System administrator

Удаленная работа, Украина · $1000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Pre-Intermediate

Linux infrastructure administering: RedHat/CentOS, Debian/Ubuntu BIND MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Percona Cluster, MongoDB Apache, Nginx, Apache+Nginx OpenVPN, PPTP Postfix, Dovercot ELK Microsoft infrastructure administering: Windows server (2008-2016) MSSQL Active Directory Exchange Monitoring: Zabbix, Cacti, New Relic Network infrastructure administering: Mikrotik, Cisco Virtualisation: VMWare, KVM, Proxmox, Hyper-V, Docker, Docker Compose Cloud: Google Cloud, Azure Development: C++, Python, Bash

Apache, bash, Linux, MySQL, Nginx, WebServices, Windows, Windows Server, Cisco, PHP, Docker, Jenkins, TCP/IP, Zabbix, Proxmox, Google Cloud Platform, Azure, DevOps, Python, NoSQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Git, Ubuntu, DNS, DHCP, CentOS, VMware, Linux/Unix, docker, Ansible, Networking, Exim, load balancing

More than 10 years of administration of Windows (7-10, 2008, 2012), Linux (Fedora, Centos, Debian) and FreeBSD, administration of web projects, experience as an architect of highly loaded projects.

Projects based on cloud technology. Automation of projects. High load projects.


System administrator/DevOps 

Киев · $1850 · 6 лет опыта · Intermediate

Linux(Centos, Debian), Nginx, Apache, MySQL. Exim/Postfix, Dovecot Virtualization (Xen, OpenVZ, ESXI) CI-CD based on GitLab Kubernetes

CentOS, Linux, Apache, Debian, MySQL, Nginx, bash, Python, Web Development, VMware, Ubuntu, Networking, Docker, Git, CI/CD, Kubernetes, Ansible

Профессиональный рост, стабильная зарплата. Абсолютно не готов к ночным сменам, кейлоггерам и программам, делающим скриншоты экрана. Все остальные пропозиции с радостью рассмотрю.


Junior Devops Engineer

Киев · $1000 · 3 года опыта · Pre-Intermediate

OS: Linux (Ubuntu, Debian), Windows (10, Server 12-19) Networking: TCP/IP, HTTP/HTTPS, DNS, DHCP, NAT, VLAN Monitoring: Zabbix Version control system: GIT CI/CD: Jenkins Virtualusation: Vmware, VirtualBox Containers: Docker Bug tracking system: Jira Web servers: Nginx, Apache

Linux, Docker, Git, Nginx, Jenkins, CI/CD, Ubuntu, TCP/IP, Networking, DNS, Apache, Jira, VMware, DHCP, VirtualBox, Windows

Наразі працюю helpdesk, але хочу розвиватися в напрямку DevOps. Зараз вивчаю наступні технології та інструменти: Ansible, AWS, Docker, K8S, Python, Jenkins.


System administrator / Junior DevOps

Киев · $1500 · 3 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Working experience: System administrator 09/2016 - present On present job my responsibilities includes administration Windows Server 2008R2/2016, Windows XP/7/10, Linux CentOS/Ubuntu, services: AD, GPO, Terminal Servers, DFS, IIS, DHCP, DNS, Samba, Apache, nginx, configuration Fortigate firewalls, administration virtualization Proxmox(KVM), VirtualBox, administration databases (Oracle, MySQL), administration system of electronic docflow, configuration NAS, monitoring and analyzing network activities (ArcSight). Supporting company with 200+ employees + users around Ukraine. I have skills in writing Perl-scripts, have experience in programming on languages: C/C++, Java SE, Android SDK, PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL, JS, Jquery. Have ability to quick learning.

