Business Development Manager 

Удаленная работа, Украина · $1700 · 5 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

I'm an experienced sales development representative. Had a chance to work in 2 amazing outsourcing companies in Ukraine and in US as well. Love handling calls with clients explaining them how our services work + updating them with daily/weekly/monthly stats on 1x1 calls. Other than that still want to improve my skills moving forward and learn something new. It doesn't matter if that will be IT or outsourcing company.

Sales, Business development, English, Negotiations, CRM, Team management, B2B, Account Management, Product management, International sales, Linkedin, Marketing, Communication Skills, Jira, cold colling, sales, Project Management, Presentation skills, Sales Management, It sales, Team player, B2B sales, B2C, fluent English, customer support, Sales Strategy, Sales and Lead Generation automation, Sales Development, Business Developement, business development management

I had a chance to go abroad for a work trip to USA and Belgium and have conferences with my clients and colleagues.

- Learn something new/upgrade my current skills and support the company service/product as much as it's possible. - Friendly environment - Stable income


Program Manager, Customer Success Manager 

Киев · $3000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Summary: More than 11 years of diversified managerial experience in large international enterprises:  Business unit and program management,  New Products Development  Production process management,  Consumer BTL, Trade Marketing, Brand Marketing,  Active Sales, Business Development, Key Account Management,  People Management and Development

Project Management

Achievements in the last 3 places of work: Flex * reaching record production effectiveness for the last 5 years of the project lifecycle * #1 for LEAN improvements on site * Best in the class benchmark of program management on site * 40 mio euro annual revenue. * 5 global business partners * Export to more than 40+ destinations worldwide. * Product margin increase from 18% to 31% Ketchup Loyalty Marketing * 3 annual contracts with leading brands in Oil & Gas and Banking sectors Philips Ukraine * Sales uplift towards planned: Special Deals channel >50%, Wholesales +47%;

Goal: Connect value of technology and art for the day-to-day life of people by enhancing business processes and developing talents across developing industries (IoT, Software, Game Development, High-tech manufacturing, Innovative distribution providers).

17 сентября

Sales Manager, Team Leader, Customers Support, Help desk

Киев · $1000 · 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

I am an experienced Sale Manager,Team Leader, L1,L2 Customers support, Word,excel, outlook, Security & monitoring, Safety. I started working as an agent in 2010 in different call centers in Kiev in inbound & outbound fields reaching out to different clients from B2B,B2C,C2C .This involved both outsourcing and insourcing activities. Calling or receiving calls with both hot leads and cold calls activities. I always do my best and would like companies to treat their workers as people (the missing puzzle) and not like some piece of sheet that can be changed tomorrow.A company must providing good leads or a good database for its own benefits. Plant a tree and you will bear fruits,The governments must work for the people, build a house and live under your own roof or create children and build a better society, Thus any industry or company must invest(time,money,trainings) in their workers in order to achieve or bear this success together.

Sales, B2B, Communication Skills, It sales, Direct Sales, English, Account Management, Negotiations, International sales, Business development, Team management, CRM

In my previous IT company my best deal and project, was with a US company. Their use case was Bluetooth real time location system (RTLS) and Ultra wide Band RTLS . The contract and project deal was approximately of 150000 $. The Tax free project which I had the occasion to participate in this startup projects that are still running till now.Tax free for you still facilitates and help many tourist to get back their taxes in a speedy way.You can find many of this tax machines in many of the European touristic areas. Bank for you as one of a project that I worked with to facilitate students to open a bank account (visa or pre-paid master cards) in their non residential area. I worked with another company called EIN capitals which was located in New York.Here we provided money,equities to business owners or to running businesses for their expansion and benefits . With very good percentage rates. I worked in some international financial markets precisely in Forex. In which most of our companies that operate here in Ukraine are not regulated nor certified. This type of companies are protected by the government. I pitched a client who opened a trading account of 50000$. Am proud of that and at the same time not happy that this type of companies only lie.

