Front-end developer

Kyiv · $700 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

I have experience in accounting and as a customer support agent Educational background: Web Academy, Front-end Development Course Economic Institute of Krivoy Rog, Master’s degree in Accounting and Audit Project: Technologies: HTML/CSS/GRID Link: Project: Irina Klimuk | photographer Technologies: HTML/ CSS/ GRID/ CSS animations / Responsive design / JS/ Link: Project: CV Technologies: HTML/ CSS/ GRID/ Responsive design / JS/ Link: Project: Online-shop Breeze Technologies: HTML/ CSS/ Modal window/ GRID/ Responsive design / JS/ Link:

JavaScript, HTML5, Git, CSS, HTML, CSS3

I am looking for a job in an IT company in the position of junior front-end developer. I am result oriented in my work. I have a great desire to develop professionally and learn new technologies.


Snr/Lead JavaScript Angular Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $5000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Pro in JavaScript (ES5, ES6), Angular and Web Development. Also had some experience with React, Vue.js, Node.js. Strong sense of great UX/UI. Mature specialist, 14 years in development. Big overall experience in industry creating apps of any size in product and outsourcing companies. More details are in private conversation and my CV.

Angular.js, AngularJS, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, Node.js, React, vuejs, Angular, Angular 6, webpack, JSON, TypeScript, REST API, AJAX, Git, Bootstrap, Jira, OOP, HTML, CSS, MongoDB, es6, LESS, SASS

I have a proven track record of exciting projects which are fully described in my CV.

I consider only remote work and projects. I prefer to work with a particular product, dive deep into details, and help it grow with wise technical decisions and implementations. I'm not ready to be involved into a bunch of projects in parallel "1 hour there, 2 hours over here". It's unproductive from my standpoint, and not an optimal place for my character and skillset. COMPENSATION (please read this!): The bare minimum from which I may start a communication with your company is $5000/mo after taxes. If your budget is tighter than that - do not write at all. Let's save some time to everyone. I believe that a fair offer will be in a range of $5000-7000/mo after taxes. Yes, I know it's pretty broad, but each company, product, requirements and team composition are different.


Junior Front-end Developer

Kyiv · $500 · Pre-Intermediate

Опыта пока нет. Закончил курсы Front End. Рассматриваю позицию Trainee. Есть несколько макетов на GitHub: 1) простой лендинг; 2) адаптивный; 3) верстка на React;

JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, React, SCSS, Node.js, Git, CSS, HTML, React.js

Есть несколько макетов на GitHub: 1) простой лендинг; 2) адаптивный; 3) верстка на React;

Развиваться в новой для меня сфере


Junior JavaScript developer

Kyiv · $600 · Intermediate

I stydied by myself and successfully used my knowlage in the coursework and diploma web programming technologies: HTML / CSS / JS + NodeJS + MySQL. I have little experience developing a web product in small team using: Angular 7 + NodeJS + MySQL. I want to learn and develop in a team.

Node.js, JavaScript, MongoDB, MySQL, REST API, Express.js, TypeScript, JSON, NodeJS, CSS, HTML, OOP, Express, AJAX, SQL, Mongoose, Stylus, MS SQL Server, HTML5, Angular 7, Angular 5, Bootstrap, Angular 4+, CSS3, Sequelize, MVC, ES6, NPM, GIT

I want to find a first serious work experience.


Разработчик PHP (Laravel, Vue.js)

Remote work, Ukraine · $3000 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Год работы на проекте - laravel + vue Пол года работы в аутсорсе - node.js, vue, angular, laravel Два года работы на проекте - laravel, vue, microservices, rest api, nginx, apache, mysql, mongodb...