Windows, AD, GPO, Linux, Perl, HTML/CSS, PHP, JS, Java, Android SDK, Git, Oracle, MySQL, PhpMyAdmin, SQL, KVM virtualization, Terminal Servers, DFS, Samba, IIS, DNS, DHCP, CentOS, PHP-fpm, Ubuntu, Dell Server, ArcSight ESM, Nginx/Apache, JSON

Positive team Ability to improve myself and team


DevOps engineer

Удаленная работа, Украина · $4000 · 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

I can help you to define right DevOps approach for your project, and help you to build and implement effectively your devops processes. I usually provide Ansible based delivery pipelines, but I am not limited to single toolset. I choose tools depending on customer's delivery specifics. Deployment scenarios: - Bare metal servers provisioning - AWS provisioning - DigitalOcean provisioning - Openstack provisioning - Monitoring Continuous integration - Jenkins setup & workflows - Bamboo setup & workflows Virtualization: - ESX

Ansible, Continuous Integration, Jenkins, vagrant, AWS ECS, AWS, Bamboo, Digital Ocean, docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Docker, Python, Ubuntu

50+ deployment solutions (LAMP, MEAN, Java (scala), Python) on DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services, OpenStack platforms. Ongoing practical work with startups from Europe and USA Are you confident about your software infrastructure and deployment processes? I use ansible (but not limited) orchestration to configure repeatable infrastructure for your production and staging environments. I can help you to implement adequate continuous integration/delivery pipeline that ensures possibility to release your product frequently and in a robust way. Usually I am sticking on what is important to your business. I won't suggest you use only latest technologies or adopt the latest "buzz word" tools and techs unless there will be a clear and measurable benefit for your product. If you have a problem to solve, I'd love to help. Let's chat. In some circumstances ,I am also available for custom web application development (usually nodejs/MERN , python, asp.net core2). I am particular about the projects I consider and their business domain on so please get in touch for details. More formal experience: My Github profile describes myself better than any nice work description on a profile :) I am an Experienced full stack software engineer, with project management background (PMP). I provide both DevOps and Software development services. High load, bespoke sw development, PM experience (PMP cert) , DevOps(PAAS & Cloud), CI (Jenkins / Bamboo), Pure JS stack, MEAN, sometimes Win. stack (asp.net MVC, MSSQL) In s/d since 1998, approximately 7 times x 3 years technology periods, during which I was working with needed at that moment set of technologies. Roles covered were (depending on project) - software developer, lead developer, project architect project manager. At a current period: 2017- continue working with startups: R&D activities, cloud, containers, devops ; development in MEAN stack and python ; <censored> enterprise devops platform plugins;

Part-time, looking for direct abroad customers only. Per my past experience on previous projects can speed up your team to go further by suggesting procedures and practices. Being technologist, with software development agency knowledge and experience, including outsourcing experience with eastern software development companies I can provide a cost effective “CTO on demand” style service which allows you to ensure right direction for your development. Having practical experience with project management, can analyze and suggest techniques through which you can improve the way your teams deliver, by looking both at architecture and component make-up of your software platforms and project management processes.


Senior DevOps Engineer

Удаленная работа, Украина · $7000 · 9 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

I've been working as a DevOps engineer for 9 years. I have experience with a wide range of projects, mostly working with migrating "old-fashioned" apps to the Kubernetes and cloud (GCP, AWS) from scratch. I prefer to use cutting-edge technologies, approaches in my work to get flexible, easy to use, and maintainable solutions. Here is the freshest technologies stack I'm using: Linux, Docker, Ansible, AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, Helm, Jenkins, EFK\ELK Stack, Prometheus, Grafana, Bash, Golang, Terraform, Istio

Linux, Git, bash, Docker, AWS, MySQL, Golang, Ansible, Virtualization, People management, Python, LAMP, docker compose, Kubernetes, Istio

- Architect and development cloud platform for multi-tenant CRM systems (CI/CD, Monitoring, Logging, HA design, Securing) - Architect and development highly available logging and monitoring systems for leverage 7Tb traffic a day (EFK/Prometheus) - Migrating to the cloud monolith app by splitting one to the microservices, setup monitoring, logging, CI/CD, service mesh.