Waiting for a type of work:that makes the best use of one's abilities and gives a feeling of accomplishment. Security: having a job that provides a steady employment. Company: working for a company that has a good reputation, that one can be proud of working for. Advancement: being able to progress in one's job or career, having the chance to advance in the company. Coworkers: having coworkers who are competent and congenial. Pay: being paid at least enough to meet one's needs, and being paid fairly in comparison to others. Supervision: having an immediate supervisor who is competent, considerate, and fair. Hours: having working hours that allow one enough time with family and/or time to pursue other strong interests and live one's preferred lifestyle. Benefits: having benefits that meet one's needs and compare well with those of others. Working Conditions: having physical working conditions that are safe, not injurious to health, not stressful, and even comfortable.

17 сентября

Business Development Manager

Удаленная работа, Украина · $700 · 4 года опыта · Intermediate

2 года опыта работы Sales Manager в Web Dev, 1 год опыта работы на должности Business Development Manager на Start Up проектах (криптовалютная биржа, проект по созданию WordPress плагинов), 4 месяца опыта в SMM на киберспортивном проекте. Опыт в презентации продукта на форумах, конференциях и т.д. Из последних Web Summit 2018, eSports Conf 2019

Sales, Business development, English, B2B, International sales, Communication Skills, It sales, Lead generation, Team management, Business Developement, Linkedin, Networking, Marketing, Agile, Negotiations, Jira, Problem Solving, time management, B2C, B2B sales, customer support, UpWork, CRM, Team player, Presentation skills, Good communication skills, Team Player

Больше 20 партнеров для Start Up проекта, 5 потенциальных инвесторов, увеличения продаж продукта, увеличение живых подписчиков в Insagramm в 2 раза без рекламы.

Не заинтересован в должности Sales Manager в Web Dev проектах.

17 сентября

Sales and marketing strategy

Удаленная работа, Украина · $2500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Sales and marketing professional with15+ years’ in sales and marketing(5+in IT) Efficient in building sales and marketing process and teams from scratch and in developing the current process. I have proven track record of successful sales strategy consultancy and company growth. What I can: - Build sales department from scratch(for example hire and study lead generator or/and sales manager in 3 month); - Organize for you Sales and Marketing Strategy, - Build Processes, Procedures, Sales Scenarios - Develop sales funnel and establish CRM process - Develop marketing positioning - Establish a social environment - Help with SEO analysis and plan - Choose target markets and help with ICP (ideal customer portrait development) - create USP (unique selling proposal) - I help companies to earn money All abovementioned information can be proved by 2 current CEO's

Business development, Creative, Innovation, Sales, Product management, Project Management, Negotiation, B2B sales, Sales Planning, Sales and Marketing strategy

- Company's growth from 8 to 30 people (can be confirmed by CEO). - Sales (lead generation on LinkedIn and freelance platforms, pre-sales/engagement, sales and account management were organized from scratch in 6 month). - Marketing (new website, company positioning, vision establishment, PPC, e-mail marketing and social environment were organized from scratch)

- Interesting challenges - Worldwide customers - Remote work (if possible)

17 сентября

Branding for IT, Digital marketing

Удаленная работа, Украина · $2500 · 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

I create IT brands and make rebranding. IT companies tend to use their own teams to build the sites and do further marketing. I mainly make the kernel - creative ideas based on analytics. I am in IT for 10+ years with clients, selling software, and partners, making agreements. I have strong linguistic background and create successful and well sustainable brands. To know more, you are welcome to contact for a brief presentation. Industries Sportsbetting, CRM, CMS, e-Commerce, Market analytics Projects Windows, Linux, JavaScript, Java, PHP, C, MySQL, Oracle Company sizes 500-1000 employees, 50-70 employees

Brand Management, Creative thinking, Partnership management, Digital marketing

My branded start-ups surpas planned monitezation for 300%.

I expect IT brand management, growing your company's net value.

16 сентября

Account Manager 

Киев · $2500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Account Management, Project Management.


Sales and management professional with in-depth knowledge of software industry, from both vendor and client perspective. Provide exceptional technical proficiency and astute understanding of business operations/performance drivers across tech and management lines. Maintaining client relationships and identifying new opportunities for business development. Offer unique ideas, complex analysis, dynamic solutions. Bring conceptual vision, drive accurate results. Excellent presentation, communication and training skills.

