Solutions Architect

Киев · $5000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

03/2016 – 03/2019 Solutions architect, Ericsson OSS/BSS transformation project for Kyivstar, Ukraine: Full stack BSS implementation for TSTT, Trinidad and Tobago: 01/2014 — 12/2015 IT development manager, Liqberry Kiev, Ukraine 09/2014 – 06/2015 DB architecture and migration strategy consultant Kiev, Ukraine 02/2013 — 12/2013 Senior solutions architect, Ericsson Khartoum, Sudan CBiO implementation for Zain Sudan: 07/2011 — 12/2012 Business analyst, Irdeto Access B.V. Implementation of Irdeto Customer Central (billing and provisioning for Pay TV operators), responsible for end-to-end business analysis and preparation of solution requirements. 04/2010 — 05/2011 Billing consultant, Alcatel Rabat, Morocco Single Oracle expert/DBA for BSCS iX migration project, full coverage of Oracle-related activities starting from HW sizing to performance tuning 08/2008 - 11/2009 Billing consultant, Atos Origin Kiev, Ukraine Participation in complex project (MTS Ukraine) with the goal to analyze and document existing workarounds and transfer them to Atos Origin for support and maintenance 06/2008 — 08/2008 Solution Architect, Bull SAS Paris, France/Amman, Jordan Preparation of tender proposal for convergent BSCS-based solution (Orange Jordan) 01/2008 — 04/2008 Billing consultant, Alcatel Baku, Azerbaijan Migration from a domestic billing system to the convergent BSCS iX - Alcatel ICC solution (Bakcell) 02/2006 — 01/2008 System Architect, MTS Ukraine Kiev, Ukraine Participated in miscellaneous projects (Customer Care, CRM, Revenue Assurance areas) as IT architect 07/2005 — 01/2006 Analyst team leader, Sitronics Telecom Solutions Kiev, Ukraine Implementation of a customer SelfCare system for MTS Ukraine 06/2004 — 06/2005 Senior revenue assurance analyst, Wataniya Algerie Algiers, Algeria 05/2002 — 06/2004 Revenue assurance expert, MTS Ukraine Kiev, Ukraine 02/1999 — 05/2002 Head of billing team, MTS Ukraine Kiev, Ukraine

Linux, Git, Agile, Jira, Python, Project Management, Scrum, Product management, SQL, Risk Managenet, System Analysis

Participation in telecomm operator startups. Successful migrations of more than 30 mln subscribers. Digital transformations.

New challenges and technologies.



Киев · $6000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Confident, self-directed, out-of-box thinker with optimal results, solutions and results driven leader with over 15 years proven success in designing, developing and delivering cost-effective high performance technology and business solutions to meet challenging business demands. Constantly and rapidly delivered customer satisfaction and scalability while reducing operational costs through innovative automation, self-service and componentized solutions.

Agile, OOP/OOD, Scrum, SDLC, Confluence, Jenkins, Jira, Oracle, Product management, Project Management, SOA, TestComplete, UML, WebServices, iOS, JSON, Kanban, Linux, MacOS, MongoDB, NoSQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, REST API, Sphinx, Tomcat, Waterfall, Windows, XML, Bootstrap, CSS, CSS3, HTML, HTML5, Java, MySQL, Nginx, Spring, Zabbix

Increased turnover by 300% over the past 6 months Increased Development Department from 80 up to 150+ members Implemented processes: -Sales -Project management -Development -Delivery -Support Design Thinking Developed expertise - Blockchain, AI & ML Started more them 20 ICO, STO Implemented more than 5 big blockchain projects - payment system, cryptocurrency trading platform, logistics, social network with payment module A blockchain project in progress - video streaming platform based on the combination of the private and public blockchain. Rebuilt and optimized ORG structure of the company.

Looking for full time job or large project in stable and growing companies or startups.


Team Lead 

Киев · $5500 · 6 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Имеется продолжительный опыт работы на разных игровых проектах. Зачастую занимался решением архитектурных задач разной сложности. Имеется опыт руководства малых и средних команд от этапа создания до релиза продукта. На данном этапе есть амбиция развиваться дальше в этом направлении.

.NET, C#, Scrum, Unity3D, Multithreading, Team leading, Agile, Manage a team, Project Management

Выпущенные неплохие проекты, поддерживаемый код, хорошие отношения с экс компаниями. Несколько успешных менторских опытов с грейдом сотрудников после совместной работы.

