Sales Manager, Business Development

Kharkiv, Kyiv, Amsterdam, Berlin · $1000 · 6 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Dec 2019 - Jul 2019 ARVI Head of Sales - maximize company profit; - KPI system creation to meet the desirable indicators; - develop and execute Sales Team, performance review; - establish and manage sales processes of the company; - serve as a business representative at major industry events, conferences, trade shows, and expositions. Project website created from scratch - Sep 2018 - Dec 2019 ARVI Business Development Manager - Generating business partners for b2b VR location-based entertainments; - Searching for new channels of distribution; - Organization of exhibitions to reach company`s targets; - Participation in expos and conferences (local and overseas). Mar 2017 till Sep 2018 Fibrum Sales Manager - Arranging commercial offers; - Drawing up reports and controlling payments for corresponding invoices; - Searching for the new channels of distribution; - Participate in expos and conferences (local, overseas). Apr 2013 till Dec 2016 Namecheap Inc. Team Leader of Financial Department Jun 2016 - Dec 2016 - Create an inspiring team environment with an open communication culture; - Monitor team performance and report on metrics; - Discover training needs and provide coaching; - Suggest and organize team building activities. Shift Leader of Financial Department Dec 2013 - Jun 2016 - Resolve customer issues and approve exceptions to policy for coupons, returns, etc.; - Train new hires and create development opportunities for experienced staff members; - Copywriting: creating articles for Knowledgebase of internal usage; - Communicate with programming developers on bugs fixing and features implementation in Redmine and Jira. Customer Support Representative Apr 2013 - Dec 2013 - First line customer support in Kayako chat and email system, phone support; - Provide solutions and feedback to customer service questions and concerns.

Sales, Business development, International sales, Communication Skills, English, It sales, Negotiations, CRM, Team management, Lead generation, Presentation skills, Team player, full cycle sales, International Deals, B2C, Jira, Business Developement, Networking, Client Management

Managed to upgrade to Head of Sales in 5 months.

NOT interested in cryptocurrencies, Forex and similar sales.


Business Development Manager 

Kharkiv · $900 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

- Real estate agent- 1 year - Translator chats- 1,4 years - SEO assistant-3 months - Lead Generation/Pre-Sales for 1,1 year - Social Media/Junior Sales-4 months - BDM -now (10 months) _____ -Worked with different countries: Netherlands, Switzerland, US, UK -Worked with clients in Fintech and other competitive spheres -Worked with outsourcing/outstaffing -Skype negotiation/ schedule meetings -Accounting (communicate with client and developers, gather all needed informaton, help with project)

CRM, Lead generation, English, Business correspondence, Communication Skills, Sales, Jira, Confluence, Linkedin, Sales Navigator, It sales, Team player, Pre-sell, Networking, Negotiations, Account Management, HubSpot

- visited Business English classes - finished Sales Course - visited Dnipro Sales Conference - I have clients from the UK, The Bahamas, Belarus - have my base of Leads in LinkedIn, Skype, Mails __ I'm a creative and enthusiastic person. I like to find new ways to approach and communicate with Leads. I live with such a rule: Lay one brick as perfectly as a brick can be laid and soon you'll have a wall

-I prefer to work as Business Development Manager. Also would be happy to try position- Head of Lead Generation, Head of Sales(in the Future) - also may review a position of Account Manager -preferable to work with Outstaffing model


Business Development manager

Kyiv, EU, USA, Canada, Amsterdam · $2000 · 6 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Добрый день, меня зовут Екатерина. Ищу работу BDM. Я - опытный sales, negotiator. Прекрасно владею навыками презентаций и продаж. На данный момент занимаю должность руководителя отдела продаж в международной компании (компания 300+ сотрудников).

Business development, Communication Skills, B2B, Lead generation, Negotiations, Account Management, Team management, Project Management, Networking, Team player, Product management, Key Account management, Management, sales cycle management, CRM, Presentation skills, English, International sales, Sales Management, B2B sales, Customer experience, Linkedin, Marketing, Sales, It sales, Sales Development , Salesforce CRM

Занималась развитием продаж в международных компаниях и корпорациях. Удалось увеличить количество клиентов на сейлз-территории от 1-го до 350 клиентов за 1 год. Осуществляла построение команд в отделах продаж с ноля (в качестве руководителя отдела). Постоянный спикер на форумах, лекциях, участник образовательных и благотворительных проектов.

