Product Owner / Manager 

Николаев, Киев, Харьков, Одесса · $2500 · 5 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Main proficiency and expertise in AdTech and Data Science. My main responsibilities cover the following areas: 1) Product Management 2) Project Management 3) Business Analysis 4) Leading a data science team 5) Business planning 6) Generation and implementation of business ideas for product quality improvement and its business effectiveness. 7) Making the documentation (business requirements documents, use cases, wireframes, competitor analysis etc.). 8) Making presentations for the stakeholders. Overall experience: - 9 years in b2b & b2p, active & “cold” Sales - 5+ years in Product Management - 4 years in Project Management - 3 years in Customer Support - 3 years in Data Science * I've combined several functions at one position - Deep knowledge of product management, data analysis, marketing and business strategy, sales, business mathematics - Advanced knowledge of data science, machine learning - Software: Jira, MS Excel, Pencil, UML, MindMeister, CAD-CAM software etc.

Highload, Product management, Business Analysis, Project Management, UML, User Experience (UX), Data Science

- Complex video platform for CPM traffic sales - Invention, creation, leading and testing of system for CPM traffic conversion (several trade robots, working automatically in a high-load environment) - 12 complex algorithms for online traffic trade process - 7 sucessfull start-ups made during my life - reached 24% cost of production decrease

Professional growth with new IT, outsorce, E-commerce projects and products


data science engineer, data analysis, nlp, ai, time series, python 

Одесса · $1500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Python, Data Science, Statistics, Machine Learning, AI

Linux, Natural Language Processing, python programming, time series forecastng, trading systems developing

Специализация - анализ данных, временные ряды, прогнозирование, natural language processing Работал 10 лет в Харьковском Национальном университете им. В.Н. Каразина инженером-программистом и преподавателем на кафедре теоретической и прикладной информатики. Занимался научной работой и коммерческими проектами в сфере разработки ПО. Занимался разработкой торговых роботов для фондовой биржи Украины и форекс. В последние годы больше времени уделял задачам по обработке и анализу текста (nlp).

18 февраля

Data Scientist

Харьков · $3500 · 5 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Data Scientist & Software Engineer with 8 years’ experience in software design and implementation for major clients in the Energy industry. Strives to leverage new technologies to build and deliver reusable tools and solutions to produce repeatable quality results.

Algorithms, C++, Data Science, English, Git, Machine Learning, Math, numpy, Python, SQL, Tensorflow

18 февраля

Senior Scala Software Engineer 🔥 

Kiev · $4500 · 5 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Scala: Akka(+ components), cats, scalaz, fs2, monocle, doobie, slick, http4s, shapless, etc... Java: Spring(+ components) Python: Django, Flask, NumPy, Pandas Queue: RabbitMQ, Kafka BigData: Hadoop, Spark Search: Elasticsearch, Sphinx DB: Redis, Neo4J, MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, PostgreSQL, MySql Other: Docker, AWS, TensorFlow

Akka, AWS, Django, Flask, Highload, Java, Python, Redis, Scala, Spark, Spring, Cassandra, Docker, ElasticSearch, Hadoop, JavaScript, MongoDB, RabbitMQ

I participated in the creation of 7 large projects. In the last few projects I directly engaged in the development of architecture, which allowed to simplify the logic, improve efficiency and optimize business processes. I am result oriented person, that is why I am very attentive to each project in order to get the product of the highest quality

I am looking for an interesting project with a complex architecture

17 февраля

DWH/ETL Developer

$4500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

I am a DHW / ETL Developer with strong understanding of business needs. I have more than ten years of experience as an IT expert in various industries and can understand business challenges and opportunities quickly. Briefly, I can solve your problems and deliver value without extra supervising. I have experience with: - SAP HANA Data Design & Modeling, Performance Optimization & Troubleshooting - SAP HANA XSJS Services Development - SAP DataServices (ex. Business Objects Data Services) 4.2 ETL Process Development - MS SQL 2008 / 2012 / 2014 Data Warehouse Development - MS SQL 2008 / 2012 / 2014 SSIS ETL Process Development - MS SQL Azure Development - Azure Data Factory v2 Development - Azure Data Lake Storage Integration - Azure Databricks/Python Development

Business Objects Data Services, MS SQL Server, SAP HANA, SSAS, SSIS, Azure Data Factory, JavaScript, Python

Sales reporting system based on MS SQL SSAS + MS SharePoint 2007 (SharePoint Excel Services). Data collected from legacy and current accounting systems using MS DTS / SSIS. DHW / ETL for price-monitoring. Collect SKU price data from regional databases of Sales Force Automation system using MS SSIS. Various DWH / ETL / web-services projects (customer and project details under DNA) on SAP technologies (SAP HANA, SAP XSJS, Business Objects Data Services).

Looking for DWH / ETL / Cloud solutions development. Big Data / Data Science in prospect.

