20 February

Senior fullstack engenieer 🔥

Kyiv, EU · $4000 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Последняя роль: С помощью ещё 2 front-end за 7 месяцев подняли лидирующее CRM решения в северное Европе на рынке похоронных услуг. Моя роль: product manager/team lead/fullstack developer. Стак: Rails, React, Postgres, Memcached, AWS::SQS, Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, Nginx, Webpack. Архитектура - модульный монолит, минимум MVC, все что в конечном итоге юзалось из Rails -> routing, autoloading, action_mqiler, active_job, active_model (почти как репозиторий), active_support. Challenges - много фич, фичи зависят от локали, много часовых поясов, много интеграцией, много background processing, tenant-specific фичи, сложный и большей UI.

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, PostgreSQL, Git, JavaScript, RSpec, REST API, MySQL, Linux, OOP, SQL, Docker, Sidekiq, Nginx, JSON, Redis, English, REST, Capybara, TDD, React, MongoDB, Node.js

С помощью ещё 2 front-end за 7 месяцев подняли лидирующее CRM решения в северное Европе на рынке похоронных услуг.

Идеально было бы поработать над масс-продукте или saas, high load, желательно bootstrapped или уже прибыльный. Не хотелось бы работать над tight budget стартапапими или MVP, but...depends :)

13 February

Ruby On Rails Developer 🔥

Kyiv · $2000 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Ruby, Rails, Javascript

Rails, Bootstrap, CSS, Git, PostgreSQL, REST API, RSpec, Ruby, SOAP, Ubuntu, JavaScript, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, HTML5, Linux, Redis, AJAX, jQuery, OOP, HAML, English, REST, Docker, Capybara, SQL, JSON, HTML, JIRA, RabbitMQ, TDD, React.js

Участие в разносторонних глобальных проектах, опыт в коммуникациях, разговорный английский.

12 February

Software Engineer - Ruby/Rails Senior Developer 

Remote work, Russia · $5800 · 7 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Stack: API development, Ruby, Ruby On Rails, CSS, JS, HTML5, PostgreSQL, MySQL, ElasticSearch, UNIX, Docker Core Competencies: - Software Development / Engineering - Working with specific and popular domains - Training & Mentoring - Lead small team Current technologies stack: - Backend: Rails, Sinatra, Padrino, Rack, Trailblazer, Dry stack, Rspec, Sidekiq, ElasticSearch - Frontend: AJAX, Angular, React, jQuery, Bower, NodeJs, Nmp, Mocha, Chai, Vue.js HTML/CSS: Bootstrap, Foundation, Slim, Haml, Erb, Sass, Scss - Deploy/DevOps Tools: Ansible/Capistrano/Docker/Unix shell - Familiar technologies: Java, Java/Android(pet project), Python, C language - Web Standards: REST, JSON API - CS Background: Popular algorithms, Complexity of algorithms, OS processes, Treads, SOLID, OOP principles, Statement/Stateless, Ruby object model - And mythologies that I like and use: TDD, BDD, KISS, Agile, Scrum, Kanban

AJAX, CSS, Docker, ElasticSearch, Git, JavaScript, Linux, MacOS, PostgreSQL, Rack, RSpec, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, CoffeeScript, vuejs

Innovative web developer with 7+ years of common experience and 6+ years of production experience. I strongly believe that each technology should serve its own purpose and I'm always in the process of learning new things. I take pleasure in finding the root of the problem or issue and trying to figure everything out. My natural curiosity along with the fact that I admire the complexity of any sort made me love technologies and computer systems.

9 February

Ruby On Rails Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $3500 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

PHP Developer Trainee - 1 year Ruby/JS developer - 3 years Team Lead Position - 2 years

Ruby, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, RSpec, Git, Linux, MySQL, REST API, Redis, Capybara, AWS, ES 6, Ruby-on-Rails, Docker, React, Terraform, Ruby / Rails

Management of a team with 5 back-end developers and 2 front-end devs

3 February

Senior React Native / Ruby / Team Lead 

Remote work, Ukraine · $4800 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Ruby, Rails, Node.js, React.js, Redux, ES6, React Native, Postgres, MySQL, MS SQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, Heroku, AWS, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, DevOps (Jenkins/Ansible) The last big projects made in Ruby/RoR: - FanParty (http://fanparty.ru) - Health123 (https://health123.com) - HueGroup Color projects (http://www.hue-group.com) - Squad Locker (http://team.squadlocker.com) - Swrve (https://www.swrve.com/) The last big projects made in Node.js: - Ohana (http://ohanacity.com/ - Wiretap (http://wiretap.co) - CircadianRisk (no public URL. Closed beta) The list of projects with a React.js front end: - Swrve Amplify UI - Squad Locker - Wiretap - CircadianRisk

JavaScript, jQuery, MongoDB, MVC, MySQL, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Redux, RSpec, Ruby, CouchDB, RabbitMQ, React Native, ElasticSearch, Ruby on Rails, REST API, React, AWS, SQL, React.js, Amazon, ES6

Highly responsible, results and business oriented person with 15+ years of experience and proven ability to successfully build and manage onboard and remote teams of experienced developers. Expertise in existing applications optimization and refactoring from a database to a front end. Clearly understanding the customer requirements. I am always seeking for a new tasks that will continually challenge my problem solving and analytical skills using technologies I already know and technologies I will know to find a best solutions possible.

