iOS Developer

Bud'-jakij, Kyiv · $1000 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Працював у компанії Miratech Group на проекті Genesys. Займався написанням навантажувальних та функціональних тестів. Маю досвід роботи з JIRA, Git, Linux, Docker, Kubernetes. Самостійно вивчав та практикувався з Swift та маю досвід розробки під iOS. Дуже хочу розвиватися та вивчати нові технології.

Swift, iOS, Git, UIKit, Xcode, OOP, MVC, Autolayout, AutoLayout, Alamofire, Jira, REST API, JSON, CocoaPods, CoreData, MVVM, Scrum, Multithreading, SOLID

У вільний час займаюся власним проектом на iOS з другом.


iOS Team Lead, Architect, Principal Developer

Kharkiv · $6000 · 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Имею большой опыт менторинга команды. Имею свое видение эффективного процесса разработки. Способен анализировать контекст и принимать то решение, которое максимально соответствует текущей ситуации - от максимально быстрой правки legacy кода, до планомерного рефакторинга большого проекта. Разрабатывал продукты от начала и до выпуска на рынок. Имею опыт работы с докером, кубером, микросервисами. Могу писать на Python или Node.js в лямбдах. Могу писать простой front-end на React и Typescript

iOS, Objective-C, Git, OOP, Jenkins, TDD, Jira, Swift, Xcode, Autolayout, Node.js, TypeScript, AWS, Docker, React.js, Kubernetes, DynamoDB, SQL

Постановка процесса разработки в мобильной команде. Успешная поддержка развития мобильного проекта на протяжении 3 лет с сохранением способности к рефакторингу. Внедрение peer code review в процесс разработки. Open Source проекты с командой. Регулярные выступления на технических конференциях всех уровней.

Возможность построить процессы в команде, ввести контроль качества кода, использовать тесты и передовые методологии разработки. Строить продукты, создавать команды способные решать проблемы бизнеса.


Junior iOS Developer

Kyiv · $600 · Upper Intermediate

(only pet and university projects) [University project] - The app that helps you to find suitable wardrobe items based on their types and colours. Technologies that I've used: Swift, SwiftyJSON, Realm, CocoaPods and some 3rd party libraries for UI. In this project, I was a teamlead. [Pet project] - AR face filters (like in Instagram) app for movie theatres. Basically to get your face mask, you need firstly buy a film ticket, where you can find the QR code. After you scan it with your app, you will get the mask of a random hero of this film. Technologies: Swift, CocoaPods, CoreData, ReplayKit, ARKit, AVFoundation.

Swift, iOS, Xcode, JSON, OOP, Git, MVC, Multithreading, C/C++, GCD, VIPER, UIKit, CoreData, Alamofire, SOLID, MVVM, Figma, REST API, CocoaPods, Autolayout, Jira, Operation/OperationQueue, iOS Human Interface Guidelines, SwiftyJSON


Middle iOS Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $1500 · 2 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

English — certified Advanced( C1 level ). Higher education — currently student of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. - Swift (from 3 to current) - OOP - GitHub, Bitbucket, Jira, Confluence, Postman - Xcode - UIKit, Foundation, AVFoundation, Core Animation , Core Graphics , Core Location, MapKit, StoreKit ( in-app purchases ), GoogleMobileAds, SpriteKit - Experience with Auto layout, Size classes, Storyboards, Xibs etc. - JSON, REST API - MVC, MVVM Experiences: - Participated in "Dating" application development for a year in a team of 2 developers (Senior one and me). I've developed a major part of the application & also was responsible for bug fixing. - Developed my own application from 0 to the App Store. Gained experience in apps publishing process ( AppStore Connect, TestFlight, Reviews process). Was responsible for all aspects of development.

- Professional management and team - Flexible working hours - I'd prefer to work from home (in case it is possible)


iOS Developer 

Kyiv · $2000 · 1.5 years of experience · Intermediate

Swift, Objective-C Alamofire, API, SwiftyJSON, Firebase/Firestore, Google SDK, Git, C/C++

iOS, Swift, Xcode, Git, UIKit, JSON, REST API, Interface from code, CocoaPods, MVC/ MVP/ MVVM, Alamofire, RxSwift, Firebase SDK, Facebook SDK, Crashlytics, Push Notifications, Jira, Objective-C

I am looking for a job in a cool and interesting company, I would like something like a startup.


Senior / Lead iOS Developer

Kyiv · $5000 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Summary of Qualifications: * Extensive experience in iOS application development as an iOS developer. * Deep knowledge and experience in iOS application design and implementation (Swift / Objective-C). * Full project life-cycle experience in analysis, estimation, design, development, and post implementation support. * Code review and unit testing experience. * Experienced in Agile based methodologies in large Enterprise System development including large enterprise mobile applications. * Effective and highly diligent team member with superb communication and interpersonal skills.

