Sales Manager

Remote work, Ukraine · $1500 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Hello! I am a business development manager with more than 5 years of experience. Looking forward to talking to you and see if we are a good fit to each other.

Sales, English, Communication Skills, B2B, Team management, Project Management, MANAGMENT, Business development, Key Account management, Negotiations, It sales, Account Management, Marketing, People management, trello, Analytics, Team player, International sales, Presentation skills, Agile, CRM, Communication skills

No cold calls


Customer Service Manager/ Account Manager/ Project Manager

kiїv, berlin, london, eu, usa, canada · $1000 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I am experienced in marketing, business development, customer support and sales. For me is not just important to reach the business goals, however, go the extra mile in order to meet the customer needs and deliver the clients satisfaction, by increasing the loyalty. I do believe that my self-confidence, strong analytical and negotiation skills, striving for excellence attitude to life make me the perfect candidate for the position of Account Manager (Customer Manager). Currently, I am the Customer Manager for B2B and B2C clients in Europe, the Middle East and the USA in the marketing research area. My responsibilities include: - Accompanying and supporting clients, advising on all issues of existing clients; - Providing recommendations and analytical reports/insights to resolve partners' business issues; - Expansion of the client portfolio, creation of additional values and cross-sale of additional services; - Developing long-term business relationships with new clients; - Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by developing monthly digest and gathering the NPS; - Providing correct and timely document flow and timely payment for the company's services; - Project management (Scrum methodology); - Risk management and budget fulfilment.

B2B, Communication Skills, English, Negotiations, Account Management, International sales, Project Management, Team management, Presentation skills, Agile, customer support, Business Developement, Team player, Sales, Lead generation, CRM, Networking, Marketing, B2C, Client Relationship, international business development, Product management

Within the last 6 months: 1. Won the biggest automotive project in the company history - total revenue 30 000 EUR. 2. Signed the global cooperation contract with the brand-new client. Year revenue expectation - apx. 300 000 EUR. 3. Revenue growth from already existing clients by 25%.

I would like to work in IT company, it doesn't matter how big it is, whether it's wild known or not. What is really important for me is have the possibility of constant growth, striving for excellence and being greedy for the clients, projects, results. I want to become an integral part of your company.


Account Manager, Sales Manager, Lead Generation Manager, Business Developmnet Manager

kiїv · $1300 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I’m experienced in sales, marketing, and business development for a variety of industries, products, and services. Skilled in research and customer service. I am a strong professional, who is passionate about reaching business goals while delivering clients' satisfaction. I consider myself to be a real team player and a creative thinker. I do believe, that Business Development is very competitive and fast-moving space. It attracts ambitious and target driven people who want to progress. Working in the sphere of business development allows me to accelerate my career and helps me to realise my potential. In the right environment and with the right application, it can be amazing to see how rapidly goal can be achieved. The important thing is to have the ability to spot an opportunity and most importantly, do something about it. My current responsibilities are: • Generate, develop and close new business in a defined and growing sector • Accurately forecast and close large accounts to exceed client acquisition goals • Coordinate and conduct on-site assessments of potential clients’ needs and requirements • Propose appropriate software application based on the prospect’s pain points • Develop, direct and manage prospecting strategy to secure C and VP level meetings

Sales, Business development, Communication Skills, It sales, Account Management, Lead generation and sales qualification, Lead generation, Linkedin, CRM, Digital marketing, International sales, B2B sales, Sales and Lead Generation automation, Key Account management, Direct Sales, B2B, Leadgeneration, Business Developement, English


Head of Sales, Product owner

kiїv · $2500 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Ad tech industry, various projects (programmatic advertising, video ads etc). Managed teams of 3-7 people, covering business development, account manage,ent, customer success management activities. Looking for a job where I can participate in creating a product and adding value to the company by expanding its reach and customer base.

