Unity3D Developer

Kyiv · $2500 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

Game engines : Unity3d, libGDX; Programming languages: Java, C#; Systems: Linux, Windows, OS X;

C#, Java, libGDX, Unity3D, AR / VR Integration

•2016 – present : VR development •2014 - 2016 : developing quest games •2015 - 2016 : developing various 2D/3D games (puzzles, matche 3, race, platformers).

Looking for a position as Unity developer for creating innovational products. Particularly interested in the use of VR, AR, and network technology.



Lviv, Kiev, remote job · $700 · 1.5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

1+year of creating users scenarios, personas, prototyping, UI/UX part for various devices ( mobile, desktop, iPad etc.) Also, I have experience working on Upwork (if it's needed can send a link on a profile). Experience: IndigoKid( 2018) This project about kids clubs and kindergartens in New Jersey, USA. I've created user flows, personas and wireframes. After, finished UI/UX part for mobile and desktop. TransPay (2019) This is a mobile app for easy payment via Bluetooth connection in public transport. I was working in a team and my main job was to create good UX part and make this app easy in use for every person. SemenCardona CMS and Mobile App( 2019) It's a big project that was created on Upwork. It's about pig's farms and my main job was to create usable app design and CMS Design. My English is Advanced Multitasking and self-motivated person

UI/UX, User Interface, Adobe Photoshop, User Experience, Wireframes, Figma, Sketch, mobile design, Prototyping

I can find a way to solve any difficulties in design!

I want to work with people who love their work and can help me to become a pro too)


Middle PHP Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $800 · 2 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

PHP - 2 year, MySQL - 2 year, JavaScript - 1 year, MODX - 2 year, WordPress - 1.5 year, XenForo 1.5 - 1.5 year, XenForo 2 - 6 mounth, Yii - 2 year, Yii 2 - 6 mounth, Opencart - 6 mounth, Magento 1.9 - 6 mounth

CSS3, HTML5, MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, OOP, Git, jQuery, MVC, REST API, JSON, Yii2, Yii, WordPress, XenForo 1.5, XenForo 2, MODX, Opencart, Magento, php7, Laravel


Front-End Developer

Kyiv · $700 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

1 year of simple HTML-pages layouts.

JavaScript, Git, JSON, HTML5, React, ES6, CSS3, SASS, Jira

I want an interesting job, which will help me to make your company more successful and approve my skills and experience in front-end development.


QC/QA engineer

Lviv · $1400 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Manual Testing all Development process. Functional, GUI, Retesting, Regression, Black-Box. Performing and developing Bug Reports, Test Cases, Test Plans. Requirements analyzing. Tested web sites and Mobile applications; validated and verified a technical documentation; Validated application's GUI for compliance with Usability guidelines; Performed manual black box testing from Beta-version to the final release; Performed validation and verification of the specification; Tested software in different environment in Virtual Machine; cross-platform (Windows 7/8/10, Linux Ubuntu) testing; ad hoc and exploratory testing procedures; Installation and configuration Operating Systems, Virtual Machines, Drivers, etc; Made cross-browser (EA, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome) testing.

Jira, Manual Testing , Scrum, Agile, Quality Assurance , Manual Testing, Android, iOS, Functional testing, Web Testing, Regression Testing, Mobile Testing, Quality Assurance

Want to develop my QA skills


Junior Front-End Developer

Kiev · $600 · Less than a year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

I currently work as front-end developer in Ribs web studio. In my work I use vanilla JS, Vue, Vuex, pug and css frameworks. My responsibilities include: 1) Development of new products from scratch; 2) Making edits to existing projects; 3) Site optimization for various devices;

JavaScript, Vue.js, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Gulp, webpack, GIT

My projects: 1) (in progress) 2) 3) (participation in development) 4) (participation in development)


Senior Xamarin Developer

Kyiv, London, Amsterdam, USA, EU, Dnipro · $4000 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Technical Lead Developer with minimum 4+ years of experience in mobile application development with Expertise in Xamarin Forms. - Leading the development of mobile projects to ensure a quality solution, which is fit for purpose is delivered on time and within budget. - Developing and evolving the business’s software/applications using the latest software development infrastructure and methods. - Developing the server-side logic as well as the development and maintenance of the central database, ensuring high responsiveness and performance to requests from the frontend - Expert knowledge of C# and design patterns (GoF). - Deep familiarity with the .NET Core stack and it’s extensions - dependency injection, configuration, hosting, options pattern, application lifetime, logging, etc. - Expert knowledge and experience with Xamarin Forms - XAML views, bindings, behaviors, VM patterns, consuming REST APIs. - Experience in mobile development patterns and practices - secure storage, app lifetime, authentication, app linking, etc.