Hate Azure :)


DevOps / Team Lead

Днепр · $2000 · 5 лет опыта · Pre-Intermediate

DevOps (1 year) - CentOs, Ubuntu, Debian; - AWS (EC2,S3,IAM,EBS,ECS,ECR,CloudFront,IAM,ELB,AutoScaling,EFS,RDS,Route53,Lambda,SNS,SES), DigitalOcean, Hetzner; - docker, docker-compose, docker swarm; - git, gitlab-ci; - terraform, CloudFormation; - nginx, apache, php-fpm; - haproxy, traefik; - selenium, jmeter, yandextank; - zabbix, cloudwatch, prometheus, grafana; - Ceph; Team Lead Support (2 year) - Oracle VM Server, Citrix XEN Server, ESXi, Hyper-V; - Oracle Primavera, Oracle BI Publisher, Alfresko, 1C 8.3; - OSI, Microtik, AD, RDS, RemoteApp, Radius, iptables, Cpanel\WHM; - Asterisk, 3Cx

Linux, Docker, AWS, bash, Git, docker, Ubuntu/Debian/Centos/Linux, CI/CD, Jira, VMware, Terraform, Apache, Nginx, Zabbix, VMware ESXi


System administrator / DevOps

Киев · $2300 · 4 года опыта · Pre-Intermediate

Microsoft Server 2008, 2012,2016,2019 (AD, Group Policies, DNS, DHCP, print server,Exchange server ,Terminal services/Remote Desktops,VPN); Debian GNU/Linux, CentOs 7,Ubuntu Ansible,Jenkins, Git, Docker,CI/CD,bash scripting Virtualization: Hyper-V , VMware , Proxmox (KVM ,LXC) cloud platform: Microsoft Azure I have a small experience from AWS OpenVAS (Open Vulnerability Assessment System) Snort (IDS/IPS) Office 365, Google Apps for Work G Suite Ticket system OTRS, GLPI voip yeastar PBX network skills Experience in configuring routers and switches,troubleshooting Knowledge of the Open System Interconnection (OSI) reference model and the TCP / IP stack. network switch vendors: Cisco , Dlink, Mikrotik network access point: Cisco Ubiquiti,Mikrotik network gateway: Mikrotik , pfsense, CentOs vpn: OpenVPN, Pritunl, ipsec (strongswan ,libreswan,openswan +GRE) PPTP ISO / IEC 27001

Windows server 2003-2019, AD, Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, Ansible, Jenkins, GitLab, Bash, Hyper-V, VMWare, Proxmox, Azure, AWS, snort, office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, Cisco, CI/CD, pfsense, OpenVPN, IPsec, DevOps, System Administrator, TCP/IP, Networking, DNS, Windows, Git


System administrator 

Киев · $2000 · 5 лет опыта · Intermediate

1. MikroTik, UniFi AWS, Digital Ocean, OVH, etc Docker LAMP/LAPP Basic bash-scripting Asterisk, Free PBX Jira, Confluence, BitBucket, DockerHub GSuite, Jenkins, Artifactory VPN, DNS, SSL, SSH pm2/java applications deploying 2. Routers and periphery administraion (Dell SonicWall, MikroTik, Cisco, TP-Link, D-Link) WLAN/VLAN administration (Unifi) Linux, Windows, Mac administration (PCs & Servers) Virtualization knowledge (LXC, Vagrant, VirtualBox) Bash-scripting knowledge LNMP/LNPP administration Work with ACS, SCS Work with Google Cloud Work with the integration of internal services External and internal office security (firewall, ssh, google authentication) GSuite administration Jira and Confluence administration GitHub administration Jenkins administration Slack administration Remote support Help Desk 3. Удаленная техническая поддержка и администрирование офиса; Управление и оплата доменов и серверов; Администрирование корпоративной почты (gmail); Выполнение задач в Trello; Установка и обслуживание серверной техники; Управление и настройка СКД; Мониторинг работоспособности сервисов и оборудования; Тестирование и ремонт компьютеров, замена неисправных частей, сборка / разборка ПК, настройка периферии; Хелп деск в онлайн режиме 24/7; 4. Создание малого офиса для полноценной работы (настройка оборудования, создание и настройка рабочих мест, настройка IP-телефонии и SIP-номеров, прокладка кабеля); Администрирование АТС (binotel, oktell, zadarma); Контроль учета рабочего времени в Jira; Администрирование и работа с Bitrix24; Управление и настройка СКД; Администрирование корпоративной почты (gmail, yandex); Работа с виртуальными машинами; Монтаж и демонтаж серверной и сетевого оборудования; Работа с серверным оборудованием (cisco, mikrotik, hp, unifi); Работа с безопасностью и шифрованием рабочих станций; Ведение журнала списка техники; Контроль и своевременная оплата удаленных серверов, доменов и доп. сервисов; Удаленная техническая поддержка и обслуживание дочерних офисов холдинга; Курирование и закупка новой техники для офиса; Техническая поддержка всех рабочих мест и периферии офиса; Настройка и конфигурация сети; Настройка и обслуживание камер видеонаблюдения офиса; Восстановление работоспособности системы при сбоях и выходе из строя сетевого оборудования;

