8 October

Junior Ruby on Rails developer

USA, EU, Canada, Odesa, London, Berlin, Amsterdam · $500 · Advanced/Fluent

July-2013 - June-2019 - Software Engineer Customer: BSUIR, https://www.bsuir.by Project: BSUIR Learning Management System Team Size: dozens of people from different university divisions Project Roles: System Administrator, Automation Developer, Frontend Designer Tasks performed: • Participated in 2 major migrations of SharePoint server • Wrote numerous LMS automations in scope of user management and digital document flow • Was performing maintenance of BSUIR ILL faculty website and hardware resources • Participated in system migration to Moodle in 2019-2021 and proposed possible optimizations Environment: • Infrastructure: Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SQL Server • Dev: Notepad++, Microsoft Management Console • Stack: VBScript, PowerShell, JS (ES5) *** March-2019 – June-2019 – Software Engineer Customer: EPAM Systems, https://www.epam.com/ Project: training laboratory dedicated to technology of building modern web applications within Ruby ecosystem, techniques of writing clean and maintainable code and cloud computing systems. Team Size: Dev Team: 5 members, QA Team: 1 member Project Role: Developer Tasks performed: • Developed different parts of the system for marking and sharing places on the map with Google Maps API integration • Worked on tests coverage increase up to 90% • Configured different aspects of Ruby on Rails application from the master branch initialization to final deployment Environment: • Infrastructure: PostgreSQL, Heroku • Dev: Visual Studio Code, Linux Mint 19 • Stack: Ruby 2.6.3, Ruby on Rails 5.2.3

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, PostgreSQL, Git, JavaScript, RSpec, REST API, CSS, Linux, HTML, OOP, Bootstrap, SQL, MVC, Capybara, Heroku, Automated Testing, Agile

8 October

Elixir/Ruby Developer (freelance)

$4000 · 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Поледние 6 лет - работа в мультинациональной Финтек компании в Барселоне, поэтому проблем с удаленной работой и коммуникацией давно не испытываю. Опыт разработки финансовых систем (PCI, интеграция с системами платежей - PayPal, card gateways) в Финтек индустрии с использованием Ruby, последние 2 года преимущественно Elixir. Уверенная работа с любыми Agile процессами. При отсутствии оных, помогу наладить на уровне команды/компании.

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Elixir, PostgreSQL, Redis, AGILE/SCRUM, MySQL, MongoDB, Machine Learning, PayPal, REST API, AWS

Перевод платежной системы компании с Rails на Elixir/Phoenix, миграция данных. Параллельно, интеграция с новыми платежными провайдерами(Spreedly, PayPal, Slimpay) и новой системой мониторинга(Datadog)

Слаженная команда(3-7 человек), предпочтительно Финтек, относительная свобода в выборе новых технологий, отсутсnвие бюрократии. Барселона/удаленная(критично). Предложения о релокации не рассматриваю на настоящий момент.

5 October

Senior React Native Developer / Team Lead 🔥 

Remote work, Ukraine · $4700 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Ruby, Rails, Node.js, React.js, Redux, ES6, React Native, Postgres, MySQL, MS SQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, Heroku, AWS, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, DevOps (Jenkins/Ansible) The last big projects made in Ruby/RoR: - FanParty (http://fanparty.ru) - Health123 (https://health123.com) - HueGroup Color projects (http://www.hue-group.com) - Squad Locker (http://team.squadlocker.com) - Swrve (https://www.swrve.com/) The last big projects made in Node.js: - Ohana (http://ohanacity.com/ - Wiretap (http://wiretap.co) - CircadianRisk (no public URL. Closed beta) The list of projects with a React.js front end: - Swrve Amplify UI - Squad Locker - Wiretap - CircadianRisk

AJAX, Bootstrap, CSS3, Git, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, MongoDB, MVC, MySQL, Node.js, PostgreSQL, pouchDB, ReactJS, Redux, RSpec, Ruby, CouchDB, RabbitMQ, React Native, AngularJS, ElasticSearch, Ruby on Rails

Highly responsible, results and business oriented person with 15+ years of experience and proven ability to successfully build and manage onboard and remote teams of experienced developers. Expertise in existing applications optimization and refactoring from a database to a front end. Clearly understanding the customer requirements. I am always seeking for a new tasks that will continually challenge my problem solving and analytical skills using technologies I already know and technologies I will know to find a best solutions possible.

