Python Developer 🔥

$3000 · 6 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Python, MySQL, Linux, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, GIT, JIRA, Jenkins, cython

Celery, Django, Git, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Python, Redis, AJAX, Jenkins, Jira, CSS3, AWS

Продуктова компанія і цікавий проект


SQL Server Database and Services Performance Architect

Удаленная работа, Украина · $3500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Strong Experience in Database Design, Performance Tuning of systems monolith, SOA and microservices Hands-on experience with .NET, .NET Core, C# systems with ASP.NET, Web API, MVC5, Angular, React Hands-on experience with SQL Server 2019, Azure SQL Database I can improve and fix the performance and availability of your system I can provide a report with architectural problems, bottlenecks, ways for improvements of your system of the Services and Database parts. I can start your projects with Architectural Design and describe the stages for projects from scratch. I can work closely with your development team on improving the system performance, on making the system scalable, on migrating it to micro-services architecture and on applying distributed design patterns to solve urgent problems of your system. I can work with your product team on new feature design and on technical backlog. I can improve performance of Entity Framework program code, stored procedures, SQL queries. If your team do not have a dedicated software or database architect, I can add value to your team on part-time bases. I speak English, Ukrainian, Russian languages

MS SQL Server, T-SQL, C#, .NET, Visual Studio, Performance Tuning, Database Design and Architecture, store procedures, Windows, Windows Server, Performance Profiling

I improved the performance of several systems. I designed several systems from scratch. I proposed ways of improvements for existing systems. I worked with development teams and product teams to evolve the systems to support higher load and more users

Database Developer, .NET Developer, Architect for your project. I am looking for a remote/freelance, part-time job with the rate of 45 USD per hour. Available up to 15 hours per week for the beginning, and we can discuss the work load for future. The monthly salary is calculated as 45 USD per hour * 65 hours per month = ~3000 USD. I have a registered Ukrainian Private Entrepreneur entity (3rd group) and can accept payments in any currency (UAH, USD, EUR and other). Also I can accept money transfers to my Ukrainian bank accounts or Payoneer account. I live in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. I am not considering any full-time job. I am not considering any office job.


DBA Oracle

Киев · $3500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Pre-Intermediate

Operating System: Windows, AIX, Linux Databases:  Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase ASE, MySQL Data warehouse: Oracle, Sybase IQ Language:  T-SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Scripting ETL: Informatica Power Center 9.1, Oracle Data Integration Software:  Oracle Enterprise Manager, SQL Developer, TOAD, Microsoft Office, MS OUTLOOK, LOTUS NOTES, Sybase Power Designer, Putty, ssh, bash. Analytic systems: Oracle Business Intelligence and SAP Business Objects. Webserver: IIS, Apache Tomcat Bug tracking system: JIRA, HP ITSM, Omnitracker.

Oracle, Data Guard, Jira, MySQL, Oracle Data Integration, T-SQL, bash, PL/SQL, RMAN, UNIX Shell Scripting

Setting up 50+ corporate PROD, TEST, and DEV environments for DBMS Oracle 10g / 11g / 12с; • Support and management of architecture using Hyper-V, Windows Server, Linux; • Perform estimation and calculation of space, install applications, configure performance / memory, monitor servers / databases, configure and troubleshoot; Use Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) management tools, such as AWR, collect performance statistics, query explain plan, database optimization; Export and import of data using utilities exp / imp and expdp / impdp; Performing migration of different objects, full migration, in the reassignable scheme, fixing problems after migration from different versions of Oracle and cross-platform migration, migration using RMAN convert; Experience in Oracle Data Guard - Configure physical standby; Performing Upgrade and fixing the Oracle database; Configuring Oracle Grid Infrastructure, ASM, EM, Cloud Control 12c.

Interesting projects. Professional growth. Adequate management.

