iOS Developer

Киев · $1500 · 2 года опыта · Pre-Intermediate

iOS DEVELOPER - Floctopus LLC (01.2019 - 09.2019) I have about a year of commercial experience. During this time I added several modules in a project that was written in Objective-C. I also supported its old modules. After that I got a new project (network for freelancers) and I started writing it from scratch. I participated in the discussion of both projects, embedded new ideas and approaches. I also participated in the creation of design. SOFTWARE DEVELOPER (Non-commercial - UNIT Factory (11.2017 -current) I had 1.5 years of programming experience in UNIT Factory, which includes creating non-commercial projects in C, C ++, Python and Swift. Swifty Companion - An application that retrieves the information about students of School 42 with via its API. All the information is displayed in a ViewController with the use of TableViews, ImageView, and AutoLayout. MapApp - In this application you can go to any location and find a direction from there to any other place. (CocoaPods (GoogleMaps), MapKit, Auto Layout, Core Data, CoreLocation) TweetApp - An application that searches for tweets on any given topic and displays it on TableView with day and time of their creation. EVENT MANAGER - Organized a number of events for students UNIT Factory. CLIENT MANAGER - Book shop (2013-2015) - Advertising agency (06.2016-09.2016) VOLUNTEERING - Leader in the summer camps (2014-2017) - Volunteering on concert tours with music groups: NLM, Brainwashed, NUTEKI - Organization of various conferences

Swift, iOS, Git, CoreData, Xcode, REST API, JSON, Cocoa Touch, MVC, SOLID, CocoaPods, MVVM, C++, MapKit, UIKit, OOP, C, Core Data, social network API, Autolayout, Google Map, Cocoa, Architectural Patterns, Objective-C, Design Patterns, Alamofire, AFNetworking, Facebook API, Storyboards, Algorithms, Team management, Google maps, Core Location, RxSwift, Firebase, Push Notifications, Go

Looking for a job for my professional growth. I like working on challenging tasks. I don't like any work when the leader doesn't want to hear his employees.


Разработчик iOS

Запорожье · $3500 · 8 лет опыта · Intermediate

Swift, iOS SDK, Objective C, Core Data, Realm, macOS SDK, Android SDK, Android NDK, C/C++

XML, JSON, JSON-RPC, XML-RPC, SOAP, REST, GCD, J2SE, J2EE, JDBC, Java Servlet, JSP, OpenGL, OpenCV, Jabber XMPP, OpenTok, WebSocket, BLE, iOS SDK, macOS SDK, Twitter API, Facebook SDK, Google+ API, GoogleMap, Google Places API, Yandex, MapKit, Objective C, LibGDX, roboVM, Swift, Box2D, C#, C/C++, Kotlin, UIAutomation, Charles Proxy, CoreData, Foundation, CoreFoundation, CoreText, UIKit, AppKit, CoreLocation, CoreMotion, AVFoundation, CoreGraphics, HealthKit, TTS, Android SDK, Android NDK, GraphQL, jazzy, swig, Braintree, PayPal API, clang-format, OCLint, SwiftLint, ReactNative native module, bash, ant, maven, gradle, fastlane, CocoaPods, Carthage, App Annie, Zendesk Support SDK, MVC, MVVM, MVP, Viper.


Junior C/C++ Software Developer

Киев · $700 · 1 год опыта · Intermediate

1 year of experience in C/C++ (OOP/OOD, STL, Multithreading, Templates, Pointers, other), algorithms and data structures. Knowledge of design patterns: SOLID, GoF. Basic knowledge of Qt(C++/QML). Experience in work with VCS(Git, Mercurial). Experience in work with ROS(Robotic Operation System). Windows/Linux QtCreator/VisualStudio

OOP, Design Patterns, Unix, QML, Qt, STL, Linux, Git, C/C++, Algorithms


HW developer, C,C++ Programmer

Удаленная работа, Украина · $1100 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Intermediate

Metronome Model 40 – Musical percussion source. STM32 – based device, 320x240 TFT with capacitive touch panel. Designed hardware and firmware. The firmware employs all integrated periphery of micro-controller: interrupts, timers, ADC, DAC, DMA, FSMC, HW SPI, HW I2c, USB. It contains multi-voiced sound synthesizer and FFT-based sound spectrum analyzer. ProPAC Infinity - Chemical additive injector. Controls the injection of additive into a liquid product flow, keeping high precision user programmable additive density. Complete redesigned the hardware and firmware to reduce the costs and improve to get the maximum performance even at the limited hardware resources. PCB Generator Automatically generates set of EAGLE PCB and Schematic files. Fills user-defined shape with the pattern defined by user. Performs preliminary PCB routing for both double- and single-layered PCBs. Environment: Win32, C++98 Crystal Growing Muffle Furnace Controller High-precision PID temperature control according to the user program. STM32-based device with 480x320 TFT, SD card and ESP8266 Wi-Fi module. Controlled and monitored through web-browser, using JavaScript.

