Senior Ruby On Rails Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $3400 · 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Ruby (Ruby On Rails, Sinatra), Javascript (HTML5, Node.js, Backbone, Jquery, Angular.js (1.6), Vue, Phonegap/Cordova, Ecmascript 6), Python (Django, Zope), Shell, Perl, Apache, Nginx, AWS, Heroku, Docker MySQL / PostgreSQL, Linux (Debian, CentOS, Redhat), FreeBSD Rspec, Minitest, Cucumber, Selenium

HTML5, Linux, AJAX, Git, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, CSS3, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PhoneGap, Python, SVN, MongoDB, Perl, ReactJS

Good knowledge of HTML5 technologies, good experience in different backend technologies. Feel comfortable to develop both backend / frontend sides of SPA.

I'm looking for remote work (can be part time) with flexible schedule.


Ruby On Rails Developer 🔥

Kharkiv · $1500 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Strong Rails developer, have an experience with Python (Django). Ready to improve myself to full-stack developer. Worked as a software engineer in the mobile network operator on new project, in the IT company on supporting and updating old projects (mostly online game).

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, PostgreSQL, Git, JavaScript, HAML, AWS, React, HTML, CSS, Python, Django, slim, MySQL, REST API, SCSS, CSS3, HTML5, MVC, Heroku, Agile

- was in the core dev team that worked on the browser game with 1000+ players online. - worked on the project that affect a lot of users of the mobile network in Ukraine

- flexible working schedule. I prefer to work at the evenings. - comfortable office in the centre of the city. - community atmosphere in the workspace.


Ruby On Rails Developer

Tashkent · $2500 · 9 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Extensive experience on web development and in past in call-centre application management . I started web developing using PHP and its Codeigniter, Kohana, Yii frameworks. For last 5 years I worked as Ruby on rails developer in retail software, delivery services and CRM solution for fitness centers networks. Have an expirience of team leading. Most interesting tasks were optimizing all bottlenecks in project, updating elasticsearch from 3 to 5 version, elasticsearch tuning for auto defining the context of query, typo correction and layout correction; integration with mailing system, with online cachboxes services, implementing API contract tests using rswag gem which compiles then to json for swagger, dockerizing some internal services.

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Git, MVC, ElasticSearch, Sidekiq, PostgreSQL, Docker, Golang, MongoDB, MySQL

First of all, I'm very proud of my team leading experience, because men can learn anything. But working wth people is another science. Seems like not everything depends on scientific knowledge. I'm also proud of architecture of project where i have been on team lead role. We drived almost 2 years without any architecture issues.

First reason of job searching is that i'am not satisfied of my current duty. I want something more than API bugfixes and API development. I expect more interesting and various tasks. I look forward to be heard expressing my opinion. I expect stable payout of salary.


Ruby Full stack developer 

Remote work, Ukraine · $3000 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Ruby on Rails, Grape, ElasticSearch, Sidekiq, RSpec, Capybara Angular, React, Redux, JQuery Experienced git user Strong understanding of OOP principles, SOLID, DRY, KISS

Git, OOP, RSpec, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Angular.js, JavaScript, React

Opportunity to work remotely, use in my work modern technologies and tools

16 October

Ruby Developer 

Kyiv · $800 · 1.5 years of experience · Intermediate

I worked on the project (ruby gem) which specializes on data parsing. Main stack on the project: Ruby, RSpec, Capybara, parsing gems (html, pdf, csv, xlsx). Currently I'm working on a few RoR projects, which has a lot of background jobs, integrated social networks (both third-party libraries and own realized logic), and a lot of specific functionality.

RSpec, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Capybara, Linux, OOP, TDD, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Sidekiq, Git, jQuery, RegExp, OmniAuth

During my work I worked with social networks API, background processes, support old functionality and data parsing.

Preferable more development than support (bug fixes). I want to work in the team which love TDD and seeks to 100% code coverage, which makes it easier to understand/modify/support this code.

16 October

Automation/Manual QA Lead/Engineer 

Remote work, Ukraine · $5500 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Over 10 years in Quality Assurance where mostly involved into out-source/out-stuff teams and companies. Experienced in managing huge QA teams and setup QA processes from the scratch. Also building, improving and supporting automation frameworks with different levels of difficulty and integration to CI’s, reporting tools and setting the up to different levels of testing. Perfectionist in documentation, like to build proper QA documentation and looking good to perform manual testing as well.