Не хочу заниматься ASP.NET.


Senior Developer / Lead Developer / Tech Lead

Munich · $4000 · 9 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Web Development in general, Agile (Scrum/Kanban), PHP, Symfony 2-3-4-5, Java, Spring, PostgreSQL/MySQL, MongoDB

PHP, Symfony 2, Web Development, Linux, MySQL, Agile, Java, PostgreSQL, Selenium, MongoDB, Symfony 4, Redis, Git, Docker

productsup.com — Magento (1.x & 2.x) and Shopify integrations from A to Z (requirements, dev, production operation) enter.ru — architecture, Java ESB integration (Apache ServiceMix) staffim.ru — architecture, server side (Symfony 2, MongoDB) allsoft.ru — architecture, server side (Bitrix, MySQL, Zend Framework)

Full remote or partially remote (Munich is a preferable location)


CTO, Software R&D Leader, Team Leader, Principal Engineer

Киев, Canada, USA · $6000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Intermediate

Over 20 years experience in R&D (security solutions, anti-malware, data processing): software development, malware analysis, threat intelligence, team management, company leading. Many realized projects in developing innovative solutions for WorkStations, Servers, corporate networks and mobile devices. I'm like Harry Stamper from "Armageddon" movie: "I have been drilling holes in the earth for thirty years. And I have never, never missed a depth that I have aimed for". My strongest side: huge experience and exceptional intuition in creating effective and well-coordinated R&D teams. I am not a manager, I am a Team Leader, innovator and teacher.

Scrum, Python, Product management, Cyber Security, C/C++, Cybersecurity Architect, Software Architecture, Windows, Team Leading, Team Managment, Leading teams, Team Leadership, Business Analysis, Delphi, Machine Learning

Создал с ноля антивирусную лабораторию (подразделение компании-стартапа), которая со временем стала основным подразделением компании став основой бизнес-модели. Перейдя в роль CTO развил компанию с 4 до 50 сотрудников, получив B2B заказчиков из других стран. Лично разработал и реализовал множество технологий в области malware-detection, которые были новаторскими на тот момент.

Крупная международная компания, идеально в области информационной безопасности (или имеющая такую ветку). Компания не в состоянии стагнации, а имеющая амбиции и вызовы, желание развивать свои технологии. Рассматриваю как работу в офисе, так и удалённую (особенно актуально для перспектив re-location - готов начать работу удалённо, в случае если заказчик сомневается вкладываться ли ему в релокейшен сотрудника)


CTO, Solution Architect, Principal Devops

Киев · $8000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Technology manager with a strong development background and entrepreneurial mindset. 18+ years of experience including own startup. Built and managed multi-disciplinary teams. Solution architecture in high load systems. Practice a data-driven approach to product development. Always trying to keep up with emerging technologies.

Agile, DevOps, Proactivity, Software Architecture, Web Development, Mindfulness, Product management

Built architectures and infrastructure management solutions for businesses with 1M+ active users, 10's of developers, 100+ servers. Lead large European online service (800K DAU / 3M MAU) as a product development manager. Built a system of dashboards to show various BI metrics and A/B test results calculated/performed by the big / fast data analytics system developed under my management and processing up to 200M events/day. Lead complete re-engineering of the complex legacy system (>10M accounts, 2 PBytes of customer data, >200K concurrent users, 80% load growth year-by-year). Result: several times reduced infrastructure expenses (cost per account) and new services integration time, increased availability, 10x improvement in request processing speed. Lead new product from idea to 1M users. Built a custom file storage platform for the same product (stores 60M files).

I don’t mind to get my hands dirty and build a prototype or MVP. However, I prefer to build/lead a team and take our business to the next level. Мечтаю об успешном украинском продукте на глобальном рынке.


Project Manager

Харьков · $2500 · 3 года опыта · Pre-Intermediate

Dedicated IT project manager with QA and technical background. For myself, I decided that I want to work in a management position. Currently, I`m working as a Project Lead & Mobile Development Lead. Terms of Reference: - consideration of new challenges and their distribution; - stand-up with the team; - preparation of the team's strategy for the quarter; - meetings with QA and server development team; - solving architectural issues; - design development (UI / UX); - work with project documentation; - development of business logic; - communication with the client; - collection and processing of new applications from customers; - release apps to the store.

