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12 декабря 2018

Sales Manager

Киев · $500 · 1 год опыта · Upper Intermediate

Project Management, Sales, Agile, Scrum, CSS3, HTML5, Jira

MS Project, Trello, Upwork, CRM, MS Office

I believe in life-long learning, prefer to deal with complex tasks, plan steps and achieve goals. I participated as AIESEC volunteer in Lithuania, I led a group of teenagers, discussed such topics as self-awareness, art, culture.

I look for challenges, curious tasks, ambitious goals that need my knowledge, skills, and persistence. I prefer to work with CRM, task management tools, DBs, numbers, correspondence.

6 декабря 2018

Sales Manager

Berlin, USA, London, Минск, Киев · $7000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Account Management, Business development, International sales, Negotiations, Product management, Sales Management, Team Leadership, Team management

Highly experienced Business development, Sales and Software delivery manager. Previously responsible for the COMPANY growth and business development in US and North America. Also served as Director of Software Delivery for all US based accounts. Account manager for strategic accounts. Bringing 20+ years of IT development and executive management experience in different geographical regions and industries. Skilled at leveraging personal relations, exceptional work ethic to exceed corporate targets for efficiency, customer service, and outstanding quality. Honest, capable, self-organized, focused and dedicated on company success.

1. 20+ years in the industry (from developer to director of biz dev). 2. Passion, ability to quick learn, see business goals, constant working on myself and awareness in the cutting edge tech/business trends. 3. Multi-cultural, multi-language skills (Fluent English, German, Hebrew). Russian, Polish – native. 4. Great communication skills. 5. SAP – 100% awareness on local ecosystem, key contacts, (Russia, CIS, Partially Germany, Israel) 6. Proven experience of building dedicated development offshore centers from scratch up to 90 people(2005-2009 – TB&W(87 people) with partner, 2013-2017 SAP hybris (47 people) – solely), Sitecore practice (0-15 people in 1 year -solely).

My expectations is a leadership position with a lot of responsibility on my end and freedom for making decisions from the company owners/board of directors. I really do not care if it is small/medium or large organisation. I even ready to build it from scratch.

12 декабря 2018

Sales Director / Head of Sales

Any · $4000 · 8 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Account Management, Business Growth, English, German, international business development, International sales, Sales Management, French

Internationally-experienced professional with 8 years Software Sales and Business Development experience, MBA from German university and global working experience (USA, Germany, Canada). Fluent in English, German, Russian and Ukrainian, advanced knowledge of French and Romanian.

Key competencies: + 8 years of work experience in leading international IT companies in Germany, USA and Canada + Fluent in English & German, advanced French (have been living abroad for last 8 years) + MBA in International Business from one of the leading universities in Germany + Customer facing sales; relationship building & influencing skills + Understanding customer needs and providing customized advice + Lead Generation & Customer Acquisition + Comfortable in negotiations with C-level executives + Build consistent new revenue pipeline & lead inside sales team + New markets development + Experience working in Big Data, Real-Time Analytics, Telecommunications, Finance and Banking sectors

9 декабря 2018

Sales Manager

Львов · $1000 · 3 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Account Management, Sales Management, Negotiations, Marketing

account management B2B sales negotiations public speaking marketing

• selling of company's products in B2B segment • loads calculation and designing of complex window construction • dealing with existing and attracting new Partners in the western region • formation and provision of proposals for cooperation, provision of commercial proposals, control over the accounts receivable of the Partners • launching and promoting the sale of new products on the market • maintaining the quality of the final product at a high level (REHAU Authorized Partner Program) • developing REHAU Authorized Trade Partner. Developing of dealer network. Conducting audits of dealer’s sales offices and working to improve them • working up of the object construction market. Negotiating with investors and project managers. Supporting project implementation • organizing and participating in exhibitions. Organizing and conducting presentations, technical educational events and seminars • handling customer complaints • reporting on CRM system • mentoring junior members in the team

interesting, prospective, projects, long-term relationship with customer, no bureaucracy, flexible hours, compensation depends on achievements

6 декабря 2018

Head Of Sales

Киев · $2600 · 7 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Analytical Skills, Business development, Lead generation, Leadership, Sales, Security, CRM, Product management, Project Management, Risk management

I am Cyber Security fan and strategist with a passion for Sales and Business Development Put my professional background in numbers and you’ll get: 5+ years in B2B 2+ years in B2C 9+ years in Cyber Security 3+ years overall team leadership experience (team 20+ people) 20+ years in professional sport 50+ public speeches (100+ people) Core expertise: Business Development, Sales (both B2B and B2C), Cyber Security, Team Management, Public Speaking, Cyber Security expertise: Certified Information Systems Security Manager - Skills and knowledge to assess threat analysis and risks; - Risk & incident management, Security programs and CISO roles; - IS security strategy and frameworks; - Audit and Risk management creation of policies, compliance and awareness, as well as DR and BCP development, deployment and maintenance Business Development and Sales expertise: Master of Sports in Freestyle Wrestling. I am very good in hardest business negotiations :)