Sales, Business development, Communication Skills, B2B, English, Negotiations, Account Management, International sales, CRM, Team management, Team player, Presentation skills, Networking, Linkedin, Business Developement, Negotiation, Business communication, Customer relationship management, international business development, fluent English

Outwitting KPIs, international business development on various events, starting projects from scratch and growing to 8+ people team


customer support,sales, head of support, Business Analyst, account manager

kiev ,l'vov · $1000 · 8 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

product Clients cooperation; Communication with international clients via chat, tickets, emails, phone calls; Assistance in problem resolution; Troubleshooting; Training of new operators/outsource operators; Cooperation with different departments (setting goals, conducting tasks to its logical conclusion); Administration of clients’ database; Analysis of client's activity; Inventing new tools, ideas, plans and their implementation; Partial participation in Development of Product and Company;, Validation of orders received from customers to facilitate smooth operations process and optimize profitability; Reception/follow up of service complaints and give feedbacks/solutions to customers on any service complaints;

Профессиональный рост. Неформальная обстановка. Адекватный менеджмент.


Finance specialist / Treasury specialist

kyiv, Ukraine · $1500 · 7 years of experience · Intermediate

Багато з українських ІТ компаній отримують оплату за свої послуги з-за кордону в іноземній валюті, а розраховуються з працівниками у гривневому еквіваленті. Продаж валюти відбувається за допомогою банку з використанням певного обмінного курсу. При цьому ціноутворення має багато нюансів і кінцевий обмінний курс не завжди може бути оптимальним. Можу впевнено говорити про це, оскільки: 1. Працюю у даному напрямку у банківській сфері з 2012 року, маю багато досвіду, робочих та особистих контактів у службах казначейства українських банків; знаю внутрішню модель роботи банків, її сильні та слабкі сторони, нюанси, законодавство, мотивацію працівників. 2. Працював безпосередньо з провідними ІТ компаніями українського ринку. 3. Мав достатньо зворотного зв'язку як безпосередньо від представників фінансових відділів ІТ компаній, так і від знайомих працівників ІТ сектору — про те що банки, намагаючись збільшити власний прибуток (і це правда), майже ніколи не надають оптимальний обмінний курс. Що можу запропонувати За різних обставин (головна з яких — глобальне відношення банківської системи до власних працівників) маю велике бажання змінити сферу діяльності. Готовий торгувати валютою на стороні клієнта (тобто Вашої компанії), забезпечувати оптимальний обмінний курс і тим самим збільшувати прибуток компанії у гривневому еквіваленті, що буде додатковою мотиваційною перевагою для співробітників. Окрім торгівлі валютою, протягом своєї банківської карʼєри (15 років) займався багатьма сумісними напрямками: розробка й оптимізація продуктів; втілення у роботу схем взаємодії в середині компанії та з зовнішніми партнерами; продаж послуг та підтримка відносин з клієнтами; розробка договорів; проведення навчання співробітників; проведення тендерів та участь у зовнішніх тендерах; планування та моніторинг cash-flow та багато іншого. Із задоволенням використаю свій досвід на користь Вашої компанії! Готовий працювати завзято та ефективно, наскільки взагалі це можливо.

Finance, Financial, Financial Management, Treasury

Добре вмію налагоджувати відносини, завдяки чому маю вискоку ефективність співпраці навіть з проблемними клієнтами.

Маю велике бажання стати частиною міцної команди і вносити свій внесок у розвиток компанії з адекватним відношенням до власного персоналу.


Country Manager, CEO, Sales/Marketing Director

kyiv · $4500 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

QUALIFICATION 10 years of experience as executive director and country sales manager for Ukrainian and foreign companies in Ukraine. 25 years - business development, sales, marketing, management, clients' relations. SKILLS • - establishing of enterprises and business projects from “ground zero”; • - planning, reporting, financial and stock management; • - economy, management and financial analysis of companies; • - marketing research, organization and/or optimization of sales and business processes; • - staff recruitment etc. EXPERIENCE Sales and marketing director Company name: Medical network Doctor Sam Dates Employed: August 2018 – present days Location: Kiev, Ukraine Achievements: • Optimization of promo and advertisement expenses (transparency, planning and control); • Shift of on-line part of business from representation to sales. Sites, social networks, tasks and projects management (on-line and off-line); • ATL (press, radio, TV, podcast, opinion leaders), BTL (messaging, B2B party, promo activity, package offers), POS materials (promostands, stickers, posters etc.) • Organization of corporate events. • Partial implementation of CRM, project management. Sales representative in Ukraine and EU Company Name: Bornstein Seafoods Inc. (USA). Fish and seafood processor and exporter. Dates Employed: Apr 2014 – May 2018 Employment Duration: 4 yrs Location: Kiev Region, Ukraine

