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19 ноября 2018

machine learning developer, REMOTE ONLY 

Удаленная работа, Украина · $3500 · 9 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

6 years: python(scikit learn,numpy, scipy, pandas), development of machine learning, statistical and mathematical applications, algorithms of numerical analysis, signal processing 5 years: usage of mathematics, machine learning, statistics for various development tasks 1 year: c++ BSc in physics and MSc in mathematics(CSULA), MEng in aerospace engineering(University of Toronto)

social network analysis system to predict chosen parameters of network members, estimate the dynamics of information diffusion in a situation of limited knowledge of the structure of network. methods: log regression, NN, SVM, clustering algorithms, graph algos+custom solutions, Monte Carlo. sports prediction systems nonstandard recommender systems(ideas from math analysis). employment in Canada: signal processing+spectroscopy+machine learning cyber threat detection systems

REMOTE ONLY data analysis/machine learning, mathematical modeling, aerospace engineering

19 ноября 2018

Data Scientist and/or Machine Learning Developer

Удаленная работа · $3000 · 7 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Python, R; Data Science and classical Machine Learning; Deep Learning (TF/Keras) + RNN, CNN, RL SQL, noSQL; mathematics & statistics - my background.

Successful experience in different business branches; out-of-box algorithms development; agile but (very) creative and (very) accurate work; project management/lead position/mentor experience; academic background (applied math); never stop learning: coursera, ODS community, kaggle, mlcourse.ai, own projects.

Complicated but interesting projects; R&D is good; ML Developer and/or DS position; but I can take some part of ML Engineer or Software Developer work; great and professional people around; possibly long-term; no relocation at this moment, remote only.

15 ноября 2018

Junior Data Scientist

Хмельницький, Київ, Одеса, Львів. · $500 · 1,5 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

R, python Project Management, Analysis, Diagnostics of business needs, Data Mining: Business Analytica, Machine Learning, Research, New Business Development, Business Strategy, Statistics, Algorithms, Data visualization, Business development, Economics.

Professional development, courses 2018 Data Scientist with R track Datacamp Electronic certificates 2018 Data Scientist with R Track Marketing Analytics in R: Statistical Modeling Resume updated 1 July 2018 at 16:04 2017 Intro to Python for Data Science Course Візуалізація даних Машинне навчання Як створити стартап 2016 Basic Statistics Bitcoin 101 Data Privacy Fundamentals Data Science Foundations - Level 2 Data Science Hands-On with Open Source Tools Data Science Methodology Data Science for Business - Level 1 Data Science for Business - Level 2 Digital Analytics & Regression Introduction to Data Science Machine Learning with Python Predictive Modeling Fundamentals I R 101 Watson Analytics 101 Аналіз даних та статистичне виведення на мові R Основы статистики

Возможность удаленной работы. Data sciene проекты.

19 ноября 2018

data science engineer, data analysis, nlp, ai, time series, python

Харьков · $1000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Python, Data Science, Statistics, Machine Learning, AI

Специализация - анализ данных, временные ряды, прогнозирование, natural language processing Работал 10 лет в Харьковском Национальном университете им. В.Н. Каразина инженером-программистом и преподавателем на кафедре теоретической и прикладной информатики. Занимался научной работой и коммерческими проектами в сфере разработки ПО. Занимался разработкой торговых роботов для фондовой биржи Украины и форекс. В последние годы больше времени уделял задачам по обработке и анализу текста (nlp).