Готова взяться как за абсолютно новый проект, так и за развитие существующего на рынке. Настроена на работу BD manager-а, готова к постоянным командировкам, к выступлениям перед большими аудиториями. Не готова рассматривать вакансии, где требуются прямые продажи.


Project Manager

Lviv · $1500 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Last 6 years I responsable for Small and Medium Enterprises department in the huge international bank. I speak fluantly french and have good skills in anglish. My strong points: communication, team leader knowledges, business analyses, team coordination for common goal, self-motivation. I m looking for challenging interesting and good remunerated post with equivalent perspectives.

Negotiations, Project Management, B2B

Start up of new sme department in the bank. Launch of local business departement from 0, high business results , good team atmosthere, even then peaple are dispersed on differents cities.


Business Development/Product Manager/Head of sales

Kyiv · $1500 · 6 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Operating systems Schedule management Presentation ability Business analysis Team leadership Product development Stakeholder relations Project management New business development Business development and planning Research Conflict resolution Relationship building and management Team building expertise Budget development Highly organized Product knowledge Creation of sales comp structures Marketing strategy Territory management Client relations Staff management Critical and creative thinking Inventory management Order management Sales pipeline management Revenue and profit maximization Relationship building and rapport

Project Management, Microsoft Office, Product management, usability, HTML, SASS, Communication Skills, Business development, Team management, Lead generation, International sales, Negotiations, B2B, Sales, It sales, Team player, Сustomer Support, Crypto, English, CRM, Account Management, Sales Strategy, fluent English, Key Account management, Business Developement, Networking, Presentation skills, Partner network management

Enhanced marketing exposure through effective website content management and direct correspondence with potential clients. Identified issues and crafted unique and immediate solutions to remedy them. Negotiated and closed long-term agreements with new clients in assigned territory. Examined marketing material with the consumer perspective in mind to increase sales and expand key client base. Ensured that client inquiries were handled professionally and efficiently Fostered and facilitated relationships with product distribution channels to increase product sales. Solicited commercial property interest in low-cost, alternative energy resources. Set up and maintained global account management and reporting tools and processes. Networked and interacted with local, national and international associations to optimize industry connections. Executed calling campaigns targeting direct end-user prospective accounts. Evaluated market trends and recommended marketing budget allocations to top management. Led cross-functional teams to create impactful messaging, demand-generation programs and sales tools. Directed and coordinated marketing activities and policies to promote Forex products and Financial technology services. Identified value propositions and key messages for all of the company's marketing campaigns. Communicated marketing teams' plans and accomplishments to verify alignment with senior management objectives. Collaborated with developers, advertisers and production managers to market products and services. Created printed marketing materials that were designed to drive campaigns. Preserved brand integrity by monitoring the consistency and quality of marketing content. Created high-quality marketing strategy documentation, including product marketing briefs, FAQs and objection handling documents. Cultivated effective partnerships with engineering, marketing, sales and customer support staff. Initiated market research studies and analyzed findings. Traveled nationally and internationally to meet with customers and deliver clear company messages. Coordinated and participated in promotional activities and trade shows.

Для меня очень важно, чтобы должность не только позволяла мне анализировать данные, но и давала возможность представить клиентам результаты моей работы и связанные с ними идеи. Это меня вдохновляет. Мне нравится видеть, как моя работа влияет на работу других людей.


Head of Sales/Business development

Kharkiv · $1500 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

- опыт в продажах более 15 лет - опыт продаж на фриланс-биржах (Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Fiverr,, Linkedin, и др. - опыт использования различных каналов продаж - закрытие сделок до $200К - успешное ведение переговоров на любом уровне - прошел более 20 бизнес и психологических тренингов ...

Sales, Business development, Communication Skills, Negotiations, Team management, International sales, B2B, CRM, English, It sales, Direct Sales, Sales Planning

- рост продаж на десятки процентов в первые месяцы работы - создание "с нуля" и эффективное руководство отделом продаж - вывод и раскрутка новых продуктов(услуг) на рынке - быстрое освоение и эффективная работа с новыми каналами продаж, продуктами

интересует работа с актуальными и инновационными продуктами(услугами) в области web(mobile) development, marketing, blockchain и т.д.