HTML, CSS, Laravel, MySQL, JavaScript, REST API, PHP, Git, OOP, Linux, AJAX, Redis, Nginx, Apache, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, WebSocket, VirtualBox

Работа в стартапе с нуля

Профессиональный рост, интересные задачи


Front-end developer 🔥

Lviv, Kyiv · $4000 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

I have 4 years experience in web development. I have been working with different technologies: AngularJS/Angular(2-6), React.js, Vue.js, Ember.js, etc. Also, I was leading Front-end team (5 people) and mentoring trainee and junior developers. Last two years my work was based on Scrum principles with international team (including every day meating).

JavaScript, Angular, Vue / Vuex, HTML5

I would prefer to work in a strong team with Vue.js or Angular.


Front-End Developer, UI/UX Developer 

Lviv · $3200 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I started my career as a UI/UX designer around 9 years ago. Over the years, I gained experience in Frontend development as well. I do love both the design and programming, but currently I'm more focused on Frontend Development. Being a designer in the past is giving some benefits like attention to details. I also communicate well with designers and we always feel like we're on the same page. I'm currently working at RxVantage as a Frontend and UI/UX Developer.

JavaScript, Vue, Nuxt, GraphQL, webpack, Jira, SCSS, Styled Component, REST API, Git, HTML5, CSS3, css modules, ES6/ES2015, React, Redux, Node.js

1. I was working at for 4 years as a Frontend/UI Developer and I took part in development of all their products, including their current website with a large user area and marketplace. Currently I'm consulting them in the field of Frontend development with VueJs. 2. I took part in developing – this is a mid-sized project for people with addictions and treatment centers to find each other. I was working on UI and Frontend, the stack is Vue+Nuxt/Apollo+GraphQL. 3. My latest and current project is – we are working on it for one year already and it's not finished yet. This app is the biggest project in my life. Main stack is the same – Vue+Nuxt/Apollo+GraphQL.

I'm open to offers for developing an interesting mid to large sized project. Preferable stack should include some of these technologies below: Javascript, Vue, Nuxt, GraphQL, Apollo. I'm good with React and everything related to it, but I will need 2 to 3 weeks to get better into it since I don't have a real-life project built with React. I'm not interested in Angular much.



Kyiv · $1000 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

Frontend: react, react-native Backend: nodejs, php Docker, AWS

JavaScript, Git, HTML5, CSS3, React, AJAX, Node.js, webpack, Redux, REST API, JSON, Web Development, Express, OOP, es6, MongoDB, Jira, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, SASS, LESS, Docker, AWS, GraphQL

MoneyHabit. Мобильное приложение помогающее экономить деньги.

Небольшая команда, аутсорсинг, новые технологии.


Junior Front-end Developer

Kharkiv · $300 · Less than a year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Опыт работы с SCSS Gulp Bootstrap 3,4 линейными и радиальными градиентами создание и применение sprite создание css фигур, их анимация и трансформация PerfectPixel Создание адаптивных сайтов без фреймовиков с помощью медиа-запросов Работа со шрифтами и font-face генераторами

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Git, GitHub, Figma, Wordpress

Март-июль: HTML5 CSS3 SCSS Bootstrap 3,4 Gulp Git GitHub Wordpress Примеры работ:

Обучаться и сразу применять на практике.


PHP Developer 

Remote work, Ukraine · $1500 · 10 years of experience · Intermediate

Опыт веб-разработки с 2006 года. В активе и простые сайты на CMS, и сложные распределенные системы обработки данных. Опыт работы и самостоятельно, и в составе команды. Есть опыт руководства командой. Подробнее:

PHP 7, OOP, MySQL, MongoDB, Symfony, Yii, Linux, RabbitMQ, Gearman, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery

Самые интересные проекты: - распределенный Data Mining сайта Amazon - определение уровня опасности стран и городов - анализ схожести коротких текстов - автоматическое управление большими рекламными кампаниями - CRM для интерактивного обучения детей-инвалидов - тесты для разработчиков. Использовались при приеме на работу, сейчас гуляют по Интернету. Подробнее

Адекватное руководство, своевременная выплата з/пл

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