Writer, Analyst

Киев · $1350 · 4 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

A financial journalist with a knack for writing various engaging content. Wrote 400+ pieces on finance, banking and economics, fintech, the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Created 80+ scripts for video. Experience in editing and effective management of 5 writers, as well as in organizing work of media platform.

English, Analysis, Microsoft Office, Python


Product manager

Киев · $2500 · 4 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Strong ability to plan, strategize, orchestrate, prioritize and lead teams. Committed to get results, ensure profit, meet deadlines and budget. - Managed the team of iOS/Android/MW/front end developers, QA and BA - Oversee marketing lead generation - Lead and ensure the consistency in the messaging, branding, content, and look-and-feel of all internal and external communications and marketing materials - Perform industry and competitive analysis to inform the sales process and help positioning and messaging - Perform ongoing tracking and reporting on B2B marketing initiatives - Develop and execute marketing plans that may include PPC, email campaigns, participation in industry conferences and events, webinars, and website updates - Managing top industry events for small & medium business and large customers sales - Launch and coordination of the MOOC - Managing newspaper project for small & medium business

Product management, Project Management, Digital marketing, Marketing Management, IT Project Management, Business development, Team management

--> Large projects that require full immersion & continuous development.



Удаленная работа, Украина · $700 · 8 лет опыта · Intermediate

Более 7 лет опыта в веб-маркетинге. Работал с совершенно разными по масштабу и направленности проектами. Специализация - увеличение конверсии. Увеличить продажи - это ко мне.

Google Analytics, E-commerce, Яндекс Метрика, Digital marketing, Marketing Strategy, Project Management, Google Data Studio

Есть своя проверенная и сбитая команда специалистов (PPC, прогеры, верстальщики). Около 10 лет в веб-маркетинге на разных должностях. В том числе около пяти лет управления собственной командой специалистов на удаленке.

Сейчас ищу вариант удаленной работы. В идеале e-commerce, но рассматриваю любой проект.


Chief Marketing Officer

Киев · $3500 · 5 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Decenturion & Decenturion Accelerator PR & Marketing Manager - Building Digital and PR strategy from scratch (SMM, SEO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Community Management, Online PR, working with mass media representatives). - Company's website design and content development. - Managing the content of the website in 6 languages. - Experience in working with the admin panel of the website, Trello, Google Docs, Tilda, Google Analytics, Fb ad cabinet, MailChimp. - Writing and publishing of press releases, announcements, pitching & selling texts, SMM posts. - Translating and proofreading texts (website, legal) in English and Russian. - Individual approach to community management in different social networks (Fb, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Medium, Telegram) and with different demographic groups. - Working with mass media and Blockchain thought leaders (individual approach). - Offline event management (design development, rollups content development). - Giving interviews to international mass media, presenting the project at its launch in New York (performing in front of UN representatives). - Interviewing UN representatives and VIP guests at the offline events. TerraLeads Chief Marketing Officer ▪ Experience in defining key positions needed in my own team, recruiting each member of my team and building it from scratch; ▪ Setting quarterly / annual KPIs for each member (PPC manager, SMM manager, Content manager) according to market and competitors research; ▪ Content development for the company’s corporate website and Blog; ▪ Marketing department budget control; ▪ Monthly reports preparations based on results taken in Google Analytics and Yandex Metrica; ▪ Full control over PPC ad cabinets; ▪ Full control over preparation for the conferences (souvenirs, branded staff design, and procurement) ▪ Approving all content for placement in SMM and all web resources; ▪ Preparing speeches and performing on-stage at numerous conferences abroad (all over Europe, Asia, and the USA) in front of 2000+ audiences, giving interviews for international mass media. lifecell Digital Marketing Specialist - Managed CMS of the main website in three languages - Internal SEO optimization (meta-tags, KWs) - Web-page slicing (HTML, CSS) - Project: English version of the main website (www.lifecell.ua/en)

SMM, Google Analytics, Project Management, Digital marketing, Marketing Strategy, SEO, English, Supervising writers, editors, Digital Marketing , copywriting, E-mail marketing, Content marketing, Product management, Email Marketing

My greatest professional achievements are: - 5 successfully built projects from scratch (fields: content-marketing; e-commerce; affiliate marketing; Blockchain; IT outsourcing); - 2 successfully launched startups (one in Europe and one in the USA) and 1 accelerator for startups from all over the world ($100K investments attracted for 15+ startups at the early stage); - overreached KPI x4 times higher by means of digital marketing (PPC, SMM, SEO) - 200,000 registrations out of 50,000 planned during 2,5 months; - achieved brand awareness in 186 countries of the latest product I was promoting by means of online and offline marketing; - broad experience in public speaking in front of 2000+ audiences in Europe, Asia, and the USA; - have built strong business relationships with thought leaders, influencers and media (Forbes, NY Times, Bloomberg, CNN, Voice of Disruption, etc.); - built and recruited my own team from scratch 2 times at different workplaces (the last time managed the team remotely, each member working from different parts of the world; working language - English); - participated in more than 15 conferences abroad; was a member of the organizing team of 2 conferences abroad (1 for 1500 people, another one - for 3500 people); - certified in Project Development after having successfully passed the exchange student fellowship in WF University, NC, USA; - broad experience of living and working abroad.

The perfect working place for me is: - if it's a startup, company or enterprise working in a sphere of IT or Blockchain providing cutting-edge technologies; - if the main company's activity is oriented on the western market (Europe, USA); - if I am to hold a position that requires building and managing my own team and it would be a plus if I could report directly to CEO; - full of multiple business trips abroad, offline meetings, negotiations with potential partners.