16 сентября

Sales Manager 

Удаленная работа, Украина · $700 · 5 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Sales manager- 5 years

SMM, English, Facebook Ads, Team management, Social Media Marketing, Community, B2B sales, Sales, Communication Skills, International sales, CRM, Jira, It sales, Lead generation, customer support, Sales Management, Project Management, Business development, fluent English, Networking, Leads Generation

приобретение новых навыков, карьерный рост

15 сентября

Business Development or Commercial Director/Project Management/Head of sales

Киев · $2000 · 6 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Operating systems Schedule management Presentation ability Business analysis Team leadership Product development Stakeholder relations Project management New business development Business development and planning Research Conflict resolution Relationship building and management Team building expertise Budget development Highly organized Product knowledge Creation of sales comp structures Marketing strategy Territory management Client relations Staff management Critical and creative thinking Inventory management Order management Sales pipeline management Revenue and profit maximization Relationship building and rapport

Project Management, Microsoft Office, Product management, usability, HTML, SASS, Communication Skills, Business development, Team management, Lead generation, International sales, Negotiations, B2B, Sales, It sales, Team player, Сustomer Support, Crypto, English, CRM, Account Management, Sales Strategy, fluent English, Key Account management, Business Developement, Networking, Presentation skills, Partner network management

Enhanced marketing exposure through effective website content management and direct correspondence with potential clients. Identified issues and crafted unique and immediate solutions to remedy them. Negotiated and closed long-term agreements with new clients in assigned territory. Examined marketing material with the consumer perspective in mind to increase sales and expand key client base. Ensured that client inquiries were handled professionally and efficiently Fostered and facilitated relationships with product distribution channels to increase product sales. Solicited commercial property interest in low-cost, alternative energy resources. Set up and maintained global account management and reporting tools and processes. Networked and interacted with local, national and international associations to optimize industry connections. Executed calling campaigns targeting direct end-user prospective accounts. Evaluated market trends and recommended marketing budget allocations to top management. Led cross-functional teams to create impactful messaging, demand-generation programs and sales tools. Directed and coordinated marketing activities and policies to promote Forex products and Financial technology services. Identified value propositions and key messages for all of the company's marketing campaigns. Communicated marketing teams' plans and accomplishments to verify alignment with senior management objectives. Collaborated with developers, advertisers and production managers to market products and services. Created printed marketing materials that were designed to drive campaigns. Preserved brand integrity by monitoring the consistency and quality of marketing content. Created high-quality marketing strategy documentation, including product marketing briefs, FAQs and objection handling documents. Cultivated effective partnerships with engineering, marketing, sales and customer support staff. Initiated market research studies and analyzed findings. Traveled nationally and internationally to meet with customers and deliver clear company messages. Coordinated and participated in promotional activities and trade shows.

Для меня очень важно, чтобы должность не только позволяла мне анализировать данные, но и давала возможность представить клиентам результаты моей работы и связанные с ними идеи. Это меня вдохновляет. Мне нравится видеть, как моя работа влияет на работу других людей.

15 сентября

Business Development manager

Киев, EU, USA, Canada, Amsterdam · $2000 · 6 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Добрый день, меня зовут Екатерина. Ищу работу BDM. Я - опытный sales, negotiator. Прекрасно владею навыками презентаций и продаж. На данный момент занимаю должность руководителя отдела продаж в международной компании (компания 300+ сотрудников).

Business development, Communication Skills, B2B, Lead generation, Negotiations, Account Management, Team management, Project Management, Networking, Team player, Product management, Key Account management, Management, sales cycle management, CRM, Presentation skills, English, International sales, Sales Management, B2B sales, Customer experience, Linkedin, Marketing, Sales, It sales, Sales Development , Salesforce CRM

Занималась развитием продаж в международных компаниях и корпорациях. Удалось увеличить количество клиентов на сейлз-территории от 1-го до 350 клиентов за 1 год. Осуществляла построение команд в отделах продаж с ноля (в качестве руководителя отдела). Постоянный спикер на форумах, лекциях, участник образовательных и благотворительных проектов.

Готова взяться как за абсолютно новый проект, так и за развитие существующего на рынке. Настроена на работу BD manager-а, готова к постоянным командировкам, к выступлениям перед большими аудиториями. Не готова рассматривать вакансии, где требуются прямые продажи.

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