Charles, Jira, OOP, Release apps to the store, Scrum, Stand-up with the team, Agile, Asana, Create and support documentation, CSS, Design development (UI / UX), HTML, Photoshop, Planning ideas to improve product qualit, Planning the testing process, Risks evaluation, Communication with the client, Development of business logic, Experience in modelling with UML, Git, Jenkins, Kanban, Postman, Selenium, Project Management, Team management, Risk management, project planning, Confluence, Trello, People/processes coordination, Web Development

- Support and development of more than 40 applications per year - Highest quality product in its segment in the market - Creation of a system that ceases to depend on the human factor - Stable release 4 apps per week (more than 200 releases per year)

- Release of only high-quality software - Creating the right working atmosphere in the team - Application of all the experience to bring to the ideal of the software development process


CTO, Delivery Manager, Account Director

Киев · $8000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Managed a team of 50+ people Development experience Design Patterns, Architectural experience Communication with clients

.NET, C#, Entity Framework, Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Studio, WebStorm, Angular, MongoDB

Successfully built many projects and was leading many dev teams

Looking for profitable companies Latest technologies are used in the project Business trips to the client side would be great


JavaScript/Frontend Developer 

Удаленная работа, Украина · $8000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

I’m a javascript/frontend developer with over 10 years of the programming experience, and with several years of the excited team leadership experience. Interested in full-time remote opportunities

Frontend, Git, HTML, JavaScript, Jira, Knockout, Knockout.js, LESS, Magento, OOP, SASS, SCSS, SVN, Backbone.js, Ramda, Angular.js, Functional development, MySQL, React, Test driven development (TDD), MongoDB, Node.js, PHP, TypeScript, Redux, HTML5, REST API, webpack, ES6+, jQuery, CSS, JSON, Angular, AJAX, Yii2, RxJS, Design Patterns, Angular 1.x, mocha, Rect.JS, Sass, mean, Flow, React.js, Three.js, Visual Studio, HTML/HTML 5, ES2015, PostgreSQL, Vue, Laravel, CSS/Less/Sass, angular universal, CSS Modules, Mobx, redux-thunk, vuetify, TypeScipt, HTML5 | CSS3, React JS, Agile, Kanban, Docker, Babel, ES6/ES2015, GitLab, Babylon.js, ES6, Microservices, Heroku, Adobe Illustrator, ReactJS, Angular2+, bash, Fabric.js, Electron, Redis, Scrum, BEM, webgl, StyledComponent, NoSQL, Rx.js with Redux-Observable, ngrx, Symfony 4, Vue.js, Flutter, Angular 7, Confluence, docker, Eslint, Socket.io, WebGL, Linux, SOLID, English, PHPUnit, REST, RxJs, Formik, PHP7, Mongoose, Angular / ngrx, NUnit, EcmaScript 6, Reselect, JavaScript/NodeJS, es6, Svelte, Stylus, Gulp, SASS/SCSS, Jest, React / Redux, GraphQL, Webpack, Express.js, rxjs, SVG, Visual Studio Code, ES6 / ES7, Flask, kanban, Redux-Saga, Flexbox

Improved JavaScript framework. Dozens of clientside widgets for different purposes. Projects on top of Angular, React, Magento, SalesForce. Achieved projects with smooth UX, transperent accessibility and high performance.


Architect / Lead / Senior SDE

Львов · $6500 · 9 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

I have more than 9 years of commercial software development experience. During this period of time, I had a chance to work in different positions in various fields. My primary focus is on creating reliable software that is well tested and easy to maintain. I'm always open to new challenges and learning opportunities. I have a high level of commitment and perseverance.

Java, JavaScript, Python, go, AWS, Kubernetes, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, redis, Memcache, Hibernate, HTML, Linux, Maven, Gradle, Nginx, Tomcat, Spring, Spring Boot, Prometheus+Grafana, Git, Microservices, Docker, SQL, JDBC, Kafka, GraphQL, REST, Cucumber

- Led agile teams up to 10 people - Actively participated in the hiring process of a company - Took part in pre-sales activities - Designed and led the implementation of a scalable cloud-based notification system with microservices architecture and system monitoring - Designed and implemented scalable billing pipeline using serverless architecture - Successfully passed all interviews in the well-known tech giant

I'm looking for new career opportunities where I can have technical ownership and a lot of freedom in decision making. I prefer modern technical stack and greenfield projects.

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