Sale manager

Kyiv · $2000 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

# опыт работы в холодных звонках. # опыт работы менеджером по продажам B2B/B2C # емпатия к клиенту, сверх лояльность.

Sales, Communication Skills, B2B, It sales, English, Account Management, B2C, Multitasking, fluent English, Client Relationship, Project Management, Presentation skills, Team player, Jira, Sales Manager, Sales Presentations

Громкие и влиятельные проекты, нравиться работать в проектах которые оставляют свой след в истории и влияют на общество.

Новых вершин, крутой опыт, повышения навыков.


Business Development Consultant 

Kharkiv · $1500 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

3+ years in IT Sales and Business Development. 1000+ analyzed projects and businesses Successful experience in the full sales cycle, from lead generation to client care management.

Sales, Business development, Communication Skills, English, International sales, It sales, Negotiations, B2B, CRM, Linkedin, Networking, Team player, Presentation skills, Jira, Business Developement, Outsource, English- advanced, Business Process Management, Management, B2B sales, Europe and USA markets, Lead generation, Sales Management

I am proud of the ability to analyze client's business/product, help defining their exact needs, and find the most suitable solution. Therefore, it allows both client's and my companies to grow.

Wide range of responsibilities (including extraordinary) Willing to consider both Outsourcing and Product Development companies


Sales Manager

Remote work, Ukraine · $700 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

Управляю продажами в небольших компаниях, 30-40 проектов в год. Повышаю доход и финансовую устойчивость за счет привлечения крупных В2В заказчиков. Отвечаю за подготовку и реализацию бюджета коммерческой службы. Контролирую расхождения фактических и плановых показателей. Управляю отношениями отдела продаж со службами маркетинга, закупок, логистики. Организовываю переговоры с ключевыми поставщиками, партнерами и клиентами. Работаю со сложными продуктами. Настраиваю системы лидогенерации для B2B Умею зарабатывать когда «кризис», «у клиента нет денег» или «у конкурентов дешевле». К сожалению, буду малоэффективен, если стратегия продаж сфокусирована на ценовой конкуренции В работе использую Intercom, Hubspot, Hunter, LinkedIn, Trello

Sales, Communication Skills, B2B, Business development, International sales, Lead generation, CRM, Negotiations, Linkedin, Account Management, Team management, Team player, Business Developement, Sales and Lead Generation automation

постоение процесса продаж, разработка гипотезы, тест, подбор персонала

Работа с IT продуктами, увеличение навыков CRO (conversion rate optimization). Автоматические воронки лидогенерации. Жедательно B2B направление


Head of Business Development, Chief Marketing Officer

Odesa, London, Kyiv, EU · $2800 · 7 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Marketing and B2B sales IT consultant with 7 years + experience in Information Technology industry, I work with the implementation of both digital and face-to-face sales and marketing activities, lead generation campaigns and projects within the SaaS industry. Started as a sales support manager in a global 2000+ employees company, now, I'm a Business Development Director in an American marketing execution agency, responsible for the growth and operations, manage a distributed team of 10 ppl. International event management is a strong skill due to a broad network in the Financial Services and IT industry. Specializing in ABM (Account Based Marketing), Sales Enablement, Marketing Stack Implementation, and Content Marketing Execution. Also, Maryna is a BDM community influencer in Odessa, journaling a popular Telegram channel on business development and performing as a business development course lecturer, curator, and speaker at IT conferences.

Microsoft Office, Agile, English, Project Management, Team management, Account Management, Marketing, Content marketing, copywriting, Brand Promotion, Marketing Strategy, Lead generation

- Designed and implemented sales and marketing departments for 2 companies (small and mid-size businesses); - Attracted >15 clients with a budget of $10 000 per project; - Attracted >7 clients with a budget of $20 000 per project; - The organizer of 6 international lead generating conferences (New York, London, Munich, Odessa); - Full cycle assessment and technology consulting for Amazon Web Services Partner program; - Lecturer on Business Development.

I look for a company that is flexible and ready to implement reasonable recommendations. The company that values and respects tеam ambitions and passion. The company that is interested in growing professionals. I don't want to work for a company with a high level of bureaucracy.

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