express, Jira, Node.js, Web Development, AWS, CSS3, Git, HTML5, Redis, MongoDB, React, JavaScript, TypeScript, GraphQL, Apollo GraphQL, Linux, Figma, React Native, Docker

New startups with interesting ideas behind them, ambitious goals and a chance to make a real impact. Ideally, I'm looking for a remote job in a US startup.


Full Stack Web Developer

Киев · $2500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Beginner/Elementary

Golang, PHP4/5/7 YII2, Laravel REST, SOAP MySQL, PostgreSQL, NATS JavaScript, jQuery, Prototype, Angular 5 HTML, XML, CSS Windows, Linux Apache, Nginx, Microservice Architecture GIT, GIT Lab DevOps, Vagrant, Docker, Consul, CI SEO

PHP, MySQL, Git, REST API, Laravel, Docker, PostgreSQL, Yii2, php7, Golang

Проектирование и разработка внебанковской платежной системы и платежных шлюзов (C2B, B2B). Участие в разработке международной платежной системы. Проектирование и разработка распределенной системы видео мониторинга.

Интерсные задачи в реальные сроки


Lead QA, Senior QA Engineer

Kiev · $2800 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Intermediate

Professional skills and knowledge: • Overall more than 10 years of work experience; • Good knowledge of QA processes and methodologies; • Good understanding of product life cycle, QA and automation processes; • Good skills with network technology and TCP/IP structure; • Good knowledge of SQL, OpenEdge ABL (formerly known as Progress 4GL), Pascal; • Good knowledge of Groovy (dynamic language for the Java Virtual Machine); • Basic knowledge of Java, Python, С# and HTML; • Working knowledge of Windows, web server/application servers, databases, web technologies; • Basic knowledge of CRM, ERP and Workflow systems; • Understanding Agile principles (Scrum and Kanban) • Conducting technical interviews • Mentoring QA

Groovy, Jira, Quality Assurance (QA), SDLC, SoapUI, WebServices, Agile, JDBC, JSON, Kanban, OOP, Scrum, SQL, XML, MongoDB, Oracle, Functional testing, Regression Testing, Postman, Leadership, Git

Taking the project from scratch, the formation of all the processes and strategies, reach to the Productions. Success project with Amazon and Microsoft(MSN)


Lead DevOps Engineer / SRE / Solutions Architect / CTO 

worldwide · $8000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Over 12+ years of overall experience in different areas such as: - containers orchestration - cloud computing - distributed systems - high-load - continuous delivery - monitoring - operating systems - software development - etc.

Kubernetes, AWS, Terraform, Distributed Systems, Linux, system architecture, Docker, Git, Golang, Jenkins

- Designed cloud architecture for several projects including high-load; - Migrated monolith application to microservices running in kubernetes cluster for a company with customers from Fortune 500 - Implemented Infrastructure as Code for several projects; - Implemented Continuous Delivery pipelines for several projects;

Desired conditions: - Challenging projects with cutting edge technology stack - Startups are preferable


Chief Architect, CTO

Киев, EU · $6000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Helps to transform, optimize or build Applications, Solutions, Services in proper and efficient way. Clear reasoning about Architecture design to ensure and fulfill with Business and Enterprise requirements. Based on best practices and 10+ years experience at IT Architecture. Requirements identification is essential part of any Architecture design process. Architecture design (and refactoring/transforming) for highload, high resilience, scalability requirements at cloud and on-premise/enterprise infrastructure. Agile (SCRUM, Kanban) and Waterfall SDLC. Applications (experience) - CRM, ERP, Banking, OSS/BSS, BI; n-Tier, distributed, cloud Industry - Banking/Finance, Telecom, SaaS products ... Other experience: Project Management, IT Consulting

Architect, Highload, SOA, Micro-service architecture, Cloud Architecture, AWS, Agile, Distributed Systems, Solution Design, Design Patterns, EventDrivenArchitecture

Redesign and transforming App products/Landscape on-the-fly, without stop business. 10 times cloud highload app growth with cost reducing and improved stability. App transformation to microservices, including Dev process. SOA transformation for Enterprise landscape

Challenged and interest, goal oriented Architect work: - highload and high resilience products - cloud and on-premise - multiple technologies - Architect responsibility for Software, Application, Data, Infrastructure, Solutions architecture



Киев · $8000 · 5 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Amazon AWS, AWS, Linux, Git, Microservices, Highload


Project Manager

relocate · $8000 · 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Agile (scrum), waterfall (RUP), CI/CD Java, all the Spring ecosystem, all Atlassian, JUnit, git, Maven, Docker, AMQP, MQTT, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Hibernate, HTML/XML, CSS, JS Windows, Linux (Debian and RedHat family), FreeBSD, MacOS Also: c/c++, pascal, basic, python, node.js, C#, Assembler for x86, SQL, Visual Basic (VB & VBA), PHP A little familliar: SASS, Angular, bower, gulp, webpack Start to learn: : Vue.js, React, Gradle, bamboo, Jenkins, Artifactory

JSON, MVC, Agile, AJAX, CSS, CSS3, Hibernate, HTML, HTML5, IntelliJ IDEA, JavaScript, Jira, JSP, Linux, Maven, OOP, REST, Scrum, Spring, Spring MVC, XML, Bootstrap, C++, Continuous Integration, Design Patterns, MySQL, PostgreSQL, TDD, UML, MongoDB, AngularJS, C#, Python, .NET, Visual Studio

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