Startups, challenging tasks, great people

20 January

Javascript Developer

Kiev · $3500 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Front-end, JavaScript developer. Bachelor of Computer Science, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Main skills: JavaScript, React, Web Applications, Mobile Applications (React Native) Other skills: Ruby on rails (basics) Most of the time worked at a product company as a React Native developer. Have released applications in AppStore / Google Play and web applications. Worked on different projects in the outsourcing company for a while.

React, React Native, Frontend, JavaScript, Git, Web Development, Node.js

I prefer product companies with a communicative experienced team, flexible schedule with a possibility to work remote some days in a week or full remote. !!! only products, no outsource

14 January

Розробник RoR, Java, Python, C++, HTML

Remote work, Ukraine · $3400 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

RoR 8+ deploy, support, bugfix RoR 2 development Python 6m dev

Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Git, Ruby, JavaScript, RSpec, REST API, MySQL, Linux, Redis, OOP, HTML, jQuery, SQL, AJAX, Docker, JSON, Nginx, AWS, CSS3, Sidekiq, C++, JS, Redmine, Python, Devise, AWS:S3/Glacier, AWS:ASG/EC2, AWS:Redshift, AWS:Aurora, AWS:CodePipeline, Blockchain, Ansible, Proxmox, OpenNebula, ELK, CoffeeScript, Angular 6

silver award technetium challenge 2019

12 January

Ruby on Rails developer

Remote work, Russia · $2500 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

3 years of commercial development of CRM applications based on Ruby on Rails. Projects difficulty ranges from simple CRUDs to different API integrations: SMS (like Twilio), payment systems (like Mollie), etc. In addition to CRM systems there's an affiliate program integration experience, like Interhome

Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Ruby, MySQL, Git, Rails, OOP, Bootstrap, REST API, jQuery

I'd strongly like to work among other Ruby professionals and have a mentor or at least someone to make a code review.

10 January

Elixir / Ruby / Rust Developer 

Remote work, Ukraine · $3000 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Worked as a Ruby on Rails developer for 4+ years, but eager to move forward with the tech stack. Searching preferably for Elixir/Rust-centric job, though Ruby on Rails can be considered too. Experience and skills: - knowledge of Elixir, Erlang/OTP, Phoenix: built a parallel data pipeline, reaching throughput of around 2M entries per second, a dozen of Phoenix apps, including ones split from Rails via Terraform plug - designing, improving and maintaining Ruby on Rails (with React/Vue on the front-end), testing with RSpec, deploying on and administering Linux machines in the cloud (AWS and DigitalOcean preferably) - a solid grasp on Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, orchestration and deployment, container-centric tooling - fluent Git, Linux-based workflow & administration (full-time Linux user) - advanced technical English - Open Source and Free Software enthusiast: numerous contributions on GitHub, maintainer of a few Open Source projects and more :)

English, Git, Linux, Ruby, Test Driven Development, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, SQL, Docker, TDD, Elixir, Rust

Elixir app that processed 2M entries per second. Ruby on Rails apps a plenty, both PoC and enterprise-grade. Bringing a legacy project to 100% test coverage. A lot of things under NDA :)

Team that loves innovating, constantly improving, contributing both to internal codebase maintainability and Open Source community, a plus if the team is remote-positive.

8 January

Software Architect, Ruby, Elixir

Remote work, Ukraine · $5300 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Прошёл длинный путь от увлечения программированием в школе до CTO в стартапе. Научился не только программировать, но и коммуницировать. В том числе с нетехническими стейкхолдерами. Терпеливо и успешно. Нацелен на результат: если есть задача, она должна быть решена. Как энтузиаст программирования, всё время нахожусь в процессе профессионального развития.

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Elixir, Scala, TDD, Unix, Business Analysis, Project management

Создал с нуля продукт в сфере healthcare. Веб, несколько мобильных приложений, интеграция с партнерскими сервисами. "С нуля" означает: в сотрудничестве со специалистами предметной области написал спецификацию, водиночку создал MVP, развернул инфраструктуру, спроектировал архитектуру, совместно с коллегой подобрал команду, управлял процессом разработки, и писал сам код на протяжении всего проекта.

В любой сфере специалист больше всего ценит свободу - свободу принятия решений там, где он профессионал. Моя идеальная работа - это руководство разработкой в стартапе, в небольшой команде. Если вы хотите создать продукт, и ищете человека компетентного технически с одной стороны, и способного нести ответственность и вовлекаться с другой, - я прекрасный кандидат для вас. В данный момент работаю на фрилансе, с которого уйду на позицию, где мои скиллы (хард и софт) будут востребованы в полной мере. Другими словами, хочу челлендж :)

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