15 ноября 2018

Head of Data Science / Head of AI

Kiev · $7000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

My core expertise is NLP (14+ years), ML (8+ years) and Team Management. I solve cutting-edge tasks at the intersection between NLP and ML; can do a pure NLP or pure ML/DL projects. Last years I mostly use Python with different frameworks/libraries, also I have strong SQL basis (Oracle Certified Professional in the past). I spent a lot of time in academia, have published articles on NLP/ML subjects, have a strong knowledge of what scientific research is and how to do it right. If you need to realize an algorithm from the latest arXiv.org article - I can do it myself or consult a team about how to do it. Despite scientific background, I prefer the results over the endless research process. It is better to have MVP faster using simpler tools, than use complex tools and have nothing quite a long time. I am good at communications, I can translate business needs into a language of ML models and present achieved results back to the business. I am able to conduct presentations and training on ML/NLP topics. As a team manager, I try to collaborate with each member to understand strong and weak sides of the person to achieve the best performance. I consider that it is profitable for an organization to help employees evolve and I make an effort in this direction. I can train, lead, mentor and manage a team, also I can help you to create a team if you do not have one. Work with data is my passion and I love what I do.

During my life, I built many solutions. Between them, I can differentiate three major categories: 1) Scientific solutions: In the most cases, this is research projects with “the world’s first” paradigm or projects where standard tools do not provide the necessary accuracy and a team needs to reinvent the underlying algorithm to achieve a business goal. 2) Fast product prototypes built based on standard libraries/tools – the main goal of such prototypes is to test an underlying business idea. 3) A full main functionality of a product, wrapped as an MVP, or a new core functionality integrated into an existing product. Between all the solutions I built, the funniest task is a semantic analysis of divinatory texts, the most challenging one – text-based authorship verification.

Looking for a part-time/remote job as Head of AI/ Head of DS/ Head of R&D. Prefer companies where the focus is on both NLP and ML.

9 октября 2018

Data scientist

Киев · $2000 · 2 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Libraries and technologies: Numpy, pandas, scipy, scikit-learn, dask, pyspark, math, sympy, networkx, Tensor Flow(basic skills), keras, matplotlib, mpl_toolkits, plotly, sql, sqlite and mysql Development tools: Spyder, Jupyter, PyCharm, DataGrip, Athena, Pineapple, Zeppelin, Datagrip, Trello, Git Experience in Machine learning: Data preprocessing, Clustering Analysis, Regression, Classification, Build model, Model Validation Big Data technology Hadoop, MapReduce, Yarn ,Spark, Zeppelin, S3, Dask and Ambari Business Analytics Tools: GA, Mixpanel, Klipfolio, Kissmetrics, Adwords, AppsFlyer, Amplitude, Tableau, Google Tag Manager

I have created the model which can automatically generate behavioural insights for any products. Also, I worked with anomaly detection, retention and churn prediction, Markov processes in graphs.

I prefer to work with Artificial Intelligent, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, interesting and difficult challenges. For me, very important professional growth, flexible working hours, new technology, the opportunity to take part courses and conferences, people-oriented management style. I do not want to deal with classical Business Analytics and ordinary, well-known problems.

6 октября 2018

Data scientist & Machine learning engineer 

remote, Kyev, Dnepr · $4000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

over 9 project in Machine learning, 8 years experience, supervise and unsupervise. RecSystem , Video & Image Clasification, Prediction, Deep learning, NLP, Time series, Horse race prediction 8 years Python experience 5 years R experience

Factorisation machine model for dense 3 dimension data with AdaMax optimization. Classification with BigArtm topic model. Boosting for classification model with constraints. Classification video. Boosting for list ranking models. Sequential Pattern Mining Classification. Recomender System for click

Intresting tasks, new experience

17 ноября 2018

Digital Analyst

Киев, Львов, Днепр · $5000 · 4 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google BigQuery, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, Mixpanel, Amplitude, Amazon Mobile Analytics.

18 ноября 2018


Киев, Харьков · $700 · 2 года опыта · Beginner/Elementary

SQL, MySQL, опыт работы с большими массивами данных, Data Analysis

20 ноября 2018

Account manager

Киев · $700 · Меньше года опыта · Upper Intermediate

labeling (motion detection, activity labeling, face recognition), CentOS basic, markup, vatic, mac os, windows maintanence/basic admin, PS, ms office

Icrease my English level from A2+ to B2, improved my skills in solving non-standard problems, worked at top ukrainian IT company

Looking forward to improving my skills at self education and make great conditions for team work

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