Linux, Git, bash, Networking, Jenkins, Nginx, MySQL, TCP/IP, Windows, Mikrotik, PHP-fpm, PostgreSQL, Ubuntu/Debian/Centos/Linux

Техническое администрирование CRM-системы в сфере бинарных опционов. Построение ИТ системы с нуля: создание карты и плана офиса, локальная сеть, телефония. Информационно-техническое обслуживание и поддержка рабочих мест. Управление корпоративной почтой, СКД, jira, bitrix24, trello. Работа с серверным оборудованием, СКС. Опыт работы в колл-центрах. Опыт в создании малого офиса для полноценной работы (Настройка оборудования, создание и настройка рабочих мест, прокладка кабеля.) Знание ПК на уровне продвинутого пользователя (OC Windows, MS Office, internet etc). Тестирование и ремонт компьютеров, замена неисправных частей, сборка/разборка ПК. Знания принципов работы ноутбуков и периферийных компьютерных устройств (Принтеры, сканеры, МФУ, роутеры). Практические навыки тестирования, модернизации и установки ПО Установка операционной системы, ПО. Опыт настройки программ ME.doc, Клиент-банк, 1С. Опыт работы с устройствами на базе Android. Опыт работы с IP-телефонией и SIP-номерами.

Ищу что-то интересное...



Удаленная работа, Россия · $2800 · 9 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

I'm a skilled DevOps engineer working in the software development (advertising field) for more than 8 years. I experienced and in launching ad serving with high load and in building customer-specific environments at scale. Leading IT department (5+ colleagues) for 5+ years. Implemented Puppet as infrastructure as code practise in company for provisioning servers. Organised Oncall egineering as a service of Infrastracture team for 24/7 monitoring and reaction on critical incidents with reaction time < 20 min and run postmortems practise. Built one-stop admin console based on Puppet and Hiera which is used for application delivery by onboarding department. This excluded IT layer that significantly improved time to market of configuration changes and deployment of business applications. I'm familiar with modern technologies and methodologies of software development, such as CI/CD, IaaS, Docker and so on. And really interested in high performance and effective solutions for building and managing infrastructure, running services reliably. Maintained Cassandra clusters with 40Tb+ dataset. Run DBA as a separate role with review of database changes practise. Currently interested in Kubernetes as containers orchestration and improving my Golang knowledge.

Linux, Consul, JVM, Kafka, MySQL, Prometheus, HDFS, PostgreSQL, Node.js, AWS, bash, puppet, Docker, Ubuntu, DC/OS, Mesos, Ansible, Amazon AWS, Git, Nginx, Python, GitLab, GitLab CI, Golang

Run dustributed load balancers at scale 40k+ rps based on differents hosting providers using HAProxy. Launch and maintain geo distributed PostgreSQL cluster with load balancing based on Consul and Pgbouncer. Maintained large scale Prometheus installation. Introduced and performed migration from Gerrit to GitLab as repository management software.

I am looking for a full time remote position as a DevOps Sys admin / SRE.

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