Manual Testing (QA), Automated Testing (QA), Quality Assurance (QA), Ruby, JavaScript, Scrum, Python, Git, Jira, Automated Testing, Selenium WebDriver, REST API, Jenkins, Manual Testing, Agile, RSpec, Postman, Linux, GitLab, HTML, JSON, OOP, Regression Testing, Docker, Selenium, Automated Testing , Manual Testing , Quality Assurance, Back-end testing

Organized cross-projects QA team (20+ engineers in 3 UA locations) which was able to succesfully manage and test up to 80 projects in parallel. Rebuilt a Ruby Automation Framework for SMM app from capybara to watir and made it independent from the application and running environment. Built from scratch and optimized UI Automation Framework on Ruby for Threat Intelligence product. Optimized and Certified Automation Framework on Python for BigData/Hadoop project. Build a framework base for mobile testing of app and backend services based on python.

Prefer to work with new technologies, and avoid to have work in conditions with unjustified restrictions which decrease productivity

16 October

Senior Android Developer

Remote work, Russia · $5000 · 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

~10 years as Android Developer and Team Leader

Android, Android SDK, Kotlin, RxAndroid, Kotlin Coroutine, MVP/MVVM, Dagger 2, Koin, Android custom UI components, Retrofit 2, SQLite, Git, Linux, RxJava/RxAndroid, Firebase

- I studied at the University of Helsinki for a half year(Computer Science/Mobile Development). - I was jury head on Russia Android Challenge in Moscow, organized by Google. - I successfully passed first stage of Telegram Android Challenge(in totlal: 96 participants passed) - About 25-30 mobile/web apps developed

Только удаленная работа (Full-time remote only)

15 October

Software Engineer 🔥

Khmelnytskiy, Lviv, Vinnitsia · $2000 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

Backend enterprise software development for financial and customer support departments. Integration with AWS and payment services

Ruby on Rails, Ruby

Віддам перевагу компанії: з налагодженим процесом комунікації із замовником та у команді; з налагодженим процесом планування розробки та оцінювання задач; де існує практика ділитися знаннями та досвідом у команді. Віддам перевагу роботі над проектами, що дають можливість розвивати навики з розробки і удосконалення архітектури проекту (Enterprise, але не обов'язково)

15 October

Experienced Ruby, Elixir, Clojure and Rust

Remote work, Russia · $4000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I have been engaged with computer science since childhood. The main part of the projects which I took part are various web services. Probably, the applications of some of them are installed in your smartphone. Backends on Ruby, Clojure and Erlang/Elixir. Have production experience with Rust for micro-services. Databases: PostgreSQL mainly, Redis, RethinkDB, Elastic, Neo4j. Variety of frontend technologies, personally I prefer Elm or ClojureScript. Or even better - do not make complex frontend and using something like fomkin/korolev, synrc/n2o, phoenix/liveview. Interested in low-level programming on C/C++, looking into the direction of Rust, Swift and Scala native. Have successful experience as a team leader, but I still prefer engineering work. One of my pet projects fully developed on Clojure ( only Clojure for all, even for CSS ) still works like a clock in hands of the new non-technical owner who bought it from me. Photography is one of my hobbies. I experimenting with photogrammetry using OpenCV library. Image analyze and objects recognition is very interesting for me. I have a good sense of UI/UX. Everything I do looks nice and neat. I looking for complex problems with calculations, data analyze. I prefer companies with a flat hierarchy, independent employees who are able to cooperate decentralized for the benefit of the project. Micromanagement, Jira, daily scrums are my stop words. I am ready to work with new technology for myself. Anyway, every year I learn something new.

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, RSpec, PostgreSQL, React, Clojure, Erlang, Elixir, OTP, C++, Git, Redis, MongoDB, Sinatra, OOP, REST API, OpenGL, Rust

Transfer of regular Rails application to API + Rich client SPA in few months. Gradually transfer IM backend from Rails+PG to Erlang+Riak right under high load without fuckups. Contribution to Clojure. My name sounded few times in some IT podcasts and videos of other developers. Work in world-famous projects from five different countries. Tasty cooking )

Small team, autonomy of engineers, not outsource, remote with regular IRL meetings.

15 October

Ruby developer

$1500 · 3 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Ruby, Elixir, Docker, Ruby on Rails

OOP, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Git, JavaScript, ActiveMQ , ElasticSearch

Профессиональный рост, изучение новых технологий, дружный коллектив.

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