STM32, Cortex M3, Cortex M4, C/C++, Embedded, AVR, Visual Studio, Keil, IAR, Microcontroller, PCB design, Schematic design

Hardware design, C C++ embedded programming

24 января

Embedded C/C++/Linux developer

Киев · $500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Live in Germany, but would like to move back to Kyiv. Have studied computer science in a German university and worked since then in the automotive industry as an Embedded C/C++/Linux developer working on a huge range of projects: from bringing up Linux on new hardware platforms and writing kernel drivers to developing new Linux, QNX and Android-based infotainment systems. Worked in Germany, Malaysia and Mexico. Full professional proficiency in English, German and Spanish. Looking for a full-time employment in any industry.

C, С++, Linux, Embedded, Qt, Yocto, Networking

Non-service company, e.g. outstaffing agency. NO RECRUITING AGENCIES!

24 января

iOS Developer 

Харьков · $1500 · 2 года опыта · Pre-Intermediate

Knowledge of such languages: iOS(Objective-C) and Swift, C++. Developing IOS apps with Objective-C and Swift language. Experience work with frameworks, libraries and technologies: UIKit, Foundation, CoreData, Realm, CocoaPods, Auto Layout, Core Animation, Core Bluetooth, Core Location; I'm a iOS developer with 2 years of experience in mobile development. Through those years I have become advanced in developing feature apps in both Objective-C and Swift. I have experience in full development cycle include design, prototyping, developing, testing and upload to App Store. I do my best to go into clients’ tasks to finish projects on time and deliver clean, maintainable and robust code.

Objective-C, С++, Git, OOP/OOD, UIKit, CoreData, Qt, Design Patterns, SQL, Xcode, iOS, REST API, Multithreading, CocoaPods, SOLID, Foundation, Swift/iOS, JSON, CoreLocation, CoreAnimation, RealmSwift, CoreBluetooth, Auto Layout

Interesting projects, correct management, friendly team

24 января

Embedded Software Engineer 🔥

Киев · $4500 · 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

9+ years of embedded development experience; Platforms: Linux userspace/kernel space development, VxWorks device drivers development, device drivers development experience, bootloaders; Technologies: C, C++(x11), Python, Bash/Shell; Automation of projects: bash/sh scripting, python, cmake, gn, ninja, makefile build systems, buildbot/docker; Networking: tcpdump, wireshark, softflowd, tcp/ip, unix domain sockets, IP sockets, websockets, sniffers; CVS: SVN, git/github, ClearCase. Security software development.

C/C++, ClearCase, CUnit, Embedded, Embedded C, Git, GNU make, Jira, Linux, xUnit frameworks, Bootloaders, Multithreading, TCP/IP, VxWorks, Algorithms, bash, IPC, JSON, SVN, Test driven development (TDD), valgrind, WebSockets, XML, OOP, Python

Linux kernel-space/user-space apps development, Networking applications, VxWorks\FreeRTOS device drivers development, device drivers development, complex applications for multimedia devices, scripting using bash/python, client-server applications development & debugging.

Absolutely new project with emphasize on developing and maintaining new software. Do assist on hardware design. Linux geek only. Linux, Networking, IPC, Embedded/Low-level/Device drivers development (optionally), solid C, C++.

24 января

PostgreSQL developer / Backend developer

Удаленная работа, Украина · $3000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Intermediate

Великий досвід проектування архітектури баз даних та backend сервісів для білінгу, CRM, документообігу. Проектування високонавантажених систем, в тому числі на вставку, таких, як білінги телефонних операторів та системи збору даних. Аналіз бізнес-процесів замовника та оптимізація структур даних. Вільно програмую на plpgsql, plpython, plperl під PostgreSQL, T-SQL під MSSQL, Oracle PL/SQL. Розробка розширень PostgreSQL на С+libpq. Розробка спеціалізованих індексів. Великий досвід інтеграції систем збору даних зі СКУД, бухгалтерськими і ERP системами (1С, IS-Pro, SAP B1, ESC, OEBS). Досвід побудови розподілених відмовостійких сховищ з використанням repmgr, bucardo, BDR. Досвід інтеграції з документними БД (MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Aerospike), організація гібридних пошукових систем. Досвід розробки rest, wsdl веб сервісів на python+flask, perl+catalyst. Проектування API та протоколів обміну. Вільно програмую на python, perl, C/C++. Маю досвід розробки вбудованих систем та систем високої компактності.