Startups, challenging tasks, great people

4 October

Software Engineer/Ruby/Rails/Python Pandas/PostgreSQL/ReactJS

Kyiv, USA, Canada · $6000 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Vitaliy Korbut SOFTWARE ENGINEER STRENGTHS Creating performant web-applications fast. Ruby/Rails +ReactJS +Postgresql, +Python/Flask/Pandas for data analysis. FULL-TIME JOBS Real Estate Recommendation Engine. Imbadom LLC, Kiev Mar 18-Aug 19: Remote Full-Stack Engineer, CTO, Architect Tools and Technologies: Ruby/Rails, Javascript/React.js, Python/Flask/Pandas, Postgresql, Postgis, OSM, OSRM. Supply Chain Management and Accounting System for breweries and wholesalers. GP Analytics LLC, Seattle, USA Mar 16 - Mar 18: Remote Back-End Software Engineer Technologies: Ruby/Rails, Postgresql, Ember.js, Node.JS. Online service that matches customers with local professionals. askCharlie Gmbh, Berlin, Germany Oct 15 - Feb 16: Onsite Full-Stack Software Engineer Technologies: Ruby/Rails, Postgresql. AWARDS National Math Olympiads: multiple wins Hackathons: multiple wins SIDE PROJECTS PokerProBattle - bot-vs-bot Texas Holdem poker games(C++), human-vs-bot(Ruby/Rails) HowHotAreYou - recommendation engine for sexual appeal, based on quiz, statistical models and analysis(Ruby/Rails) TimeHunter - Personal assistant that recognizes problems in the speed of achievement of milestones towards the goals you track through the app and helps prevent them.(Ruby/Rails/EmberJS) SKILLS Languages: Ruby, SQL, Javascript, Python, C++ Frameworks/Libraries/Databases: Rails, Postgresql, Flask, Pandas, Node.JS, Ember.js, React.JS, React Native. DevOps/Tools/ Buzzwords: AWS, Nginx, Puma, Resque, Cron, Redis, Git, Bash, Google Maps Platform, Ubuntu, Unix, Digital Ocean, REST, CRUD, SQL, RDBMS, Agile, TDD, CI, microservices FORMAL EDUCATION BSU FIR, B.S. degree Microeconomics, 2010-2015 HS Mittweida, Germany -Logistics, Management May 2014 - May 2015 LANGUAGES English - fluent Russian - native German - Advanced, C1 Cert. EXPERTISE Math Real Estate Recommendation engines

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, PostgreSQL, Git, JavaScript, RSpec, MySQL, REST API, Redis, CSS, HTML, Linux, OOP, AJAX, SQL, Bootstrap, MVC, AWS, Capybara, JSON, Nginx, React, Sidekiq, English, Capistrano, Scrum, Vanilla, Jenkins, RoR, NodeJS, Unicorn, JSON API, HTML5, Ruby metaprogramming, Rails, MacOS, minitest, Markdown, Design Patterns, React.js, Sinatra, Docker, Python, GraphQL, Test driven development , bash, CSS3, ElasticSearch, Node.js, XPath, EmberJS, XML, SQLite, Trailblazer, CI/CD, Ubuntu, Heroku, Web Development, CI, Jira, Test driven development, JSON API Standard, Cucumber, C++, JS, Unix, WebServices, SCSS, Soft skills, es6, docker, Microservices, DevOps, QA Automation, BDD, Quality Assurance, Frontend, JIRA, RegExp, ember.js, Selenium WebDriver, PostGIS, Devise, Twitter-Bootstrap

Winner of multiple national math olympiads. Winner of multiple hackathons. Have improved the speed of some database queries 10**6 fold with the help of better indices... Created ActiveRecord-like DSL for internal use.

Challenging backend-heavy web projects. Full-stack - ok. Greenfield, research projects - great. Data analysis - great. Some Math - great. Some Machine learning - great. Estimating assets pricing and value - great. Maps and routing on backend - great. Natural Language Processing - great. Python/Ruby/Rust great. Above market rates - great. Equity - great. Office short walk away or remote - great. Personalization and Recommendation engines - awesome. Product ownership - awesome. Writing CSS styling - not enthusiastic about that, because I'm not good at that and not interested in learning it. Relocation - nope. Whitelisted: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, London - ok. USA - great.

2 October

Ruby On Rails Developer / Team Lead 🔥

Kyiv · $4000 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Team Lead 06/2018 – 05/2019 Selected Accomplishments/Tasks: - Led the project which changed company position from SAAS solution to a platform from ideation to launch; - Built a platform for API integrations. Led a team of three developers over 9 months; - Mentorship and code review. Full Stack Developer 01/2015 – 06/2018 Selected Accomplishments/Tasks: - Kickstarted process of company positioning change, to ensure a competitive edge; - Designed and built solution for planning of complex agronomic application tasks in 4 months. The project opened new markets for the company; - Optimized backend for processing real-time fleet data. Architected scalable and effective system for business requirements. Achieved speed-up from 10 req/sec to 1000 req/sec; - Organized internal meetup for sharing experience and best practices.

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, PostgreSQL, Git, JavaScript, RSpec, REST API, Redis, OOP, RoR, Bootstrap, React.js, AJAX, Test driven development

Short about me: - built backend and frontend for monitoring more than 50 000 cars online(think corporate Uber map). - built MVP for a specialized tool for agronomists in 4 months(from UI to changes to production). A lot of React.js and Leaflet.js - mentored junior developers and led a team of three engineers to build the platform for data integrations

Do not want to be involved in gaming, online casinos, and betting.

