Любой · $6000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Dr. Gafka during 20 years of experience occupied senior finance positions (CFO, SVP, non-executive, interim) in financial services (Citibank, Homecredit, Daimler, Sygma/BNP Paribas, Kreditech), automotive distribution (Mitsubishi, Daimler) and professional services outsourcing (Extor), debt management listed company (DTP SA), fintech startup (Kreditech). Lastly, he was heavily involved in business structuring and driving to achieve right profitability and growth balance (consumer lending: digital entrepreneurial: Kreditech, standard banking: Sygma, Homecredit); acting for some period as CEO, always close to business, setup up new sales channels, b2b partnerships for b2b2c sales boost (retail financing); responsible for operations in Poland, Spain, Czechia, Russia, Mexico, getting footprint in India. Dariusz Gafka has experience in working in Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Czechia, Japan. He used to deliver consolidation of several entities (including investment funds) for stock exchange reporting, also consolidation of several subsidiaries in 7 countries including offshore SPVs. He was involved in acquisitions, integrations and exits with extensive involvement in due diligence (Moody’s certificate), teasers preparations and defending, experience in fintech startups, valuation methodologies (Oxford Chicago Booth certificate), accounting ACCA certificate), and working with top tier: banks, private equity investors, business consultants, legal offices, all BIG4. Dr Gafka delivered funding arrangements: private bonds placement with roadshow, credit facilities, subordinated debts, SPVs, local deposits, capital and investment funds. Moreover, delivered many budgets and controlling setups and operation in different companies and also more than 1 mil EUR IT system implementation in financial services, many other projects, including restructuring, lean management.

English, Project Management, German

• Successful and fast (6 months) transformation from the foreign passport branch into full license bank in Poland, EDUCATION & CERTIFICATES Ernst & Young Finance Academy, Warsaw, Poland, Association for Chartered Certified Accountants in London, ACCA member since 2002, fellow since 2007, proved CPE/CPD since then Vistula Finance Academy, Warsaw, Poland, 1998, Postgraduate, banking management Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Warsaw, Poland, 1989, Ph. D. in electronics, distinction Technical University of Gdańsk, Electronic Department, Gdańsk, Poland, 1985, M. Sc. in electronics, distinction Oxford Chicago Booth Valuation Program certificate, 2017, Oxford Moody’s due diligence certificate, 2015, London ISO auditor, lean management certificate, 2013, Warsaw ACCA certificate from EY, Member 2002, Fellow 2007, London

CFO role with challanges


Information security (ciso)

Киев · $2750 · 8 лет опыта · Intermediate

DLP, WAF, SIEM,PCI-DSS, DA-DSS, Encryption protection. Azure, О365, ISO 27001, PenTest (Script Kiddy)

DLP, PCI DSS, SIEM, Waf, Microsoft Office, Team management, Project Management, vulnarability assessment

3 успешно пройденных аудита PCI-DSS, Внедрение комплекса мер по защите АТМ (GMV Checker security). Внедренние DLP. Внедрение СУИБ. Внедрение О365.

Построенние комплекса мер информационной защиты на предприятии. Внедрение и поддержка существующих систем.


Salesforce Developer 

Львов · $2000 · 2 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

APEX, CSS, Force.com, HTML, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, Lightning, OOP, salesforce, Visualforce, Ant, Community Cloud, MySQL

Certified Salesforce Developer Integrations (Amazon, third party services) Lightning/Visualforce pages Declarative settings Apex triggers

Профессиональный рост. Адекватный менеджмент.



Киев · $2800 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

• Preparation of the Cash Flow on monthly bases • Preparation of the budget on monthly bases • Reconciliation of incoming and outgoing documents for compliance with the rules of the tax legislation • Monthly reports to the head office • Annual IFRS audit • Preparing monthly, quarter and annual reports to Ukrainian Tax Administration including Profit tax report and VAT monthly report. Preparing Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss report quarterly for Statistic Administrative Department. • Development and implementation of internal working rules (SOP) for the financial, administrative departments and for the procurement department in accordance with the requirements of the main office • Control of the implementation of internal regulations (SOP) by different departments • Establishing work with a large number of the PE's (Private Entrepreneur) (working with banks, notaries, setting up PE opening / closing processes), automating the processes of preparing acts of executed services (for more, than 150PE), developing the necessary internal support forms and rules.

English, Excel, Financial Planning and Strategy, Team management, Microsoft Office

I know how to setup finance department work from the scratch, how to organize working process between PE"s , non-residents and Ukrainian LLC legally.

I am looking looking for interesting project with interesting tasks, where I can use my knowledge in the Finance area and use English language.



Kiev · $4000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Financial function - Annual financial plans making (P&L), analysis, budget control implementation (monthly/ annual basis); - Experience in working with banks and non-banks loans, including non-resident loans; - Work efficiency analysis conducted on per month basis together with other departments; - KPIs development and implementation control; - Taking part in key contracts and deals negotiations. Contracts reconciliation. Treasury: - Cash flows management and control, current and long term payments plans development (on per week/per month/per year) - Compliance with the rules of payment discipline control Accounting processes: - financial reporting preparing on a regular basis (local standards, IFRS) - annual audit supporting (including Big 4) - Different management reporting forms development, preparing and analysis according to owners requirements or internal company rules; - Tax planning system development, optimization of the tax burden; - Full financial control of the efficient resources consumption (receivables and payables control, current assets utilization control, fixed assets utilization efficiency assessment control and etc); Additionally: - Companies optimal business and accounting processes building , providing recommendations; - policies, business processes and accounting procedures development, integration into the company management system (arranging technical tasks) - support of implementations (areas: production, retail, services) - EBRD backed finance projects.