PostgreSQL, SQL, Database tuning and optimizing, System administration, Business Analysis, Python, Backend developer, Flask, RAML, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, C/C++, Assembler, Electronics

Ph.D. in electronic engineering

Розраховую на віддалену проектну роботу. Велику частину офісного часу викладаю в університеті. На Java не пишу!

24 января

Developer / Lead / Architect

Киев, Львов, EMEA · $8500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Sasha has 11+ years of software development experience and 2+ years of project leading experience. He worked for garage startups (KnCMiner), big enterprises (HP Software), trucks manufacturers (Scania AB) and unicorns (Spotify). Sasha has solid experience with data structures (state machines), compilers (syntax trees), blockchain (cryptocurrencies, smart contracts), CI/CD pipelines (Jenkins, Vagrant, docker, ansible, Azure DevOps) Sasha's experience is broad. He worked on self-driven cars, smart cards, bitcoin mining devices, embeded SDK, file system drivers, shared storages, medical data parsers, you name it. Sasha holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering and a Master degree in Computer Science.

C/C++, C++, C#, Algorithms, Embedded C, bitcoin, blockchain, cryptography, Design Patterns, Python, bottle, web3js, Ethereum, DApps, STL, Git, Multithreading, Networking, Linux, Windows, OOP, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, CI/CD, Microsoft Azure, REST API, MongoDB, DevOps, Agile, JavaScript, Jira, Scrum

+ created CI/CD pipelines for self-driven cars + created PoC MVP blockchain DApps for banks + organised blockchain hackathon (speaker, mentor) + worked on first ever 16nm bitcoin mining ASIC + worked at Spotify on embedded SDK + improved product performance up to 70% + reduced product memory usage up to 8 times + reduced product installer size up to 10 times + recruited 10+, interviewed 100+ employes

23 января

embedded firmware RTOS

Киев · $2000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Mathematical applications and tools: - Python, SciPy, Numpy, MATLab, Mathcad. Solve mathematical tasks: - DSP, filter design: FIR IIR, AKF - autocorrelation function. Fields: IR-processing, bio - impedance measurement, ultrasound in underwater, ultrasonic in metal: non-destructive testing, pwm transforming of high voltage. DSP: - Motorolla 56002 ; - DSP TMS320x2000 ( IDE Code Composer ); - BlackFin 53x, ADSP2106, ADSP2189/91 mcu 16bit: - mcu Motorola 68hc11 - DSP TMS320x2000 ( IDE Code Composer ); - MSP430F5528 mcu x51: - x51 Chipcon ( IDE IAR, IAR compiler ); - x51 AT89C5131 ( IAR compiler ); - x51 Silicon Laboratories C8051F12x. AVR: - AVR ( WinAVR, AVR Studio, IAR, GNU GCC ). ARM: - ARM7 AT91SAM7X256.ARM ( WinARM , Keil mVision IDE, Eclipse IDE CDT ); - ARM7 STR710 FZ2 - Keil IDE. - Cortex M3 STM32f102 IDE IAR, compiler IAR. - Cortex M3 STM32f105 IDE KEIL MDK, compiler KEIL. - Cortex M3 STM32f20x IDE KEIL MDK, compiler KEIL. - Cortex M3, STM32 GNU gcc compiler. - Cortex M4F, STM32 GNU gcc compiler. - Cortex M3 TI Stellaris LM3S8 - Cortex M0+ STM32L071 - Cortex M4 TI TIVA TM4C. IDE Code Composer Studio. - Cortex M0 STM32 IAR compiler. - Cortex M4 STM32 IAR compiler. RTOS: - DSP/BIOS - TMS320F2812; - FreeRTOS; - KEIL RL - ARM RTX for ARM7 STR710, ARM7 Cortex M3 STM32 RFID: Em - marine RFID NFC: ISO 14443A - Mifire Wi - Fi: - esp32 - Cypress CYW43907 dual band Onboard interfaces: - SPI - UART - I2C SIM - card intreface: - Smart CARD ISO/IEC 7816, protocol T = 1. PC interfaces: - RS232 - RS485 - USB 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 ( FTDI, Cypress ). Classes: HID, VirtualComPort, MSC - Ethernet, UDP, TCP/IP. Using WinSock Embedded TCP/IP: - Port of Ethernet TCP/IP stack: LwIP. UDP, TCP/IP Programming language: - C/C++: MS VS, gcc; - ANSI C; - Asm. - Python


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