16 февраля

Data scientist

Киев · $2000 · 6 лет опыта · Intermediate

R, Python, Julia, tensorflow, keras, mxnet, xgboost, caret Machine learning, deep learning, data science, biostatistics

Biostatistics, Clinical trials, Machine Learning, R (language), Deep Learning, Python, Julia

15 февраля

Python Software Engineer (remote) 

Удаленная работа, Украина · $3000 · 7 лет опыта · Intermediate

Software Development: Python2/3, Django, Flask, Boto for AWS, SQLAlchemy, Celery, Jira, REST, Social API. Experience with Celery, RabbitMQ, Sentry, Jenkins, Vagrant, Docker. Testing: PyTest, UnitTest, Selenium, FactoryBoy. Databases - MySQL, PostgeSQL, sqlite. Frontend: HTML, CSS, Twitter Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery. Use OS: Linux, Windows.

AJAX, Bootstrap, Django, Flask, Git, MVC, Python, REST API, Linux, MySQL, PostgreSQL, jQuery, JS, Angular.js

I am still stay optimist

Nice team, professional grow. I don't like stupid simple job) I am a backend developer mostly and I am working with Python and frameworks since 2012 so it could be interesting to try another python fields, like Data Science, Machine Learning sphere or another programming language.

14 февраля

Quantitative Analyst / Data Scientist

Киев · $2000 · 5 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Data Science: Python (SciKit-Learn, TensorFlow(basic knowledge), pandas, seaborn, Quantlib, Zipline, Catalyst) Web: PHP (Laravel), SQL, HTML, CSS

Bootstrap, HTML5, Python, MongoDB, PHP, SQL

Developed web-based trading service for crypto-currency markets: developed, tested and deployed trading strategies; user interface and usability concepts; wrote manuals and tutorial materials. Designed and developed several projects for Forex trading and Betting.

Looking for data science / quantitative analyst position preferably in Algorithmic Trading (HF Trading).

14 февраля

Data scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Quantitative Researcher 🔥

Киев, удаленно · $3000 · 5 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

-Programming languages: Python, R, C++ ______________________________________________________________________ -Frameworks: Flask, django ______________________________________________________________________ -Libraries: numpy, pandas, scikit-learn, xgboost, keras, many R packages ______________________________________________________________________ -Technologies: SQL, Docker, AWS ______________________________________________________________________ -Methods and Skills: Statistics and probability theory, regression and classification, unsupervised learning, deep learning for computer vision and NLP, time series, generalized linear (mixed effect) models, GAM models, survival analysis and more -Estimate the probability of a horse winning a race and use these probabilities to design betting strategies. Tools & Technologies: Python, numpy, numba, numpy-groupies. ______________________________________________________________________ -Design investment and risk management strategies and implement them in real time. Tools & Technologies: R, Python, and C++. ______________________________________________________________________ -Develop a model that correctly classifies text from websites as an address or not, in multiple languages. Tools & Technologies: Python, keras, Docker, EC2 ______________________________________________________________________ -Develop a model that detects customers with high probability to churn. Tools & Technologies: R, mgcv, Redshift, glmnet, e1071, randomForest ______________________________________________________________________ -Develop a predictive model for customer orders based on historical orders. Tools & Technologies: Python, numpy, pandas, Redshift ______________________________________________________________________ -Classify website images as company logos or not. Tools & Technologies: Python, numpy, keras, OpenCV ______________________________________________________________________ -Detect, classify and count products on fridge shelves. Tools & Technologies: Python, keras, Google object detection api ________________________________________________________________________ -Model the time interval between two events. Tools & Technologies: R ________________________________________________________________________ -Model patient reaction to medication. Tools & Technologies: R, mgcv ______________________________________________________________________

R, Boosting, computer vision, data.table, Deep Learning, GAM models, ggplot2, Keras, Linux, Machine Learning, MongoDB, NLP, numpy, pandas, Probability theory, Python, Rcpp, Regression and classification, scikit-learn, shiny, Statistical inference, Time Series, Tree-based models, xgboost, AWS, C++, Caret, Django, Docker, Flask, PostgreSQL, SQL

Data scientist with over 5 years of experience and strong background in machine learning algorithms, mathematics, statistics and programming. I enjoy the process of searching for the signal in piles of data, refining it, understanding it and putting it to use.

12 февраля

Machine Learning Engineer

Одесса · $600 · 6 лет опыта · Intermediate

Computer Skills: OS: Windows, Linux Programming: C, Python (GraphLab, Pandas, Numpy .....), R Clouds: AWS EC2 RDBMS: MySQL VCS: GitHub LMS: Moodle Microcontrollers: Atmel, STM32

AWS EC2, Electrical engineering, Electronics, Moodle, numerical methods, Probability theory, Discriminant analysis, Dispersion analysis, GraphLab, Python, Regression analysis, Deep Learnng, C++, R lang

PhD 5 учебных пособий по прикладной математике Конференции, семинары, вебинары по всему спектру IT Сертификаты семинаров Microsoft, Luxoft, PM 2013-2017 гг. Онлайн-курсы Прометеус, Stepik

Профессиональный рост. Адекватный менеджмент. Дружелюбный, командный коллектив. Возможность научной работы и участия в конференциях. Современная техника.

Анонимный поиск работы на Джинне

Кандидаты размещают свой анонимный профиль, работодатели предлагают вакансии. Для кандидатов Джинн бесплатен, работодатель платит 50% месячной з/п по факту найма.

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