Sales, Business development, B2B, English, International sales, Project Management, Marketing, B2C, Key Account management, Business Process, Creative thinker

I've gained experience in different spheres. Management, sales, marketing, on-line and business development made me understand the difference between “mean business” and “make business” as well as difference between entrepreneur, businessman and manager. I studied how to build system, business model that should work while people control and configure it. I’m proud of been a part of international project in Ukraine and learned a lot from western practices. Having knowledge of how business works in Ukraine I took the best of both worlds.

I expect new challenges that inspire entrepreneur’s spirit. Large scale, ambitious project. Unnecessarily in Ukraine only.


Project Manager

kyiv, Ukraine · $1000 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

More than 10 years of experience of project management and sales in different spheres. Experienced with several projects simultaneously. Successfully delivered products to the customers. My skills: Project Management, Analytics, Scrum, Agile, Kanban, Jira, C/C++, Java

Project Management, Agile, Analytics, Jira, Requirements analysis, Scrum, Kanban, Manual Testing (QA), C/C++, Java

- Work with different international companies and teams; - Outsourcing and product projects experience; - Organization and control of region team's representatives; - Master degree of international law.

Experienced team and interesting projects. Ready to business trips and work remotely.


Intern/Junior Developer Front End

lviv · $200 · Intermediate


JavaScript, Git, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, fetch, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, SASS/SCSS, Gulp

For the last 10 years I have been working in the Sales Department. I was awarded certificates of qualification upgrading, distinguished service awards and letters of appreciation. Won in contests among more than 150 colleagues.

My objective is to obtain a position as a Junior Front-End Software Engineer, where I can make a significant contribution in your Company with my skills, knowledge and experience. I have been studying for HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, JQuery, GIT, Gulp and Scrum basics. I'm currently continuing to study these and other technologies to improve my skills. I have no commercial experience. But I have a crazy motivation for self-improvement and achieving my goal. Become a Senior Full Stack Developer for 3 years! I understand that Front-End Developer needs to know a lot of technologies. I am ready to learn, improve and work on the result! And always ready to help your new colleagues or share their experience in sales! In the team I`m always ready to help, sociable, but I know the limit. Ready to start your studies soon and get started. Thank you for reviewing my CV. I would appreciate your feedback. Best regards, Oleksandr


Sales Manager

kiev, odessa, berlin, amsterdam, eu, usa, canada · $5000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Extensive experience in devising effective ICT solutions sales and Channel Development strategies to develop business by boosting sales and revenue growth √ Recognized for propelling corporate growth through inventive customer-centric solutions; skilled in executing novel drives for new Solutions and services development while discovering fresh routes to the market & exploiting them to increase revenues √ Skilled in conducting intelligent market research and executing creative business expansion strategies, to acquire ‘the target consumer’, utilizing creative intellect, strategic insight and sharp planning skills √ Extensive knowledge of Saudi Arabian market, coupled with expertise in coordinating and working with multi-cultural work force with consummate ease √ Skilled in identifying and networking with financially strong and reliable channel partners, resulting in deeper market penetration and reach √ Outstanding ability to interact with clients, understand their requirements and accordingly devising customized solutions, thereby maintaining complete client satisfaction and creating opportunities for repeat business √ Visionary leader with excellent organization, communication, presentation and interpersonal skills; capable of resolving multiple and complex issues and motivating staff to peak performance

Sales, Business development, International sales, It sales, Presentation skills, Linkedin, Team management, Project Management, Key Account management, Product management, sales pipeline and forecasting, Team player, English, Communication Skills, B2B, Negotiations, Lead generation, Sales Management, Management, Sales Development, Sales Strategy, fluent English

 10M $ project with Aramco for Lenovo High performance computing solutions  200 Lenovo server’s solutions for Aramco  More than 30 midsize solutions projects including SAP, Visualization and Converged/Hyper converged solutions sold to SMB customers.  More than 100 BP’s enabled and signed as Lenovo BP.

Looking for finding a job with Multinational company based in Ukraine like HP , Dell , Cisco , Oracle , SAP

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