26 февраля

Senior BI Developer (BI/ETL/DWH)

Киев · $4000 · 7 лет опыта · Pre-Intermediate

BI: Oracle BI, SAP BusinessObjects, Pentaho BI, Power BI ETL: Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle Hyperion FDQM, Informatica, Pentaho DI, Azure Data Factory; AirFlow DWH: Oracle DB, MS SQL Server

Oracle BI, Oracle, Informatica, Power BI, Azure Data Factory, Oracle Data Integrator, MS SQL Server, DWH, AirFlow, Python, Azure, SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Django, OSI Soft PI System

26 февраля

Technical support, data analyst, SAS programmer, technical translator, business analyst

Львов, Карьков, Одесса, EU, Киев, Россия · $1550 · 3 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Experience of tech support: Technical support with 3 years of work experience as one-man orchestra. I have experience in pre-installation advice, installation, configuration, troubleshooting and other support duties on Windows and Linux for products of my company. Experience of data programming: I have a general understanding of mainstream programming languages, and I am a SAS / SQL programmer myself, with SAS Certified Advanced Programmer for SAS 9 certification. Experience of tech translation: 5 years 3 months experience since freelance. Translation for initial localization, including EULA and other legal documents, in-app and documentation strings, massive incremental translation and end-user UI inspection in Microsoft Visual Studio (QA). Experience with working with team in US (joint-support; technical affair & communication coordination) Please refer to resume for detailed work experience timeline. Languages: English: C1 Chinese: Native Russian: A2

Support, English, Customer service, customer support, Ability to learn quickly, Good communication skills, Jira, Windows, CRM, Customer care, SQL, Git, Data Labeling, Customer support specialist, SAS, Technical Specification, IT support, Service Desk, Confluence, Microsoft Office, Communication Skills, Technical Support, Customer Support, customer success

Data extraction, standardization, derivative variable generation, external data merge, wide data table combination, dictionary generation with SAS (SAS/SQL, SAS/BASE and other components) Management and distribution for more than 250 builds. Remote and on-site installation and configuration. Compose and update documentation of software specification, installation, operating environment and network configuration for product software based on 3 different software protection and licensing system (Crypkey, CodeMeter, Nalpeiron) Established mythology for issue tracking and review on BitBucket, resolved and all the way recorded more than 20 technical and statistical / machine learning issues from clients of well-known banks, financial services, medicine, earth science, Internet technology company and organizations. Avoided unneeded cost for 20% duplicate issue tracking. Collected diagnosis file and translated technical description to be used for QA and support team in multiple regions. Followed up and offered essential assistance on technical, statistical and lingual aspects for Salford Systems and Minitab Over 20000 lines of incremental translation for machine learning software, SPM 6.6 to 8.0, with version control. Proofreading with team in US and China. User interface glitches fix and adjustment with Microsoft Visual Studio. Propelled training and coordinated Japanese localization team in understanding structural change in resource file and debug UI with Microsoft Visual Studio. About 42000 words full translation and proofreading for machine learning software command line documentation and relevant legal files, including EULA

I would like to find a job as a SAS programmer, data analyst, technical support (L2-3), technical translator or business analyst; or any combination of above. Friendly team, growth for career, flexibility, competitive remuneration

26 февраля

Manual QA Engineer

Удаленная работа, Украина · $1000 · 2 года опыта · Intermediate

I have got my knowledge and experience at the QA School in Lviv recently. There was a lot of practice. For example: - Experience in testing WEB and desktop applications; - Good knowledge in designing, creating and updating all types of test documentation such as test plans, test suites, test cases, checklists; Requirements(SRS) analysis; - Competent knowledge and experience working with Waterfall / Agile: Scrum; Kanban; - Strong understanding of Software Development Life Cycle; - Proficient in test design techniques; - Programming and scripting languages: SQL; - Database: MS SQL Server; - Tracking system: JIRA; - Tools that help me to save logs, screens or video: Snagit; Sony Vegas.

Bug Reporting, Jira, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Snagit, PRO100, Scrum, test cases creation, Google SketchUp, Manual Testing (QA), Adobe Photoshop, Software testing, SQL, Websites testing

Received a QA School Certificate. Also got practical skills in manual testing and creating SQL queries.

Interesting project. Professional growth. Friendly colleagues. Competent management.

26 февраля

Team Lead/Senior Oracle developer PowerBuilder

Москва · $3500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Pre-Intermediate