Swift, iOS, UIKit, Git, Xcode, REST API, OOP, MVC, CocoaPods, CoreData, Objective-C, Autolayout, GCD, JSON, Multithreading, Alamofire, MVVM, SOLID, CoreLocation, Push Notifications, Jira, Foundation, Design Patterns, MapKit, Firebase, Cocoa Touch, SwiftLint


Full Stack Developer 

Remote work, Ukraine · $1000 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

3+ years of experience in Java. Good knowledge of Java, Kotlin, Android and Swift; HTTP and RESTful APIs, working with Maven/Gradle, experience with the Spring Boot; Experience with Linux, knowledge in JPA, Angular 2+ (3 year); Basic knowledge of Web development (HTML, CSS, TypeScript); DBs: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Sqlite, Realm; Knowledge of the principles of operating blockchain systems and smart contracts; Other: Git, Bitbucket, SVN

IntelliJ IDEA, Java Core, Maven, Spring, Spring MVC, Tomcat, Linux, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Swift

Працюю над проектом в Patriot Defence та NetCracker. Java advance at IT Education Academy Worked as teacher at Summer programming school Code Summer Instructor at IT Education Academy

Готовий виконувати чималий обсяг роботи з архітектури та розробки додатків.


Mobile Tech lead / iOS Tech & Team Lead

Kyiv · $6000 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Extremely professional mobile tech & team lead (ex iOS Developer) with more than 8 years industry experience. Pro-active, attentive to the details and delivery-oriented. Always maintain up to date knowledge by exploring new and emerging technologies. Short list of my activities: - leading a team of 6+ developers (all levels) - tech leading some big cross platform features (iOS, Android) - responsible for iOS solution architecture, technologies and all other tech related questions - establish CI / CD process, including configs auto deployment after git push and so on, tests - go throughout all application life cycle, from repo creation to app store submission and production issues investigation - continuously improve product quality by achieving defects reduction targets - review technical documentation - manage complex build proccess including Gradle, Xamarin and many other dependencies - handle moving huge project from objective-c to swift - communicate with another departments (Android, design, etc) - perform technical interview - write great clean code - perform code review Have master's degree in Computer Since.

Objective-C, Swift, iOS, OOP, Multithreading, CoreData, Xcode, Git, UIKit, REST API, CoreLocation, Jira, JSON, MVC, Cocoa Touch, GCD, CocoaPods, Design Patterns, MVVM, Foundation, Scrum, SOLID, SQLite, XML, Visual Studio, Agile, OpenGL, ObjC Runtime, AppStore connect, NSThread, REST, Autolayout, iPhone, Source Tree, OOD, Unit tests, Android, Xamarin, C#, Java, HTML, JavaScript, Networking, OOP/OOD, C/C++, Project Management, Team management

Not looking for a development-only roles.


Senior iOS Developer

Relocation to USA/Canada · $5000 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I started my iOS Developer career in 2013 making a new feature for an online banking application. It was the time of iOS 4+ support and Manual Memory Management. Since that time I created dozens of applications and posted them to AppStore. These were social networks, games, entertainment and business apps. Also, I was the first developer in the company(Yalantis who started to learn Swift(since 1.1) and then I wrote the article and made series of presentation to other team members to expose a wonderful world of Swift to them. During my career, I faced the challenges of optimizing high-load applications. For example, we had an app that needed to load thousands of records from the server and show them as complex cells in the list. It had to load history and search for new records simultaneously updating the list in real-time with reactive binding to a database. It was a hell of multi-threading and UI optimizations but I did it.

iOS, Multithreading, Swift, UIKit, Xcode, REST API, JSON, OOP, MVC, SOLID, MVVM, Realm, Reactive Programming, CoreData, GCD, Autolayout, Alamofire, Fabric

Delivered 20 own apps to Appstore Mentor in Yalantis Mobile for iOS interns (Grown new talents that took their places in top companies) Created CI system for Windmill Smart Solutions (From scratch to build-test-review test results system)

Challenging tasks, influence on product, chance to make something beautiful


Junior iOS Developer

Kyiv · $500 · Upper Intermediate

На даний час я займаюсь своїми проектами. Schdeule - додаток для зберігання розкладу та задач за допомогою CoreData. Є проект - Notes, додаток для створення, зберігання і зміни нотаток. Зберігання нотаток зроблене також з інтеграцією із CoreData. Інший проект - Sarafan. Це додаток для створення івентів. Джерелом даних у цьому проекті я використав Firebase. Мені цікава розробка під iOS, хотів би далі розвиватись у цьому напрямку. Полюбляю цікаві, нетривіальні задачі. Я досить легко освоюю нові знання, тож буду радий стати корисним для вашої команди :)

Agile, OOP/OOD, Scrum, Git, MVC, Adobe Photoshop, Windows Forms, C++, HTML, Unity3D, Swift, Xcode, iOS, UIKit, OOP, JSON, CocoaPods, REST API, Storyboard, GCD, C#, MVP, Cocoa Touch, Multithreading, CoreData

Для мене не є проблемою вивчити щось нове чи освоїти нову мову программування чи стек технологій.

Цікаві проекти, хочу нових знань і досвіду :)

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