Chief Marketing Officer, Business Development, Account Executive

Киев, Минск, СНГ, USA · $6000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

10+ years - Chief Marketing Officer with responsibility for Customer Experience & Business Results 8+ years – leading cross-functional projects: launching new products, services, processes 2+ years – working in SCRUM framework as a Product Owner and Agile couch with responsibility for culture transformation Certifications Certified ScrumMaster® Certified Scrum Product Owner® I'm looking for a job in IT industry as a Business Development Director, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Customer Officer.

Digital marketing, Project Management, Product management, Team management, Content marketing, Marketing Strategy, SMM, Brand Marketing, CRM Marketing, Lead generation, Business Developement, Business Strategy, Business Planning, Product Marketing, Sales and Marketing strategy

As a Marketing Professional: - new brand strategy launches, new products and new markets launches - effective management of marketing budgets with focus on leads generating, costs per traffic - CRM successful implementation with focus on Customer Life Value, keeping and churn decreasing As a senior manager: - Agile transformation from hierarchy structure to team of teams network - my style of leadership as a servant leader As a Product Owner: - Online business launching from scratch – domain, concept, CMS choosing, Customer Requirement Document (CRD). Achieved >1 mln traffic per manth and eCommerce operational profit, technical and commercial e-store development, marketplaces integration, click&collect implementation. • KPIs: Sales, Margin, Profit

Innovations addicted people, Agile culture, Products loved by Customers


Content writer

Удаленная работа, Украина · $700 · 2 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Content creation, Editing, Marketing Strategy

content creation, Editing, Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Certificate from Hubspot IDM certificate in Digital Marketing ContentEasy / July 2017 - present Co-Founder & CEO SoftServe – Lviv, Ukraine / October 2016 - July 2017 Content Marketing Specialist Lebara - London, United Kingdom / July - August 2016 Masters degree project EA Hotel and Resort SEN**** - Senohraby, Czech Republic / July – August 2014 Assistant of Sales and Marketing / Assistant of front manager Lviv Galnaftogas - Lviv, Ukraine / July – August 2013 Advertising intern

As a founder of ContentEasy (content marketing agency), my aim is to create meaningful relationships with the companies I am working with and provide tailor-made services to create the most compelling content possible.


Lead Email Marketing Manager

Удаленная работа, Украина · $2000 · 8 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

8 years of diverse experience around the IT&marketing: web dev, web design, digital direct marketing, research. Worked as email/digital marketer with clients base of 1 million+ (half of it alive and active), used eSputnik, MailChimp, GetResponse, Feedgee, Google analytics. CMS, HTML, CSS, Photoshop. Improved conversion, increased sales, created a newsletter which sells. Challenged with scrum planning, mindmaps, task management services, client servicing, AB and MVT testing, template builders, plugins customization, troubleshooting. Implementation PSD mockups via plain HTML/CSS and builder plugin s. My key point is in-time project delivery, respecting DDL. I prefer the sprint (Agile) style of work.

CMS, CSS, eSputnik, Feedgee, HTML, Problem Solving, xmind, AB testing, Conversion impovement, Google Analytics, Jira, Procedure writting, Research, Tech Documentation, CorelDraw, Photoshop, mailchimp, Email Marketing, Wordpress

As an Email-marketer: During the year changes in the logic of segmented customer base implemented, idicators improved : - open rate - CTR - unsubscribers rate - transactions (conversions) - subscribers amount - etc.. to 5..50% from entry level As a tech implementer supported 8 projects in parallel, closing 50+ tasks per month. As AB test manager, found ways to improve conversion up to 300% for a single test result.

English speaking environment preferably I'm not ready to work in an adult or gambling industry.



Днепр · $300 · Нет английского

Закончила курсы Seo-специалиста в IMT академии. Без опыта. Во время учебы осваивала продвижение сайта услуг по организации праздников и стоматологии.


Повысила посещаемость и позиции в выдаче сайта по организации праздников.

Важно развитие в компании и карьерный рост.


Media Buyer

Киев · $550 · Advanced/Fluent

September 2018 – April 2019 Prime Solution (Marketing and PR) HR – manager Main responsibilities: Working with job-sites (Rabota.ua, Work.ua, Head Hunter); Working with social networks (LinkedIn, Telegram, Instagram); Searching the candidates; Making the interview; Maintain the documentation; Adaptation new employees; Creating the advertisement (Facebook, Instagram); Having knowledges about advertisment, types of traffic, targeting, etc.; Closing financial positions (Sales managers, Team Leaders, Retentions) and marketing (Media Buyers, Affiliate managers). September 2014 – July 2017 The Centre for Foreign Language Study «EUROshkola» Interpreter and teacher of English language Main responsibilities: Teaching English (children, teenagers, adults); Translating the documents; Creating plans of lessons; Holding an event.

PR, Marketing, Facebook/Instagram, Adobe Photoshop, Lead generation, PPC/Mediabuying, English, SMM, Content marketing, PPC, Fasebook ADS

I am looking for good company, where I can start my career as a Media Buyer or Affiliate manager, cause I am creative person and I would like to work with advertisment and traffic.


Marketing Expert

Удаленная работа, Украина · $2000 · 5 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

I’m a data-driven and analytic person with the creative view who passionate about everything connected to marketing. These are my three main navigators: to look out of the square, to act out of the template, to find the solution where it seems impossible. I love challenges and each new project that I support brings me a new case of knowledge and inspiration.

Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, Web Analytics, Facebook Ads, Marketing, Google Analytics, SEO, Project Management, Team management

Please ask for my CV and I'll provide much more details in personal dialog.

Company values and teamwork are an important part of my motivation. I'm not good for monotonous work, but I would be a strong weapon that would help with challenging tasks and big goals implementation.

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