Certificates: Development of a centralized WEB application in the environment Oracle Application Express INTERFACE, Moskow; Oracle Database: SQL Tuning Workshop (Fors Training Center, Moskow); Oracle: Advanced PL/SQL (Fors Training Center, Moskow); Oracle: Develop PL/SQL Program Units (Fors Training Center, Moskow); Oracle: PL/SQL Fundamentals (Fors Training Center, Moskow). Key projects - development of the TOCIS2 Industrial Equipment software module for Toyota Tsusho Tekhnika: - Implemented the entire business model of the organization, the basic CRM module, the procurement and sales service, the accounting part + about 150 different types of reports; - Self-development of ERP TOCIS 2 "Forklift Toyota Rent": automation of the full cycle of renting any industrial equipment for rent (analytical work of the business processes of the department was carried out and independent software development was performed); - Support and development of the developed group of modules "Industrial equipment", "Spare parts", "Service"; - Support and active participation in the development of software for Toyota / Lexus dealerships (TOCIS "Car Dealership"); - Support and development of software for the spare parts and after-sales service department - TOCIS "Spare Parts / Service"; - Complete development of the TOCIS software module for the department “Rent and taxi cars" - the entire business model of the department from applications to management accounting and accounting: * Calculations of piece-rate salaries to drivers, coordinators and experts of the department; * calculations of various schedules, reports, time sheets, logistics, plans, etc.

ErWin, PowerBuilder, Oracle, PL/SQL, Delphi, SQL, toad, AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler, Oracle 11G, ERP, power script

Head of Information Technology 1. Participation in the development and implementation of an effective IT strategy, preparation of development programs, monitoring of market conditions, preparation of proposals for the development of new IT areas 2. Development, design and organization of the company's IT infrastructure, the introduction of new methods, processes and technologies in accordance. with Toyota Tsusho Tekhnika business requirements and standards 3. Management of the implementation of IT projects - operational control of the progress of the project (calendar plans, terms of reference, functional requirements, financial reports, etc.), including planning and control of IT budget: - development, implementation and maintenance of IP / software; - organization of testing IP \ software; - automation of business processes; 4. Tech. examination and coordination of all project participants, IT department management (~ 4 people), interaction with contractors, equipment, software and other necessary resources procurement management 5. Methodological support for the development of IT processes, the creation of design and technical documentation, business analysis of the effectiveness of IT projects, participation in internal and external IT audits 6. Reporting, organization of a continuous process of analysis and reengineering of IT business processes in order to increase their efficiency. I have five registered certificates, which are indicated as a software developer.

I develop business automation software for large enterprises of any complexity. A serious approach to high-quality software development, well-thought out and structured code. Experience in designing and implementing complex algorithms for processing large amounts of data based on PL-SQL using analytical functions. Able to offer / suggest to the user-director alternative ways of solving his tasks, often more effective in terms of implementation and use. Readiness in a short time to learn Java technology and other modern development tools. Preferably remote work.

26 февраля

Oracle DBA

$1000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

More than 15 years of experience in databases administration, development and support. OCP 11g. I have been working as Oracle DBA in the different business areas: Finance and Banking, Retail, Government, Internet Services, Global Support. I have deep knowledge of Oracle Database 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g and 12c versions and have been working with very big and high loaded databases on different platforms: AIX, Solaris, Linux and Windows. Experience in the planning, installing, upgrade, backup & recovery and especially in performance troubleshooting, SQL and PL/SQL tuning and maintenance. Experience with different Oracle technologies and tools: RAC, Active Data Guard, Streams and Golden Gate, Grid Infrastructure, ASM, Enterprise Manager GC/CC.

Oracle, Jira, PL/SQL

26 февраля

Database/BI Developer 

Харьков/Remote · $5000 · 9 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

9+ years of experience in databases and business intelligence. Key skills: MS SQL Server, SQL Azure, Netezza, SAP HANA, ETL, SSIS, SSRS, DWH, English, Scrum, Continuous Integration. Strong experience in data modelling, data migration, performance troubleshooting & tuning. Able to work in team or independently.

DWH, ETL, MS SQL Server, Performance Tuning, SVN, T-SQL, Agile, English, Scrum, SQL Azure , SSIS, Jira, Netezza, SAP HANA, SSRS

Able to provide an imposing list of recommendations and professional certifications.

- No relocation; - Looking for projects that are not on the phase of support or testing; - Looking for an opportunity to get familiar with new technologies; - Ideally looking for projects that can be handled remotely (via telecommuting).

25 февраля

SQL Developer 

Киев · $4500 · 7 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Major Skills Ms SQL Server/ T-SQL language. • ETL process development • OLAP CUBE • SSIS • Compicated reports writing • Parsing of the different file types • Optimization of system performance • Error catching • Architecture design of data base • Code review and junior developers' mentoring. Familiar with DB2, PostgeSQL, MySQL, Oracle, PL/ SQL


Development of unique greenfield systems / Development of systems from ground zero Constructing a reporting system on ETL processes Constructing an index defragmentation system

MS SQL Server 2012 or later T-SQL development. English lessons. IT Company. Office in Pechersk

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