I'd love to share key achievements list: 1. New business-area launch (Cyber Security): Creation new business department “from scratch”. Starting from zero to the fastest grown department. +70% plan overperformed. 2. Average sales growth is more 25% per year (B2B) 3. Building Cyber Security strategy for one international bank (Ukrainian brunch) and one of the biggest logistics company from the very beginning

The dream job is to work in international company with multiple hard interesting tasks and projects in IT of Cyber Secuirty area

10 декабря 2018

Sales Manager, Business Developer

Одесса, Киев · $1500 · 3 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

- Establishment and development of relations with top management of large and medium-sized enterprises -the USA market. - Sales channels development: online employment platform (LinkedIn, Upwork, Angel list). - Partner relationships B2B. Please write the salary range for your job proposal consideration. Thank you.

Personal clients from Western Europe. Top-Rated Upwork profile Helping Outsourcing companies to automate Lead Generation & Sales.

Неформальная обстановка, интересные задачи.

9 декабря 2018

Head of Sales / Head of Business Development / Sales Executive

Киев · $2500 · 6 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

More than 6 years of experience in IT business development, sales & marketing. SaaS, marketing agencies, web studios. Building and managing sales processes from scratch. Sales and marketing orchestration. Familiar with the impressive portfolio of sales and marketing tools. Solid expertise in the full sales cycle: Pre-Sale, Sales Development, Nurturing, Closing, Upsell/Cross-sell for both Inbound and Outbound channels. About 3 years of experience managing sales teams of up to 10 people. Working with US and Western European markets only.

- Hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales - Building sales departments and processes from scratch - Account-based marketing campaigns black belt

Product company with a managerial sales role - perfect fit. Still might consider other interesting options.

6 декабря 2018

Chief Commercial Officer | Chief Business Development Officer

Киев · $3300 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Beginner/Elementary

B2B, Business development, Business Process, Business Strategy, Coaching, E-commerce, Negotiations, Product management, Sales Management, Team Leadership

Ключевые компетенции: • 12+ лет результативного опыта построения и управления крутых отделов продаж в b2b, b2c, e-commerce • Отличные навыки управления продаж в командах 100+ человек • Отличные навыки ведения переговоров с позиции win-win на различных уровнях • Хорошие презентационные навыки • Знаю и применяю различные техники продаж • Большой опыт создания коммерческих предложений, презентаций • Хорошие навыки создания политик, процедур для коммерческих служб • Разрабатывал и внедрял мотивационные программы на основе KPI для разных ролей команды • Имею хорошие навыки подбора и обучения сотрудников команды • Выстраивал основные, вспомогательные бизнес-процессы на уровни компании 200+ человек - e-commerce • Использую в работе redmine/jira/slack Личные качества: • Проактивный • Хорошо развито вариативное и критическое мышление • Высокий уровень эмоционального интеллекта, отличные • коммуникативные навыки • Сильные лидерские навыки, способен вдохновлять и вести за собой команду • Высокий уровень личной ответственности • Отлично развита способность работать в состоянии многозадачности • Обладаю ярко выраженным стремлением к достижению успеха • Внутренняя потребность принимать решения и брать на себя ответственность за результат

• Лучшие личные продажи из 20 менеджеров на протяжении 8 мес • Сформировано команд общей численностью 500+ человек • Привлечено 3500+ клиентов • Стартовал/участвовал в создании и запуске 10+ проектов • Лично закрывал сделки на 500 000+ $ • Развивал №1 проект в e-commerce на территории Украины • Организовывал и управлял командой из 120+ человек, которая генерировала 8-значный $ годовой оборот.

• Хочу ускорить развитие компании передав свой опыт • Работать в команде единомышленников развивая лучший продукт

11 декабря 2018

Sales / Marketing Director

Харьков, Киев, Полтава · $2000 · 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Business Analitycs, Business development, google adwords, Google Analitycs, International Deals, Marketing Strategy, Project Management, Sales executive, SEM, SEO, Team management, Functional programming, JavaScript, Magento, Opencart, Scala, Web Development, Wordpress

Mature and goal-oriented person with strong skills in business development and engineering. Degree in Computer Sciences and 10+ diverse experience in development within technology fields.

Successful projects in industrial sector with cutting edge technologies all over the world.

Obtain challenging position in organization where applicable skills for creation, management and advancing diverse products and services.

11 декабря 2018

Sales Manager 🔥

Харьков · $700 · 1 год опыта · Upper Intermediate

Account Management, CRM, Lead generation, Linkedin, Marketing, Negotiation, Negotiations, Prospecting, Sales, Sales Funnel, UpWork

Lead generation, requirements gathering and analyzing, project scope, specification, and budget agreeing, documents presenting, informational support of clients during the development process, lead generation automation, marketing researches, prospect qualification, exploring new sales tools and methods, maintaining CRM

Market researches, LinkedIn automatization, find new sales channels, Sales.

I would happy to didn't have lead generation.

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