Project Management, English, Financial Planning and Strategy, Account Management, Team management, Risk management

transferring group accounting and reporting systems to IFRS implementation of managing accounting building financial team

18 апреля

Graphic Designer

Винница · $600 · 8 лет опыта · Intermediate

Knowledge of Adobe products (Photoshop and Illustrator), experience in branding, creating covers for books, promotional materials, presentations, posters for events, etc., knowledge of the basics of HTML and CSS, creative thinking

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

To acquire a Graphic designer position

18 апреля


Киев · $5000 · 4 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

·August 2018 – January 2019· Operations director at Zeta platform (Kyiv) Key responsibilities: - Functional diagnostics of the company - Strategic and operational planning - Writing documentation - Definition the product, formation the product roadmap and vision, distribution this to other team members - Describing and validating features and components ·August 2017 – July 2018· COO at Ambisafe (Kyiv) Key responsibilities: - Setting comprehensive goals for performance and growth - Design and implement business strategies, plans and procedures - Controlling and analyzing operations of the company and the work of executives (IT, Marketing, Sales, Finance etc.) - Evaluating the performance of the company by analyzing and interpreting data and metrics - Participate in expansion activities (investments, acquisitions, corporate alliances etc.) - Work with HR-manager, formalization of company needs, co-work on the description of the responsibilities of specialists - Establishment of work within the production process of the various departments - Work with Heads of Departments on detailed documentation, visualization of workflows, control quality of work information - Implementation of the processes in operation on the level all company - Definition KPIs for the departments, analyzing results, preparation reports - Work with employees · May 2016 –April 2017· Executive Director at the group companies of TM “Red” (Lviv) - Functional diagnostics of the enterprise. - Establishment of work within the production process of the various departments - Strategic and operational planning - Defining of global objectives, the monitoring of implementation and achievement of objectives - Project management - Project planning according to resources and works types - Work with clients. Carrying negotiations - Conducting of team and customers meetings - Providing UI\UX and technical solutions - Team training and professional development of workers

Product management, Project Management, Risk management, Team management, Financial Planning and Strategy, Functional diagnostics of the company, Company product processes management, Business Analytics, Jira, Confluence, Agile, Scrum

- Effective company scaling from 11 to 65 employees within 6 months doing interviews, processes, management - Building and managing of operations in over 20 departments and work with their leads (more than 130 members in the company) - Sales and projects delivery with over $2 million in revenue - Launch of useful and successful new products in different directions: Retail: - POS-terminals - Self-checkouts Cryptocurrency: - AmbiWallet - Orderbook (decentralized trading platform of security tokens) - Preparation for the launch Software company to a foreign market

18 апреля

Project Manager, Marketing manager, Account manager

Киев · $500 · 1 год опыта · Upper Intermediate

ОПЫТ РАБОТЫ -Член бригады McDonalds: • В обязанности входило общение с гостями, прием заказа и оплаты, пересчет денежных сумм вначале и по окончанию рабочего дня. -Копирайтер на новостном портале: • Написание сюжетов по заметкам журналистов • Публикация на сайте -Старший администратор в сети соляриев: • Общение с клиентами • Ведение кассы • Составление рабочего графика для сотрудников • Контроль закупки расходных материалов • Введение необходимой учетной и отчетной документации в Microsoft Excel • Проведение инвентаризаций 1 раз в месяц • Стажировка новых сотрудников -Экономист-статистик, помощник главврача в клинике Mediland: • Анализ финансовой деятельности предприятия • Анализ закупок медикаментов • Анализ эффективности использования медицинского оборудование • Общение с клиентами, записи на прием • Общение с поставщиками и персоналом -Project manager в IT компании Konsol.studio • Коммуникация с девелоперами и заказчиками (клиентами) • Разработка стратегии реализации проекта • Реализация стратегии в рамках выделенных сроков • Выстраивание системного управления и контроля • Поиск новых членов в команду

Project Management, Product management, Account Management, Management

18 апреля

контент-менеджер, автор, content creator

Киев · $300 · 7 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Есть 7-летний опыт написания статей на русском и английском языках для IT-тематики. Также есть опыт в создании текстового и фото-контента для Инстаграм. Также есть опыт работы контент-менеджером: публикация статей на сайте. Готова к работе контент-менеджером или вести профиль компании в Инстаграм.

Content creator, создатель контента, контент менеджер, автор статей

Не работаю с Фейсбуком, только Инстаграм

18 апреля

Content Manager. Copywriter. Content Marketer.

Одесса · $900 · 2 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

I am a multilingual copywriter and Content marketing specialist seeking a stable position in Content Marketing/Copywriting. My strong educational background and work experience make me an ideal candidate for any company working with international clients. My dependability, loyalty and strong work ethic make me a valuable asset to any team.

Digital marketing, SEO-copywriting, copywriting, Blog posting, Wordpress content management, Tilda, Intercom, outreach, Crowd Marketing, Quora, Analytics, Content strategy

As a copywriter with C1-C2 language proficiency level, I provide English language content for multiple American websites and social media outlets, covering a range of topics. Other duties include translating copy from Russian to English, content management on Wordpress, and collaborating daily with a team of marketers, web-developers and high-level executives.

I seek a key role in a highly productive marketing team and expect career development in the field of digital marketing.

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