LINQ, Entity Framework, REST API, .NET Core, SOLID, Design Patterns, C#, .NET, Git, Azure, MS SQL Server, MSSQL, SQL, OOP, Xamarin, Xamarin.Forms, XAML, MongoDB, Moq, SpecFlow, Azure Cosmos DB, SQLite, Azure DevOps, SignalR, ​Quartz.Net​, Swagger, Hangfire, GraphQL, AutoMapper, NLog, Entity Framework, JWT, SendGrid, Twilio, CI/CD, CI

Mainly focusing on mobile projects using Xamarin.Forms.


Project Manager, COO

Kharkiv · $1000 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

Краткое изложение 1 год опыта руководителем проектов в IT-компании по внедрению и сопровождению учетных систем. В подчинении штат из 8-ми человек. Ведение переговоров от начала и до сдачи проекта, проведение презентаций, подписание контрактов масштабных проектов. Составление стратегии развития и планирование деятельности компании. Опыт работы Руководитель проектов/Операционный директор IT-company, Харьков Август 2018 – по настоящее время Обязанности: • управление командой разработчиков и командой аналитиков; • управление проектами на всех стадиях работ (сбор требований, разработка концепции, оценка, этапы согласования, разработка, тестирование, передача клиенту); • контроль сроков и бюджетов. Управление рисками; • организация и планирование коммуникаций; • стратегическое планирование деятельности компании; • составление планов развития компании; • работа с В2В клиентами и «сложными» клиентами; • подготовка и проведение презентаций, составление коммерческих предложений, заключение договоров; • контроль оплат и проведение переговоров по проблемным задолженностям; • подбор персонала; • разработка системы стандартизации работ. Помощник менеджера ТОВ Симула-Тех, Киев Июль 2017 – Июль 2018 Обязанности: • обеспечение деятельности предприятия в рамках законодательства; • построение отношений с поставщиками от начала и до закрытия контракта; • планирование и мониторинг логистической деятельности. Специалист по контролю качества/Тим лид ТОВ Спецгазстрой, Харьков Сентябрь 2013 - апрель 2017 Обязанности: • осуществление контроля качества при реализации проекта; • постановка задач и план действий для деятельности команды; • мониторинг выполнения работ до их завершения с отслеживанием KPI; • работа с нормативной документацией (ISO, ГОСТ, СНиП и т.д.).

Microsoft Office, Agile, CSS, HTML, Kanban, Manual Testing (QA), Quality Assurance (QA), Scrum, Waterfall, Project Management, trello, People management, Risk management, Business Analysis, project planning, Communication

- разработал систему стандартизации работ; - описал должностные обязанности сотрудников; - наладил отношения со всеми "проблемными" клиентами; - внедрил Битрикс24.

Реализовать себя в качестве квалифицированного руководителя в современной компании и развить свои управленческие навыки. Интересует планирование и написание стратегий развития. Интересуют продажи, ведение переговоров по крупным сделкам.


C++ Developer

Ukraine · $2500 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

--"Navigation Controller for BMW car head unit"-- Developing part of Navigation Controller application designed to control such features as Point of Interest (POI), User Information Search, Destination Input Unit testing.Code review and existing code bug fixing Using C++, STL, boost, QT, GTest. --"Smart Device Link application for FORD car head unit"-- Developing SDL application designed to connect and control customers smartphones with car head unit. SDL is the open source software on which the Ford AppLink platform is built.Code review and existing code bug fixing ---“Presentation controller for HMI (Automotive)”--- Using asynchronous data and notification handling Modifying and debugging the existing software. Code review and existing code bug fixing. Using C++, STL, Cockpit Framework. ---“Contats book data synchronization (Automotive)”--- Developed C++\Qt codes for Linux (embedded system) application through web. Using google authorization and synchronizing calendar account. Used Qt Framework, STL, Json, OAuth2.0 ---RND project--- Developed C++ codes for windows network application with using multithreading. Used C++, STL

C/C++, GoF patterns, jazz, STL, UML, Embedded, gira, Git, Qt, GOF patterns, SVN

interesting work, develop my skills and grow as an expert, work in a good team of developers and humans


Middle .NET Developer 

Lviv · $2500 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

I worked as .net developer on different projects like as: - automated school planning system; - medical information system; - admin panel for chat service; - social network. In recent projects I used ASP .Net Core Web API. In last project I used some AWS services like S3, CloudSearch, ElasticTrascoder, Cognito, SNS, Lambda, SES, etc... I have a lot of experience developing desktop applications on WPF. Stack technology in this project: ADO .NET, SignalR, CEFSharp, FluentMigrator, NLog, Ninject. For all the time I used different databases to work: MS SQL Server, MongoDB, Neo4j.

C#, ASP.NET Core, AWS, MS SQL Server, MongoDB, Neo4j, ADO.NET, WPF, SignalR, LINQ, Ninject, NLog, FluentMigrator, CEFSharp, Entity Framework Core

Was a participant in the development of the MIS. I took a part in all stages of the software life cycle - from setting the task to supporting the new functionality. Implemented CI in the development process. I have developed an application for scheduling classes in an educational institution.

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