30 September

Team Lead / Tech Lead / Software Architect

Kyiv · $6000 · 6 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I have deep expertise in web development. Mostly I worked with Python (data engineering), Ruby (web development) and JavaScript (frontend). I have a deep AWS knowledge and use their services to save development time when it's possible instead of inventing bicycles or hosting on my own. Besides this, I worked with big-data (ElasticSearch, Redshift) and high-load – I know how to build scalable and reliable solutions. Also, I like DevOps principles, when everything is automated, tested and being monitored.

AWS, Python, Ruby, Architecture, ElasticSearch, PostgreSQL, Redis, Big Data, Docker, Highload, redshift, Git, Linux, SQL

- introduced BI tool in the company - implemented billing calculation for marketplace - development of highly-available services hosted in AWS

Interested in going from a developer role to management. Have a lot of experience in collaboration with product owners and stakeholders, though not very much experience in people management, but want to grow in this field.

24 September

Ruby tech lead / Software architect

Remote work, Ukraine · $6000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Senior ruby developer with 10+ years of experience. Team lead. Architect. Project manager. Backend (ruby on rails, postgresql, redis, nginx), frontend (backbone, react), devops. Looking for team lead / architect role in a remote team. May consider relocate to Europe.

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, PostgreSQL, Git, REST API, Redis, Nginx, AWS

Good sense of product and business processes. Working with non-technical clients and transforming their abstract ideas into specs and leading implementation.

Looking for a leading technical role in a product company with good vibes and minimum bureaucracy.

12 September

Ruby on Rails developer

Remote work, Russia · $2000 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

3 years of commercial development of CRM applications based on Ruby on Rails. Projects difficulty ranges from simple CRUDs to different API integrations: SMS (like Twilio), payment systems (like Mollie), etc. In addition to CRM systems there's an affiliate program integration experience, like Interhome

Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Ruby, MySQL, Git, Rails, OOP, Bootstrap, REST API, jQuery

Ideally I'd like to not have to work fixed hours, like 9-18, but I'm fine with fixed hours per week

6 September

Software Architect, Ruby, Elixir

Remote work, Ukraine · $5300 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Прошёл длинный путь от увлечения программированием в школе до CTO в стартапе. Научился не только программировать, но и коммуницировать. В том числе с нетехническими стейкхолдерами. Терпеливо и успешно. Нацелен на результат: если есть задача, она должна быть решена. Как энтузиаст программирования, всё время нахожусь в процессе профессионального развития.

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Elixir, Scala, TDD, Unix, Business Analysis, Project management

Создал с нуля продукт в сфере healthcare. Веб, несколько мобильных приложений, интеграция с партнерскими сервисами. "С нуля" означает: в сотрудничестве со специалистами предметной области написал спецификацию, водиночку создал MVP, развернул инфраструктуру, спроектировал архитектуру, совместно с коллегой подобрал команду, управлял процессом разработки, и писал сам код на протяжении всего проекта.

В любой сфере специалист больше всего ценит свободу - свободу принятия решений там, где он профессионал. Моя идеальная работа - это руководство разработкой в стартапе, в небольшой команде. Если вы хотите создать продукт, и ищете человека компетентного технически с одной стороны, и способного нести ответственность и вовлекаться с другой, - я прекрасный кандидат для вас. В данный момент работаю на фрилансе, с которого уйду на позицию, где мои скиллы (хард и софт) будут востребованы в полной мере. Другими словами, хочу челлендж :)

6 September

CTO, Solution Architect, Tech Lead

NYC, Bay Area, Kharkiv, Lviv, Kyiv · $10000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Have been a computer geek since before it was cool. Programming for over two decades, these days I do all kinds of engineering: front-end, back-end and even reverse :-) Fluent english, strong leadership and management skills.

Rails, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Web Development, Algorithms, Automation, CSS3, DevOps, Highload, HTML5, JavaScript, Linux, Python, ReactJS, Test driven development (TDD), AWS, MySQL, Networking, Perl, PostgreSQL, Scala, Clojure, MongoDB, SQL, Agile, Scrum, REST API, Docker, Git, Node.js, TDD, Microservices

I specialize and have deep experience with backend services and infrastructure of highload projects (>5M unique daily visits). Guided a team through a transition to a formal workflow, introduced devops practices, significantly improving development process. Architected and deployed a fair number of performance optimizations. Led a greenfield project (rails and react) from discovery phase to production deployment, establishing team culture and best engineering practices (CI pipeline, pull requests, code reviews, automated style checks, etc). Developed a low-latency network service (scala), an enterprise json-api service (scala), a ruby gem, an e-commerce application (rails), a semi-anonymous imageboard (es2015), an enterprise messaging application (rails, react.js), an MVP of an addiction treatment platform (rails), a real-estate marketplace webapp (rails, react.js), an advertising platform (rails, python, es2015), a CRM webapp (rails). Presently working on real estate and asset management services (rails, node.js, react.js, python, scala, es2017, aws).

Looking for technically challenging problems, which may include, but not limited to highload devops, artificial intelligence, complex UIs, big data, low latency; mature startups, passionate product teams. Not looking for trivial, repetitive, lower-skilled occupations, outsourcing bodyshops.

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